I'm gonna tell my wife I'm gay (self.asktrp)

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I've been married 3 years, 35 years old, medically retired from the Army. Wife does nothing all day, watches TV, and gets pissed off if I do anything but spend my time paying attention to her. She's fat, gets pissed when I don't want to have sex, and basically forces me to use Viagra when I tell her I have ED, when it's really I don't feel any attraction whatsoever.

I've been reading TheRedPill for about 6 months, but it just makes her complain louder. Shes starting fights all the time now.

I asked her today a hypothetical. What would she do if I was gay? She snorted and said I'd better pay her way more than child support every month when we divorce.

I feel like I have no connection at all with her, and I just want to avoid divorce rape, but honestly I don't even care at this point if she did take everything. I kind of want a clean slate.

So what do you guys think? Tell her I'm gay?

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This is the moment you unplug. You know you want out so start the process. Gym. Lawyer. Focus on yourself. Start the gym shit now. Grab your kid and build a case why she's not a fit guardian for custody. Divorce and go. Your best bet is to do all the leg work and lawyer shit on the dl now and hit her with the summons when it's all set up (assets sold debt paid apartment found)

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    kick her out will be tough, especially in the US. stay cool and calculated. work on your squats and build your case until you can squat at least 300 then drop the summons.

    surprise motherfucker

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    And don't skip leg day.

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    Grab your kid and build a case why she's not a fit guardian for custody.

    I'd take this a step further and consider constructing scenarios where you can gather evidence proving she is unfit for custody. Basically get her to do irresponsible things (use your imagination) and then document it (message screenshots, video, photo, etc.) and use this later on during custody hearings.

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    Thanks. This is what I plan to do now. I've been so depressed that I come up with stupid plans when the simple answer is the corectangular one. She knows I go to the casino so will just "increase visits" and "lose", stashing money for an apartment when I cut loose.

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    She snorted and said I'd better pay her way more than child support every month when we divorce.

    That's your cue to jet dude. Start talking to an attorney in secret about divorcing her. It sounds like your wife is so lazy she wont be able to divorce rape you if you start prepping now. Then when you're ready just drop those papers on her and cut her off immediately.

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    Came here to say this. It sounds like you need to beat her to the punch.

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    I don't even care at this point if she did take everything. I kind of want a clean slate.

    Man up and divorce her already then. Contact a lawyer.

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    Being a man is doing it the most painful way possible? It's not like she cares

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    So why are you making excuses. Yes, being a man is sometimes doing things that are painful and a divorce is going to be painful either way. Remember it is your fault things ended up this way.

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    Am divorced. Can confirm that it's incredibly painful.

    Still the best decision of my entire life.

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    Check your state's laws about alimony. In many states, ending marriage ASAP is the financially correct decision.

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    bro, with all respect I say this to you'

    "fools rush in where angels fear to tread" (I'm not calling you a 'fool', It's just (IMO) a neat saying with a lot of solid evidence behind it) and when we're in an emotionally compromised position, even the 'smartest' of us can behave 'foolishly' ... I know I sure have! as "feelings aren't facts" but they can sure seem it at times

    Have you ever hear of P.T Barnum's infamous saying "there's a sucker born every minute", (and, like him, there are plenty of cunts ready to take advantage of them)

    /u/trpdownunder nailed it. Don't self sabotage yourself becoz you're angry at yourself for getting with this 'thing' (I can't even bring myself to call this 'thing' a woman) in the first place

    I wish you well and I really think you should NOT rush this 'move'

    I kind of want a clean slate.

    I hear you BUT do not "throw the baby out with the bathwater"

    Being a man is doing it the most painful way possible?

    NO, No and no! Being a man is learning how not to make this mistake again whilst 'getting out' with minimal damage to yourself or your relationship with your daughter

    take care bro, I wish you all the best working this out ... take your time and do like the poker guy,

    IMO the fact you're up for a "clean slate" suggests to me you can win this battle successfully

    stay cool, be smart

    edit: clarification of a late night post (as most of mine are) which upon rereading, Is possibly ambiguous/unclear

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    Talk to every divorce lawyer in town if possible, as it will limit her options.

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    Bullshit. Not true at all.

    edit: well see my other further down post (Not true at all comment was based on Tauber v. Tauber).

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    It's true if he pays them some small retainer. They have to actually do some "work" on the case.

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    Yes, it will.

