Friends sister (HB9) is dating a 6/10 (at best) beta (self.asktrp)

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My friends sister is a true HB9, after being alpha widowed (her ex was according to my friend an controlling asshole that cheated on her) she is now with a guy one would not think in a million years a girl like her would be with. He is around 5'8, small frame and skinny, and at best a 6.5/10 in the face.

So he must have really good game and frame, huh? Nopes. He has told her on multiple occasions that he feels she is too good for her, and that he is ashamed that he is with her because he doesn't "deserve her". He is the archetype of a blue pilled Mr Nice Guy. According to her she likes him because he is intelligent, kind, funny, has a good personality, and that she is tired of being with "assholes".

She claims she is in love and they are even talking about marriage and kids and their future, and she is 18 so not really in need of a beta bucks (he is also 18 and not rich). This all just feels conflicting to RP theory, and I wanted your thoughts on this. Is this just a case of an alpha widow taking a "break" from alphas? Will she become bored of him being a beta after the initial "honeymoon" period of their relationships is over and either cheat on him or leave him for another alpha? If she does that could be an interesting blue pill example TRP post

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Rp is a sexual strategy. Women LOVE beta comfort, the way they love gay guys. It’s just not sexual.

She’s dating/marrying a guy that is easy and comfortable. A best friend. (Girl friend, emotional tampon)

Rest assured rp works. They may stay together “happily” forever. It will just be a sexless marriage. Dead bedroom. I doubt there anything beyond bare minimum sex now. She’s always “too tired”

In our society though she’ll get bored. She have affairs. She’ll fantasize about her alpha that widowed her. Etc.

Divorce is also likely but it’ll be after she gets overwhelmed with sexual disgust at his weakness, 5-10 years into the marriage.

This doesn’t reject rp. It very strongly confirms it. You just have to dig deeper into rp theory.

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Yep, this guy is just a safe rebound. This will not last. In fact, this is going to dissolve well before any real plans for a wedding even start.

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No way, a wedding is the perfect fix for this kind of situation. And after that, a child.

- her, probably

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I think this is what’s gonna happen also. Variance always returns to average

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Wow you just described exactly the situation out one of my friends too.

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Absolutely. The blue pills are the ones that marry the girl and give her all his money and time. We (trp) fuck the girl and save our money while her husband is at work

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Honestly I think she's too young to be "alpha widowed". I know there's no real age that a woman has to be for it to happen, but I think it's what you were saying, she's just 'taking a break'. I bet she hasn't even reached the height of her promiscuity yet. She'll probably find dozens of other guys who give her the tingles.

She will definitely get bored of him. She might try tinder, or she'll start going out more as her friends start to get fake i.d.'s/turn 21, dudes will be less reluctant to hit on her as she starts to look more mature (most chicks still have that goofy/innocent look until they're like 20)

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She's likely rebounding with a "safe" guy. Also, 18 year old girls are extra-retarded.

Is she an introvert? I've dated some introverts who had no clue how hot they were.

Anyway, mofo' should enjoy it while it lasts because it ain't gonna last.

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    Dayum. I've been looking for this hot/introverted combination all my life. The only one I ever met was..asexual/aromantic. Where do you even meet these women?

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    No she is super extroverted and knows her value

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    Good for them. Do you want her to go fuck random DeAndre's who beat the shit out of her because RP says "that's just what they do"? Yeah, she may end up dumping him in the future. So what? This just sounds like a "how come she won't fuck me" post.

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    This just sounds like a "how come she won't fuck me" post.

    Yeah, lots of 'alphas' come through here, wondering why the girl they like got with a 'beta'. The couple might break up in a few weeks, but the guy could be funny, good at guitar, skilled in bed or hung like a pack mule.

    Working out is the core of RP, but not every skinny guy is a beta. Learning how to mix alpha and beta traits is a key to sustaining FWBs long term.

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    He could use a refresher on "abundance mentality"

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    I have 3 plates and one OLTR in the making and she is off limits as I value my friendship more than some extra pussy. My abundance is fine

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    Give them a few weeks

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    Alpha widowed at 18, come again. Especially if her ex was this young as well, he wasn't even a man yet, let alone an alpha.

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    Something I want to add to the points everyone is making here, that guy probably unknowingly did a lot of the right things at the right time and got lucky. Pieces fall into place yknow. Also, she could be riding on a bit of a "relationship high" where her head is full of wholesome thoughts and it makes her feel good for the time being.

    Hopefully it doesn't get too shitty when the breakup happens. And hey, maybe they'll be together for a while if things keep falling into place, but there's a very small chance for that.

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    18 years old? They are both children.

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    She is “tired of being with assholes” while she is being rammed in the asshole by Chad.

    Her emotional half wants to feel wanted as a result of her being alpha widowed. She wants to feel like she has a prince from a fairytale who will fight dragons just for her.

    This beta she currently has around her finger, I assure you, does not get her pussy when he wants it. But he’s still doing better than he ever has before, so he’s happy.

