Anyone here with a 4.5" dick who manages to keep women happy? (self.asktrp)

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I used to be insecure. Then I learned I'm slightly below average so it shouldn't matter. I learned about frame, dominance, sex god method. As long as I dominate confidently, it supposed to not matter.

Then I realized top 20% men get 80% women. So average doesn't mean shit.

I am talking about keeping attractive women happy. Keeping. Without acting like a lesbian or gay woman. No toys.

Basically my question is this: If you have dick with around 4.5" length, tell me if it is working for you or not. Send a PM please if you don't want to write below

Mine is 5" bone pressed. 4.7" girth at its best. Objectively looks small as fuck.

I don't need your advice, opinion, guesses. I want your observation. Be honest. I want to know what to expect.

Edit: Out of 45 comments below, only 2 of them answers the question. Stop giving advice and answer the goddamn question.

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The idea is to develop enough alpha traits to psychologically stimulate a woman. That's more important than having a bigger sized dick.

There are some women out there who do not care about dick size, just like you will find many men who do not find small tits a deal breaker.

Oral sex has it's place but it's only one aspect of sex. Don't fool yourself into believing that's all you will ever need.

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just like you will find many men who do not find small tits a deal breaker.

I prefer small tits. Simply because big tits will often sag, and I really don't like saggy tits.

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2 inches of swinging death right here

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No one can keep women happy brother. Your dick size is literally the last problem regarding women.

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Easier to deepthroat. Less painful for anal.

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Cmon he's not even tickling the tonsils with 4.5"... Gtfo with that deep throat shit lol. You do have a point re: anal tho! Own her with that little pecker, dude!

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Your dick is smallish, but not alarmingly so.

That said, as long as you are not tiny, you will be fine. In keeping women around, the way you act is much more important than the size of your dick.

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His dick is OK but just assume it isn't, do you really think the way he acts can keep a sexually unsatisfied woman around?

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Of course not. But most (80% maybe?) women don't orgasm from simply putting a dick in their pussy anyway, regardless of the size of the dick, so learn to fucking fuck.

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Fine with ONS?

Fine with slutty college girls? Yoga pants, nice ass, etc.

Fine with relationship girls?

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If you're alpha and the girl is really fucking into you she will literally hamster herself into thinking how good your dick is. The second she loses the tingles you "got a tiny limp dick and she was never satisfied" (total lie but girls say that shit in an attempt to try to get a rise out of you as the relationship is ending). Highly suggest you read sex god method. Sex with a girl is more about appealing to her emotional side then physical side, aka its less how you make her feel with your dick and more about how you make her feel with your mind. Sex God Method will go WAY more into that aspect and you'll learn some good stuff regardless is you got a small dick or not.

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Before you consider any drastic options involving surgery to increase your dick size, first focus on 1) doing jelqing and penis pumping, 2) ensure that you're getting the hardest erections you can by getting the proper micronutrients (Mg, Zn, etc.) and keeping your arteries from clogging (keep sugar, refined carbs, sat fat, and cholesterol to a minimum), 3) building a good body with low body fat, and 4) getting better at sex (sex god method).

If you do the above you will blow the females out of the water.

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You still are insecure.

Can't change your dick, so give it to her with her legs together or folded toward her.

Foreplay is very important (remember the hamster). A woman will come within minutes if wound up.

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I would worry less about making women happy and worry more about your own satisfaction. Yes, keeping around plates will be a little tougher, but on the bright side if your game and SMV are good, you can keep meeting more women.

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According to everyone on TRP everyone at TRP has a 12 inch monster dick. Except for you, according to you your dick is 4.5 inches.

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Nah man, idk where you got that idea. My dick is 18 inches.

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Must be hard typing with hooves

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hooves fins

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I got a bigger problem - gotta tape mine to my ankle or it just swings around too much

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Somebody's about to get his inbox slaughtered with dick picks for "verification".

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Do you have fingers and an attitude?

I mean, shit, look how many women fool around with other women. Surely those women are using something other than a smallish dick.

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Are you low Bodyfat Op? It sounds like up to a half inch of your junk is hiding behind some pubic fat. Getting low BF is probably a start if you aren't there yet.

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Fine with ONS?

Fine with slutty college girls? Yoga pants, nice ass, etc.

Fine with relationship girls?

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    This is in your personal experience, right?

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    I have a 7.5" ish, when it's semi I can get 8" length. Girth is about 5. At base closer to 5.2.

    I still have girls flake. I still have some trouble with game and confidence. I get some positive comments but most sluts have had bigger and will straight up tell me that. They don't act like it's huge or anything. They don't act like my dick is magic or anything, and technically since I'm not massively girthy their pussy isn't being filled the same way a 5" dick with 6"girth would. Seriously. I'd trade an inch of length for an inch of girth.

