Women are a bad investment. Period. (self.asktrp)

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I've been through a fair share of women just like most guys here. Today I can't help but feel like chasing women/ spinning plates and dating LTR are super bad investments, especially if you are a professional or business owner that values your personal investments.

Lets look at all the negatives that come with going after women in todays enviorment -

  • Loss of money (which you could be investing or spending on essential things)

  • Loss of time (which could go into hobbies and productivity)

  • Loss of personal goods or wants (LTR and Marriage. No new sports car for you!)

  • Potential Baby trap, resulting in a $300- 500K and up loss (or gain if raising babies and possibly shitty teenagers are your thing)

  • Potential chance of catching STDs even with a condom (increase in the STD rate as of 2016)

  • If you're married and you don't have a solid frame 24/7, she'll fuck someone else, you'll get fucked, and then more fucked later for the rest of your financial life.

  • Zero personality to relate to, the hotter she is, shes most likely an instagram-ego bubblebutt attention slut.

  • They'll manipulate you to ignore your friends in favor of giving them all the feelz and attention

  • Online dating if you aren't part of the top 10% of men is bs, doing day game comes at the loss of self respect as you would need to be a chatterbox jester to get their number (which could also be fake)

  • Sex is overrated and over saturated, sex can get boring too after a long period with the woman, A time waster unless your trying to have kids. Even if you give them the savage fuck they want, its really not that great at all. Chasing a girl for sex only to realize "whats the fucking point of this?" then when your finished you realize how much of a fucking risk it is even with a condom. Don't chase women, be chased (even though you don't get much out of it)

I dunno.. I just feel like women are a massive negative in life now, I really can't speak to them on the same intellectual logical level as my brothers. Even when I can, I feel like its just a front and not really who they are or what they want out of the conversation. (They want feelz in conversation, sometimes I just want to talk normal and straight forward)

Anyone else feel like women are a dangerous investment? Can anyone give me some positives beyond sex? or am I missing something.....

PS I've read the siderbar and lift. I do alright with women but I've recently come to the conclusion that there is no point bothering with them past basic interactions, for my own well being and health.

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It's a mistake to think of women like an investment.

Women are more like a hobby. Some guys rebuild cars, some guys follow sports or get into fantasy teams, some guys spend their spare time and money on women.

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Yeah, I spend money on activities which I do with her together. It's lot of fun and I like it that way.

I enjoy the time AND at the same time she is grateful thus she loves to cook for me, give me sex and helps me whenever I want. She's like a supporter and Im the leader. It's like a win win situation.

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But then you sound like your life is based on HER and not yourself. Also sounds like your getting too comfortable in the relationship, which is a common thing that happens to guys before everything goes down hill - frame gets dependent and she becomes your rock

"But But my special snow flake isn't like the others , we do EVERYTHING together, she's the best"

Meaning that you depend on her for your own happiness. What happens when she leaves for chad in a few years? You'll have few if not no options if you aren't holding frame and continuing to improve yourself. Most dudes melt down into beta form from a long LTR... If you arnt working on yourself , your hobbies and your professional life 90% of the time you spend dating her is her, then your frame will get much weaker. Women invest time into beta providers to get one thing from them: commitments.


OP states its a bad investment IF you're professional and/or have more important things to focus on. For the man that has unlimited time/effort to give to all women, this post wouldn't really apply to you

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im getting better every day. i improve every day.

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Keep at it man , make sure you focus on YOU because you're the only thing that matters most brother

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OP must have missed the turn onto the MGTOW sub

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Op has some great points. I'd rather spend time improving and do things I enjoy (hobbies and shit) then spin plates all year. Plus LTR are a full time job, too much work and not much fun after a few months in. Your sacrificing YOUR time to give her what she wants = commitment (time, money, energy ) if you are a man of unlimited time, by all means give her your commitment but chances are you'll turn beta cause holding frame all the damn time for one chick is never worth ANYTHING longterm wise.

I get it though....., your on redpill for the sole purpose of getting laid so you lift to improve your attractiveness but not everyone finds maximum value in chasing skirt....its probably one of the last hobbies I'd focus on

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It's a mistake to think of women like an investment.

Also it is unfair for that women.

I bought a car for ex wife few years ago, thus I prolonged our suffering together.

My FWB's ex-husband took her overseas for a wedding.

Man, if somebody would give you free stuff or a trip of your dreams - would you not take it?

I would take it!

I am a rich guy (by my standards) and I told myself, I am not using this money to seduce a girl because this makes things harder for them. Suppose a girl does not like me, but when I bought her some stuff and she can clearly see I can buy her more, she starts to manipulate herself in order to get more. So, I make it harder for her to decide that my seed is not worth to enter her vagina.

And this is a situation we all don't want to be in.

You can easily prevent it by not buying her anything. If she finds you attractive, let her find you attractive. Don't buy, don't promise more stuff in the future. Make it easier for her.

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Maybe he's upset with the culture he finds himself in it lacks the vocabulary to express specifically what's wrong.

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Women are not an investment. We invest in things that increase in value, such as real estate or (theoretically) stocks, and lease things that depreciate in value. The things we value in women--youth, beauty, fertility--degrade over time. (Google "Craigslist Gold Digger" for a dating-world application of this theory.)

Oddly, women behave as if they are "Giffen goods", and think that their 'price' in the market should rise as their quality declines, thus the often ridiculous dating demands of women in their 30s, when suddenly "There are no good men left!" because their decreasing SMV crosses over the intersection with their increased 'expectations'.

That said, we treat attractive women as if they are "Veblen goods", meaning that demand is more proportionate to price, thus young attractive women that are able to demand a high market 'price' are still in high demand. Thus also the expression "trophy" wife/girlfriend.