    Meanwhile her other (sexual) half, her lust for Alpha genes, is being satisfied by fucking Chad(s) on the side whenever she gets a chance. Maybe you can fuck her too. Lol.

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    Why the fuck do you care?

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    He's jealous

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    The whole post screams "why can't I fuck girls like this??"

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    Dont all asktrp questions

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    She is off limits due to my friendship, I have 3 plates and an OLTR in the making

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    It is interesting from a RP lense. It is not as I think about it everyday

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    She claims she is in love and they are even talking about marriage and kids and their future, and she is 18 so not really in need of a beta bucks (he is also 18 and not rich).

    Ew... what the fuck. I don't care if she's an HB9 -- talking about marriage at 18 is gross. I'd stay away from girls like that at all costs.

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    Sounds like he's fucking your crush and you're jelly.

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    Not at all, she is off limits due to my friendship and I live far away from them

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    What were you expecting? That she was going to go around and tell everyone she's cheating on him or that she still thinks of her ex or that she wishes she was with someone else? Women are naturals at cognitive dissonance. She has no trouble not telling people anything that would make her look bad.

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    they are 18 year olds and don't know shit yet.

    The time you are spending on what they have going is time you could be using to lift.

    If you do nothing else, KEEP LIFTING.

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    It will end up with her being disgusted by the sight of him if he continues with this self deprecation.

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    He's in the friend zone but with title inflation. Do you have credible info that he's gotten a BJ or sex, or even made it to third base? Sometimes girls have a 'boyfriend' who really isn't. She's on the rebound, this guy is some Safety School ego balm.

    Or, there's some curious factor, like she had a crush on him back in the day (back when other guys hadn't yet surged ahead in T and height). Sometimes you see a guy who batted waaay of his league b/c of the high school sweetheart thing.

    Or some factor like he actually has crazy introvert game and in 1-on-1 interactions with her he spits out gave and sex humor over text. Maybe closet TRPer who ran some NLP routines on her but hasn't yet upped his social circle- or appearance- game.

    Or maybe his parents are crazy rich and she's hoping for a quickie divorce payday in a year or two.

    But yeah...most likely he's a short branch swing for her, and she'll break his heart once she sees a new Chad she's willing to risk the swing to.

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    They are having sex.

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    TRP is law of averages. You'll always have an outlier or two, but the standard principle still stands. AWALT isn't literal. It's about knowing that the girl you're going out with is highly likely a middle of the road MLB player and not Mike Trout. If you treat every player like Babe Ruth, you're going to get burned every time. Better to treat every woman like your average woman and you'll not only not be disappointed, but you'll get the best out of them even if they're an all-star.

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    accept that maybe even though both men and women are similar in some ways that difference may be twisted to unusual results

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    She's 18, there's your answer. Also please update on this in a few months or so.

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    I will

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    > (her ex was according to my friend an controlling asshole that cheated on her)

    The ex is always the bad guy.

    > According to her she likes him because he is intelligent, kind, funny, has a good personality, and that she is tired of being with "assholes".

    Ah, the epiphany phase. It won't last if she's under 25.

    > and they are even talking about marriage and kids

    And there we are.... BB.

    > she is 18 so not really in need of a beta bucks (he is also 18 and not rich). This all just feels conflicting to RP theory, and I wanted your thoughts on this

    She's early to the party, that's all. It's like she says "I'm tired of assholes". She wants security and comfort and him to commit and be a good provider (which it sounds like he's offering).

    > ? Will she become bored of him being a beta after the initial "honeymoon" period of their relationships is over and either cheat on him or leave him for another alpha?

    Likely yes.

    Also - are they actually having much sex??

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    Who knows, all I know is they have had sex. They see eachother 2-3 times per week

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    He's going to pay sooner or later, she's going to fuck Chad again sooner or later.

    You can't cheat the SMP.

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    She is going to fuck Chaddam sooner or later. She doesn't prefer white men

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    What is a HB9???

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    En tjej som är 9/10

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    ok tack! vad är en plate?

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    Friends with benefits ungefär

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    Let's review this black pill PUA cockamamie bullshit shitpost:

    • 5'8" -- height has nothing to do with SMV but maybe 1-2%.
    • Small frame -- physique has little to do with SMV but maybe 1-2%.
    • Skinny - same issue
    • Lack of being handsome -- beauty is part of feminine SMV not masculine SMV
    • Not rich -- money is not part of masculine SMV

    This "6/10 beta" has Game, and Game is 50% of male SMV but 0% of female SMV.

    You want your sister to be with a bitch, not a dude.

    Can't wait for the day that mods ban these black pill fgts posting black pill bullshit.

    We should go back to 2008 where if you didn't read Roissy, you were banned from whatever forum you shitposted at. Roissy's stuff is still there for all to read and understand that TRP = Game = Confidence+Charisma.

    The black pill fgts coming here need to be shut down and pushed to their own sub. "Let's be pretty!" maybe will soon be "men should wear makeup and bras so we are pretty"

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    maybe we should ban people who comment before reading the whole post, what do you think?

