So what does a woman have to do to not be a fuck and dump? (self.asktrp)

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I have been reading a lot of redpill recently and its left me feeling kind of powerless. Im 22 and want to find a guy for marriage or ltr that is attractive and fun. Don't care about money or "status". I guess a lot of women do? But I don't. The thing is, it seems like most rplers don't want a soul mate. They just want pussy. Which is FINE. I totally understand. You want to be 40 yo and fucking 25 yos. But how do I make sure I won't just get dumped when im 37, when 90% of my attractiveness is based on my appearance. What are women suppose to do to "keep" men outside of being manipulative, which I am not.


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Learn about what men are attracted to:

  • Women who are feminine. We don't want a woman who can cuss like a sailor, fart like a water buffalo and drink us under the table. Feminism™ is telling women that men want Strong, Independent Womyn™, and that couldn't be further from the truth.

  • Women who are pleasant. We don't want a strong, "opinionated" woman who likes to argue and have the last word. We don't want the girl that goes from zero to crazy in two seconds. We prefer women who are a pleasure to be around.

  • Women who are pretty and fit. Sorry, fat acceptance movement - guys aren't buying it. We like women who maximize what they work with - you might not have supermodel looks, but dress cute and look good for us - put effort into yourself and don't let yourself go if you want us to keep you around.

  • Women who are faithful. I know this is asking a lot, because when the going gets tough, the tough get dumped. If you want your guy to trust you, don't have a partner count that numbers more than your age. Stick with him when shit hits the fan, because chances are he'd do it for you.

That's pretty much it - work on yourself as a person, make yourself as attractive as possible and maintain that attraction for as long as you can. Let him know you're committed and won't run at the first sign of trouble.

Men don't care about your job, your salary, or your education. If you work at a car wash, barely squeaked by with a high school diploma and are pretty, pleasant, faithful and feminine, you're going to be able to land a guy.

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Spot on!

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I'll add one thing to your great list and that is accountability. Men want a woman that can acknowledge her own faults and wrong doings. A woman who can control her hamster is a woman that men want to be around.

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don't have a partner count that numbers more than your age.

Great response. I would say though, that this number should be half of this at least, depending on their age of course.

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You control the "fuck" (sex) and he controls the "dump" (commitment).

Just be clear with what you want out of the relationship and don't give up the "fuck" until you find someone willing to commit.

Every guy who says "next" was going to be a guy who was going "fuck and dump" you anyway so nothing lost.

Also, if you fuck a lot of guys (which is your choice - but there are consequences), fewer guys will want to commit. Old fashioned advice and not PC but true all the same.

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I thought the whole point of rp is to not commit while still having sex.

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I thought the whole point of rp is to not commit while still having sex.

No, the point of the red pill is to see human relations as they really are and not the fairy tale it's made out to be.

What each person does with that information is up to themselves.

Some are disgusted by the whole situation and become MGTOW, some use that info to become seducers, some use that info to enhance the attraction between them and their spouse.

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No, the whole point of trip is to understand social dynamics with special enfasis in understanding men-women relationships.

Once you have a better understanding its up to you what you do with that knowledge. You'll find posts about how to smash as much pussy as you can and you'll find posts about how to maintain a LTR. Different people have different objectives, you just have to apply what you learn here in the way adequate for your particular objective.

If I were you I'd check /r/redpillwomen . At the end women know better about their own experience.

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LTR is a flair on the main sub, you know. TRP's seeming consensus of "don't commit" just means to not commit to unfaithful whores who don't deserve it (most of 'em. muh strong independent feminizm wymmyn who just intimidate errybody with their "experienced" history are now a majority) because the legal system will ruin your fucking life for it.

The only women complaining about being judged on sexual history are whores and ergo irrelevant anyways.

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that's the point of pick up artist theory and whatnot

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For men. For women, it's the other way around.

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And here the troll emerges

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So what does a woman have to do to not be a fuck and dump?

