What happened to your old Oneitis? (self.asktrp)

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There's the saying "what goes around comes around" and "she's not yours it's only your turn"

I'm curious to hear any stories of what happened to your old Oneitis.

Did your old Oneitis message you someday and say she was now interested and wanting to give it a go? If yes what was the outcome if not did you guys ever speak again?

I'm going to assume most guys on here would have been quick to give there old Oneitis another chance during their blue pill days however after ingesting the red pill most would have seen their old Oneitis (AWALT) for what she really is and not give her the time of day and reject her if she approached hence Karma***

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I had a huge oneitis for the same girl from some time back in school (13ish?) right through to when I left for uni (19ish). She was the best looking girl in school and then college - a 9 on a bad day, smart, funny, you get the idea.

I was massively beta, I told her how I felt about her on more than one occasion. I did somehow manage to get a date out of her one time (pity?!) but beta’d my way through it and couldn’t get close to closing. The whole time she’d CC her way through various Chads and bad boys, always ending up the same way; ”why can’t I find a nice guy?”

I’ve improved significantly with age (38 now); I’m in much better physical condition than I was back then, look 5-10 years younger than I am, have a great job, my own house, fancy car, in a great LTR and I’m in the early stages of starting my own company.

We have mutual friends so we still bump into each other occasionally. Her? She got fat, has multiple kids with multiple fathers, still rents, has a low-paying job and looks every bit the wall-approaching 38-year-old that she is.

Funny how life works out once you understand the rules of the game.

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They all got fat and splattered against the wall

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Mine messaged me asking me to fuck her because her current husband wasn’t giving it to her enough, or good enough apparently. I considered it for a few minutes, figured I might, then forgot about her again the next day.

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Similar situation for me. Ex who I haven't heard from in years is engaged to be married in a couple of months and wanted to "hang out". I'm in a LTR now so I just ignored.

Ran into her at the gym a few weeks later and noticed that she's chubby now.

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It's easy to assume that's it is only us that she has called.

We're one of many on her list. She keeps throwing out baited hooks until one of us bites.

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Too too my man... Too true. They always try to keep a few options open.

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What happened to your old Oneitis?

I wouldn't know. What do I care?

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Top comment right here.

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So why comment?

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Mine was from high school. She eventually met a guy who was alpha as fuck, Much respect to him. She gave him 3 kids, and they're still a thing. I'm well past the one-itis and am actually happy for her. I know a lot of people posture and talk about how marriage is a bad thing, but in their case, they seem to be making it work. Kids are well-behaved and not whiny little products of a post modern parenting scheme. We have mutual friends, so I see them from time to time at community events.

Hey, sometimes life works out for the best, I suppose. My one-itis for her was puberty-driven, and now as an adult who thinks with more than my dick, I can see we wouldn't have amounted to much.

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Don't know. It's my ex wife and if I didn't have a kid with her, I'd be traveling the world. I keep the conversation about my son and only my son after she tried to frame me. I don't know if she's dating, doing an orgy or become a nun and doesn't matter.

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Long story short: Broke up at the conclusion of my college football career as she "needed to find herself". I moved home, she stayed in college town. I took the red pill unknowingly after that (before knowing it was a thing) and focused on bettering myself, she jumped on the CC. She later moved home and started trying to insert herself in my activities with friends, I had since started my own business and was mildly successful. We eventually had sex a few times (plated her) and I soft nexted her to get into a LTR.

Fast forward 12 years and I am a senior manager at a lucrative business and she is still a waitress just like she was 15 years ago. She hit the wall and just married a BB who doesn't even really have the bucks to support her. Won't last long I am sure.

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Such a beautiful story illustrating female hypergamy.

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Who cares?

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My first oneitis got fat, had a kid with a beta, and is now roughly 30 and has made little intellectual, financial or any type of progress since we broke it off at about 16.

She was extremely low quality from day one, I don't know what the fuck I was thinking.

