Did I finally figure out what the red pill really is? (self.asktrp)

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So I was sitting on my couch today. I was listening to some sappy music, and the weather outside was grey. I was kind of depressed, because the girl I like had been kind of brushing me off lately for another guy. And then it hit me. What I've been doing wrong for the past three years, and what I was doing right before I hit 7th grade.
I wasn't actively working to improve myself. I had no goals.
I've started working out and all, but other than that I'm still lazy as I've ever been. But I realized, the "red pill" isn't about witty comebacks or beating shit tests. Those are part of it, no doubt. But what it's really is about self-improvement. Constantly pushing yourself to be a better you. By doing this you will constantly improve your sexual marketplace value, right? That means working out, setting goals, reading, eating right, stopping porn and excessive masturbation. I have come up with a goal, and from now on that is what I will focus on. My goal, and improving myself. Am I correct in saying that is the true "red pill"?

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Almost, except replace "by doing this you will constantly improve your sexual marketplace value" with "by doing this, you will live a happy fulfilled life, where you will stop seeing yourself as a victim, and realize the world is your oyster". I think that's more in line with what the actual TRP preaches. The women are a side effect of the success, but it should not be your primary motivation. If you see that as your end goal, you'll never achieve anything. You need to see results immediately for motivation, and you don't get immediate effects with women. In fact, if you're at the incel level, it's going to take a few years of changes before you were anything significant. Focus on things that YOU control, which typically is not women; but if you want to consider that topic, your goal is appraoching a random girl once a day, not x number of lays; do something that YOU control, not the environment.

Why do I clarify? Most guys do it for pussy. They spend 3-4 months improving, get some gains, clean up their look, improve their shit personality, etc. Then they read some TRP article from a guy who's been alpha as fuck forever, and try that method, fail, and go back to their old ways because it's 'hopeless'. If you're 20, and women see you as a loser, it may take several years to turn this around; you won't have the self control to wait for the down the road reward, so set up small rewards now : 5 lbs at the gym, improving grades by x, increase hours worked by x, etc. etc.

Most importantly, do it for you, beacuse that's the only person who truly cares about ya.

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Yes and no.

It's part of that, but so much more. Honestly, TRP is about accepting reality as it is, on it's own terms, and to stop lying to ourselves. Specifically, to know the truth about sexual strategy and then to make informed and empowered decisions with that information (what each person does is up to them).

Now, about your self-improvement question. Self-improvement as a sexual strategy is one of the core TRP principles. Often the advice you hear when dating is, "Just be yourself." TRP tells a man to "Be the best version of yourself." This includes both a physical aspect (lifting, grooming, etc), and a mental/emotional aspect (having a direction in life, having goals, passions, being content and centered, etc.). Yes, taking this approach to life will improve your success with women, but you can't do it for women.

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No, I would say not.

Self improvement is merely a rephrasing of an old household name of self help. And since bookstores were around every had a self help part with various advice how to improve yourself. Red pill community is not merely a change of labels. Google the term self help and you will find more or less same "10 ways to improve..." or "5 best responses to..." or "how to seduce xyz" bs that you tend to find laying around. This is a product of this community being littered with narcissists who have an addiction to telling others how to do stuff, it has little to no connection to reality, notice how much of it is unproven storytelling and interpretations of very disputable stuff.


One does not need to be "redpilled" to want to see personal growth, he or she merely needs to possess at least a bit of the trait known as ambition.

Red pill is directly a quote from a movie The Matrix and is a literal meaning of it. The point of taking the red pill is to learn the horrible truth. That truth is that nastiness is an expected and normal part of living. World is an ugly place and people left to their devices are horrible animals. What you are seeing on this subreddit is often just how people react to learning that. For most, the only lesson they think they need is how to be promiscuous.

They think promiscuity is the end goal, the final boss, the greatest achievement, the trophy, the proof of their success and their triumph. However that is pathetic, because it bases the value of self upon the value women give to you, and there is nothing more worthy of pity than a man seeking female validation.


Taking the red pill is not learning how entertain women more efficiently. That is called PUA, social dynamics etc... this wrong conclusion is the one that, in response to red pill, people who have been brainwashed by individualism, cynicism and hedonism arrive at.

Individualism (not even thinking about collective action and can society work as a whole if everyone is using the tactic you are trying), cynicism (disbelief and rejection of higher causes) and hedonism (raw, animalistic pleasures are the end goal of life) are the cancer of our society. The reason why anyone even needs to be "redpilled" is because of these 3 being so overbearingly dominant in our culture and that is because of how media and education have been filled by marxists, pedophiles and rapists like these new scandals show.


Being redpilled is about fighting the exploatation, just like in the movie. This is why you see so much people getting organized politically to fight cultural marxism.


You being able to numb yourself to the ugliness and degeneracy of the world by having as much pussy as possible is taking the blue pill. It is like saying there is nothing relevant outside of your subjective experience and how pleasurable it is and this is what the blue pill is supposed to do. Blue pill is supposed to guarantee you more pleasure while red pill guarantees disgust, hardship and conflict.

edit: and if you want to see truth about sexual marketplace look at this channal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFnJMPQow7A

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The Red Pill has different levels of meaning depending on how much reading comprehension you have. If you had an IQ of 85 spoke in simple declaratives and said: So Just be Alpha? I would have to say yea bro congratulations you got it because biologically your incapable of going much deeper than that.

Ok so in your specific case your asking questions like: what does it mean specifically to be a weirdo? Also if we look at your word choice and complexity of ideas your putting forward your probably a Normy.

So congratulations you figured it out bro!

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His question was asked in good faith. Why, then, would you think it's worth your time to put him down? A person of your distinction in this sub should be more aware of how his contributions affect people, and should not be satisfied with making childish insults.

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Some people have earned the right to be assholes tbh.