  1. Be really hot. Significantly hotter than the average girl the guy in question can easily get sex from.

  2. Don't have any terrifying red flags. Don't be obviously crazy.

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If you can show you're not like these other girls you will do well.

Most women who are going to get dumped at 37 don't respect men at all, are proud of their disrespect and don't want a soul mate and the man knows it.

If you're not like that then all you need to avoid is a man spinning plates aka has many fuck-friends and you're one of them.

I'm more than able to appreciate a good woman who has more to offer than a wet vagina. Problem is: in my life I do not meet these girls so I wonder if they even exist. I find either a woman who wants me to fuck her or who wants to exploit me by pretending she wants to fuck. I find nothing else. I'm looking.

We're not looking, here, at men who simply want to rule pussy and throw women aside for fun. We're looking at men who either are sex-addicts (happens) and can manage to get girls enough to feed that habit, or who have been exploited by women and want to turn the tables (which is most men on Earth) because it will never get any better for them.

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What happens if your guy isn't "attractive and fun" in 10 years?

A guy has to be his best to have sex with you. Once he's had sex that contract is fulfilled. After that you've got to step up your game and keep him committed. You need to be more than just your pussy. If you're not interesting beyond sex don't expect guys to stick around. Develop your personality, interests, skills, and emotional maturity.

It goes back to women being the gatekeepers of sex and men the gatekeepers of commitment.

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The best gift a woman can give a man is her youth.

So in terms of the best female commitment strategy for one man "happily ever after" is to find a guy who is single and 30ish while she's 20ish. Forget the partying and fucking as many men as possible for the experience, you can have a lot of experience with one guy and "settle down" early. And then hopefully he'll keep you 20 years later.

It's a gamble but it's a gamble for us too. There is no guarantee that you'll stay attractive in your 40's.

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it seems like most rplers don't want a soul mate

We've accepted the reality that such BP fantasies dont exist, because AWALT.

want to find a guy for marriage or ltr that is attractive and fun.

You should read the thread Girls just want to have fun. Life isnt always fun. Commitment isnt about fun. "Attractive and fun" are very shallow metrics.

how do I make sure I won't just get dumped when im 37

How can he be sure that you wont decide to divorce-rape your husband because you got bored of him?

So what does a woman have to do to not be a fuck and dump?

You control the pump, he controls the dump. Dont want to be a pump and dump? Dont get pumped.

Go lurk in /r/redpillwomen for a while.

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Go lurk in /r/redpillwomen for a while.

I disagree with this advice. I've learned way more about being a good wife from /r/theredpill than I could ever hope to learn from /r/redpillwomen.

If you actually read TRP it's pretty clear what the men here want, and what they don't. Don't over complicate it. This shit is actually pretty simple.

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Shallow metrics? Everyone in this thread is telling me I need to find someone with money who can "support me". How is that not shallow? Whats shallow about wanting to have a partner that entertains me? The divorce rape part, cause im not scum. Laws will probably be different in 20 years anyway.

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It's not shallow, it's common sense. Somebody with money is probably a good provider who will be able to support you and your future children through thick and thin. It's not shallow to expect the person you are committing to for the rest of your life to pull his own weight. Traditional marriage is a contract and both parties have obligations to live up to under that contract.

Think about what would happen if you married a guy who was a broke ass loser and had his kids. You'd be always scratching for money, your kids wouldn't get the safest car, wouldn't eat the healthiest food, wouldn't get the best medical care, wouldn't get the best education, you'd have to work full time as well, maybe multiple jobs, your kids would be ignored and neglected...

I pull in 6 figs so my wife can stay at home, be a homemaker, and a homeschooler. Sure I'd rather take a slackass job that pays half as much, that would be plenty for me to live on and be happy, but that wouldn't be the best thing for my kids.

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Ok but I don't want to be a homemaker. Maybe partime homemaker. But fulltime leaves me too vulnerable. Skilless. Worthless in the job market. Completely dependent on my husband/partner.

