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It's been 15 days since I've been on NoFap, no porn, no masturbation.

Haven't smoked in 15 days.

Been regular to the gym (11 out of 15 days), and today I found out I've lost 2kgs (4.5lbs)! Been strict with my diet throughout

I want to reward myself in a small, good way that won't take away from my progress. I want to celebrate a bit but I know there's a long way to go.

Haha unfortunately I can't sarge or game, at least not today, since I have work I want to get done so I can't "celebrate" like I would like to.

Any suggestions? No junk food, basically nothing that takes away from my progress

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Celebrate by going for a hike or go run some trails, celebrate by mixing it up. Being lazy isn’t a reward, that’s why billionaires still work.

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That's a really good idea. I do enjoy hiking, it's been a long time and there are a lot of great hills and mountains for hikers around my city/state. I'll make it happen.

That's a great thought. I'll keep that in mind.

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Go off the path and find something you haven’t seen. I’ve seen some hidden trails, beautiful vast waters, and other wonders of nature I wouldn’t see often on the same path.

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Love going off path if I have the time

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How about meditation? We oftentimes neglect or brains when we work on our bodies, but being at peace with oneself is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself.

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Meditation is definitely an activity I'm starting now. I could use the mental calmness and focus. I wouldn't consider it a reward though.

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Would recommend Headspace 10/10 for meditation.

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I've wanted to get into meditation since I first saw it mentioned here. Been putting it off cause I didn't really know where to start. This app is pretty dope, thanks for the suggestion.

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Yeah, that's what I'm going to do.

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finger yourself. Hard

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I'd rather finger you

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Trip to the Spa!

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If I had the monies.

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Busy all day only make few money.

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A good haircut and beard, gotta visit the real barbers not Supercuts or hipsters. Dominican barbers only.

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Dominican barbers or old Italian guys FTFY

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I was very happy when I found myself an old Italian barber. Dude makes my beard look great

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Haha I can't get Dominican barbers where I live.

This is always a good idea. I got this done about a week ago, so don't need it now. But a good one to have in the back pocket.

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Nothing like going to the barbershop and watching a movie. I’m cool with everyone so I’ve stayed an hour after to finish whatever movie or soccer game they had on lol,

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You have screens at your place? I'm mostly just staring at myself in the mirror, which I do enjoy but doesn't have that live sports action element

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Naw. Dominican barbers do those super sharp/clean lines and draw on fake beards and shit. lol

Line ups look horrible when they are super duper straight like they do at black or latino barbers (for us with non-afro hair).

How many of the worlds best looking dudes have lined up edges and clean fades, etc???? None. Beckham, Pitt, Clooney, all the james bond actors, zayn malik, etc. etc. None have super lined up anything. Natural is always more aesthetic. The people that go to dominican barbers look weird is hell lol. I know you all have seen those barber videos of instagram with the painted on beards and ultra line ups for beard and hair. It looks goofy.

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I hate those guys that got the pencil beard going. The thin mustache to the really shitty looking chinstrap going around the jaw. I've seen barbers do this to and I don't understand why. Looks disgusting. If they can't grow it then just shave.

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Rare steak seasoned to perfection. A glass of dry red wine. Then finish with a good cigar.

But save this for a major milestone like hitting 6 months.

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The image looks great, it's pretty much what I've described in another post

Yeah, that's a real celebration, for a bigger milestone

For what it's worth, not a steak guy and cigars are the opposite of what I'm going for, but that's just me and I get what you were trying to say

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I was going to say the exact same thing with some good oven roasted veggies...and put on a good movie!!

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A good question- how to be "hedonistic" without "debauchery"? I use quotations because I'm using the words loosely- but we've all been trained to use food, laziness, drugs, etc, as our way of rewarding ourselves. Had a long day at work? Light up a joint. Just got paid? Go get a greasy burger and beers.

For us men shooting higher, we have to find ways to enjoy ourselves that don't involve indulgence in our old programming.

If you can afford it, cook yourself a nice meal. Nothing crazy fattening, but something delicious. Like this: https://imgur.com/gallery/PRDVj , though maybe with less sugar/soy.

