Is "12 rules for life" by Jordan Peterson worth reading? (self.asktrp)

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I know who JP is and what he is about but i haven't read the book. Has anyone read it and could say something about it?

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I finished it recently. None of the advice is really new if you have read the various books recommended on TRP. I enjoy his ability to draw connections between intricate ideas to something easily understood, he has a similar style to 48 Laws of Power in that regard. Here is my take on the 12 Rules for life.

  1. Be confident (biological meter for success - confidence grants more success which leads to more confidence, etc.)

  2. Treat yourself well (as if you were taking care of a pet or loved one)

  3. Surround yourself with people who want you to succeed (keep support and lose dead weight)

  4. Strive to be better than you were yesterday (don't use other people to measure your own success)

  5. Discipline your children (don't tolerate bad behaviour without punishment *edit: also reward good behaviour)

  6. Sort yourself out before you criticize others (take responsibility for your situation and work on yourself)

  7. Pursue what is meaningful over short term satisfaction (drugs, video games, porn, etc can prevent deeper happiness)

  8. Be honest to others and yourself (be wary of denial and delusions)

  9. Listen to people more (people often reveal themselves if you let them talk and you can act accordingly; you can learn something from almost any conversation)

  10. Be precise (identify your weaknesses and goals and think carefully about your action and inaction)

  11. Avoid distraction, outrage and sabotage (don't limit others or yourself - this chapter goes into gender roles and society and the lesson is kind of vague)

  12. Appreciate the little things (every day is an opportunity for success but you should still take some time to enjoy yourself along the way)

That's a rough takeaway for the book. I didn't quote the real chapters, just sharing what I took away from it. Please comment, criticize and discuss as you see fit.

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Statistics are not facts

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Yes they are.

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but amazon reviews can be and are from blue pill men so be careful...

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say what

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I’m only a few chapters in so far, so take this with a grain of salt.

I’m pretty familiar with Dr. Peterson’s work, having listened to his Biblical Series on YouTube, along with some of his other lectures and interviews. I’m getting a great deal out of it, as it distills all of those videos into chapters that can be summarized in a single sentence (the rule). That all said, I feel if one is not familiar with his work and style of thinking, the book could be a bit disorienting and confusing. There are a lot of ideas that I was unfamiliar with prior to my exposure to him that took some time for me to fully understand, and if I were reading about them for the first time, I would be a little lost.

I would check out his subreddit for some more in depth criticisms and reviews, the people there are much more eloquent than I.

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That subreddit is a shitshow. Mostly SJW hating. Needs some maturing as people read the book and learn.

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The dopamine boost you get from reading self help books does not mean you will do shit. Three things that help you the most is

1) Actually doing shit and not mentally masturbating to doing shit.

2) Understanding you can do what you set yourself out to do.

3) Have patience, take your time

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I liked it. Listened to the audiobook because I enjoy the authors prose. Also I'm a major Jordan Peterson dickrider so take my word with a grain of salt too.

The 12 rules make up the chapters of the book I would try to look them up and see if they interest you. Not much in particular about sexual marketplace but he does talk about about social dynamics and heriarchies. I also think the depth he goes into the ideas is perfect and easily digestible. Definitely a book I would read multiple times to try and absorb like I dod with No more Mr. nice guy

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Is it worth reading? No, not really. Peterson is fine, but you get what you need from him in about three sentences. Be a man, don't be a coward, have a purpose.

If you need to hear more of that, then go ahead. If not, read something else. If you want something political, I would suggest Reflections of Violence by Georges Sorel or Ride the Tiger by Evola. If you want some self help stuff, read an autobiography of a great man, and emulate the best things you find. Ben Franklin has a good autobiography, so does Malcom X. If not, biographies are good too. I would also suggest reading books about great adventurers, Endurance by Alfred Lansing is one of my favorites.

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Thanks for contributin the reading suggestions

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my reading comp skills aren’t my strongest suit, so I’m having trouble getting through it. Love his delivery in videos/audio- very engaging. He’s verbose and not as direct as I’d like in the book. Difficult to read more than 10 pages in a sitting. I hear him speaking it to me in his voice in my head though, so that’s cool. Anyway, decent so far.

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I'm reading it right now and it's a really good read. You might not learn a lot when it comes to society if you're a red pill veteran but there is a lot of scientific knowledge presented in a clever and cheeky way.

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The lessons are pretty straightforward and you could find them at most places . But if you want to go a little deep into why those lessons are there, then it's a good read.

P.S. : If you don't like too much biblical examples you might have to skim over some parts

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if you are approaching JP from a politically conservative anti-sjw standpoint, take what he says with a grain of salt. dude is just selling a personality. he has said some disturbing things at one of those zionist gatherings not too long ago that really painted a sell-out picture for me

if you’re just trying to learn how to make your bed, have at it

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Kinda. You have to consider he is quite religious person. And his book is influenced by it a lot. But it still is good book.

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Recently I found out Dr. Peterson takes anti-depressants. With all his insights you would think this man would lead a mentally balanced life, but apparently not so.

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Most psychologists/psychiatrists have mental disorders of some type. That seems to be why they go into the field in the first place. They're attempting to self treat.

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There is a pretty unfavourable review of it on /r/jordanpeterson that turned me off from really bothering to check it out.

There is also a lecture he did in London on youtube where he just reads out the book as well.