She emailed me a few years back, I ignored it of course.

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    Yeah, and despite all of that, I even remember thinking at the time, well this is probably the best I can ever do.

    I was fucking 16.

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    My who, now?

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    Decided to go NC on my oneitis today. She will probably approach me irl because we usually hang out at the same bar. I'll act friendly but flirt other girls. Might try to plate her in the future. But only when I got multiple plates.

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    No Contact was the best thing I ever did. Now I don't even care about her. Good luck.

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    Thanks, man. Contact does sound like the better option. Enough girls out there!

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    Seriously best way to get over someone and move on

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    Don't go into it thinking you'll plate her. You're literally minutes into not orbiting her, and you're already thinking of how you can be sexually involved with your oneitis.

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    NC works. Period.

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    3 years ago i hard-nexted my Oneitis. We had been banging for 9 months, she dumped me...I had oneitis for a year. Finally I just realized i was an idiot.

    Immediately after for at least a year she chased to get my attention.

    Now, 3 years later she tries to get my attention from time to time--the latest is by trying to bang a friend of mine.

    I've told him very clearly don't create drama for me and have since distanced myself from this guy.

    But overall I've realized she's gotten older and is pathetic. She could pass for hot...but when i see her i feel absolutely nothing.

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    hard-nexted my Oneitis.

    she dumped me.


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    I got huge and pulled her from a DTF tinder profile. Plated her ever since

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    Broke up 9mo ago. Same program at uni so we see each other often. (Difficult situation at first)

    Deleted her on all social media but mutual friends still follow her. She hangs around some loser looking dudes on snap and now looks like a druggy chick that posts attention seeking stuff on IG/snap. (It May be the type of dude she's trying to attract but idk) Also She had to move back home cus she couldn't hold down an aprt.

    I just know that I'm moving forward and upward with my health, financial and educational growth, while she's in a downward spiralin her life. Bottom line is that if I kept her around I would be less of the person I am now and I have TRP to thank for that.

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    Have a few typical outcomes.

    First oneitis turned into a psychotic trailer trash druggie cunt. Probably on meth right now. If she died tomorrow I would laugh.

    Second oneitis I used to work with. We fucked after she left that job. She went to school and I never looked back. I started banging a MILF after she left.

    Third oneitis wasn't the MILF but a gorgeous and damaged girl in the same neighborhood MILF lived. She wasn't anything special in bed but her personality had me hooked. Then she moved in with a guy who got her hooked on heroin and I had the opportunity to absolutely murder the guy. I don't know why I didn't.

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    I've had way too many oneitises that it gave me an abundance mentality.

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    I have no idea, because I don't care and neither should you.

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    hence Karma***

    Stop deluding yourself. Oneitis was your mistake not their's. Move the fuck on.

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    After 9.5 years together, I get dumped. This is after I move to a different country. There's a whole lot of drama that goes on for three years. Basically I block her, and a year later I unblock her because I have moved on and blocking isn't necessary any more. She texts me the day after I unblock her. More drama.

    Few weeks ago (this is after 4 years of dumping me), she asks me to get back together. I am bewildered, because I am here abroad, doing my PhD, have big goals and there she is 7000 kms apart asking me to be in a relationship. There's literally nothing that she brings to the table.

    I apply TRP principles and finish every sentence with the intent to finish the conversation. She goes mad. At this point I decide to go full beta and call her a cheating cunt and tell her to go fuck some dudes so she can get over me. She wins and finally leaves me alone after writing a book long message on how I am an asshole etc.

    Keep in mind, this was the desired outcome - over the years I tried everything. Ghosting, being nice, curt, asshole. Nothing worked. Hopefully she moves on. Poor girl.

    PS: we got back together briefly for two days 2 years ago when I was a cuck - this time I ended it. I still am a giant cuck, but swallowed the red pill a few weeks ago. Going through a mix of anger and acceptance phase right now. Proud of getting rid of her, but annoyed that at the same time this whole drama happened.

