I fucked up.. My friends confronted me and told me they think I'm a misogynist and think I should see a therapist. They're threatening to tell my parents and family. What should I do? (self.asktrp)

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So I'll keep this short.

Been following TRP for almost half a year. Things are going great. I'm a looot more fit, more confident, doing well in my school, being more social. Basically a complete 180.

But things came crashing down this week. My 2 close friends confronted me about being a misogynist. I thought they were fucking around so I just laughed but nope, they were serious.

They said I've said some things that really worry them and the girls in the group of my friends. Basically with the 2 dudes, they are kinda beta and they saw how I was progressing, so they asked me questions. This is where I might have fucked up.

I gave them RP answers without the terminology or addressing RP. Simple shit like not worrying about women and focusing on yourself until you get better. But obviously I worded it like "don't waste you time with bitches, work on yourself first, then worry about them later "

They would agree and nod their head. I thought they were soaking this shit in so I told them more. I should have known they weren't listening because they weren't applying any of the shit I told them.

And one day with the whole group of friends including some girls, we played some dumb questions game. One asked me if I would be in a relationship with an escort and I just laughed and said "fuck no."

Well didn't know this girl was a lowkey crazy feminist so she started hounding me in front of the group. She said I shouldn't judge girls pasts and bla bla, standard bullshit. She then tells me what type of girl I like and I said "a girl who deadlifts my bench and has a big ass."

So obviously I was fucking around but nope, she got butthurt. So I'm guessing shes the one who influenced these guys. But the biggest part I fucked up at was leaving an RP post on one of my tabs. One of them saw it and searched the place up so yuppp, for all we know, he might be writing some post about it on askwomen or advice right now.

Like I'm pretty good at keeping my cool but I just wanna beat the shit outta these two idiots right now. How should I reply to this bullshit? Should I just agree and fake it? Should I stand my ground and tell them to fuck off? Should I go back and confront that crazy bitch?

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Let them go tbh. They're only gonna slow you down so far as I can tell. Who the fuck are they to tell you how you can act or what you can believe in.

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Seriously . Not worth The effort

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What is this?

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"don't judge her past" hahaha oh please do fuck off. I wouldn't bet on a football team if they lost the last 10 games in a row, so i wouldn't date a fucking whore

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Reply with maximum amused mastery. Beating these guys would be giving them a lot more than they're worth, your contempt should express itself through more amusing channels. You can troll them back and black knight a bit, exaggerate what they say until it devolves into nonsense.

In general you just write them off, laugh and forget about it. The little bitch and her two little male bitches have zero power in this situation.

Guy: "man, you need therapy. you are a misogynist"

You: "yeah well, like, that's just your opinion, man"

Guy: "no I am serious"

You: "so am I, so mind your own business and fuck right off"

Nice and curt, little to no emotions shown. These situations all rely on feminists being able to get a "rise" out of you. I used to engage with them too and sometimes got so angry it made me lose frame. That's exactly what they need/want, if they got an angry rise, you're broken and they won.

Next thing they'll try is set up a social "exclusion zone" around you, if they can. I.e. tell all the girls you're a big bad misogynist wolf, which will just make them curious about you. If some girl brings it up, you really have to laugh, "get a load of these feminazi nerds, I'm their pet project this time of the month. "

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What about the whole telling my family. You think that's a bluff?

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What's your current fam situation, are you living at home and relatively dependent?

If so, they could start annoying shit out of "concern". The thing about it is that if you never backpedal or get defensive, you can still ride the shitwave out like a surfer. Make it be funny to your family too, tell them these are your very favorite social justice nerds at school and they're really helping to improve your moral character a lot, but sometimes...they go a little bit too far 'cause they're so eager to change the world and don't even know it, don't worry mom I got this!

The fucking disgusting, bum-fuck un-american cockroach commies.

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I'm a student so I'm still dependent on my parents.

