Why are so many girls having nose piercings? (self.asktrp)

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Lately, I've seen many girls having nose piercings and they look like shit. It's definitely got to be one of the worst jewelry trend. The worst is the nose rings that hang under the nostrils. Even the of the prettiest girls I've seen have nose piercings and it turns me off. Are they doing this to turn away men, or do they think it actually makes them look good? smh.

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Same goes for nipple piercings. Go on gonewild sub and see 8/10 of women have them. They always follow the herd.

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Honestly that's more that gals with pierced nipples are more likely to be the kind of gal to show them off. Same with fake tits.

In real life it's much lower, but still surprisingly common.

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Those are so god damn unattractive

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Attention. Women need it.

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Best answer.

They've bought into the idea that piercings are "liberating" or "empowering" line of bullshit--so it's the next thing that hive mind will accept.

But it's all a big "look at meeeee".

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Don't forget they all need to "prove" that they're so unique and artistic. Haven't you seen their Instagram? They are a foodie and love to travel!

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Don't forget they drink coffee or tea

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And are vegetarian but will eat sushi/fish. And they do yoga... One time two years ago they read a book about Buddha!

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We call those pezetarian in Mexico. Same when people don't eat meat on Fridays leading up to Easter but will eat fish.

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I'm sure there are plenty of foo foo girls who do it for attention and are vegans blah blah. Me? Every piercing I've had was because I wanted it, not to impress anyone . Just got my nose pierced , why? Don't really know just wanted something new and fun for ME. Had alot when I was younger and took out all but a few I still have now. The reason I did in the beginning was fascination of tribes etc where it's a part of life 😁 it fits who i am as a person that's all. But all the things you guys said, I do laugh at the prissy people myself. Wouldn't catch me eating vegan although I am addicted to coffee

My nose ring is tiny not a bull ring I think it's pretty cool

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Because she's different and unique.

Also because mummy wouldn't let her get one while she was living at home. Take that, parents!

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From my general experience tattoo/pierced girls are easier to lay.

Why they do that ?most of the time it's unhealthy attention addiction.

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From my experience its the opposite nowadays

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they WANT me to swipe left. that must be it.

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They're fucking retarded

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Female hive mind.

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Why are so many girls having nose piercings?

This is how these things start. Her crush Bad Boy X has a tattoo, piercing, cock ring, chin hole. He's made himself high value by being noticed but he must have other alpha traits or it won't work and he'll be seen as pathetic loser outcast.

So she emulates his superficial outward appearance because that's how women are and also they think it signals value. You have enough women doing this because other guys do it or because they're all emulating the same guy (or girl, aka pop culture), and it becomes self-perpetuating among them just as women dying their hair blonde 60+ years ago (and continuing today), regardless of what dudes think.

This is classic solipsism, where they have trouble seperating what they think signals value and what a man thinks is valuable, because they see the trait desirable in men and have trouble instinctively construing same said trait does not signal value in women. When they dye their hair blonde, all they know is the result which is that it gets them more attention, they cannot instinctively grasp on any level conscious nor unconscious "Why?" because blonde men just do not have generally the same value to the opposite gender. (Blonde, btw, for men, signaled youth as many kids were lighter haired before growing up and men are geared for youth because fertility.)

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Lol guys should not post as all why they think women get nose piercings 😂😂 they get them because guess what??

They think they’re cute

Wow, shocking right! Wanna know what’s just as shocking, just because you don’t like them doesn’t mean everyone else agrees with you. A lot of people like nose rings, so stop being close minded

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She probably thought it looked hot on that guy in that band she fucked so she decided to put one on too so she looks hot.

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I am ok with this.

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I like em. Different strokes.

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It's the same hivemind as tatoos on the men. 10-15 years ago nobody (here) would want these, as they were unviersally considered kitsch, but nowadays everyone seems to do them. We even see those earlobe tunnel, tattoo guys in the ads. Unless someone wanted tatoo NOT due to watching other "cool" people have it, it's 100% sign of tryhard

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Put a rope on it and tie them where you want simply.

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Also with using Vans shoes.

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Absolutely agree.

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Tell her to take it off

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Nose piercings just look like a glittery booger they missed.

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It’s just a fad bruh lol

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It's the sign of the SJW tribe like Indians had feathers. Consider it a good thing as you can easily avoid them.

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Yea um how bout NOOOOO . You're worse than the SJW'S if you base your theories on who a person is by the way they look?

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The worst people are the ones that claim to be objective and never judge people on their appearances. Why? Because they are liars. Everyone judges other persons on their appearance. This happens in our lizard brains and obviously was very helpful for survival. Does he look from my tribe? No. Does he look dangerous? Yes - Run/attack, No -> intimate / scare him off.

Given on which subs you post and this post, I judge you have some serious mental issues. On the one hand your desperate for attention, on the other your are very scared for getting judged negatively due to your appearance and hence everybody that judges people on their appearance is a bad person. I recommend a serious dose of introspection and therapy.

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Wow lol. I am def not up for attention, or mentally ill. I work in the Medical field and have learned that people aren't always what they seem , hmmmmm. Again you are judging me by one little sentence , and now you know my whole life story ?! I still stand by what I said, and you are most definitely a troll. Have a good day sir

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Again you are judging me by one little sentence , and now you know my whole life story ?! I still stand by what I said, and you are most definitely a troll. Have a good day sir

And you are judging me as a troll from a couple of sentences contradicting yourself. See, everybody judges people, I'm just honest about it. That doesn't mean it's good, it's just human nature.

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I am calling it as I actually see it. I did nothing to deserve the things you said to me. The definition of a troll is a person who takes what a person says, flips it around and TRIES to make them feel wrong or upset. Sorry it didn't work bro. If you aren't just saying that just to be an ass, mind telling me what exactly makes me mentally ill or screaming for attention? 😊

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Consider. Bulls and cows were given nose rings in the past. It made it easier to control the animal because the nose is so sensitive to pain. These girls want to be controlled.

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Lmao this is bs. All girls want to be controlled but there is zero correlation with the nose piercing

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I find it disgusting.

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My girly just got a little one on her nose. It's adorable.

She also got her tits done at the same time. C'est la vie.

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So you can fuck the piercing out of the skin.

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Because they got bored of stupid duck face lip fillers?

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Why do dudes lift?

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So we can do pullups on big enough noserings.

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Hot af. Seriously, extra 🔥

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I love septum rings tbh.