Do you like black girls? do you like tall girls? do you like petite girls? (self.asktrp)

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I went out a few days in a row last week and was hitting on black chicks hard. I wasn't sure if these where shit tests or comfort tests?

One black girl in particular was smoking hot, skinny and spoke good english. I say hi to her on the street and get her name right before shes going into a bar. Then an hour later I run into her again. I'm chat with her for about 30 minutes. We're vibing hard, shes laughing, slapping my arm, I'm kinoing her, arm around her on an off, a little girlfriend roleplay.

She throws out "all these black are mean mugging me since I've been talking to you." I say "I know how we can make more jealous" with a flirty vibe and she likes it. Then she asks "do you like black girls?" I say "I like all kinds of girls, its about the connection." She says "do you like petite girls?" I ask , "are you petite?" she was and had a killer body. She gets a little reactive "yea I am!".

Anyways, are these shit tests or comfort tests? What are good responses after you've hooked a girl and she throws these out? If it was early in the set I'd probably disqualify and say no I like short Asians or something.

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Shit tests are about you. Comfort tests are about her.

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    I wish I could upvote this twice

    i got in there and did it for ya

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    short and sweet , great way to frame it.

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    You're overthinking it.

    What she's doing is called flirting

    Keep it up dude.

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    Think they’re comfort tests. From what I’ve seen a lot of black women get stick from black men for dating outside of their race. Guess the questions she was asking were a reflection of her insecurity.

    Imo you should maintain frame reassure her n show her you don’t give a fuck what other people think, as she shouldn’t.

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    Seems like comfort tests to me. You answered fine IMO.

    So, did you fuck her or not?

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    I date a lot of black girls and it's funny how every one says something similiar of referring to black guys jealousy. It's flirting man.

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    black chicks that are into white dudes are something else...i once fucked this black chick the things she said about black dudes, she could be a speechwriter for the klansmen.

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    Depending of their cultural context, black girls white diss black guys for being too aggressive and non-caring (too alpha perhaps). Black girls I've dated fall in the range of preferring white guys exclusively to having never dated a white guys. Results non conclusive, experiment will continue

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    Am I the only one that thinks black girls have a better sense of humor than white girls?

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    The ones that are into white dudes tend to be more mellow but some take themselves way too serious or think they're beyonce. They are different and fun though. If you want something unpredictable try some black chicks.

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    I'd definitely like to. I'm from michigan, so there's plenty

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    Ha, down in the D that's true. In Royal Oak, not so much.

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    Squad up

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    I can second the Beyonce, princess mindset. most of the black girls I ran into/plated tend to act like spoiled brats which I shut down immediately. idk who allows you to do this , but I'm not him.

    in my experience white girls have been more laid back but tgen again I'm black

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    That's interesting, I wonder if ethnicity has a different impact on how people act in a sexual manner... You and the other guy said almost the opposite thing, anecdotes or a trend.... Hmmm

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    You hit the nail on the head, the kinds of chicks that cross racial lines are a type and they behave in a different way.

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    Depends on the type. 80 percent of them here in London have the most obnoxious humour.

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    Black girls are the shit. Usually dope/chill and fine like white wine. She was just comfort testing, any time you get a preference question just say 'No, but I could make an exception'.

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    Actually "spoke good english" is grammatically correct.

    In this case, "good" is an adjective modifying the noun, "english." Similar to, "her English was good."

    You're suggesting different grammar, "spoke english well," with "well" being an adverb modifying the verb, "spoke." So they're both correct.

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    "Spoke English well" is to say concisely that the standard or level of English that was spoken was "well", as in "well done".

    "Spoke good English" is to say nothing of the level of English but just that it was good in general. Like an apple is good if it is edible, it can still be in varying states of decay.

    So, while the grammar is correct, the conveyance of meaning is distorted.

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    The more you know

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    She was qualifying herself, close the deal and be done with it.

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    Shout out to the black girl I banged in Miami... OMG I have no words to describe that woman. Too bad there's no black girls here!

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    So long they're not fat or feminists, yes.

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    Honest question regarding a stereotype (I've never dated a black chick): do they talk back / give as much shit as black guys claim?

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    A little more common to see talk back, but only against men who don't act on level.

    As long as you are actually worth their time, you'll be alright. Kick her to the curb if she's a problem.

    Source: Black man

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    Just lol

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    Grab your left nut, make your right one jealous 

    Black girls, white girls, skinny girls, fat girls Tall girls, small girls, I'm calling all girls

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    Miscgenation is degenerate

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    no yes yes

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    as a black guy who dates both white and black girls, for some odd reason they feel like everyone hates them compared to other races, ( watch how a black women reacts when a black guy walks by with a white girl) it's almost the equalivent of the redneck white guy watching a white girl with a black guy.

    these are comfort test. implying you are outside the race , they are used to guys only wanting them to fulfill a fetish or a notch on a belt. this is to make her feel better. a shit test would come out alot harsher in my experience.

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    This is racist

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    It's a statistic right off the CDC's website.

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    The study says 50% of the women they tested but they think it has a prevalence of 21% amongst all black women... quit your bullshit

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    Yes yes and yes