Millennials are less likely to be having sex than young adults were 30 years ago, according to a survey of almost 27,000 people. Why? (self.asktrp)

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They answer it in the article

they propose that young people are living at home for longer, potentially stifling their sex life, while a rise in video games, online services for TV shows and movies such as Netflix, as well as the internet in general could be offering them an alternative way to spend time

I.E. there are way more virgin males in the 20-24 crowd now than 30 years ago.

That shouldn't be hard to believe.

Technology giving women more access to high value men means that low value men get less sex.

The trend was also greater for women than for men: the authors found that 2.3% of women born in the 1960s are sexually inactive, compared to 5.4% of those born in the 1990s

This statement is misleading but if you look at the numbers, it further backs up that claim.

Women go from 2.3% to 5.4%.

Men have to make up the other "half" of that (assuming they used equal representation).

So men would be 9.7% getting no sex in for the 1960s group vs a whopping 24.6% for the 1990s group.

That means approximately 1 out of every 4 men in the 20-24 age group right now is a virgin.

You think that's because they don't want to have sex? LOL

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You think that's because they don't want to have sex? LOL

And they certainly do. Currently helping several friends in that age group get what they want. (It's amazing how good TRP advice works when you don't mention TRP)

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    lmao that's hilarious

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    It happens all the time. I have gradually introduced TRP to 4 others. 2 of them now actively understand TRP with 1 embracing it with some resistance but over coming it via personal experimentation/observation and the other accepting it but venturing into more of a MGTOW territory. The other 2 openly reject TRP on principal but 1 actively engages in practices which are outlined in TRP documentation. Only 1 actively dismisses it and does not following any of it's concepts. He is also subsequently still a virgin at 34.

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    According to the actual study its 14% of men and 16% of women, and that number roughly doubled for men and tripled for women since the 60's.

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      The article implies that the millennials group is having less sex because they are actively choosing abstinence, i.e. turning down sex.

      When I say "You think..." I'm not asking you the OP, I'm saying it rhetorically to anyone who has read the article and it's message, then read what I wrote.

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      deleted What is this?

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      Somebody competent check this guy's math to make sure it's solid.

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      The methodology could be better, but what's really chilling is a few specific lines.

      Debra Hauser, president of the US non-profit organisation Advocates for Youth said: “It is fantastic that young people have the opportunity to make informed personal decisions about their sexual health an well-being. This slight decline in sexual activity among young adults is accompanied by information from other studies that more young people also report their first sex being wanted sex.”

      They really think that education is the counter to playing Doctor as 13 year olds.

      “In Britain we have seen a decline in the age at first sex between those born in the 1950s and 1990s but around one in five 16-24 year olds don’t report a sexual partner, challenging the stereotype that all young people are sexually active and from a young age,” she said. “It’s also worth noting that young people may be more comfortable reporting sexual inactivity and inexperience than older generations.”

      They really think asexuality is the default position or something. They're effectively neutering an entire generation and patting themselves on the back for it.

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      Whenever anyone's shocked at the default response especially by the media to serious crisis's it literally makes me laugh out-loud.

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      Possibly lack of polarity.... ie men being white knight beta feminist manginas who believe in equality rather than bending her over the nearest park bench.

      Possibly also a shift in women getting easier access to the top 20% of men and the bottom 80% getting less than ever. Slutty Sally now looks on Tindr for Champion Chad rather than having to accept a date with Billy Beta.

      Also... women are moving towards assortive mating. Previously: If you plan to get married soon, then as a woman who is a 7 you look for a guy who is a 7. She knows she can fuck better, but she's got a chance of locking down this one, so she foregoes TerenceTen in favour of StevenSeven.

      But LooseLucy is not planning on marrying for the next ten years (if ever! I'm independent! I don't need no man!) so why settle for StevenSeven when NevilleNine is right here and turning her on.