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If you marry a woman these days, you have made a financial commitment that is legally enforceable while any commitment she has made to you emotionally or sexually can be terminated on a whim.

Kids suck your resources until 26, some more, some less, but a drain regardless.

Dating? Ugh, time sink, potentially a money pit, an emotional and intellectual waste land. Seems easier to just buy a whore when you need to get your rocks off.

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I was about to post to similar thread, I am genuinely curious about what compels us males to not only waste spend lots of time, effort and money chasing women, but also spending boatloads more into raising children.

I cannot think of a single reason besides our DNA telling us to so it can survive. Why would anyone want to spend half of his fortune for 18+ years. To have someone at your bedside when you're dying? Your kids will be fighting for inheritance while you helplessly watch them. Your wife is a 24/7 heavy maintenance machine, if you don't apply enough dread or apply too much, bam, she cheats, shatters your world and your finances...

Not looking for circlejerks, just really curious what are the pros of marriage and raising kids.

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Well we're biologically programmed to procreate, so its primal for us to seek mates. But in today's social climate and the spike feminism, the odds are increasingly stacked against men more then any past generation, making it increasingly difficult for modern men to mate properly. The costs are much higher be it time or money. The rewards for getting a mate are minimal at best and 90% short term for the amount of time and effort put into being able to attract someone of decent features.

Even if you get a Plate or LTR, Its serious work to hold your frame and transfer all your time and energy into a 7,8,9 or 10 whome has unlimited options and orbiter traffic coming to her social media handles daily. All your efforts can be thrown in the trash in seconds in favor of the next chad that rolls by.

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    That's already happening in Japan and China, a few other locations, known as "grass eaters, herbivore men, or mgtow" these people have checked out of romantic and sexual relations entirely. (mgtow you may still be sexual by not romantic).

    Its definitely causing issues, but more for women then men, and I don't believe for society in the long term. A large enough shift and we end up with raised standards to attract men back, or even more of a welfare state so that the few who do fuck can impregnate more.

    Really the overall loser is women. They're the ones who need men - not the other way around. Both for genetics, Canon fodder, dirty dangerous jobs, and money - indirectly through taxes paid and welfare claimed in their benefit, or directly through baby anchors or alimony.

    Eventually, especially with vasagel, women will end up more alone then men. Men have proven they can live satisfying lives without women, women have yet to do so en masse. Statistically and economically that isn't even a question.

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    I would rather just meet someone who is attractive and with similar goals and just stop dating so that I can work on my future.

    That's the point of dating.

    and then all that I can think about is that I would be better off working on my business and my own future.

    But what's the point of a business and a future is you have no family to share it with?

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    What's this thing about "sharing"? Why can't we just enjoy that great stuff for ourselves?

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    Most guys on askrp are beta by nature so redpill concepts like independence and self focus are barely consistent

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    You cant just sit stagnant just because you have no family. You live this life for yourself until or unless you have a family. Building one is an option remember

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    All I'm getting at is that if sunshine12e always finds it inconvenient to give time to dating and keeping a relationships going then by the time she see's success in business starting a family might be off the table which isn't a bad decision but you can't have your cake and eat it too. Too many women want to start families in their 30's and 40's because it's more convenient for them. That's not how it works. I want to reiterate that there's nothing wrong with focusing on career; many people lead fulfilling lives seeking only personal independence. However, a far greater # of women end up hitting their 30's and 40's feeling cheated that they didn't have a family instead or at least try to execute both.

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    Get a vasectomy, wear condoms, don't spend too much time with them, and don't spend money on them.

    Sort of just decimated your list there.

    But honestly nobody gives a fuck if you don't want to deal with women. Go MGTOW and be done. It's in my nature to chase and fuck women and I don't go against nature.

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    You are truly wrong. I have never been as happy as I am since I invested some cash on my bitches and started pimping.

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    Life isn't just pure rationality. Women aren't merely "an investment".

    That being said; good and condensed information.

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    You're coming off pretty negative there buddy. If girls ain't your thing then don't bother man.

    I don't spend money on chicks, for me it's a challenge. Try something new, see what works. If shit's getting too easy then find a new challenge. If you get bored focus on something else for a while.

    I only speak for myself but chasing girls can be a sport. It can be scientific. Or what it should be is just a part of going out having fun with friends.

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    This sounds pretty anger phase OP, remember women are not a good financial investment. Pretty easily solved by just not spending money on them... Look for high quality women etc

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    Is there anything wrong with that? No.

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    Quoting this: so I don't forget, it rolls off the tongue so nicely.

    instagram-ego bubblebutt attention slut.

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    I wouldn't say dangerous investment, but I would say they aren't worth my time and effort. I'm not trying to sound pretentious either. I'm 21, pretty average looking. But I'm just focused on my goals. I'm not opposed to girls but I'm not going out of my way to spin a plate. I'll be honest the only types of girls I'm attracted to are girls that are as motivated as I am. Don't really know why but bubble but attention sluts disgust me for the most part

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    So is just being alive. I mean, each hour our cells die. We spend money on food just to shit it out.. Rent & homes are going up. And health care and auto, don't get me started.

    Just remember my friend, NOBODY is getting out of this alive BUT the only change you have is passing your DNA to an offspring. I'm not saying to make sure it has your last name.

    Did you really use bullet points to sway your opinion?

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    The male hamster is powerful too. Always ask yourself, "what lazy part of me gets a little stronger when I write a long paragraph?"

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    Everything is change. I have three plates. They all have boyfriends. I am the prize. Live with abundance. Stop victimizing yourself.

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    Now I have 4 plates and 1 downvote. Stop victimizing yourself.