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Turns out my LTR (for now downgraded to plate), is jealous of my current financial situation...

I am in a position where I basically don't have to (and can't anyhow, due to legitimate health issues) work every day; managed to buy a flat, renovations underway. I am very thankfull for all the help I got along the way but she decided to get bitter about it...

Ain't women supposed to be attracted to good material stability ?

I am afraid I don't understand this game anymore...

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Rule #1 of owning rental property is to NEVER tell anyone you own it.

I owned apartments for years, one since I was 17. I incorporated it under a corporate name that sounded like a real name so people thought the landlord was "Gerald Montgomery, Inc" lololol.

Never share your asset positions with ANYONE. Not investments, not property, not bitcoin, not anything.

If they asked me, I always told them I rented. Always. Even my house isn't in my name, it's in a corporate name and I "pay rent" to myself.

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Many of my roommates over the years were really scared of Gerry, our landlord, because he would always show up to yell whenever my roommates weren't around, and I told them of how he threatened us with lawyers if they didn't pay their share ASAP.

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Either brilliant, or your friends aren't smart enough to ask to meet the landlord. Or both.

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See this: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktrp/comments/5wo7ub/plate_jealous_of_my_finances/decdnzp/

And more than a few of my friends met 'Gerry' after that story. I always flipped Gerry $25 to meet new roommates. RIP Gerry, what a great 'landlord'.

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Creative and awesome.

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Best thing ever!

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One time I had two roommates renting my 2 bedroom (I moved out because the money was too good, lol). But I still was allowed into the living room and kitchen and sometimes would crash on the couch (my couch) if I was in the area.

One of the roommates REFUSED to pay rent for 2 months and I threatened him that Gerry was an old German WW2 guy or something and would come and rip his head off. He said "let him".

So I found this old German crazy neighbor from maybe half mile away I had talked to before and offered him 10% of whatever he collected if he pretended to be Gerry the German landlord. He was retired and used a walker but he had biceps and a grip of steel. He agreed.

He came by the apartment that night and banged on the door, and the pothead loser answered it and Gerry went to town, swearing in 5 languages (Italian, German, English, Russian and who knows the 5th). He said he was robbing from him and without that money he couldn't pay for his cancer treatments and shit (then the 'landlord' starts smoking).

He mentioned his lawyer would evict us all since it was a flat lease, etc, etc. The guy actually went into his room, got ALL the money in cash including late fees, etc, just to get Gerry to leave.

I met Gerry outside later and he gave me the 90% and told me he would be happy to play the part any time, lololol.

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Why? [serious]

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Because truly rich people don't live like they're rich (edited from 'right' autocorrect), so they don't attract dramatic gold diggers (guys and gals both).

If you want to live rich for your own sake, spend all your money when you're on vacation alone. For your own purposes. At home, you don't need to broadcast wealth.

One of my buddies who mentored to me about property investments over 20 years never told anyone he was rich but his inner circle. If he was with a girl on vacation, he would say shit like "holy cow I won $5000 at the roulette wheel last night, I'm going to spend it this vacation". Hilarious guy.

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Ok, this is different from "never tell anyone".

I own properties but I don't advertise around what I have, not with everybody. I do tell my inner circle and people who also have properties to share experience. I tell my main plate we're going to fuck at my sea property tomorrow. I don't give a flying fuck what she does with that information. She ain't locking me down and she knows it.

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Not until she gets pregnant. Or finds a lawyer to write up and wrap up a common law argument for why you are technically married and she deserves a prize when you dump her. Or any one of a million ways a third party can get a claim against you.

I knew a guy in the 90s who had a slip and fall in his own spare bedroom by a close friend who knew he had assets, and after his insurance company refused to pay the demands, they sued him and he ended up spending over $100,000 just to defend his assets.

Best to keep wealth invisible.

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    Yes. Homeowners insurance can deny indemnity claims of a certain figure or for certain reasons. It isn't unheard of. Most personal injury lawyers also handle claims for an asset owner when an insurer denies coverage of a third party claimant.