      And once you've fucked TerenceTen in the past sometime, StevenSeven looks a whole lot less good, so maybe a night in clicking on Tindr and crying about TerenceTen is preferable. (Women are much more likely to forego average opportunities in favour of being sad and lonely than men are.)

      The short answer: hypergamy.

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      Possibly also a shift in women getting easier access to the top 20% of men and the bottom 80% getting less than ever. Slutty Sally now looks on Tindr for Champion Chad rather than having to accept a date with Billy Beta.

      I'm pretty sure that's the ultimate cause of it and beta men resigning to television and videogames is more a symptom.

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      Smartphones and more elaborate computer-based activities, coupled with online dating.

      Average guys who could formerly get lucky at a bar once in awhile can't compete with girls having every guy in a 30 mile radius at her fingertips, accessible through her portable validation-dispensing device.

      But we've also dumbed down and placated those average guys with better porn, video games, and other immersive hobbies that didn't exist or weren't as engaging in the past.

      Fewer guys can get any, but a smaller portion of the guys that can't score are making much effort due to the other things occupying them.

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      Who wants to leave the house anymore? I can pick up a sixer of any craft beer I want and have all the media and conversation in the world at my fingertips. To try and get laid by some chick as disinterested in being out as me? Meh.

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      Path of least resistance.

      It may be that many men look to the outside world and see that it is mostly apathetic about them and instead of increasing their individual value they just respond in kind. W.O.W. and L.O.L. allow them a kind of pseudo achievement and porn allows them pseudo sex. A kind of simulated "Badassery". Just my guess.

      Edit: Guess reread and i think i just regurgitaed what you said. I'll try and add to.

      Many of my friends got hooked on mmos and mobas. I think these games simulate the status that they crave. This is why they get addicted imo. It's exactly what they should be doing (self improvement), except it's directed at something that doesn't really exist or positively affect their lives.

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      Team hero arenas and MMORPG's feed a lot of needs that society was content to deny these people to begin with. Titles like League of Legends actually use golf psychology- having a good game in league is like hitting a perfect game; it'll happen once in a while and then if you're not really good you spend most of the year trying to recreate that magic- against the player base to keep them playing. Games like World of Warcraft give people the means to live vicariously through their character and indulge in social lives they'd never be given by mainstream society.

      That phase in life where someone- a parent, a friend, or an adult role model- kicks these kinds of people in the pants and makes them take account of their own lives is fundamentally interrupted- online games fill the needs they want so they're not 'hungry' for more.

      I'm conflicted as to whether or not this is a bad thing. Video games and similar entertainment reinforce lies so that people who weren't interested in the truth anyways can continue to delude themselves. You do hit a point where someone who is completely ignorant of their situation is better off than someone who's stuck in it and knows better, but can't break with their habits. 2000 years ago the Romans were building Coliseums and hosting massive spectacles to entertain the populous for similar reasons. I guess it'd all depend on whether or not you have an optimistic viewpoint on humanity and whether or not people can actually change.

      It's exactly what they should be doing (self improvement), except it's directed at something that doesn't really exist or positively affect their lives.

      I think video games do play a positive role in people's lives. They're excellent stress relievers, they can be powerful educational tools, and in broad terms can give people an escape they desperately need. The problem is that the money is in cynically extracting every last dollar from a beholden audience of consumers. I think we've gone a long way from games that you could relax playing or unwind to, to the games we see today that enable bad behavior from people who were predisposed to that kind of thing.

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      To clarify,I see nothing wrong with spending time playing a video game and will not deny the positive effects garnished from them. The problem in my eyes comes when using it as a substitute for something more tangible.

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      To try and get laid by some chick as disinterested in being out as me? Meh.

      Wow, it still blows me away how many people don't like to meet/hang out with/do stuff with other people.

      Yes, it takes effort. But really? Is it too much work to go meet all your friends at the bar or for a game of pool?

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      I don't know anyone who goes to the bar to play pool after work. Don't get me wrong, it sounds great in theory, but at least where I live the bar is just a bunch of people on their phones. If I'm going to do that I'd rather not overpay for alcohol.