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    Well it all DEPENDS. The first part is where it occurs. If your LA or NY your going to have some issues as there are so many lawyers practising. Obviously if there is big money involved then you go and see the best, but the average person cannot usually afford the best.

    The second is on the conflict itself. See the case Prince Jefri Bolkiah v KPMG [1999] 2 WLR 215 where the judge said "It is incumbent on a plaintiff who seeks to restrain his former solicitor from acting in a matter for another client to establish (1) that the solicitor is in possession of information which is confidential to him and to the disclosure of which he has not consented and (2) that the information is or maybe relevant to the new matter in which the interests of the other client is or may be adverse to his own". So basically the test is NOT whether you paid but whether your information is confidential enough. But the issue is that it is up to you to prove it (which means a court hearing and you have to answer questions under oath, like - "how many lawyers have you seen and discussed the case with?") and if the court finds out that you have gone to many solicitors they will know what your doing and the judge will probably allow the previous solicitor to act (they will just say the information was not confidential).

    This happened in Tauber v. Tauber where the judge allowed the solicitor to act and also said: "There is a concern that there is an element of strategy and tactics underlying this motion" (i.e. this was a slap down to the wife - who had done the Sopranos tactic). Now some may say it was because it was only a phone call (read the case for all the details) BUT the Solicitor had acted for her in a previous divorce, so he would of known some private info, and the courts still didn't care. Additionally the court latter reduced her payments (my guess partly because of her behaviour).

    Also the judge can rule ‘exceptional circumstances’ (i.e. the woman cannot get proper legal representation because of the extra-ordinary tactics of the husband) and so the woman can retain the solicitor/lawyer.

    So its more untrue than true.

    Where it would be more useful is if your area had only two or three really good divorce lawyers (so small town , etc), then it would work quite well. Also getting them to do paid work is a good idea (so jsalathe is partly correct), however that is not the actual test, so a judge can ignore that (but they might not).

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    Those are exceptions.

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    Prince Jefri Bolkiah v KPMG is the leading case for conflicts of interest.

    Tauber v. Tauber seems to be the leading case for conflict of interests in divorce proceedings.

    How are these are exceptions?

    The main problem you have is your the one who has to file a motion of conflict of interest. And that means you have to go under oath and if you've done the Sopranos tactic your screwed.

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    Why would you tell anyone that you were trying to cut your wife off?

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    Now if you have gone to many lawyers (more than 3+) and your wife knows that you'v done this (its not hard for your wife to figure this as every lawyer she goes to says conflict of interest). So she tells the lawyer and he sends out letters asking other lawyers whether you have meet with them. Of course they say yes (meeting someone is NOT privilege). So they know what you have done.

    So to stop your wife from using this particular lawyer,You (i.e your lawyer) makes an application and you have a preliminary hearing. The other side gets you in the box - what are you going to do? Lie? Thats a bad idea because:

    • You are under oath
    • They have the evidence that you've probably tried to manipulate the court system and that you have Lied under oath
    • And for the kicker a lot of the time you will have the same judge in the preliminary hearing as your final hearing

    What do you think judges do to people who try and manipulate the court system and lie under oath? Reward them with Bakery treats? Or screw them hard in the ass? And remember the Judge decides:

    • how much time you spend with your kids
    • how much you have to give to your wife (depending on jurisdiction) upfront
    • how much you have to give to your wife (depending on jurisdiction) in monthly payments

    As I said - it might work in a small town or to stop 1 or 2 particular lawyers (of course you actually have to know who are the good lawyers) - but its not hard to find out that you've done this, and I would suggest the damage to you in court of law is going to be much higher than the advantages.

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    You need to listen to the audio book version of 'No More Mr. Nice Guy' and follow its instructions to a T, also go to the gym. That's all you need to do for now.

    edit: Also, don't emasculate yourself any further by saying you're gay. She'll spread that around and try to ruin your image. If you are gay, then there is nothing wrong with that and you should be honest, but know that it will have repercussions. I wouldn't jump into divorce. You have a dysfunctional home base, but it is a good place to start building yourself up.

    If she sees you making positive progress she may try to tear you back down, so watch that.

    Seriously, please listen to this:

    It's only 6.5 hrs long and is the first step in regaining control of your life.

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    This. She will bring that into the courtroom I guarantee it. My friends ex wife used everything she could against him to get custody. Including his atheism. Don't fucking tell her shit.