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    Sounds like she has NPD. Run! And implement No Contact. That's your only way out.

    [–][deleted] 3 points4 points  (0 children)

    she seems fine

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    Became a fat bitch, got with an even fatter, older and baldy guy. Fucking hilarious.

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    Mine went on to have 3 kids with a fat out of shape dude who beats her.

    She contacts me every few months for a fuck. I Ablige cause she takes care of herself in the gym.

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    >3 kids with a fat out of shape dude who beats her

    You see that weird kid? The one that looks different than the other 2?

    That one's yours

    [–]Aralant 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    Lol I've thought about it but fortunately non of the times match up. I was kind of concerned because I make a good bit of money and I wouldn't put it past her to try to get pregnant just for child support. What she doesn't know is that I would sooner have all her kids taken from her by the dhr than give my money to a woman. Id spend every dime I've saved to crush her entire world just because thats how much I hate the idea of giving women money.

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    She broke up with me, no contact for about three months, she sent me a Happy Birthday text on my birthday, and I haven't heard from her personally nor have we communicated in any capacity since (a little over three and a half years ago now).

    Around this time last year though, I started messing with the Instagram stories feature for the first time, and she began consistently showing up as a viewer despite her and I not following one another. I don't know if (at the time) she was aware that I could see who's viewing my stories or if she even cared or if that was part of some ploy, but that carried on for a couple more months until I stopped posting altogether.

    She's about to turn 33, and from what I can tell, she fulfilled the TRP prophecy and got herself a textbook betabucks (ex. maybe 6'0" but appears to be 145 lbs. of allergic-to-iron soy-boy flesh, considerably bald, late 30s/early 40s, works upper management IT according to another ex who knows the two of them, so probably has a respectable salary too etc.)

    It took me the better half of a year to fully rid myself of any trace of revenge-fantasies, delivering karma etc. What she does with her life or what her opinion is of me is completely irrelevant.

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    Wouldn't know. Went r/exnocontact and got on with my life. I'm too busy working on the life I want. I hope to never see or hear from her again.

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    Mine stayed in her hometown for the past 3 years after our break up. Became a stripper and is probably on CC. I managed to ping her, usually when I was drunk, and she decided to block all my communications for the past 6 months. I knew it was good for both of us.

    This past week I actually got a text from her asking about a surgery she wants to get done on her ass, presumably for her stripping. My mom has done multiple cosmetic surgery and she wanted me to connect her together.

    I don’t ask about her stories at that gig or if she’s a full blown whore/escort; I just assume she is. We met up for coffee. Still hot, easy 7 without trying. However, she seems to have made little intellectual and social progress. She’s almost a bimbo; probably because of her new coworkers and her gig. Which is unfortunate as I grew up with her but she’s still a woman.

    Im more upset that she makes more money than me, expressing herself sexually. Not by much but still.

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    My oneitis of 8 years is currently plate #2. When I was betabitch, we made a promise that if she is single by 30, I would marry her. Her 29th birthday is next month. She thinks that I am the one after years of carousel riding. Must be my high paying job or maybe my beachfront apartment. She knows my current stance on marriage but she thinks she will change my mind like some shitty romcom. She had her fun during her peak, now I will have my fun

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    No idea. I don't worry about it. it started as a fwb but I got ultra beta so I doubt she has any desire to reinitiate contact lol

    [–]5JS1XBG64A 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    No clue. Haven't seen or talked to any of them in years.

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    I've had three former oneitis girls that I've fucked while they were in relationships. Over a period of fifteen years. And yes, they all got fatter and two of the three took major nosedives in life.

    One lesson we can all learn is that women only decline with age.

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    She put on 10 pounds and the magic was gone "poof" end of my attraction for her.

    She tried to get me back on my birthday, she came over with a present, but I had already moved on to another women and I was still bluepill at the time but luckily I knew better than to go back.