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      My wife tells me that I make friends easier than most people and I laugh because she has resting bitch face...

      But god damn, there are men that feel the same way? It's not hard to be social, people.

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      Our societies pretty hostile & there's atleast a decent amount of people who'd rather be left alone rather than deal with others.

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      This. Millennials are having FAR more sex than any other generation in history, it's just that all the women (thanks to the smartphone allowing them to now almost perfectly optimize their hypergamy) are now ONLY having sex with the top few men--and that's it. If you're a guy and you're not in the very top few percentage points these days, you're done, left out in the cold.

      That having been said, men may grumble about being incel but the grumbling isn't too loud--several decades ago, when there was a well recognized societal problem like this one, there would have been all sorts of manifestos, protests, marching in the streets... Nowadays, between the video games (many of them fully-realized virtual worlds that take 200+ hours to complete, some of them never-ending), the Netflix (binge-watching), the high-potency legal (or soon to be legal) marijuana (not to mention pharmaceuticals and other drugs), and on and on--it's like everything in our culture is bent around pacifying the beta male, and distracting him from the fact that he's been cut out of the sexual marketplace. "Sorry Beta, we don't want your seed--and no one is OWED sex. But we do want your programming skills... Here, smoke this joint, take this pill, and play this game--and don't worry, you'll totally meet a nice girl, one day... For sure. Yep--one day..."

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      By the way, should also mention here: I had two 18-year old women over to my place last night (I'm 40, one of the 18-year olds lives in my apt building, she dropped by with a friend), they both had just spent some time up in northern California and were back in LA for a few days. One of them (the friend of my neighbor) said at one point (unprompted): "Yeah I had sex with 4 guys last month. That's not a lot, right?" I shrugged and laughed. "One a week? Nah, that's average. Sounds about right to me." (And I wasn't lying, in my experience one new partner a week is just about right for a cute girl in her late teens these days.)

      Now keep in mind: THESE WERE THE PARTNERS SHE WAS WILLING TO ADMIT TO IN FRONT OF HER FRIEND. So if she says 4 guys last month, the number was likely significantly higher (12? 15?), it's just that she's not counting handjobs, blowjobs, fingering, that one guy whose name she didn't even know so he totally doesn't count, etc etc.

      It's a crazy world gentlemen. Better get used to it.

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      Here's another Fun Fact: My 20 y.o. plate tells me her gfs are jealous because she't the only one of them who is getting fucked regularly because I don't have ED from watching porn all day long. There's something to be said fro staying (mostly) unplugged.

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      She's honeypotting you. Telling you what you want to hear and here you are all happy and shit... AWALT

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      Why would I want to hear about other guys with limp dicks? She mentioned it on her own, with nothing from me suggesting I needed to have my ego stroked, so I tend to believe it, but I don't care either way.

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      deleted What is this?

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      Sounds like bullshit.

      I don't write the news, I just report it.

      Tom Leykis says the cure to ED is YG (Young G irls). Of course by "girls" he obviously means young women of legal age.


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      Is this your first relationship or something? I have only had one chick who would admit to me that any dick other than my own could make her cum.

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      Why did it get this far no-one stopped it. We're lost.

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      What a Brave New World.

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      Exactly. You mother-Fuckers are Redpilled AF.

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      Because the women think that they're Too Cool for the Universe and the guys are all jacking off to porn on the internet, playing WoW and getting high.

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      i dont get high

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      Congratulations. Here's your participation trophy.

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      can can i have one too?

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      Of course; they're participation trophies.

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      That's the point- every idiot can get one.

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      What do you think my point was? Here's one for you, too.

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      It's just a guess, and it will sound overly simple, but I think technology is a lot more preoccupying than relationships, so that causes a lot of issues.

      First, when you would rather play Pokemon, or watch Netflix, or surf social media, you will not develop great social skills. That creates a barrier to attraction.

      Second, these technology centered activities are easier and more fun than fully investing in a relationship.