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I don't want my wife to be a full time homemaker forever, eventually she's going to have to go back to work so we can save for retirement and so she can socialize with other adults and not be so stir-crazy. But in the short term it's totally the best thing for the kids.

Of course if you aren't planning to have kids then who cares.

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Very roughly speaking, there are alpha men who are like 10% of the population and non-alpha men who are like 90% of the population. Alpha men tend to prefer fucking and dumping, because they have a ton of options and because fucking and dumping tends to turn men into alphas. Non-alpha men tend to either want commitment or they'll settle for commitment because they can't get laid a lot.

So, it's really easy for a woman to find a man who wants commitment. Take one of those 90% of non-alpha men and odds are that he's willing to commit to you. The problem here is that those 90% of men are invisible to the average woman. Most women only see the 10% of men who do not want to settle.

It's hilarious, really. Most men want commitment, but they don't count. The tiny minority of men who do count often don't want commitment. The result is that women think that men are commitment-phobic and just want sex, while many of the 90% of non-alpha men just wants a woman, any woman, to commit to. I don't think many women understand that a lot of men just have no standards at all and will marry anyone.

So finding a man who wants to commit to you is really easy. The trick is finding an attractive man who wants to commit. The higher your standards, the harder it will be to find a partner. Then again, the more feminine and fit and non-nagging you are, the easier it will be to find a partner. So if you're struggling to find someone, either become a more desirable wife or lower your standards. Also, don't wait too long because the older you become, the harder it will be to find a partner.

It might also help to be more specific about what you want. You say that:

Im 22 and want to find a guy for marriage or ltr that is attractive and fun.

Every woman on the planet wants an attractive and fun man. This is like a man saying "I want a hot girl." Yeah, no shit. If you can be more specific and honest, then it may be easier to find someone you like.

Don't care about money or "status".

This is slightly more specific, but in my experience, almost all women who say this actually do care about money and status. Do you mean this in the sense of "it's fine if he makes good money, he doesn't need to make great money" or in the literal sense of "it's no problem if he's been jobless for years, I can support him"?

You must have standards and things you're looking for. After all, if you had no standards, then you'd probably be in a relationship already. So what are your standards? It's not bad to have them, but it is good to be aware of them.

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I would say that because the job a man has often indicates how confident he is and personable, I care about the job in some ways. Jobless? No. Boring, middling job? Thats fine. Minimum wage? No but just because it wouldn't work well considering my career goals. He would probably feel emasculated and bitter in the end.

Besides that I just like guys with alpha personalities but they don't have to be gorgeous or whatever, just confident. My standards aren't super high, I have plenty of flaws. But taller than me, not weak jawed, not hipster bearded douche, actually works out so hes not a weakling. Off the top of my head. The thing is, im smart, like actually book smart and just intelligent. So I couldn't date someone who I felt I was talking down to (even if guys dont care). I didn't make this thread because I was desperate. I was just curious.

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Besides that I just like guys with alpha personalities but they don't have to be gorgeous or whatever, just confident. My standards aren't super high, I have plenty of flaws. But taller than me, not weak jawed, not hipster bearded douche, actually works out so hes not a weakling. Off the top of my head. The thing is, im smart, like actually book smart and just intelligent. So I couldn't date someone who I felt I was talking down to (even if guys dont care). I didn't make this thread because I was desperate.

You're saying your standards are not super high, but look at the list you've already got there. He has to be more confident than you, taller than you, more in shape than you, make more money than you and be smarter than you. You also claim to be "book smart and just intelligent" which suggests that you're not educated (not masters/phd or maybe not even a BA), but probably expect someone more educated than you, because you're SO intelligent.

NAWALT. You're hypergamous. You're not here because you're desperate, but because of what the posters above have already noted. You're here because you're afraid of being left once you're old if you commit while young. That's because you want the superior alpha, and instinctively you know the alpha has options and you're worried your own value won't hold up. Not committing while you're young leaves you free to ride the cock carousel.