    The guy I kew in the 90s DID spend $100,000 fighting his insurance company AND the guy who slipped and fell on his property.

    I don't know if you heard of the old Illinois ladder law, either. If a criminal broke into your house, stole your ladder, used it and fell, he could sue YOU for negligence in securing the ladder. Not kidding, either. Insurers generally balked at paying out those claims.

    Don't expect insurers to cover everything.

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      I'm not going to debate it with some anonymous "lawyer" on Reddit.

      Anyone can pull up public court docket searchers, type in their homeowner's insurance company's names and at a minimum read up on the various suits placed with the insurer as the defendant -- and then they can go to the courthouse and pull public records about it.

      The fact is, homeowner insurance company deny claims every day. Sometimes they deny claims on something obvious (such as a sexual harassment injury) and sometimes on something not so obvious (they won't cover a lawsuit by a family member). In this guy's case, the insurer said there were provisions that precluded coverage. His lawyer said the insurer was playing games. They sued the insurer and did in fact reach a settlement against them but it was costly in time and legal fees.

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        Because truly rich people don't live like they're right, so they don't attract dramatic gold diggers (guys and gals both).

        Yep. Plus, plates do not get access to any info about your finances. They aren't entitled to it and haven't earned it.

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        How did you start owning rental properties from your 17th.

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        I started working at the age of 12. Anyone can do this today.

        When I was 17 it was 1991 -- there was a housing recession so prices were VERY cheap. The small studio condo I bought cost $17,000.

        Even in 1991, with minimum wage being around $3.35 when I was a young teen, $17,000 still wasn't that hard to save.

        Imagine it's 1986 (when I was 12) and I received $2 to mow a lawn. That's 8500 lawns mowed in 5 summers. 1700 lawns a year. 283 lawns a month. 70 a week.

        I didn't mow 70 lawns a week, though. I did other jobs that paid better than that. Not much better, but a 17 year old who doesn't have $15,000-$20,000 in the bank today is a fucking video gaming loser who has time to fap but no time to do odd jobs for the neighbors for cash.

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        but a 17 year old who doesn't have $15,000-$20,000 in the bank today is a fucking video gaming loser who has time to fap but no time to do odd jobs for the neighbors for cash.

        Some people value their time, especially in their childhood, more than 10 bucks an hour. What a wasted childhood if all you chased was adding to your penny stash. $20,000 is like 3 fucking months work when you are an adult.

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        Some people value their time, especially in their childhood, more than 10 bucks an hour.

        I have yet to meet someone who believes 20 years later than spending their most productive years and the years they are more fertile for knowledge growth wasting time on video games and bullshit parties when they could have acquiring knowledge and wealth young so they can spend their 30s and on NOT working.

        Close to 100% of my friends growing up are losers today -- and I went to a top high school in the entire country. They are losers who HAVE to keep working, and many of them partied their youth away between high school and mid-20s. They trapped themselves, forever.

        $20,000 is like 3 fucking months work when you are an adult.

        So? Most adults never learn cash flow whereas you can learn it faster in your youth and habituate it as part of your mental process.

        If you want to work until you're 70, party when you're 12-25.

        If you want to retire at 30, don't.

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        What a wasted childhood if all you chased was adding to your penny stash.

        Tell that to Warren Buffet...

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        Real talk, I'm not exactly sure how one can bankroll $20K in three months after expenses unless you're an investment banker. I work in software development and do some freelance work on the side (55-60 hours a week total), and won't even save that in a year because of living expenses.

        Might have to see if the coastal cities can roll that much.

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        The thing is if you take compound interest into acount and the potential that that $20.000 has then having 20.000 at your 17th is worth a lot more then 20.000 that you make on your 30th.

        To illustrate if you put away 20.000 against 6% compounding interest at your 17th you'll have 42.000 when you're 30. Not only that, he'll probably keep making money and investing it in real estate. Probably at least 5000 a year with his level of motivation. If he does that from his 17th till his 30th. He'll have $137.000 on his 30th. And he'll be a miljonair at 57 and from then he'll make 60.000 a year just on interest.

