Recently diagnosed with Muscle Wasting disease which will cripple me eventually... (UPDATE 1) (self.asktrp)

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If you haven't read the previous thread here it is, you might not be able to read what I wrote as it was removed, so I will post it as a comment below.


TLDR: I lost the genetic lottery.

First of all I would like to thank the community for giving me a sense of direction an purpose in such a life changing time, the advice and hard cold truths about money being the end all be all which will dictate how I live my life down the line.

MONEY: Fortunately, as I got the diagnosis a bit earlier than most, I will be able to plan out my financials in that way, invest and use my money wisely knowing what I now know.

SEVERITY: Disease severity is highly variable, and unfortunately even again in the genetics that dictate it, I got the short end of the stick, It is dependant on repeats, the higher the number, the better it is(as in less severe), mine is 3 or 4 out of 10. There are some people who get this disease in their 20s and have to have everything done for them in their 20s itself, but mostly as a whole it is quite slow progressing.

CAREER I have decided to keep pursuing law regardless of this because I really don't see how this will affect my ability as an advocate at all. I will most likely be independently mobile till 30s, however limited my physical abilities are, can go to the courthouse, travel and meet clients.

RELATIONSHIPS and CHILDREN Some of you advocated marriage in this case, I'm still not sure about it as if I get too weak to defend myself it may give rise to problems. Obviously will not depend on her emotionally and as much as I can physically, (hired physical aide). Children, again there is a high probability (50:50) I will pass this onto my kids, but there are ways to test the child's genetics in the womb to ensure it does not pass onto him/her. But again, coming from a hard red pill line of thought, I'm not sure about that.

LIFTING AND NUTRITION In all of the research I've done over the past month, there is no consensus on lifting but I've continued with it anyway as it is just something I like to do for myself. Have been eating right as always, so no worries on that front. Few more supplements to be taken as they are always deficient in a person with this disease.

TREATMENT OPTIONS A lot of you in the original thread asked about steroid treatments, it has shown no improvement and will actually fuck up my body even more, and I intend to live a long life without physical problems on top of the ones I already have. Currently there is no cure, and possibly will not be for another 15-30 years.

FRAME Now this is something I have been struggling with, but have had help with by a few other RPers with a disability. Mostly they say that you are having trouble envisioning your life with it but it is really not that different, having a thick skin is important as people aren't really that compassionate, especially not in the west. This is one of the most important things and have been especially helped by the advice of the ancient stoics like Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus, Seneca. My male friends have helped me in this regard too, respecting me even though I am weak right now, but very cautious in who I tell it too, as some people just want to take advantage of that weakness. Might try shrooms, DMT if I hit rockbottom.

Another small thing, some people thought brain degen occurs, this is not the case. A small minority also said to live fast and die young, which is a path that is tempting at times but will never take because I don't really see the logic in that, how will I contribute to society if I'm dead? Or even experience different things if I am? I do value my own life, not because it is inherently valuable (its not, 7 billion lives in the world) but because I value it.

TRAVEL AND EXPERIENCING NEW THINGS In the past month itself I have done things that I never thought I will ever do, I ran a 5k marathon, bungee jumped, went rock climbing, rode an ATV, played paintball. Huge amount of experiences that I pushed into a small amount of time and will keep doing.

In summary, will like to thank you all again, you have been a huge help. Would like your opinions on the things I've posted now. I have also been in contact with a few RPers via PMs.

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20 years old, lurking for a year maybe more.

My Main Aim:

Please do not try to comfort me, give it to me straight, I'm sick and tired of all these Blue Pillers telling me it is gonna be okay. I need guidance on how I can deal with this and still be a stoic rock.


Got diagnosed with this muscle wasting disease called FSH Muscular Dystrophy. Affects your face, shoulders, back, abdominal muscles and legs, basically everything you need for movement. I will be dependent on other people for the most basic of things.

This is something that you can watch to understand what is going to happen. Just watch the first minute.



I need some guidance on how to maintain stoicism even while being dependent on other people for literally your survival. After I finish my degree hopefully I will be financially independent, at least that will save my pride.

Procedure: Here are the other things I am thinking that I can do.

Finish Law School, build career

Hire a physical aide/nurse and cook for the daily things.

Not getting married because wife will resent me for being weak, have read stories about a guy that happened to him because of this. and we all know that women run at the first sign of weakness, and a man who can't take care of himself is a boy, not a man. (Have had prior relationships before this, pretty sure will have none after)

Not really sure about the lifting part, because I might actually exacerbate it. BUT still gonna keep calorie counting and make sure I eat healthy.

Gonna be confined to a chair most of my life, but how can I use that to my advantage? Learn programming? Picking up skills that can help my law career, networking is going to be hard.