You're going to say that I'm overgeneralizing, that isn't you, etc. We've seen it all here before. You should understand that what we think of you here doesn't fucking matter... this is not your social circle. Anything related to TRP is taboo everywhere else, unless you use it to say how awful we are, and how you were victimized by us etc (troll job).

This is real advice here if you're actually looking for it. Men are much more romantic than women. Instinctively most men want to care for and provide for a woman/family. That's because most men are betas... The observation on TRP is that only 20% of men are "alphas" but that may be purely because of the relative way that women rank men. If a man was confident and handsome and wealthy, but 25% of men were even higher than that, that man would be considered beta (hypergamy). If you really are afraid of being dumped post-wall, it's easy.

Pick a higher beta. This man will not drive you wild with his looks, height, charm, success, status and incredible sexual prowess. He will not make you wet your panties like fictional Christian Grey does. What you'll have to do is find a guy who is financially stable (because that DOES matter) and has as many of those attributes as possible, but not expect or even try to get ALL of them. Screen out "exciting" but risky things like extreme thrill seeking and drug abuse. If he is a super alpha, why would he need to stick with you? I'm betting you're not a 9+ in looks, and an alpha can pick purely for looks (look at Leo Dicaprio). So pick a higher beta.

Read Michael's Story on the sidebar of TRP. I once saw an interview with a really old married couple, together over 40 years or somesuch. When asked, the man said that he knew intellectually that she was old and wrinkled, but when he looked at her, he still saw the beautiful 20 year old he fell in love with. Men will delude themselves too, if they love a woman. There was another post in TRP a while back about a guy that was taking his relationship TRP and it was going well, until he pushed too far at one point and she completely shut him down for sex. It flipped a switch in him that had him start to look at her objectively, and instead of seeing the fit for 40 and great mother of his kids, he started seeing the wrinkled, starting to sag older woman that couldn't hold a candle to the younger woman actively flirting with him. She won him back by fucking his brains out and offering up sex she'd never given up before.

That's the other thing: men gauge how loved they are by how much sexual access they get.

I've got work, so cutting this short: It isn't hard to get a man to commit and stay committed, just hard to overcome your own hypergamy (and related excessively high standards and overinflated sense of entitlement), and volatile emotional nature (you will worry more and want to nag). Keep his balls empty and his stomach full. A supportive wife can make a lesser man stronger. Your man's status is your status, only build him up in public never tear him down. Submission is something give by the woman, not taken by the man, but if not accepted by the man, it will annoy the shit out of the woman and drive her away. If he's got good qualities but not confident enough to accept proper submission, either work him up to it, or find a man who does.

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Women change when they hit 25. Radically.

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Some do, some don't. If they change to much then change them out

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Almost like me gf. She can't cook though she tries. But she is drama less compared to most bitches i run into.

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Well most people aren't virgins at 22. I would think only ultra religious types or super shy/socially stunted types are like that. The make up comment seems to reinforce what I just said. Goodluck though.

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Nah, there are definitely other reasons for being a virgin at that age. My girlfriend is a virgin (unfortunately) not because she doesn't want to have sex, but because she's too tight to fit my dick. She has a low pain tolerance and can't handle it.

Any advice on helping THAT along would be appreciated though.

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butt plugs. start small and work your way up.

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couldnt i just use my fingers the same way?

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gonna keep em in there all day?

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First off, the obligatory ---> /r/redpillwomen is that way.

Im 22 ... how do I make sure I won't just get dumped when im 37

You need a reality check if you think you can make sure of anything 15 years in the future.

want to find a guy for marriage or ltr that is attractive and fun.

Needless to say how attractive you are is what determines how high quality of a guy you can get to even look at you.