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Tell your parents that these people are harassing you or report it to the school. I don't think your parents are going to freak over you being a supposed misogynist, Are they? Just go no contact with these people honestly, make new friends.

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They might tbh, my mom is a social worker so she might get worried and influence my dad. But thankfully, I got a lot of good tips on here.

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my mom is a social worker

If they are that shitty, then countershit them to your mom on the group for bullying which causes you to have antisocial thoughts, one feminist girl flirting with prostitution as a good career choice, and two beta guys who are confused in the closet.

Have some white cream lairs of truth in that sad devil cake

After emptying all your thought, Look at your mom in the puppy eyes and go "Should I stay friends with them, Mom?"

SCORCH EARTH Policy, my man.

If your mom sides with them after your shpiel, then that's really one more person that you should reevaluate in your future.

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These guys are mangina beta faggots. They are no longer your friends. They don't get to harass you, threaten you, talk about you behind your back, and demean you in front of a group of people. They do not respect you, and they have shown this. Let me say it again. THEY DO NOT RESPECT YOU. They would rather throw you under the bus for a chance at winning brownie points from feminazi cumsponge. They have made their choice, they have shown their allegiance, and they will never respect you again, no matter how you handle this. Ghost them. As for them telling your parents, all you have to do is deny it. Don't even go into details. Stay vague. Act upset. The conversation should go as follows:

Parent: Hey your friend told us you're a misogynist. Is that true?

You: No, they're just assholes who are dragging my name through the mud about some off hand joke I made. We're not friends any more. I'm still angry about it, and don't want to talk about it any more. If they contact you again, tell them to stop.

P: This sounds serious.

You: It's not, I can handle this myself. Thanks for the support.

That's it OP. These guys are beta fags and not deserving of your friendship. They tried to shame you in front of a group of people. It's a way of trying to put you below them in the pecking order. It's a bid to establish dominance, albeit in a mangina beta cunt kind of way. There is no winning here. The only win is to follow your own advice. Don't play the game. Opt out and keep working on yourself.

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Yes, this seems to be the best course of action. To ignore them and not participate. RP has been great to me and I've been on an amazing self-improvement journey. I won't let these people who are not striving towards greatness bring me down. Thanks bro.

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Jesus, fuck! What age are you that "I'll tell your mom!" is considered an effective line of attack?

Bonus question: are you sure "friends" is the right term here? Friends don't rat.

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Oh boy I remember when this happened to me vividly. Just agree with them and cut em loose. These are dudes that talk about how hot chicks are and how theyd totally fuck em then when you start fucking those chicks regularly call you a bastard and a sexist. They want what you have. They want your self respect too. Fuck em.

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Mind expanding on what happened to you?

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I grew up like everyone else with friends from my childhood growing into my friendsin my early 20s. I got tired of being a skinny fat dweeb and spent 4 years working on myself tirelessly. The gym and personality wise. Now im a bit of a dick but I dont go around belittling people I have a fire back when lit personality. Im pretty cocky but not in an assholish way. Eventually my muscles and new found personality got me ALOT of luck with women. I never bragged nor boasted if asked I simply said yeah we went out etc etc. Eventually my "friends" said I was using women. Like seriously if they could do the same they would. Its not using someone if they want your dick anyways. Eventually it turned into consistent bitching about how I was an asshole. Bare in mind I never treated my friends differently. The straw that broke the camels back was when my ex best friends GF came onto me and I told him about it with screen caps and everything. He tried to fight me claiming it was my fault as I was an asshole when we met at a bar. I simply said to him and the others in the group. I wish you all luck. Their all fat with dad bods now and homely wives.

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"don't waste you time with bitches, work on yourself first, then worry about them later "

By calling women a waste of time and bitches, you've triggered their blue pill instincts.

You gotta laugh this off and ride out their assaults while maintaining high status and IDGAF. Eventually they'll give up and shrug and say "that's just how he is".

One asked me if I would be in a relationship with an escort and I just laughed and said "fuck no."