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    Dark Triad solution:

    1. Find and pay a male escort to romance, fuck your wife, and disappear.
    2. Hire a private detective to follow them and take pictures.
    3. With the evidence get yourself a divorce.

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    Why go through that effort? In all but a small handful of states it will have no bearing on his outcome. A cheating whore still gets alimony, custody, and child support unless you play your cards right.

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    Mad scientist shit right here. I like this.

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    Oh snap. That's a fantastic idea!

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    Are you really gay, or is this your solution for getting out of the relationship that you don't want to be in?

    I can't really tell...

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      I think it's dumb.

      He should man up and tell her how he really feels instead of playing a card like this.

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        Mind telling us why you think this bitch deserves a reason for getting left? Let the guy do his thing, if you don't have advice, get the fuck out of here with your AMOGing

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          He's leaving her and still doesn't have the balls to tell her why.

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            You're funny. Focus on improving, you'll eventually get there.

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            He says he's not attracted to her anymore, they fight all the time and they have a 5 year old kid.. and his solution of getting out of this toxic relationship is to suggest that he prefers men over women now. Again, I don't know if he actually found out that he's gay and does like men.. if that's the case, then by all means, let her know.

            But he's looking for a solution out of the relationship by lying to her and the kid. In my opinion, and others may disagree which is fine, he should confront her with his true feelings... ask for a divorce because he feels that she's no longer the same woman that he had met when he decided to marry her. And that he expects better, he deserves better as does their child.

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            I get that part, I just don't think it's an excellent idea, as that itself solves nothing. If the goal is to get out of the relationship then it would be better to plan a bit more. There are several good examples of what he should do to get out of it. Adding something about being gay would just be something to justify it all.

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            Lawyer up. Don't tell her until the lawyer advises you to do so.

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            That's the most BP bullshit excuse I've ever read on this sub

            Man the fuck up, thousands of people divorce every day, tell she's the ugly fat piece of shit she is and be done with it.

            What the hell was your thought process, now she'll go on telling everyone she knows and whatnot you're gay, next you know the whole town thinks you're gay. Good luck finding another woman

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            give us more info, how old are you, kids? what is the worst case scenario in case of divorce rape?

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            kid is 5 years old. Starting kindergarten soon.

            Worst case is she keeps the house and I have to pay for it while also providing 25% of my income, including disability, to her every month, and I lose all possessions but keep all the debt

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            in my opinion, if she's outright threatened you with divorce rape, she has no respect for you. Dread game that bitch. Increase your SMV and throw in some more dread game for good measure. If you think it can be salvaged and the only block in your relationship is her hippo figure, then get her a gym membership and ask her to come work out. Reward good behaviour with sex and nice experience and punish laziness with less attention and dread. I'd point you to that thread a while back on how some dude pulled this exact same thing with his wife and managed a 180 after 3 years or so of dead bedroom. That being said, the whole time, make sure that you're building a viable exit strategy. I'd look into the below post for a good way to go about it.

            "The thing is, divorce is a dangerous game. I made a living back in the past as a poker player. I learned that one should never bet more than they can afford to lose. I had a lot to lose. I made a list of best case scenarios and worst case scenarios. Now I had to come up with a plan. This is the long game. Hell, in some ways I'm still playing it. My objective was not losing my son. First I needed more information. I also had to do it discretely. I won't detail it, since it's somewhat immoral, but I had all the records of her chats, places she went, etc. I kept on smiling every god damn day. You don't show the other player your hand, and I didn't in this case. About a month later I consulted a lawyer, to start off with. He wanted to file paperwork right away. A long game requires time. I had other things to do. I rented an apartment nearby and started furnishing it. Small purchases. It's all joint income, and all assets are shared until the divorce. I had enough to be comfortable. I bought a new TV "for the basement" I told my wife. Then I started playing cards again. I would go to the casino and "lose" week after week. Not ethical, but spending money is important. Strategy formulated, logistics arranged, now I needed to win the propaganda war. I knew she had been looking for divorce lawyers, so I needed her to fire the first shot. My plan was simple. I knew when her and her affair were going to go out and I made sure to suggest family outings on those days. I became super nice in public, but I would be snarky in private. It worked. She asked for the divorce first. I played the heartbroken man. My family, and hers, all consoled me. I told her I didn't want this to be a fight, so let's not make it a legal battle. I would move out. We would handle the paperwork on our own. I just used the paperwork my lawyer had prepared for me. She wanted to avoid court for fear of her affair coming out (honestly, it's a No Fault state. It wouldn't have mattered, but she didn't know that.) That week I moved into my "terrible" apartment. Already furnished. Plenty of food, booze and amenities all ready for me. I called up a date I had arranged a few weeks before and had a lovely evening. She was still racked with guilt. Still is, to this day. She thinks I never found out about her affair, and that she "ruined" my life. As much as I would love to do a victory dance, it's still a good play to feign sadness until my son is eighteen. We have a great custody agreement, and I pay less than any other divorced Dad I know. See, the only revenge is living well...and I live very well. My life is pretty women, good friends, and interesting pastimes. She, on the other hand, wound up moving in with an abusive idiot, moving out shortly thereafter, blew her share of the house and now lives in a crappy apartment filled with guilt, doubt and unhappiness. It's better than yelling at her that she's a slut"

