Who here has decided to quit alcohol? How has it improved or hindered your game? (self.asktrp)

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I’ve basically quit drinking. Only have 1-2 drinks max when I absolutely have to (cocktail party, work drinks, etc.), maybe drink once a month if that.

Has not improved or hindered my game at all. I don’t think I’m better or worse off drunk vs. sober with regards to game. But my health, quality of sleep, mental clarity and overall fitness have all greatly improved.

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Also free time and energy on weekend to do interesting things and pursue hobbies instead of being hungover.

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Fuck booze dude. I've been off for 7 months now and my body and wallet have never looked better. At parties I just drink water and get by just fine.

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This ^

If I'd logged in earlier, I would have written exactly the above.

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And if you only have 1-2 drinks per week, they taste that much better.

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On dates - 2 drinks max, prefer wine or cocktails. Sorry, but getting drinks with girls is easier to get laid and you both become more relaxed. Only drink on weekends. Gotta live life and not be a boring ass square. Drugs - avoid unless strictly with the bros or something like a girl sleeping over and enjoying a blunt together after a good smash session and then getting dinner.

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this guy is right, Its nice working out on sundays with no hangover, First thing i noticed right away lol.

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Booze is one of the worst things you can put in your body if you're going to be serious about fitness and lifting. Personally, I feel way better about myself whenever I go out and have a better time sober than most people do when they get drunk. No hangovers, no gut, more awareness ( which I think helps with game ). Dont hinder yourself. Plus chicks have the attention span of ants when theyre drunk. Gaming is easy af. Your energy is what matters to drunk people more than the words you say.

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Good post. In addition to all that, alcohol is very much a carb (which contributes to body fat storage). Also alcohol helps aromatize testosterone to estrogen. I might have ONE drink when I'm out with friends, but that's about it. I don't do any random drinking at home or with meals.

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Yeah alcohol puts you out of ketosis so it's suboptimal for health. No carbs should enter your body if you want to be a true alpha male.

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Even keto diets recommend some small amount of carbs. Certain things the body cannot create. The brain needs some glucose.

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I'm being sarcastic. Avoiding alcohol because carbs is like avoiding cigarettes because you're smoking paper.

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Didnt see the /s. Just killing misinformation, one person at a time.

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I'm with you man. Haha. Sometimes the sarcasm and humor is necessary to break through the misinformation and ideologues.

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I managed to stay in Keto drinking vodka and a diet mixer. Tested with strips before, throughout and the morning + afternoon after on a number of occasions. But I don't recommend it. YMMV.

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Why no carbs?

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Complete sarcasm

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A glass of red wine a day ?

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I dont think that a glass of red wine a day is bad if you must but its been proven that there are better sources of antioxidants and resveratrol.

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I care too much about gains personally and when you quit the booze holy shit the guns start popping 😂

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Do you really think that ?

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I know it from personal experience.

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It has improved in the grand scheme of things.

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Without alcohol you look at least 3 years younger. More energy. More cut. Sharper. Richer. More social in the long run

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Improved my sex life dramatically. Why?

  1. I don't fuck with girls that drink or go clubbing with their girls. They can't invite me because I don't drink and I don't like being around children (thats how people act on alcohol) so theyre kinda stuck with hanging out with me on my terms.
  2. my fitness sleep and everything can always be on point. So I'm fitter with more energy and I'm giving the girls the best dick they've ever gotten. Girls don't give a fuck if you don't drink if you're big with abs.
  3. Girls will be more likely to sleep with you sober in my experience. Way less anti slut defense.
  4. Better sex
  5. sets you apart from all the estrogened up boys from their 3 craft beers a day

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These are all great points. I disagree with your 3) point though. Girls use alcohol as an excuse to be sluttier (oh I was sooo drunk last night so I had to fuck that hot guy). BUT it’s not worth it in today’s environment (#metoo) to fuck drunk girls, and I agree the sex is much better sober.