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      Thanks man. I have a few more questions.

      What is your girth? Is your dick flexible when its hard? Can it do a 180 comfortably? Mine hurts if I lift it up because it is too hard and wants to stay perpendicular to the body.

      Can you enjoy sex with short room for thrusts? How is cowgirl?

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      In a word: lesbians.

      Deal with it.

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      What matters is whether she feels dominated by a manly man.

      Big dick = easier to make her feel dominated because she feels stuffed

      Smaller dick = requires more mental or more muscles for greater thrust to make up for things

      Experience: Probably average sized. Works. Made girls squirt.

      There are also some good positions that make girls cum without my effort. She was riding cowgirl and had two squirts. Also became so horny it went from specifically condom-only that she emphasized twice into creampie.

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      Have more anal.

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      I hear that anal hurts though... OP Might want to invest in a good set of plugs to warm up.

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      Just learn how to do it. Nothing turns a girl off faster than awful anal. Some pain is expected at first, but "that sharp pain" that makes them jump is a permanent turn off.

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      Why are you downvoting? This is a legit question.

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      are you really being insecure about the number of upvotes right now?

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      Yes I am very insecure.

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      You can make your dick bigger but it takes years. Check out pegym (just search it on google). It's simple stretching exercises but they work.

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      But in the mean time just hit with positions that allow you to hit her clit with your fingers.

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      I'm around 6.5 and 7 inch bone pressed. I've dabbled with chemical and manual pe but haven't been consistent bc there's really no need for it. Look into manual and/or chemical pe if you want to. Although there is potential to injure your dick, in which case, you won't have to worry about dick size bc you won't be able to have sex.

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      that's the perfect size why are you trying to get bigger

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      Do you guys actually sit there with a measuring tape (or stick?) and measure your dicks?

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      nah, I usually do it standing up.

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      I use one of these

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        I measure mine with plates too, dinner plates. It's 1.8 dinner plates long, fyi.

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        Are you fat? If so, lose weight.

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        Dunno if I keep them happy, some of them come back for seconds on a regular basis, why would I care for the one's that don't?

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        Fine with ONS?

        Fine with slutty college girls? Yoga pants, nice ass, etc.

        Fine with relationship girls?

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        Do some kegels too bro. Proper form will lead to increase in girth.

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        Women only hold standards for beta men.

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        I'll start with JP routine from pegym in few days

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        if your dick isn't big enough to satisfy a girl, that's her problem not yours.

        there's 3.5 billion cunts out there, if you dick is too small for one particular girl who cares just move on to the next one. there are plenty of girls put there who you're the perfect size for.

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        We all have giant cocks, so no one can answer your question. You should ask the bloopers. They are huge on personal thumbs-up/thumbs-down validation.

        Meanwhile, if you want us to help, this is the advice I give all people when it comes to sex. Longevity. Be the guy that kept fucking for 10 hour straight. You blew? Fine. Keep on her until you are ready to stick it in her again. Take her for the LONG HAUL. Time. Intensity. Cock is way down the list there.

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        This is a serious answer, asian girls. To them your dick is what they are used to. Go to the Phillipines in particular. Those girls are terrified of big dicks, many of the girls you meet there will actually ask how big you are before they will fuck you. If you are bigger than 5" in the Phillipines then you have slim pickings.

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        Man, Apple used to do it with 3.5 inches!

        Jokes aside, if she's horny as fuck, she will cum. Be masculine as fuck, and she will be horny as fuck.

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        7inches and girthy is the golden penis for alot of women if you notice most alphas dads were badboys too which made mom alpha widowed so i believe alphas geneticly make women crazy for them plus confidence and agression making him the perfect vagina killing machine with those measurements so know she will always want her alpha even when she marries beta bux with 5inches, ok.

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        dude, just stop whining. Own your shit. What do you care if it's working or not for other people? You are the only one that can make it work for yourself. You can't control the size of your dick, so stop worrying about that. But you can control your thoughts, behaviour etc., so work on that. Become naturally confident, that's the journey (for all of us)

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        learn how to eat pussy. if u know how to do that properly then every girl will wanna marry u

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        Yeah....no. It will definitely help, but every woman wants good dick. That's just the way it is.

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        Lets not get carried away.

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        No, anything below 8' is deficient. I recommend dick replacement surgery.

        /s I mean what kind of advice do you expect ?!

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        How did you measured it? Remember that a dick is curved, so you cant measure it with a ruler. Use one of these instead.

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        My dick isnt curved

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        that sucks

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        Why does it matter? Gaining (or losing) a fraction of an inch isn't going to change shit.

        OP needs to be Marcus Aurelius when it comes to shit he has no control over.