            good luck brother.

            edit: soz for long post, but the above is textbook way to divorce easy. Also from reading your replies, I highly advise a divorce. Just make sure to play your cards exceptionally well though. I'd hate to lose a kid.

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            This comment is the best - you need to divorce her, and, you need to do it so you pay the least and are as financially ok as possible, start doing your research.

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              I like the bit in quotation.

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              soz didnt see the edit. Yeah that post was fucking gold. It was made ages ago and I had to save it because the guy displayed such a cold and calculating demeanour about the whole infidelity thing. If it ever happens to me I know exactly how I'm going to respond.

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              divorce rape is savage: I work in the UK with a guy who was married to an American, they split, she went back to the states, filed for divorce, somehow due to US and UK being friends, he was summoned to court locally in the UK, and basically divorce raped nearly to death by rates set in the US and then enforced in the UK. Eventually after months of going to court in tears explaining to a local judge in the UK his situation, the rate of rape was changed to something he could afford, and now he's ok.

              The thing I remember was the look in his eyes and the way he was telling me how bad it was, pennyless in court in tears trying to convince someone he didn't know, after the rate of payment had been set, with no legal help as he couldn't afford one as all his money was now being paid to his ex. He looked almost broken. It had really affected him deeply. he also has two daughters that he never sees with her. She'd told the court he was abuse, the whole 9 yards.

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              Aaaaaaand this is why I will never, EVER marry

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              Divorce when you are a man who is the higher earner has to be one of the tightest spots you can be in in your life. Other than being in mortal danger I can't imagine a situation where there is more on the line and the odds are so terrible.

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              great story, well worth the read.

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              That's a fantastically informative reply mate!

              Thanks for bothering to care enough to share about it

              TF I was never into 'the marriage thing' ... no divorce rape, but I definitely had some shitty break ups in my earlier days! ♂

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              This is how you do it - stay classy. A+

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              She doesn't get your disability pay dude. She can't even touch that. I am also medically retired.

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              My buddy who also is in the same situation got his disability dipped into from his divorce. I thought the same thing. It's possible the judge did something illegal or something, but I've seen it with my own eyes

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              That is illegal as all fuck. That money is not income, and as a result can not be taxed or garnished. Your friend needs a better lawyer.

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              because I thought I was in love :/

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              Lawyer up Start doing your own thing and improve yourself

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              Damn brother I'm sorry to hear about this.

              You messed up at some point. She wouldn't have gotten fat if she thought she had to earn your affection. She wouldn't expect you to wait on her and complain when you don't pay attention to her if she respected you. Remember when you first met her? She would still be like that if you didn't fuck up.

              I'd make a decision. Either you want to change in order to initiate change in her. Or you want to just go nuclear and get the divorce over with as quickly and painlessly as possible. You're 35 in the prime of your life. You shouldn't be wasting time if you're miserable. Either way, dread game is the first thing to do. Less responsive, get in shape, focus on appearance, less time around her etc.

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              I know I messed up. It's pretty obvious after reading RP and reflecting on all of it. I don't think she can be salvaged, and I don't think I would want her if she could be. I feel like I'm lying next to an unknowable alien at night.

              I just want my life back and to be in control I guess. I'm only happy away from her

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              Contact a good divorce lawyer without her knowing and ask that lawyer to explain your options.

              Make sure your wife doesn't find out though.

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              Get rid of your fuckin pathetic whale. Do you think you deserve this shit?

              My best bet, is try to get a good divorce lawyer and ask for legal confidential advice on how to proceed.

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              You could always just continue living your life and get something on the side if you desire. Might be cheaper that way.