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Girls use alcohol as an excuse to be sluttier

That's the point, I don't want to fuck those girls lol. Shouldn't need an excuse to fuck me proof is in the pudding

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exactly! she must be DTF or GTFO man...

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Everyone's different. But weed kills my game completely, I get anxious and overthink every thing I say.

However, alcohol just turns to me into a smooth player when I'm at a bar or club. I guess the 'idgaf' section of my brain becomes highly stimulated and I just feel like I can approach any chick and convince her to leave with me.

I'm gonna start going out without drinking, because I don't want it to become a mental crutch.

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Same here brah. I smoked weed once before a tinder date, failed hard. Never again. A drink on a date is perfect. All anxiety gone, smooth talk, physical contact is easy etc. But getting hammered with a girl leads to disaster. I'll get way too touchy and needy.

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It highly improved my whole life, not just game. Especially my confidence.

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Both. I’m much better at day game, much worse at night game. It also makes first dates harder. Inviting someone out for a drink is easy, finding an activity that you both enjoy is hard, however putting in the extra effort for a great activity keeps them coming back.

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I quit alcohol and hard drugs. Last time I drank beer I got SO sick the day after. I don't even have a hint of a craving anymore. My testosterone is through the roof. It was at like 500 before (can't remember the exact number from a year ago) and right now is at 634, a pretty solid score.

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I think cutting booze just happens when you get older. I've never been a big drinker, even in college. I'm a control freak and being in a situation where I'm not in complete control of my faculties was never that enjoyable. Sure, I've been hammered a ton in my life, but never craved "getting hammered".

I do enjoy occasional good cocktails though. 2 old fashioned's and I'm relaxed, not drunk, and loving life.

One way to look at it is a mission to get hammered is going to distract from your real mission. Enjoying a few tasty cocktails is the classier, more stoeic way of enjoying a drink.

Be Don Draiper over some drunken frat boy.

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Like many of others, I’ve started to kick drinking. I used to be one of those who used to get sloshed with the boys. I now only have a few drinks to loosen up if I am not driving.

I always used to be a “pessimist”, so if I was drunk and I used to get shot down or whatever, my confidence and general mood would shatter. But with only a few drinks, I’m still sober and I can apply some TRP principles to keep my confidence on point.

It’s also a lot better for the bank account.

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I still drink, but not when I'm out gaming. I quit completely for about two years while I was really getting my foundations sorted, then I've slowly reintroduced it afterwards.

Obviously not being drunk helps your game, but it's more difficult to get in state than when you've had a few. It's worth it, though, because learning sober means you can always be in state wherever you are so there's no excuse not to approach girl.

Now, though, I'm actually fairly passionate about alcohol, particularly cocktails. Mostly a legacy of my time as a bartender, but I also just enjoy the flavours. Remember, being passionate about something is good (as long as it's not heroin) and being able to talk at length because you're obviously enjoying getting into something is a great DHV, and for me one of the more common areas that comes up is booze. So in that aspect, it's helped my game.

Overall,though, if you're asking this question your probably not ready to drink, and should concentrate on other aspects of your life first.

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I don't drink because my health and fitness are more important. I may just have 1 if I go out but otherwise none. Every once in a while I do weed, but only to help me sleep.

Game wise, alcohol helped me lower my reserved state faster so I could flirt more easily. I was already good looking so alcohol mainly helped me talk more. However, after I learned how to do that without alcohol, then it's pretty much the same. Alcohol still makes me less reserved faster, but I'm generally a reserved and more observing type of person.

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I quit alcohol cold turkey after a party we’re shit could’ve gone south after drinking

It’s been almost a year and I just noticed that during the first few months, the highs feel a lot higher and the lows feel lower, meaning your results will vary

But after your body adapts to only having water and healthy food, you’ll be like Bradley cooper in limitless.

