Expats and Europeans - which EU countries are the most "guy-friendly"? (self.asktrp)

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So, I've been living in the UK for the past 4 years now, and have just considered going back to school. I considered a few places (mostly in Scandinavia), until a Swedish friend told me to be wary of Sweden as it's extremely unfriendly for dudes. I tried posting a question on r/sweden to see if my buddy was exaggerating or not and was subsequently berated, accused of being a rapist and my post removed. Perhaps the title was a bit flamboyant but geez.. lots of extreme hate there.

This made it very clear to me that I'd have trouble in Sweden.

I thought about Netherlands (very libertine spirit) or Austria. Anyone have thoughts on this?

Apologies in advance if this is the wrong type of sub to be asking this question, and thanks.

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I recommend checking out Poland, no SJWs, very cheap, and family values still exist. Netherlands are probably good as well

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Very good podcast on that topic.


Almost 2 hours but it's worth it.

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And noone knows English 😐

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In the Netherlands? Everyone speaks English!

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I’m talking bout Poland

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/u/StannisBa mentioned both Poland and the Netherlands.

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Jesus,that thread you tagged was cancer. I'd suggest Greece,good food, great parties.

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I live in Sweden, what you saw is just a taste. The attitude and mannerism is so fucking annoying.

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It is literally going to take warfare in every suburb before the head is removed from the ass

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all perks of 1st world, except lower wages

shit man.. this was really high on my list - 3 years ago (when I was still single) I had an interview with AVG AntiVirus in Prague

they were offering me close to a British salary (since I was gonna relocate from London) ; in the end, it came down to they needed me to move in less than 1 month which I couldn't do... so gutted :(

now we are talking about moving to Budapest

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I wasnt considering migrating before reading this. Do you live in there?

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    leftism is considered perversion..

    if you are talking about western liberal bs then yeah, but as for economic leftism pretty much everyone is a commie there

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      i can coz im from slovakia ;)

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      • Nordic countries: hot girls, high safety (before migrants crisis at least), widespread liberalism/SJWs.

      • France, Germany: do not even bother (my opinion).

      • Italy, Spain, Greece: lower quality girls but still entitled, awesome food, high safety, more traditional society.

      • Eastern EU: best girls, low safety, poor countries, very patriarchal.

      • Baltic countries: hot girls, safer and richer than EE, still a traditional society.

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      Baltic countries mate? I'll assure you Poland/Czechia are much better choices and they are safe af. EU is pouring money into Poland because of Tusk. Baltic countries are still in the Soviet Union mentally, all the young people from there are in the UK.

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      I need to visit Poland I guess ;)

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      You know shit about baltics dude. Baltics mainly Estonia is lead country in the world in IT industry and practically scoring highest in education system. Its very safe and people have long forgot the soviet union well exept our grandparents maybe. Just get jacked so noone will try to fuck with u. You can get knife even in vatican.

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      Estonia is decent, but Latvia and Lithuania is a shit hole.

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      Thanks! Very helpful

      What are your thoughts on Austria/Netherlands?

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      Austria is a very nice place, wonderful mountain villages like in Switzerland and northern Italy. But I'm not sure it's a good place for partying and nightlife.

      Netherlands are similar to Nordic countries in my opinion.

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      Netherlands are similar to Nordic countries in my opinion.

      As in, being a guy makes you a 2nd class citizen or as in high standard of living?

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      I would say both... but to be honest I don't think you are a 2nd class citizen in Nordic countries as a man.

      Yes you have to stomach the widespread liberalism and feminism, but if you mind your business and focus on your objectives i don't think you will have problems. Disclaimer: I was in Sweden and Norway 3 years ago for the last time.

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      Thanks a lot for the advice dude! Maybe I'll reconsider Sweden, since they do have free University for EU nationals

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      Best approach is: go there for a long weekend and see if you like it ;)

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      You literally are in Sweden.

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      What makes you say Meditteranean girls are low quality?

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      From an aesthetic standpoint I think they are less beautiful on average than Scandinavian or Eastern European girls. Maybe it's just my preference.

      What's sure is that they are less "easy", especially for a foreigner.

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      Switzerland. Free, democratic, premium, stable, lots of free space, lots of expats. If you can afford it.

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      Not EU. The places with expats are strongly left wing, which is less dude friendly. The dude friendly types aren't expat friendly.

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      Swedish myself and I am planning to move just because there aren’t any “real men” left. Gender roles are kind of flipped, and being typical masculine is seen as toxic. Not very pro men here, blame a lot of things on men. You don’t really have conflicts here with each other, its very feminized. And we have this “be as the group” mentality, can’t really disagree, or at least not on the big things such as feminism, immigration, politics in general. It’s free speech here but it really isn’t.

      I think that Southern Europe would be most guy friendly.

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      Austria is honestly a very good place for finding Ltr/Wife Material. Not so much for hookups and partying. Slutty Girls have a very bad reputation here and are not that good looking most of the time.

      Also if you want to go for those really attraktive women, you will have to be atleast a 8/10 facewise. Your body is not that important as long as you are not fat.

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      Austria is definitely a good place to live and work (and study), but I wouldn't go there to look for a wife. Even though it's relatively small, it's still a western country. Bringing a wife from Ukraine to Austria could potentially work though.

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      This made it very clear to me that I'd have trouble in Sweden

      Counterpoint: you'll get that kind of reaction from most subreddits. Whiteknighting and misandry abounds.