Start making shit up. Stop caring. Agree and amplify is your friend here. Say so much shit noone knows what's happening. "Yeah, I'm in a relationship with three escorts and a transexual dwarf".

o she started hounding me in front of the group. S

What feminists love is a weak man to attack. Any defence at all makes you look weak, and it just strengthens the circling wolves. You need to learn how to handle this shit, which basically involves not giving a fuck and giving stupid answers. You don't fight back, and you don't defend.... you deflect.

Any shred of caring just invites further attacks... today's victim-laden feminazi is looking for prey to attack. Don't be the prey.

Should I go back and confront that crazy bitch?

Oh hell no. There is NOTHING to be gained from this.

See it as an assault. You're going to be the IDGAF rock, and eventually they're going to get tired and accept you.

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Get rid of these losers and the feminazi they are trying to impress. There are plenty of cool people out there who won't try to hold you back from becoming a better man and no reason to waste time trying to be friends with tools who just want to being you down. If you are stuck with them in a living situation, start working on moving out.

In the meantime don't try to educate or argue with these SJW-wannabe idiots. When they call you a misogynist again, just pull a Trump and say "What? I'm the least misogynist person you'll ever meet. I love women!"

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Ignore the girl. With your boys...Don't lose good friends jus tbecause ya'll disagree over something. Honestly, they're just trying to help you because in their minds you needed it. They're plugged in, so this isn't on their radar.

For me, I've learned to avoid these conversations. Agree to disagree. I say relationships are not something I'm interested in right now, but I do love sex. Because of this, I love women. Therefore, I'm not a misogynist.

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Don't lose good friends jus tbecause ya'll disagree over something.

No "good" or "friend" would ever imply that they'll tell my mom or dad, as if I'm not responsible for my choices yet.

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Yeah, no "good friend" of mine is going to fuck with my family relationships and livelihood over a divergence of opinions.

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I don't disagree with you guys.

I think he should try to see if he can work it out with them. We've all been victims to blue pill conditioning, and I know I've made some mistakes before. For all we know there's some SJW behind the guys pulling strings. If it's not possible to move past this then yes, cut them out.

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Yeah, looking back, thats what I should have done. And if they really did need advice, they would have found this place like the rest of us.

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Recently one of my best friends broke up with girl friend because she made an ultimatum about either get engaged or GTFO. He broke up with her, but it was rough for him.

I very gently gave him a Rollo article about break ups....Hoping it would spark an interest. A week later they got back together, two months later they're engaged.

It breaks my heart, and I love my boy, but not everyone is ready or even wants this knowledge. We may not agree on relationships, but there's more to life. For his sake, I hope he proves me wrong. Whatever happens, I'll be there for him.

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Yeah, there's only so much you can help people with. Hopefully he learns sooner than later when regrets might pile up.

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Which article?

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I think it was called Dream Killers, or something similar.

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A week later they got back together, two months later they're engaged.

How the fuck did that happen?!!!


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There are very few "good friends" in high school. Almost no one keeps in contact with more than one or two people past university and even then its every few months to "catch up"

These good friends are blackmailing him currently so there is that as well.

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feminist man boobs are not your friends.

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its gonna be a fight if someone invades my privacy. I mean wtf goes to see what i search on the computer?

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Your wording is probably the root of the problem.

"don't waste you time with bitches, work on yourself first, then worry about them later " is straight up misogyny playboyish assholish attitude that won't win you any favors

"I think I should work on myself first so that when I meet someone special, I can be a quality person for them as well as for myself" is a reasonable, commendable stance that sets you as a good example to others.

Both send the same message.

If you really feel you've dug yourself into a hole and have no other recourse, man up, say that you were going through a rough patch in your life or were drunk or some other shit. You can't unfuck the situation but you can damage control it.

TRP is more than calling people bitches.

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Exactly, he fucked up his message control.