    [–]abdada -2 points-1 points  (5 children)

    Most posts don't even need an entire read once you point out the many TRP errors to beginwith.

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    Wannabe endorsed contributor.

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    Lol wtf? Wanna be EC? What kind if insult is That? Where's you even get that idea?

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    And you're butthurt too, real alpha bro.

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    you're butthurt

    no youuuuuure butthurt!

    you're the real alpha man

    reeeeeeeal alpha bro

    That's what you sound like. Wtf are you talking about nigga

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    except it made 90% of your comment irrelevant and made you look like an idiot.

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    I am far from blackpilled, check out my post history bro.

    That is the point. He has no game. He has a weak frame and low confidence. If he was alpha I would not be surprised that she was with him. This is the opposite of the blackpill. Are you high or something? I mean if you claimed this was a bluepill shitpost you might have had a point. This guys has no game, is beta and not that attractive and gets with a 9/10. How is this blackpill in any way shape or form?

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    agreed. game over everything.

    these people that think looks and money are everything are retarded.

    its goes status>game>looks>money

    Those in that order are the most important.

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    Did you guys even read the post? HE HAS NO GAME AND IS A BETA. That is the whole point of my question

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    She’s just rebounding, simple as that. Alpha widows are extra thirsty for comfort and validation, and he’s providing that service.

    She’ll be back on Chad in a few months

    Also she’s 18 so nothing she says is real so don’t overanalyze it.

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    Every 18y old is a beta. And she would cheat with him in a heartbeeat if she ran into a real alpha.

    We don't know why she is with him because we don't know them and we only have your stupid analysis to rely on. He probably has more game than you're letting on.

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    I agree with op

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    Oh man how I wish this kid could have the blessing of having the knowledge that we do here at the RP and thereby save himself pain inflicted from girl's hypergamous nature ...

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    She's 18...

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    Just because she is a 9/10 doesn't mean she is confident. Is he a smart guy? Smarter than her? You'd be surprised, but very beautiful women often times happen to be very insecure about their intelligence, especially if they study silly liberal arts subjects.

    A very beautiful woman and a very smart guy might even out the playing field.

    For example, a Ivy League graduate with a dual degree in engineering and law married to an HB10 high school graduate. Who is above who? She is way below him on the accomplishments scale and he is below her in looks. But they even out.

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    I also observed some situations like this that made me second guess how correct RP theory is. However, I came up with the following 2 conclusions. First of all, nothing is 100%. The OVERWHELMING majority of females act according to RP theory, but it is not literally 100%, so there could be exceptions.

    Also, females are not logical. Take note of this important fact: FEMALES DO NOT ALWAYS DATE/HAVE SEX FOR THE PURPOSES OF DATING/HAVING SEX. What does that mean? It means that females are illogical creatures who go all over the place with their emotions and thoughts. They are not rational. They are random. They could do anything at any time, and not do anything at any time. They may have sex for non-sexual reasons (a rebound fuck for example). They could have a relationship for non-dating purposes (to cover some emotional void). Never analyze individual cases like this with too much detail: it is not worth it as females are simply not rational creatures. It makes no sense to base your game on these individual rare cases, because you cannot prepare for them. They are totally random. At the end of the day RP theory holds true for over 90% of all women, the majority of the time. Therefore it makes sense to operate according to RP theory.

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    Our body agendas evolved long before the creation of birth control. In such a time, the rational thing to do for a woman that was just separated from Chad was to assume pregnancy and lock down Billy asap. Someone socially clueless is actually better here, because that's someone that isn't going to ask questions when she springs the news about "his" baby.

    Important to note that now this is all happening subconsciously. She's most likely being honest when she says she loves him for all those things, because those beta traits satisfy her body agenda right now.

    I disagree with everyone saying they feel bad for him. He seems to realize that he's punching well above his weight and, though it will hurt, won't be too shocked when it comes to an end. If he's smart, he'll take the experience and the preselection lotto ticket that just fell in his lap and use it to his advantage.

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    In any large sample set (all females in western civilization between the ages of 18-30) there will be outliers.

    You found an outlier. They happen.

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    Is it safe to suggest that by age 18 in the current climate, a girl could have run thru some serious dick and have hit a mini wall?

    [–]i_forget_my_userids 2 points3 points  (1 child)

    No, that's retarded.

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    Don't be stupid. Girls are often raised by their whore single moms. They grow up watching their walled moms try to run thru dick (a friend of mine stupidly banged a single mom a few weeks back and her 12yo daughter interrupted with, "mom are you seriously having sex right now???").

    Girls are raised with internet porn in the mix and they are sexualized earlier than ever with NO patriarchy to guide them into healthy sexual relationships. It is altogether possible that a 19 yo could be mimicking whore mom behavior after a "Summer's Eve mom I don't feel fresh" conversation, where whore mom told her flat out to find a safe dude who follows her around.

    Long story short, she hadn't hit a wall for smv like the 35+ ex hottie, but she has had enough experience to crave beta comfort.

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    No. And if that were true, I'd be fucked as a 19 year old virgin.