    [–]ht2k9 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    Said we couldn't be more than friends, I wasn't a beta, and I conffessed face to face while looking in her eyes, but still, I wasn't an alpha and didn't know how to act most of the times.

    We see each other, but I am now an alpha and she isn't good enough for me at all. And she is hitting the wall slowly but surely.

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    I have no idea. I went No Contact months ago and blocked her on everything. I don't care what happens to her.

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    Kept fucking a few of 'em when I made visits back home in between semesters, until they put on too much weight

    [–]lucasblake69 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    Most of them kinda ended up becoming shadows of their former selves. It's a shame tho

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    Yup! I’m in my 30s now, but I’m high school told my oneitis I had feelings for her and got rejected.. a year or two later she asked me to homecoming. Honestly I should have said ‘yes’ in retrospect but was too stupid and tried to act cool by asking my friend in front of her “what do you think I should do?” So I killed the mood, and the topic wasn’t brought up again.

    It gave me a chip on the shoulder by not going, but had I gone it would have been a big confidence boost at the time.

    [–]Rudeyyyy 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    Don't know don't care. I might have her in one of my college classes or see her on campus but I blocked her on social media and deleted her number so yeah that's that.

    [–]setsuna0 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    I heard she’s engaged to the rebound after we fell off. It’s weird because last time we spoke she lamented how worthless he is. Told me that I ruined her. I’ll admit back then I felt slightly bad. But, honestly she ruined herself.

    Meanwhile I’m feeling stress free. Working on myself everyday. While sometimes she crosses my mind. I snap out of it quick.

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    One of them got knocked up at 19 and the baby daddy ran off. Eventually, she hooked herself a cuck. The other is in her 40s, fat, single and childless. I'd like to thank both of them for teaching me a brutal lesson when I was younger. Without them I wouldn't be here.

    [–]DrLithium 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    I kept living.

    [–]marianasentmenudes 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    Caught it back in 2010 when we were in high school. She removed me from Snapchat 3 years ago? and I can't find her on social media anywhere (yes I used an account that wasn't mine to verify this). No clue and don't care

    [–]nofilmynofucky 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    the wall.

    She still hits me up a couple times a year trying to start conversation, I don't take the bait. She was a solid 10 when we were dating, and those were some really fantastic years for me but she's nothing to me now.

    I guess I feel a little sorry for her but other than that, eh

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    This is a good post. I havent seen oneitis for a year almost, she went abroad. Found a new guy and we havent spoken for a long time. She still crosses my mind though. Luckily she aint coming back in a year or two maybe even never who knows. By then life has changed and I have changed to the better and I guess no fvcks are given at that time anymore and I am thankful for her otherwise I wouldnt have found this sub nor got a honest look in the mirror.

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    Oddly enough I was reading this laughing. A couple minutes after i got done
    reading, my old oneitis hit me up today telling me “hope all is well, just wanted to let you know blah blah blah I haven’t forgiven myself. I cry everyday for hurting you like that. I feel like an asshole and won’t ever stop feeling that way.”

    I haven’t made any type of conversation or in a while but keep it cordial when I do see her. I didn’t respond to that and honestly I’m proud.

    I’m doing good for myself doing a new internship today for what I love and am enjoying my life now and I don’t need that. She’s blocked on everything except her number cause I’m just not like that to block unless you’re a problem. But I don’t plan on answering anything

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    A friend told me one got married but apart from that I have no clue. The quicker you erase them from your life and fuck other women they melt away.

    [–]si1ma31 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    Also had some that bloated but 1 got into a prestigious career path and maintained good figure running marathons. That plus remaining childless has pushed back the wall. I broke off contact years ago but she would ping me once in a while to keep in touch, probably just because she’s social. After a few years, the feelings finally died and I stopped responding. Can’t win’em all.

    [–]44361066 0 points1 point  (8 children)

    Wondering why they dump guys including me who’re headed to becoming successful in life. They end up miserable, probably fat post-wall with beta men. Does hypergamy really work for women as intended in the long run?