Once the prerequisites have been met and you're dating, it's up to you to make sure that he's open to an LTR & not looking to just fuck around: because if he is, there's absolutely nothing you can do sweetheart. Beyond that, keeping a guy isn't all that difficult unless you're dating someone way more attractive than you - form a symbiotic relationship where both of you do things that take a little and mean a lot. That way, the LTR is a net benefit to everyone involved.

The aforementioned is precisely why dual income households are so detrimental to successful LTRs. If both of you have identical skills (ie., careers - the skill of income) then cash means little and chores mean a lot because both of you are so short on time: you can pool money for housekeepers, but the personal effect is lost; people don't work like that - to bond, you need to have ways where both of you can take care of each other while benefiting overall.

That's the recipe for a successful LTR: 1 part spare money, 1 part spare time, 2 parts compatibility. Think of yourself as a turbocharger. The guy you're dating is an engine. You take some of his output (time, money, etc) so that you can increase his overall output. If the engine doesn't output enough to begin with, you could be the most efficient turbocharger in the world and ya'll would still stall. Likewise, nobody wants a turbocharger that causes a loss of HP.

A man will gladly continue to provide physical, material and psychological security for you as long as you manage to make it in his best interest by helping him move towards his goals more than you inevitably detract from his goals.

As for making sure you don't get dumped by 37... unless you're dealing with a complete psycho or sociopath, if you keep earning your keep and make it that far it's unlikely that you'll get dropped for a hotter piece of ass if you're not a piece of shit. Life has no guarantees, especially not that far out, but being a decent human being will go a long way.

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It's extremely simple, actually.

1) Be fit/eat healthy on your own

2) Be feminine, understanding and forgiving

3) Good relationship with TRADITIONAL-minded (aka pre-femtard marriage) parents (especially masculine father)

4) Don't be a foul slut


Don't care about money or "status". I guess a lot of women do? But I don't.

Please don't try too hard. I know you're trying to be politically correct and totally unique snowflake, but you're not above NAWALT. You're not above bio-mechanics.

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It's not rocket science.

Don't ride the carousel, find a good compatible (older) man looking to start a family, treat him well and help him achieve his mission, and have kids as soon as possible. These are the ingredients for a strong pair bond (otherwise known as love).

Make the family your priority and your career. Consider home-schooling the kids, which will keep you plenty busy. And once the kids have flown the nest, there will be ample time to take up hobbies or another career, or to just enjoy mellow middle age together while traveling the world or whatever you want to do.

Oh, and read Harry Browne's classic "How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World", it's just as applicable to women as men.

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Find yourself an older guy.

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What do you mean by older...

[–]friedbats 7 points8 points  (0 children)

Whatever age range your comfortable with. If these young guys aren't looking for what you want, look a few years older.

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There are guys out there that are looking for a good woman. Just because we recognize the vast majority of relationships with women for what they are, doesn't mean we wouldn't give the right woman a chance. Take care of your body, act intelligent and rational, and learn how to cook. Someone is going to notice you eventually. It also really helps if you haven't fucked every guy you've ever met. No one wants a used piece of meat. Just gotta keep putting yourself out there though. Understand what the other person wants from you and don't be afraid to walk away.

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Are you a virgin?

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All women are more or less crazy. Claiming that you are not doesn't resonate with my personal experience. That's your rationalization hamster doing the thinking for you.

If I am going to be brutally honest then I'll say that the no. 1 factor is the crazy/hot scale. The hotter you are the more crazy shit you can get away with. HOWEVER the red pill raises the bar even higher cause most of us have boundaries that no amount of hotness can get away with.

How to increase your "hot scale":

Take care of your body and diet. Being fat is No. 1 reason even blue pillers pump and dump women. Many men want a hole to put their dicks in no matter the looks. However if he is ashamed of you being with him he is going to dump you the first chance he gets. Fat women are No. 1 at being pumped and dumped.

Age is another factor. If you are going to hit the wall in a couple of years then there is no reason for me to be with you. Yes this is harsh but that's the truth.