        Edit: to make the comparison complete if he starts at his 30th to put away 5000 each year. Then he'll have to wait untill he's 74.

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        Good for u and respect the hustle but this sentiment is pretty ridiculous.

        Most "high achieving" HS were sports captains and AP scholars, and hung out with friends

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        Yeah? I'm friends with those guys to this day. I don't want their shitty lives they have had since hitting the man wall around 35.

        Real shitty ones.

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        I love you

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        I know

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        How did a guy like you stumble into TRP? It seems like you were pretty RP in your younger years...most of us were people that couldn't get laid or were in a dead bedroom situation.

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        I was first introduced to the TRP values by my dad and my grandfather at a young age. Both weren't the super alphas by any means, but were very RP in most ways. Dad and grandpa (and great-gramps) were all white knights, unfortunately, but acquisition of sex was never an issue regardless.

        I stumbled onto TRP online communities in 1987 and have been involved with them non-stop since then. I first used a modem in February 1987 around my birthday, and then found my first TRP online community probably 3 months after or so -- I know because I used some early "seduction" tricks on my first girlfriend who was 5 years old than me.

        Crazy that it'll be 30 years this summer. I should look her up.

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        Ok cool. Respect.

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        What the reason for disability

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        What is your goal return when investing in real estate?

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        What is your goal return when investing in real estate?

        ANY profitability after overhead is subtracted.

        I don't care WHAT the profit is, as long as the profit is there. This is because I know how fickle the real estate market is and I never expected massive wealth from it -- but I did know that the most comfortable guys were ones with some real estate investments.

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        Yeah in hindsight 20/20.... sigh

        But I was so excited... now I am actually starting to regret the investment itself, not because of social implications but because I am not sure about the place itself; it is a nice flat objectively but there is something about it that doesn't feel like home, maybe I'll get used to it... I can always sell it or rent it if needed.

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        Renting it is always a great way to have some sort of passive income

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        Until they see your key chain and they peg your for a landlord. Gold diggers can hear keys jingle from across the room.

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        My master key fits every lock on every unit, including the main entry locks for the building. It's not expensive to rekey every door lock to be identical for a master lock but unique for individual key holders.

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        Don't tell women about your financial situation. You have money, you spend money on shit you want. Your shit is together. That's all she needs to know.

        You don't tell your children about the budget. Likewise, you don't tell women you're fucking how much you have left to pay on the mortgage. You have a place where you sleep. When you want to sleep there, you sleep there. When you want to fuck her there, you bring her there to fuck. That's all she needs to know about the place.

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        I'll give you a different angle. I'm handy, and cheap so I do all my home remodeling. I needed to refresh my kitchen floor so I ripped out the old vinyl, put down vinyl tiles that you also grout (selling the house, it's a starter home). I had gone back and forth on whether I wanted to grout or not. Thinking it will help with the resale I went ahead and did it.

        My wife had been gone all day and came back and the first thing out of her mouth was, "I'm so glad we decided to do the grout! It looks wonderful!!"

        "We? Who the fuck are you talking about? You have a frog in your pocket?"

        "I'm sorry honey. I'm glad you did it."

        Right or wrong, in a woman's eyes your accomplishments are her accomplishments. The guy who built the Taj Mahal is lucky because the bitch was dead that he built it for. Otherwise it would have taken an additional 20 years to complete.

        Women add value to our lives. You need to keep the dread alive even in an LTR, and remind her that she is along with the ride with you, not the other way around. Once the rolls flip, feelings of entitlement start and you have what you got.

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        Well she was very supportive.

        However yeah you are right to her what I do is "US"...

        When I told her I was going to leave the flat I have been in for 4 years now she got emotional: "but this was OUR flat, where we first made out".... "actually no, to me it was the flat I had with my ex gf before you came along"...

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        I think your Balanced checkbook of the Relationship post should be crossposted on TRP. That always resonated with me.