    [–][deleted]  (7 children)


      [–]44361066 0 points1 point  (6 children)

      Yeah man, i knew they’re not loyal, but it hit me hard when my first ltr oneitis broke up few weeks ago despite all what she knows about my success. Such experience makes me red pilled to the core, beyond just knowing the theory.

      [–][deleted]  (5 children)


        [–]44361066 0 points1 point  (4 children)

        I’m more conservative than she could handle, and apparently changing her life for me that much didn’t seem like a good deal at her peak age (21) when we passed the honeymoon phase. I kinda demanded more attention from her from time to time like a beta, her response when she broke up was that she “needed space” and I didn’t give it to her. She had dozen of red flags already and it was my fault to expect much from this relationship: daddy issues, tattoos, piercings, smokes, had lesbian relationship for a year etc.

        [–]_the_shape_ 0 points1 point  (3 children)

        21 and sticking around makes more sense the lower her SMV, and that's not even counting all of the red flags you listed. With those in mind, it's foolish to even contemplate if, but when you two will break up.

        Your politics were far less significant than you think, I'm betting. If she gave you the "I need space" spiel, I'd wager her demand for distance had far more to do with a general lack of attraction toward you. A girl with raging tingles for a man will do all sorts of mental gymnastics to justify why her pussy craves the dick belonging to a man she ought to theoretically abhor, just like a girl with zero tingles for a man (but finds herself currently tied up with) will do all sorts of mental gymnastics to justify why her pussy is Sahara-dry for him ("I'm just not sexual anymore") and/or cascades for another man (or men).

        [–]44361066 0 points1 point  (2 children)

        The irony is, being my first ltr, i broke the no contact rule knowing fully what it meant. I had to experience that it doesn’t work to internalize it for future circumstances. She’d tell me that she could rationalize being together but her feelings say the contrary, it’s just that “something was wrong”, “I can’t be the woman you expect me to be” etc. Yet she still cries, says she thought of me sexually many times, still loves me etc. what I learned is to never be attached enough to a woman and act as if it will end anyway, still living the pain of my dead fantasy of mutual trust and building something with a woman rather than just occasional attachment.

        [–]_the_shape_ 0 points1 point  (1 child)

        she still cries, says she thought of me sexually many times, still loves me etc.

        These are "bread crumbs", nothing substantial, mere lip service, the reason why it's so commonly preached around here to give weight to her actions, not to her words. Her words only carry weight in so far as she consistently backs them up through her deeds, otherwise it's just hot air, one empty promise after another.

        When you pair this concept with "she's never your's; it's only your turn", you come to learn that all that matters is what she does, and what she does will, in all likelihood, come to an end someday, so better to accept it and move on to another girl who will fulfill that role than to try all sorts of schemes and techniques to jump-start the life of the one that's fading away.

        [–]44361066 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        Exactly man, I’m glad it ended with this girl earlier rather than later, but still can’t handle the reality that I will never be able to trust a woman, never build something with one or see whatever I built being destroyed. I live in a conservative country (turkey) yet my social circles due to education and work are very westernized. Typical conservative girls are boring for me yet those beautiful and educated girls that I desire aren’t different than western ones.

        [–]Blud_swit_tirs -4 points-3 points  (2 children)

        Met my oneitis years back,as a kid,she got into highschool this year and I was starstruck(still bluepill back then) cause now not only is she pretty,but she is also hot,buuut the thing is i fucked it up somehow cause now we don't even say hi in the hallways ,probably some social reasons,would like to give it a try again after I diggest the red pill more,not as a wish to get with her but more as an ego boost thing and to basically show the virgin Chad wanna be assholes in my class that they aint shit,any advice is wellcome

        [–]GeeMunz11 8 points9 points  (1 child)

        My advice is to work on your grammar.

        [–]MuhTriggersGuise 4 points5 points  (0 children)

        My advice would've been suicide, but yours works too.