James Bond saved my life (self.asktrp)

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Hello, english is not my mother language.

Just like a lot of people here, i was a beta bitch, i used to have my oneitis, she send me to the friendzone, and the last time I ask her to be a couple she say.

"Im sorry Spectreeye007 but you are such a nice guy and we can't be together"

Then, she went to live in other city and my heart was broken, days later I saw in her facebook photos with a skinnyfat guy with a car. She always say she like chubby "cute" guys and she wasn't a materialistic person.

So I get depressed, that was in 2012, i always ask myself what I did wrong, and that keep happening until 2015, i do not approach any girl since that day.

So, as a big fan of Mr. Bond, i was watching skyfall on tv and i think that acting as bond i could get a girl, so i google "how to be like James bond" i found pure shit, useless shit, but in one of those articles I read this comment.

"James Bond is Redpill af"

Short story, i found you guys, this was in december 31 2015, i didn't start doing things because my bluepill mindset tell me "this guys are crazy" but even thinking like that, something inside me didn't let me leave this sub.

Im reading everything

Rollo tomassi Illimitableman The sidebar

I started lifting one month ago, talking to anyone, reading books, counting calories, ignoring the shit my family say about me being different, saying im good the old way, I dont have friends so I got a lot of time to improve myself, i've been in hell for almost 4 years just for some shit a girl say to me.

I say it's enough, time to be a better man.

Thank you guys, any comment will be appreciated, especially about my grammar.

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Good for you.

Stick with it, and don't stop. You're trying to build a mountain-- a pillar of confidence, up from the depths of where you've been all this time.

Recognize-- it probably won't happen quickly, and there will be setbacks along the way.

Do not allow them to stop you.

Keep lifting. Keep reading. Start conversations with people.

Those three things are where it all begins.

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Thank you, its been hard since day 1, especially talking to people

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Fuck yeah dude

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==> r/thankTRP, cross-post if you want to.

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Ok, thank you

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Sounds like you are doing well. But you should get a hobbie and some friends.

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I'm working on that everyday

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James Bond is actually fucking awesome, you can learn a lot from a fictional character like him. Not all entertainment is feminist.

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I like how the one time he fucked up and got married, the bad guys promptly solved his problem by killing the bitch for him.

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Looks like blofeld is not a bad guy after all

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IIRC, one of his guys raped a kidnap victim and he gave the family half off of the ransom.

Not a good guy, but definitely a weird-acting bad guy...

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I really like the strong frame Daniel craig gave to the character.

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good shit bro, keep it up

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I'm proud of you man, your life is your responsibility and you're starting to understand that. Keep it up!

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Thnak you!

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The Bond books were fairly new and popular when I was at school. Our English teacher talked of a scene where Bond was getting shagged by an enemy agent and she'd wrapped her legs around him so her accomplice could kill him. He saw the guys reflection in her eyeball (is that possible?) and twisted around so she got killed by the blow that was meant for him.

Teach was horrified that a class of 15 yo boys thought it was ok to have her die while saving himself. This was a bit before 'burn your bra' feminism, wimps gonna wimp I suppose.

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That's the survival of the strongest (and smartest).