Sharper mind, better wit, definitely no sloppiness

The scariest but also most liberating realization is that you’re going to have to game girls. You can’t let the liquor talk anymore.

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Haven't had a single drop of alcohol since 16 (21 now) Haven't affected my game at all, although people think it's weird (at least here in Sweden since its an alcoholic country)

Be confident in yourself.

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Dude you are too young to have observed an actual change.

[–]GEAR_IN_THE_REAR -1 points0 points  (0 children)


I haven't missed out on anything really.

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Going back and forth between weeks long blackout bindges and weeks of 100% sober and you Can see the diffrence. Mood is much more stable, sleep is more restful. Diet is much easier to keep up with. Body is able to hyradrate properly. Social settings change, different activities. Even just days you can see the polarities of drinking and being sober. But everyone Is different and anatomy/physiology isnt really my thing. Might also be an alcoholic.

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    Tried it, personally found it disgusting. Same with smoking.

    The only ”drugs” i’ve seen value in is Steriods.

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    I was never into alcohol; the alcoholics I know all kind of force-learned it. Most kids would react to alcohol with disgust on taste basis.

    Some benefits are that it keeps the cost down. I sometimes get cocktails for others at social outings and it's easily ~$20 or more per drink. With multiple drinks per bar and multiple bars per night, it adds up. I'd rather get an escort with that kind of spending.

    Hinder? Some claim they can improv better when buzzed or high (so maybe it can be called hallucinate). I do start out slow but the solution is to warm up more rather than drinking. I tend to feel like warming up wastes social energy but it does save time in the end vs slowly getting into the groove.

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    I swear it’s like I wrote this myself. Every single thing haha

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    I drink about once a month now when I used to drink thursday-sunday while at college.

    Drinking would always seep into the next day for me. I would go to bed at 4-5am. Sleep til 2. Be hungover til 7. Then drink again at 10. It was a pretty miserable existence although I got laid in college a lot. Since then I've just had one night a month where I go crazy with friends. So I've not fully quit, but I drink significantly less than your average 22 year old.

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    Gave up C2H6O for a year. Was miserable for the year, didn't make progress. Ended up in hospital from trying to exercise out more, back spasms. Had a thunderclap headache when I started drinking again, only time in my life.

    Found a low-calorie non-alcohilic drink I liked at bars, so still went out.

    Isn't a bad experiment, but pace yourself. I wasn't an alcoholic, but those who are can die from going sober too quickly.

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    It's phenomenal for Monk Mode, and doesn't have to affect your game at all (especially daygame!)- but makes closing the deal quite the logistical puzzler. In part.because if you're not drinking, she's less likely to, which denies her the "blame it on the alcohol" hamster-food.

    Would love to hear pointers if some more grizzled vets have any for not drinking

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    If a girl has to blame fucking you on the alcohol you're not in a good spot

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    Has to? Girls get nerves too, if she likes you she might want a couple to take the edge off just like guys do.

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    I'm saying if your relying on her blaming the alcohol to fuck you you lost.

    If you're a guy that needs a couple to take the edge off you're failing

    If the girl needs a couple drinks that's cool but more than one or two meh

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    I'll just say its infinitely awesome not needing to rely on "social lubricant" to have fun.

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    Can't say much about alcohol. But when I quit pot, my game improved considerably.

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    I tried to quit alcohol for a month (this january) and wow!

    Sharper mind, easier to eat and cook healthy food, more motivation for working out, better sleep, reading more books.....but in social settings and parties, I felt horrible! The noise, smells and people just went into my brain unfiltered (by the alcohol). I wasn't talkative, didn't care who was there and what they were talking about. I even left a party after 2 hours and went home to rest! My strategy at parties and social settings is to speed-drink 2 drinks, which makes me sufficiently relaxed to engage in conversations with both strangers and friends, and even capable of filtering out external inputs. I'm pretty introverted, which could explain some of this, but I'd really like to improve my tolerance in social settings.