              Honestly you'll probably be the most happy paying the piper and just getting a divorce. Before you do, go to mensdivorce.com and read "the list." It will maximize your chance of getting shared custody of your son (if that's what you want), and help you protect your finances as much as possible.

              I got taken to the cleaners in my divorce but it was well worth it, and in the end I'll still come out ahead. Most importantly, I'm much happier than I was then.

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              If you are fighting all the time you haven't mastered your shit test responses: A&A, Ignore, Pressure Flip, Amused Mastery, Nuke.

              2: self improvement. Why screw yourself if you don't have to necessarily? Go to a lawyer now for information. Document Document Document. Record if you can. Document abuse on her part, this can only help you.

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              cheat. avoid divorce rape, "take on extra hours" at work, and then go out and party bang some chicks.

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              benoit your way out of this

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              lawyer lawyer lawyer lawyer video and audio record her doing crazy, evil, or generally bad shit lawyer lawyer lawyer lawyer video and audio of her yelling at child lawyer lawyer lawyer lawyer photos of her asleep with alcohol next to her lawyer lawyer lawyer lawyer make up stories about her getting drunk when shes supposed to be watching your child and your child almost died

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              You should lawyer up and leave her.

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              Time to take that international trip to some cheap country to "find yourself" for about 2-3 years. :D Remember, when you divorce, half your debts are hers. lol!

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              I'm new here. The anger I'm feeling is incredible. What a raw deal you are getting.

              Society is skewed towards women. Men are disposable. I wish I had a vagina.

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              I wish I had a vagina.

              Calm down Bruce!

              [–]Elesh 2 points3 points  (3 children)

              I'll be honest, I got ways to go with my self-esteem. I've worked my ass off to do a 180 from accounting to engineering school. Once I get lifting (I need to read Starting Strength before I move beyond interm body-weight) I'll hit the tipping point for my self-improvement. Yet I can't back down from that statement.

              I'm circumcised, have a sunken chest and aspergers, and been exposed to a lifetime of psychological abuse and guilt for having "male privilege". Vaginas are magical. It's an integrated part of their abdomen, rather than an external addon. I love watching porn for the pleasure women experience, and the psychological power they have over men. My only consolation is that once I push my SMV I will be the one giving that pleasure.

              I would like to think differently. To agree with all the penis jokes that seem to be common in male bonding, yet it's never appealed to me. I can accept being a guy, I'll never get a chance to chose gender in a character builder. That's the best I can do.

              I'm so angry I'm going for a nice long walk. Been watching The Truth About Male Privilege - Stefan Molyneux

              [–]Super-Saiyajin 4 points5 points  (2 children)

              If you still think women actually have it better than men, you didn't read the sidebar!

              Are you aware of what the wall is?

              Once I get lifting

              Looks like you haven't even begun to internalize the redpill, if you STILL haven't even started the very first thing TRP teaches you to do.

              You can read theories all day long, but until you actually apply them and put in the work required, these theories aren't going to do shit for you!

              [–]Elesh 4 points5 points  (1 child)

              You guys really don't take excuses, I appreciate that. I'll get my ass to the gym tomorrow morning. Will read what I need to tonight. I've been lurking here for the past two weeks getting the feel of the place. Good reminder to read the /r/TRP sidebar in more detail.

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              Calm down Bruce! Caitlyn.

              Do you think Caitlyn has a fully functioning vagina? Nah.

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              Unmarried people, this is the reason why you should never get married.

              /r/khriskruel the advice given by other commentors is solid. I would just like to add that don't do anything stupid when you get angry on her like visiting whores, hiting her or doing anything that can be used against you later for now.

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              Nah I'm way past anger. Just a whole lot of depression

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              Dump the fat cunt. If she can't respect you enough to at least stay somewhat in shape then she's not worth your time. I have a certain amount of trips around the sun before I die and deserve only the best pussy and lips on my cock.

              That comment about paying you more makes me want to ram a shovel through her skull. Fucking women. If I could enjoy a Cock and anal I would totally be gay.

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              Its not that easy.

              If he loses the divorce case he'll have to pay heavily and has a lot to lose. Quoting OP below

              Worst case is she keeps the house and I have to pay for it while also providing 25% of my income, including disability, to her every month, and I lose all possessions but keep all the debt

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              Great advice in this thread already. Claiming you are gay is itself gay, certainly a poor strategy in many ways.

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              Are you gay?