        Women love to do that irregular conjugation thing. "My money/posessions/accomplishments are mine... yours are ours!"

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        Thanks, man. I appreciate it.

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        If she was demoted to plate than of course she is jealous. Imagine a girl breaks up with a guy, then he goes on to win the lottery a week later. If your financial situation improved after her demotion to plate, than she is going to be worried that another woman may take the place that she could have had.

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        I demoted AFTER she started getting moody...

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        At least for me, he makes it sound like he demoted her after she got jealous, which might or might not be the case, Idk.

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        If that's the case I'd guess she's mad that he spent money on the apartment+renovations and none on her.

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        Oh the nerve.

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        Yeah I better understand her reaction now.

        But then again, I don't feel like I neglected her either.

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        I agree this is important to know

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        Lmao, never tell anyone about my finances. My parents and my brother know my financial situation but we're an old school family unit type family. I'd give any of them money, no questions asked even if I didn't get it back.

        I try to remain frugal but my ex-LTR probably knew by the end of the relationship I was loaded. At the beginning she used to brag about how amazing she was with her finances and how she's debt-free and her friends are all in debt. She had like 3k in the bank saved up and I'd laugh it off because I thought it was funny how she thought she was good with money. She'd get angry about me laughing and said "of course you have more than me, you earn more than me, you're an engineer." I jokingly told her, "I used to have more saved up than you when I was making minimum wage working at a call center and selling whole sale iphone screens on the side." Then she'd say "Oh well, you don't travel like me, don't drink, don't go out to eat, etc. etc." and hamster all these excuses when the original point was that she was shitty at saving. She also leased a brand new Hyundai because she wanted something reliable instead of buying an old car (lol Hyundai for reliability). When I told her how dumb her decision was trying to save her money, she'd get angry that I think of her as a child when it comes to money. Bitch, I drive a used 350z that gets 10x more attention than you, is 10x more reliable, is 10x more fun to drive, and cost me 10x less than your shitty Hyundai.

        The average woman and probably man, has no idea how to manage their finances. It blows my mind that men leave their finances in the hands of a woman when they get married.

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        Sounds exactly like my LTR right now - the past year she's been out of Uni (whilst I still studied), on ~55k per annum and only saved about 6k in that whole year. I finished Uni last November, got a job straight away, and saved almost 4k up until now (50k per annum also). She always claims she is the best with money too.

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        In my case, she was living at home with her parents and she had 3k to show. Not only that, she had plenty of money from mommy and daddy to travel the world (she spent a year in an abroad program when younger, and backpacking Europe for 3 months). Had plans to do it again when she saved up enough. Basically brought her bank account back to zero every time she could for travelling.

        I plan to travel for near a year this summer, but even after dropping 20k-30k on a year trip, it'll barely put a dent in my finances and I'll likely be making money online and via investments anyway while I travel (albeit, less than I would with a job).

        It's too bad I didn't have abundance at all back then nor did I know of TRP, I now would never consider her LTR-worthy at all.

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        I laughed at the exact same thing. Hyundai is the absolute worst for reliability, hell a 20 year old toyota cressida works better. Some salesmen out there is just laughing his ass off

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        Material stability is only as useful when your advertisement of such assets is good. In other words, don't brag about it, don't share it, don't let it define you, and NEVER assume an LTR in any way has any claim on it. It sounds like you broke the #1 rule or TRP, which says your assets are yours to use, and NO girl or SO has any rights to it, PERIOD.

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        She feels replaceable but has no clue how to get you to commit further ... be very careful of the 180 she's about to pull on you .

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        I actually at one point invited her (yeah yeah I know) to stay with me.

        At which point she got very hesitant telling me I wasn't stable enough for that kind of commitment... (to be fair she may have a point, I do suffer from depression and anxiety)

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        That's a personal struggle not her business at all remember man as the twig is bent the tree inclines ... be careful with this one she seems to know enough about manipulation to be a definite threat to you .