      So, not only are there more unintended, but nonetheless self-inflicted barriers, but relationships are just not as much fun as your favorite pastime.

      It's a low-effort culture, therefore you will see low results in areas of society and culture, like promiscuity.

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      From my perspective, women are just fucking a select few men now. You're either in or you're out. She's got way to many choices and she can cover a metricfuckton of ground very quickly.

      There are tons and tons of women that are DTF on Tinder right now and I keep my Tinder account deleted until I'm ready to meet one and get laid.

      It's just logic. If you want to use Tinder to hook up you've got to be fresh on Tinder that very night to get the most hits. You can not let your Tinder account bake in hits and try and maintain some kind of "communication" so you stay fresh with women and then out of the blue try and hook up.

      Keep it spontaneous gentlemen.

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      There are a lot of contributing factors.

      It takes longer to get a good job and move out, so males are of generally lower status.

      More career women who are attracted to men with greater careers.

      Technology makes it easier to isolate yourself. This leads to more socially awkward males, who would have otherwise been forced to go out and develop social skills.

      Higher standards for child safety and an increase in child supervision make children less adventurous and outgoing.

      Increase in the number of broken homes, and a lack of male influence in children's lives.

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      Single mothers should've been one of the Biblical plagues.

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      I think there's a ton of reasons for this. One thing I think plays a huge factor is that over time society has made men more and more beta. Masculinity is basically frowned upon now compared to years ago when it was more socially acceptable. Society (read: the feminine imperative) has been hard at work to make men their good little betas. Men all over the world are falling for it because they're taught this is the correct mindset to have at a young age.

      The mindset of being chivalrous, happy wife happy life, treat her like a queen, etc is now the norm and is basically expected in today's society. If you don't agree with these ideas you're seen as a misogynist.

      That's just my thoughts on it. But like I said, there's a ton of reasons as you can see in this thread.

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      It seems pretty obvious to me. Technology has created a society where we don't need each other as much anymore for stimulation as technology gives stimulation to you straight away for less through mediums like HD pornography. Plus the trend of instant gratification makes people more demanding and less patient, which makes it difficult to have relationships since the ego is used to getting it's way all the time as it deals mostly with machines rather than people.

      On top of that some brainwashing by the media to convince people it is better to have a great time drinking and partying rather than work hard and do the former in moderation rather than every weekend like most people. It all comes down to stimulation at the end of the day and what is easy.

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      Well said that was exactly on my mind as well (not word for word obviously)

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      Anyone giving you a definitive answer is full of shit but my best guess is (steadily) declining testosterone.

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      This plus a quickly declining need for marriage, both the pressure placed on people and the rise and expansion of big daddy government in support systems.

      The advent of the smartphone too, casually mass available hook culture also likely plays a part in the emotional validation available, especially to women, who become pickier and offer less because validation is cheap, requires nothing anymore.

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      Probably the most important factor regarding everything RP related. To remind/aware: average male T levels are dropping at a rate of about 1% per year. For decades. To put it simply: our grandfathers had about 2x more T than us. If you look at any modern phenomenon (that we typically discuss here) with T levels in mind, everything makes sense. Feminism? Men become weaker and softer - women are just stepping through wide opened door. Less sex? With lower and lower levels of sexual hormone, what else to expect.

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      I'd throw in more beta males refusing to approach due to fear of being branded a rapist.

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      Something this big is never going to be tied to one thing. I'm not convinced that it's a decline in average testosterone that's causing this so much as an aggregate of things that all lead to declining testosterone. It's a symptom, not a cause.

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      The gap between the 80% and the 20% is getting larger.

      There are more men who are getting less sex.

      However there are also more men getting into the 100+ bangs.

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      Who fucking cares? The world is overpopulated as it is.

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      And yet, here you are, still.

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      Boredom and curiosity. Kids had sex because they were bored and curious. No more boredom or curiosity for most kids. Also, teen birth rates drop when gas is cheap, same reason. They aren't sitting at home bored.