Take your time with the process, jam out to some music while you do, give your brain some space- like meditating while you go through the process.

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Well, that elevates the discussion.

Now that I think about it, the most objectively alpha man I know, my old boss and friend and founder of a thriving startup, took up two hobbies to maintain his sanity on a day to day basis: growing plants and cooking elaborate meals.

The first was something he'd do daily, watering and taking care of a handful of plants that he eventually used in his recipes. He said he enjoyed the slow, deliberate process of growing plants. It required a little bit of daily effort, and it was a slow process that he enjoyed learning from.

The second became a passion project of finding elaborate dishes and learning to master them, like the most intricate of succulent meat dishes that he enjoyed preparing for hours on the weekend and then serving to members of his large friend circle present.

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A cold shower is your reward.

You have shown some self discipline over 15 days now, reward yourself with a cold shower and see how you feel afterwards.

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Haha that's a decent idea, I'll look into that once I get home

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Honestly I never rewarded myself even if I was improving myself. Sounds like a cheap dopamine seek excuse. In my opinion you are already rewarding yourself by losing weight ergo getting more attractive. Same thing counts for your lungs. You stopped smoking so you are getting “healthier” (than before)

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Sure. But I used that think that way and eventually burn out or reward myself improperly (smoking, jacking off)

I'm proud of the work I'm doing and really looking forward to what comes up ahead.

There's no point in me denying that it's a dopamine fix, although seratonine may better describe it, since I'm not looking for a quick fix or like a sugar high. Imagine me in a lounge with a glass of wine as a jazz band plays in the background. I want a couple of hours of a good time.

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Then do something you always wanted to do but never had the chance to do so

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Looks like I'm going hiking

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Hiking is amazing. Also an awesome opportunity to take some new pics up there for your online dating profiles.

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Haha good call. Didn't even think of that

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Cold fizzy water 👌👍

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Go and do 1 Rep Max of each exercise... perfect celebration

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Just choose a nice meal even if it's a little indulgent.

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I reward myself with my hobbies. A non-cheating reward to me would be a camping trip, wood working supplies, a new book, baking supplies, gardening supplies, etc....

I'm getting old.

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Haha nah, I had such a hard time getting away from college work to meet my usual board room group that it became a "treat". I'm 22. Maybe if I finish work enough I can go again this weekend.

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How do you reward yourself with no time, no money, and no cheating? Go to roof top, or car, and scream, maybe.

Honestly a celebratory wank would be in order if you weren't nofap.

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I had a really great shit couple of hours back. Since quitting smoking that's a real treat.

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I'm serious, try the screaming thing. Drive your car to a quit corner of the parking lot, roll up the windows, and just scream....

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You know, I don't have a car

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No money, no time, no car, no cheats.... Quite the quandry. You'll find something.

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    Give monies. And license.

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    Great idea. I havent screamed in ages, but mere idea or doing it sounds liberating. I'll bear your comment in mind next time I have something to celebrate or to get off my chest.

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    Traveling, meeting with friends to do something, but most of the times I just physically give myself a hard pat on the shoulder for those mini-achievements. In your case I'd go on a one day trip somewhere, by yourself or in group

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    A good meal. No junk food, something you like that you won't regret later.

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    Massage with a happy ending.

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    takes longer than 15 days to ingrain new habits. don't change anything, keep up what you're doing, and don't do the self reward thing. progress and success should be reward enough.

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    I used to think like that too but I'd get burned out

    I'm far from down but recognising that I'm on the track would feel great and would motivate me onwards

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    I'll keep that in mind, expert

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    Eat a ribeye steak my dude.

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    Get a mani/pedi.

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    That sounds really relaxing but I've never had one. How does it work? Plus, that kind of thing is too expensive to be reasonable for a student like me in my city

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    Well... I really didn't think I needed to add the /s to that one, but lesson learned.

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    Yup nothing like exposing yourself to a bad case of nail fungus to make your day.

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    I can imagine. Is that common?

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    Unless they autoclave the tools right there in front of you, I wouldn't let them touch me. Also, drain and disinfect the foot bath.

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    Unless you've been having sex, have a wank. Sperm retention is not good for you.

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