Law 38: Think as you like, but behave like others

They would agree and nod their head. I thought they were soaking this shit in so I told them more. I should have known they weren't listening because they weren't applying any of the shit I told them.

OP's male friends used what he said to other him to their social circle. They sold him out to look better to the girls.

The girls then set these guys onto the OP for entertainment in the form of drama and to demonstrate to themselves and others that they had influence.

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Give a fool advice, it will expload in your face. Give a wise man advice, he will be thankful.

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Yeah this would be solid advice if I was actually a misogynist. I just have the standard RP mindset with them. Enjoy your time with girls, don't get attached, don't be mad at them since it's a waste of time, and fuck em.

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Man sure isn't like when i was in school. Of course back then are rolemodels were Eminem,Tupac and Biggie.

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When I talk with my best friends we talk about red pill shit all the time. I don't think they even know about Reddit. But you should be able to talk honestly about women with your bros.

Screw those guys. They threatened to tell your family? How old are you? Lol

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I'm 19 Lol.

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Two big options I see.

  • ignore and dissociate. (You could use a better cohort)

  • take the aggressive stance. Not towards them, but towards your family. Sit them down and make it clear you want to work on yourself, tell them you're being bullied and that people you thought understood you were lying and slandering, blowing things out of proportion. Appeal as a victim.

Above all, don't talk about trp. Just don't. It's a wasted effort. Your actions speak for you, and are much harder to attack or explain, once something is codified it can be poked at.

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It's sad that in our society that saying you wouldn't be in a relationship with an escort qualifies you as a mysogynist

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ditch them

and if your parents act like them, just agree and amplify or lie and say you were just joking

read on Machiavelism

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Or, you could not worry about it.

these aren't your friends. No worries.

as for your family, either they will tell those fuckers to go suck wind, or they will ask you what the heck this is all about. Tell your parents the truth : In a game, you said you wouldn't want to date a whore. Apparently thats a problem these days. Your parents will either be on your side or they are worthless people.


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This may be a good opportunity to bust out the: 'There are more positive ways of getting my attention.' line.

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To play it safe you could tell your mom that some guys and gals in school said you should date an escort. Unless your parents actually want an escort as a daughter-in-law they will take everything they might say with a grain of salt.

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Like I'm pretty good at keeping my cool but I just wanna beat the shit outta these two idiots right now. How should I reply to this bullshit? Should I just agree and fake it? Should I stand my ground and tell them to fuck off? Should I go back and confront that crazy bitch?

So you want to lose frame? Say goodbye to your old friends. Do damage control, project an image that puts you out of harms way.

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I'm not even going to go into your post - let's just talk about the title.

My friends confronted me and told me they think I'm a misogynist

Those are not your friends. Don't call them that. Don't think of them as that.

They're threatening to tell my parents and family.

See above, they're so fucking blue and liberal that telling your parents that they think you are a misogynist is an actual thread in their reality - this is literally retardation of the highest possible working order. More importantly:

I fucked up.

Is what you got out of all this? No. You did something right. Congratulations, do more of it.

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If you were my kid and your pussy-ass friends came to me and whined about how you were a misgynist and they'd snooped on your browser and found TRP, I would tousle your hair and tell you I was proud of you.

Your friends are losers. I'd go make news ones.

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Leave these losers behind. They are not only NOT friends, they are active enemies. The girl is probably creaming her jeans for you as we speak.

They have no right to be judgmental, unless they are supporting your lifestyle with cash or substance, and, it doesn't seem like that.

If they tell your parents and family, say, "Well, that's just the way it is."

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What I do when people call me a misogynist, is ask them if the know the definition of that word. A misogynist is a person who either hates, dislikes, distrusts or mistreats women. Then, break the definition down in the context of yourself, since they used that word to describe you. Do this with a smug look and a smirk and they won't say shit.

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Tell them to get bent. LOL they're going to tattle on you to your parents, what is this 5th grade?

One asked me if I would be in a relationship with an escort and I just laughed and said "fuck no."