      However... from what I've read, Sweden is extremely anti-male. The Scandinavian countries seem the worst for promoting everything pro-female as progress, with the usual discrimination against men that goes with it.

      Most countries seem to be either traditional (women demanding commitment) or "progressive" (low commitment required but high levels of false claims against men and discrimination against us).

      So is there any good country that men don't have to offer marriage, but can still get pussy ... ie not expected to be a provider first?

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      So is there any good country that men don't have to offer marriage, but can still get pussy ... ie not expected to be a provider first?

      I don't really care about all of that. I don't need to walk around being treated like a king. All I give a shit about is respect. And it seems like Swedes don't particularly hold you in high regards if you have a cock.

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      Any country where prostitution is legal.

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      /r/Sweden is a bunch of Stockholm northerners of course you were berated. It's extremely unfriendly in some parts if you are white. Man or woman. Better shot in Norway

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      Denmark (Copenhagen) or Holland (Amsterdam). Most people know english, the countries have good dating culture, and also first world living.

      Barcelona and Valencia are great cities (the only cities worth living in Spain), but the local girls would be a bit more standoffish (though they are less promiscuous). But, both cities get so much expats and tourists that you wont have trouble meeting people there. Knowledge of Spanish is a must. France is great also if you know french already. If you don't, you will struggle.

      If you are looking just for short term dating, or hook ups, i'd avoid most Balkan countries, but.... if you are looking for a more traditional type of girl, they are great. Most women there are still on the traditional side. (eg. if the average western girl sleeps with 15-18 guys by her late 20s, the average balkan girl might have had only 4-5). A 3x magnitude difference.

      I lived in Sweden, and I'd say avoid it. The folks are very unfriendly, and some of their traditions are just plain weird. You can't buy alcohol in most places, unless it is a state liquor store, or on Sundays. (because, ya know, nanny state).

      That's why locals go batshit crazy in booze cruises on finland or other countries, yet are all uptight when they live in their own.

      Danemark is the opposite. People are much more friendlier, yet you get the same (or better) standard of living than Sweden.

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      Not sure what your post in the Sweden sub consisted of, but I think I can answer your question.

      The men who get strung out by sjws are largely beta males who demanded sexual rewards above their socially perceived smv.

      Perhaps different places around the world will have different concentrations of sjw culture, but be reminded, social justice, much like feminism, is a shit test.

      It is an attempt to shame men who do not live up to the classic values of masculinity.

      Men who receive sjw shame are men who those people perceive as unworthy because they do not command the respect of others.

      You will face sjw culture in almost every place on the planet. The only real, end all-be all cure is to increase your smv and baseline masculinity.

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      Pretty much any central-eastern EU countries. I'd say anything east-south from Gemany

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      Cool dude - I'll be in Hungary for the next few months and definitely gonna make a trip to Dalmation coast in the summer.

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      Dont really GAF about religion but, I'm a Jew. With curly hair and a circumcized cock. Dunno if that makes a diff

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      Will suck for you in Sweden, 'cause the Muslims there hate Jews.

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      cuz Norway doesnt prosecute white rapists....

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        you posted it...

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          I would say the motherland but she requires a blood sacrifice of renouncing all other citizenships and fluency. A lot of the countries you'll actually want to go to if moving within Europe are old occupied soviet territories that now hate commies. YOU will have to assimilate to your new host.

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          the motherland

          lol which motherland is that? do you mean Africa?

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          I'm talking moving your ass to a little town northeast of Moscow by about 75 clicks. Get out of the metropolitan areas of Russia but just stay close enough for the innovation unless you wanna grow the beard out and live in the dachas with a hardy country gal. She may not be pretty but she'll make you some little monsters of sons and guard the door with a gun. I fucking love my country I can't wait to be done studying in America lol.

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          Dude I am Russian. Fuck Russia. All scientific advancements, quality of life improvements, money making abilities are done in the West. Russian girls have a shit mentality, many of them sleep around no less than American girls. Some let a rota through their pussy. Also haven't you seen the recent scandal where some bitch fucked a guy right on the dance floor in some shitty town and posted it on VK? The point is, Russian girls are the same as US girls, they just have an even more uptight attitude than American girls.

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          Русские не сдаются. У всех проблемы, Россия - мой дом. Я верен ей. Мы вам не нужны.

          [–]Chaddeus_Rex 1 point2 points  (1 child)

          Ну тогда какого хера ты в Америке?

          And it is impossible to deny the truth of what I say in regards to Russia. It falls further behind every year. The fall of the Soviet Union was the death knell for Russian science - it will never again recover.

          [–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

          I don't deny any of what you've said. I know we are swamped with alcoholism, abortion, and daddy's girls etc. but it is my love of the land and who I am. Call me a fool I stand for my own.

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          haha you are a mad man.. I wouldn't survive Russia

          anyway my girlfriend is Hungarian

          Hungarian girls are great - loyal, beautiful, cook great, fatty foods, and they love their man like no Western European woman can

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          Uh, I wouldn't agree. Maybe one out of ten is smoking hot, but others are perfectly average.

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          The age of exuberance will end and new boarders will be drawn. Everyone man should know what they would die for. I'm glad she doesn't keep you Hungry. The women were a double whammy of culture shock. Every girl in my school growing up could take apart and rebuild a rifle most girls in America haven't been asked to break a nail.

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          Russia Id assume

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          but she requires a blood sacrifice of renouncing all other citizenships and fluency.

          i'm russian with more than one citizenship and no, it doesn't. what the fuck are you talking about?