Not gonna father any children, it ends here with me, maybe get a vasectomy just to make sure, but no woman will fuck a disabled man, so that maybe redundant.

That is all I can think about for now, but the main thing I need is to maintain frame, not show mental weakness but it keeps getting harder and harder. I don't want a pity party with my friends and family, I know I cannot live a life like a normal man, but i'll be dead before I start acting like a bitch.

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You are in complete control of your mind. Realize this and you will have power.

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Maybe programming would be a better career option for you. You don't need that much mobility and it pays quite well, and could help you in building the necessary wealth to sustain you in later life.

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I have seen someone with this disease on tv on a dating show. He was really skinny and couldn't smile because of the face muscles. He used to be a pretty cool guy before and it still showed. He however spent most his time playing videogames once he got in a wheelchair. I advice you to be more productive.

Your smv will plummet once you are in a wheelchair, so fuck as many bitches as you can while you can and switch over to hookers once the time comes.

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Already on it. The wheelchair might actually not come until way later, my symptoms are not progressing that fast.

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DMT if I hit rockbottom

I'll just chip in to say that DMT is definitely worth trying, and has the advantage over other drugs that it's a very short trip (20 min for a normal dose) as opposed to a full day experience. No real crash, either. It's an extremely potent drug, so work up to it (e.g. start with 1/5th the full dose, then 2/5ths, etc.) but I'd recommend it for anyone, not just someone trying to tick off a bucket list.

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Thanks for giving us the update, man. I read the first thread when it was up, and I continue to be very impressed by your level-headed-ness through this.

Someone suggested taking up programming as an alternative career. While it's true that you can make a lot of money writing code and it requires little mobility, I think your current choice to continue pursuing law is going to lead to a more fulfilling lifestyle. Once your mobility is reduced it'd just be too easy to become a recluse if you didn't even need to leave the house to work.

Anyway just wanted to wish you well bro. Hope you keep us updated, I'm pulling for Ya

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Thank you, the way I figured it, I got two options, face it or go into a downward spiral. I chose the former.

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I know of a stunning beautiful woman thats dating a guy in a wheelchair , she even said that he satisfies her . Rare but u can still find a woman like this who's open minded .

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Thanks for the update, is there a question?

I have no idea what to say or suggest. Only thing which comes to mind is make sure to have spotters and workout buddies as much as possible. I'm only familiar with metabolic and nervous issues, the nervous issues come on suddenly and without warning. I'm would wonder if your muscle symptoms will be similarly sudden or random at first. In your case, you'll need someone to watch your form as well.

Good luck!

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Good Luck... It's hard to fit a whole lifetime into I'm guessing 10-15 years (I'm guessing you're early to mid 20's) you'll be able to maintain your mobility.

Totally reminds me of that song 'live like you were dying'. BTW Might want to throw skydiving on your bucket list of things to do before you lose your mobility just for kicks.

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I know, this is asktrp and normally we don't do contribute a post just to make someone feel good, but I just want to get this off my chest:

You, sir, are the greatest guy around here. I felt depressed because I messed up in uni and how I feel hopeless as a virgin at 22 when my biggest problems are my receding hairline and my utter lack of discipline. You're an idol. I will get up tomorrow thinking about you and this post and kick myself because I know that there is guy somewhere on this planet who is facing the beginning of a severe disability and yet he remains calm, collected, confident and probably happier than I feel right now. I don't pray because I do not believe in god, but I really hope things turn out the best for you.

Now, I am not the right person to ask for advice on life in general, let alone for someone who is facing that much additional problems, but I found a small detail in your text that concerned me:

A small minority also said to live fast and die young, which is a path that is tempting at times but will never take because I don't really see the logic in that, how will I contribute to society if I'm dead? Or even experience different things if I am? I do value my own life, not because it is inherently valuable (its not, 7 billion lives in the world) but because I value it.

Now, you don't own anything to this society. You are already carrying a heavier burden than 99% of the people living in first world, western societies. Be concerned about yourself. I agree with you in not wanting to "live fast and die young" because that is a strange concept to me as well, but I believe you should decide what is best for you, not for society.

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Suffered from multiple broken bones thanksgiving last year. You realize pride isn't as easily damaged as people think it is the second time you need help pooping.

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Don't beat yourself up man. That's the worst thing one can do, don't bully yourself. Work towards your goals but bullying yourself into doing things just leads into frustration and depression. And you don't know how strong you are, until being strong is the only option you have mate.

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I was under the impression that Human Growth Hormone was used for treating this exact condition? I would at least give the anabolic/HGH option a shot before I let my body deteriorate.