How to decrease your "crazy scale":

Focus on developing yourself and not just going through everyday emotions. Knowing how to cook is always a plus. Read books on self development and learn how to manage your emotions. We love a woman who brings us up with her behavior. Realizing that your man is also important and not just yourself and your emotions is a rare trait among women. Shit testing, nagging and complaining is the shortest route to the exit.

Also keep your partner count very low. Women who have been with many guys triggers a "pump and dump" response to many of us.

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I guess it depends on what you mean when you say "crazy" .

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A "crazy" woman is different than a "crazy" person that is locked in the psychiatric clinic.

A "crazy" woman to me is like a toddler that you can't reason with. She is mostly focused on herself and what she gets out of the relationship while disregarding the needs of her partner. She thinks that's it's ok to be insecure because "she is a woman" and is abusive and emotionally draining to the man. And like a toddler she lacks empathy and you can't reason with her no matter how much you try.

[–]skintone546[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Well im not like that

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Read my hierarchy of women post to gain an idea how men differentiate between GF material and slut material.

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A RP guy will value a woman for what she has to offer. If all she brings to the table are her looks and willingness to have sex, that’s her value to him. RP guys have plenty of opportunities for sex, so a woman like this will likely be pumped and dumped.

If she bring more value to the relationship, she’s more likely to be a keeper. Men are simple. We really just want support, respect and loyalty from our women. Prove that you can provide those things and stay in shape and you’ll likely stick around.

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Lucky for you, a redpill mindset is quite rare.

Its much easier for you to find a "soul mate" than for a redpiller to find one.

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Work as hard as you can to stay as good-looking as you can.

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You can only look so good at 40

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In most cases, though, you don't have to just fall apart.

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All these long as posts and only a few with decent advice. Let's keep it real simple. My friend who just got married said it like this: "Feed me, fuck me, and shut the fuck up!"

The point is simple: Be fun and low maintenance. Someone we can have fun with but also someone that he knows he can trust and be there for him when he needs a friend.

Do that, and you can look like the bottom of my shoe at 37 and it won't matter.

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When you're 37, you get to experience what it is like to be an average dude: completely invisible to the other gender. Have fun, the clock is ticking.

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You sound bitter.

[–]ModAerobus 4 points5 points  (1 child)

He does, but he's actually correct.

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He is, but OP is clearly aware of the wall. GenerallyEpic's post reads more like "I'm mad at women, fuck you for being a woman" than "are you aware of the wall?"

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Wayyyyyyy bitter

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Find a nice bp husband.

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I read all of your post. The reason I don't care about the money is that I already have a career track in place. I think you are generally right about female and male demeanors but not every woman is a social butterfly extrovert just like not every man is brooding and emotionally repressed. I think its too much of a generalization to be useful.

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This isn't as difficult as you're making it out to be, which does tend to raise suspicion as to whether you're just trolling. So, let's keep things simple.

  • If you easily gave out sex to every "boyfriend," but you want to wait with me because you "like" me, you are the epitome of the girls RPers don't want beyond a plate. They know you'll fuck them while keeping the guy you "like" waiting.

  • If you were sexually adventurous with every guy in the past, but "that was the past and what we have is love," you are, again, a plate. You're leading your beta to believe you're a good girl (or reformed) all while thinking about or actually fucking an alpha like farm animal.

The examples I provided are only a couple. They only scratch the surface, yet you'll read these things on reddit and other sex/relationship boards.

As someone who only sees himself as somewhat red pill, I get it. I don't want the angry you. I don't want the fat you. I don't want the "calmed down sexually" you. I don't want the you who makes me wait while the 100 guys before me had access before the night was over. All that tells me is, you're not into me, but what I can offer you (as a provider). If you were into me (tingles), the list I just rattled off wouldn't exist. You'd be the submissive, not the dominant nag.

Being self-aware is a beautiful thing.