Excellent response

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Keep your frame, act stoic and just ignore everything that went down, joke your way out of interrogations, also start distancing yourself from them, use every fucking thing you've learnt from TRP and come out ahead of them all, with better people by your side.

Whatever you do, don't let them see a hint of reaction from their bullshit. Keep your damn frame!

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Dude, imagine what would happen if they go to your parents:

SJW: Mr. Playstay, Ms. Playstay, Playstay is a mysoginist!

Parents: B-But why? How?

SJW: He says you shouldn't worry about women but first worry about yourself!

Parents: ...Yeah and?


Parents: Ok...


Parents: Ok I'm gonna ask you to leave.

If you're being honest about the shit you said, I can't understand what are you worried about. Unless you started talking about how all women want to be dominated and SMV, etc etc

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I'd next them as friends.

They're not your friends. What pathetic feminazi lapdog MANGINAS they are! You're too good for those people.

Me and a friend in my social circle in high school compared notes, realized he was talking bad about everyone--and decided to ditch my at that time best friend for a while (even though he was the one copy catting me). Easy for me to do.

Within a few months, after getting requests to bury the hatchet from those in our social circle, one day we're shooting hoops (white guys, all of us our) at a neighborhood park and he extends his hand and apologizes and we all make it water under the bridge. A win/win for everyone. And boy did we party hard (because I was the bad influence that way!)

Now as far as your frienmies, they need to be cut out of your life entirely. They are way beyond disloyal. Trying to make your parents mold you into one of their lemming pansie asses? Fuck that! They crossed the line by merely threatening to force some absurd unneeded intervention. Next those douchebags and don't look back!

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How old are these faggots that they're going to tell your mommy and daddy on you?

Do you still like these guys in some way, or are you realizing you've outgrown them?

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I'm very defensive about my principles, but I once was in a situation where I just used two friends as some sort of therapist. They thought they were helping, but I was only using them.

These two ex-friends used to hate each other, but they bonded over their shared hatred for me at some point. One of them slept with one of my plates. That plate came to me in the middle of the night, right after the act, and told me about it. The other thought I was interested in his ex-girlfriend, I wasn't interested, but she used me to make him jealous.

So I decided to never tell my friend about me knowing what he did with my plate even after he lied to my face about it on multiple occasions. I also couldn't care less about the other guy. So I pretended to be their friend for a year, until they really started trying to exclude me from the group. I talked to them but they couldn't 'forgive' me. So I took a girl they both liked as one of my plates after I knew they hated me, which they absolutely hated me for.

They kept dividing my group of friends and working against me.The girl they both liked also ended up hating them for her own reasons and at some point they made up. Those two guys then tried to convince her to stop being my plate because I was bad news. They had insane views of who I was and what they thought I would be capable of.

So I did something I never did before, I made up with those dudes. I told them I couldn't control myself and made them believe I believed I was at fault. I did not care about anything they said and it was incredible to hear them talk about how twisted they believed me to be. After that our group wasn't divided anymore and I continued to manipulate them. Giving in to their delusions and playing like a victim and saying I truly did not care about hurting others never came up again and it never had any negative outcome. And the only thing I had to promise was to drop the girl they liked as my plate, because they thought she was too fragile to fit that role. And I stayed their friend for as long as they stayed useful to me.

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Damn son. You're better then me i would have kept fucking that bitch and threw it in their faces.

[–]JavidanOfTheWest 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I wanted to, but the girl wasn't worth the effort and those guys needed to get in line. What I wanted to get across to OP is that admitting to your faults (in their eyes) and pretending to want to change can be a viable solution, but if I were him I'd get very verbal and defensive about it instead, unless he still needs those friends.

also, it might sound like i was the asshole but i tried talking it out before and they pretended to be my friends before i pretended to be theirs. they got what they deserved.

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This post wouldn't exist if you were firm in your values.

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100% by being firm on your values and standing your ground from the moment you start applying TRP, no one would oppose you.