The Book of Pook tells people to "follow their sexual instincts" and shit. How do you actually do it? (self.asktrp)

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I already lift.

I always hear shit about embracing my inner masculinity but I don't really know how. Basically I'm asking how to:

1) do it with women

2) do it in every day Life


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I was a neurotic-as-fuck person from age 10 until my mid-20s. You would be amazed how easy it is to follow your instincts once you get into a sexual situation and stop over-analyzing every little thing. After a certain point your inner monologue stops wondering if you should grab her ass and your inner caveman takes over and you just grab her ass. And your inner caveman is attractive to women more often than not. Dude passed his genes on through 250+ generations; he knows what the fuck he's doing.

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I think that's where a lot of pain comes from. Us not following our instincts. Instead we take the path of least resistance. We see that beautiful girl at the supermarket or at the bus stop, our instincts tell us to talk to her, but our nerves get in the way, we overthink the whole situation, and we end up doing nothing. It leaves one frustrated and depressed. When you overthink this is essentially where nervousness comes from. You try to protect your ego and self-image at all costs. When you go up to a girl you are putting your ego/self-image on the line, you could be rejected and then the ego is crushed. It means now you have to work harder. We do everything we possibly can to avoid pain and hurt, even though the alternative is prolonged suffering and pain at longer duration instead of short intervals. To not love/date is to be in a state of minimal pain for a long amount of. To be rejected is the feel immense pain for a short amount of time, but it's stings. I think of it like having someone slapping you with wooden paddle every minute of everyday as the long amount of time not being in love/dating as compared to being hit with a metal paddle or bamboo stick quickly and swiftly, it's short and painful but you progress. It seems most would rather accept the extended amount of time of wooden paddle whipping as opposed to a short burst of extreme pain that would break you free. It's like this in so many areas of life... jobs work this way too. People who rather waste 8 years of their life at a job they hate because it is minimal suffering everyday as opposed to risking it all and going for something better. It's that short interval of time which we must face if we ever hope to progress in life. That short interval of extreme pain is the difference between an average life and great life. If we can endure the short interval of pain, be it in relationships, work, and the multitude of other activities in life, then we will know the fullest extent of life. It's why some people can live 80+ years and not really lived, only merely existed, while those who died in their 20s lived essentially 10 lifetimes. They accepted pain and fear and lived their life to the fullest extent.

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Don't jack off for two weeks and your sexual instincts will start working again.

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I agree with this. It is women’s duty to take care of your sexual needs.

Your (unmasturbated) penis is a gift to the world. We’re all connected. If you aren’t getting it someone else is.

Nothing a woman wants more than a guy to cum in 30 seconds then fuck her again like a monkey.

So if you can abstain from masturbating after the first time you get laid in a while and fuck again- you’re on your way. Snowball effect baby.

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    Sort of. Women want you to fuck their brains out but they also get wet at the idea that you're driven wild.

    Tell a woman that she's making you close to cum and watch her work that much harder to bring you to climax (if she's a good woman). It's almost instinctual

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    I just become dysfunctional. Thinking about fucking 24/7 and no way to alleviate that.

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    You alleviate that by approaching real women.

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    You alleviate that by approaching real women and transmuting your sexual energy into lifting and accumulating power.

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    Lift. Lift more. Lift harder. Meditate. Cold showers. Social contact with friends. Work. Work harder. Do kegels. Don't sit at home. Approach women.

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    ^ Yes. That energy has to be shifted into other areas. It's all energy. Everyday we have a force inside of us, we direct it where to go with our internal compass and map. For me being on NoFap has given me tons of energy and it's a matter of harnessing it and focusing it into positive areas of my life. Mediation, strength-building, social life. When one masturbates he/she essentially withdraws a little of one's life force energy. The more we retain/refrain from such activities, the more energy we gain as a result. It's our duties as energy beings to direct the flow of energy in the direction of our choosing. A man without a compass and map is lost. So first a foremost one must have a direction/purpose or that energy will be wasted on frivolous activities like watching youtube or arguing online.

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    I treat my dick like a best bro. He always lets me know what he’s in to

    Omg I laughed so hard at this lol, nice analogy there.

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    I treat it like my dad treated me and beat it nightly

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    Hopefully he didn’t wrestle you in the basement /s

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    Like a dick-compass, follow the dick where ever he points to.

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    You know that voice in your head when you see a hot girl that goes "I want to fuck the shit out her." Yeah, you have to start listening to him. That's your sexual instinct, your masculinity unbridled. As soon as you hear that voice, you do what ever it tells you. Don't think; just do. Sit back and watch as he takes over. you will say things you normally wouldn't say, You will do things you normally wouldn't do, and the girl will love it.

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    "Don't think; just do" what the hell holds us back is what I want to know? Fear? I have always wondered just what that force is, why is their nervousness in the first place, when we are around women we don't know? ..lack of experience, fear of rejected (i.e, fear of hurting out egos). Once one gets past that (and if you have let me know) things are easier.

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    What about the voices that get in the way? That's the biggest hurdle for me.

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    That's your BP hamster trying to rationalize a way not to get rejected. Ignore it.

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    It's my biggest issue. Have you got any specific ideas/posts things i can look at to absolutely completely obliterate it? I used to be on top of it but i had some shit for a while and been stuck under it for a while now.

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    If they smell good, they are a good match for you. If they smell bad, don't proceed.

    Do not dull your senses, meditate and work to sensitize yourself to subtlety.

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    I like the smell of Old Spice. How do I tell my family I'm gay?

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    Shit me too, they make an awesome body lotion.

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    Read "the way of men" it'll teach you what masculinity is

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    Always keep your sexual agenda intact.

    When you walk up to a girl, say to yourself in your mind "Hi I'm Dave and my cock is a weapon of mass destruction."

    You'll smile to yourself and your outer temperament will change, and women respond to the signals you give out.

    They think, ah, Dave is fun. I like Dave.

    Point is that cocky and funny is a natural outcome from keeping your sexual agenda intact.

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    Self-control and self-discipline is what it's all about at the end of the day. If you have control of yourself this all becomes easier. One will always be in a state of chaos and mental disrepair if he has not mastered his mind, body, and soul. If he is not in-tune with those areas of his life, the works fall apart. It's like driving a car without an internal part, without that part nothing will run. We are whole beings, when we lack internal hardware we just won't run we will falter and fluster, get anger at silly events, fail shit tests, become emotional like they are, it's all about understanding/knowing thyself. Once we understand the hardware and our internal workings we can begin to control ourselves like we control a machine.

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    You are the predator, women are prey.

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    Stop masturbating for a couple of weeks until you become so aggressive that your inner cavemen would start texting girls without even you knowing about it

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    You can't shortcut the shortcut. Lift, approach, become comfortable following your instincts, it will take time and a little work on your part, but if you've already been there and have fallen into a slump it should be easier for you to get back on track.