Fucking an ex-plate's sister (self.asktrp)

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ex-Plate graduated last semester and I stayed on for graduate school. Her sister started school last year. Don't know her very well, i know she is in some stupid sorority and probably getting railed left and right.

Anyways, I saw her on campus yesterday. Long story short, we exchanged numbers, she was giving me tons of IOIs and I plan on hitting her up this saturday. I have zero plates rn (been busy grinding) so I might as well.

Her elder sister was crazy. Should I go down this route and fuck an ex-plate's sister? shes decent looking and has nice tits(better than her sister too, from the looks of it) and i am in "massive scarcity".

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No point in comparing her to her sister. But the apple doesn't fall far from the psycho tree..

Nail her regardless.

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the apple doesn't fall far from the psycho tree..

Literally every woman I have ever met is a complete and total fucking psycho.

You don't leave bacon on the floor and expect a dog not to eat it... don't expect a woman not to be a psychohamster.

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Yea nail her!

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You have our blessing ... don't get her pregnant that's all

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Go for the newer model.

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    If he has to ask us who it's okay to fuck, I see no threeway in his future.

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    I don't blame you. It's been a tough couple of weeks haha, I am off my game. Too much work, I've been spending even my weekends in the lab.I shall return stronger.

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    I was hoping this was a successul lay report with OP questioning his morals or dodging a dangerous accusation of some kind. Nope. Just a guy wondering if he should get enough upvotes to lay some pipe. Fucking christ.

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    This. Op hasn't got much

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    Does she know that her sister used to be your plate? If so, enjoy the drama.

    Do it though.

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    She knew we were going out. That's it. No labels of course.

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    interesting, which sister is hotter?

    also update us on the drama this causes

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    It's to early to call it. The younger one is definitely more livelier. I liked talking to her.

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    Sisters always have crazy weird competition going on. Use it to up the E, in your DEVI quotient. Be prepared for ridiculous drama when the inevitable shit hits the fan. She will let it slip that she's fucking you, and better at it. Fuck she may even bring it up in the act. Make her earn it though.

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    Didn't think of the DEVI. My game is usually DVI haha. I'm.gonna think about this. Thanks. I haven't had sex in 3 weeks, I have to bring my A game and close.

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    Not heard of DEVI before, a short explanation would be cool.

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    Dominance (D), Emotion (E), Variety (V), and Immersion (I).

    It's the 4 components that makes great sex, popularized by "The Sex God Method" book.

    Definitely worth a read if you want to up your sex games.;

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    Ah, thank you, been wanting to read it though haven't yet. Thank you for explaining.

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    I'd convince her to try crazy shit by mentioning that her sister was down for it. "Blumpkins were totally your sisters thing from like date #3 on..."

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    You should be a gentlemen. If you had relations with her sister, then you should.... Jk fuck that bitch