Is it just me, or does nobody care about safe sex? (self.asktrp)

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It makes my skin crawl when a girl tells me, wide-eyed: "It's OK. You don't need to wear anything", when we've just met. I suppose they think that it demonstrates their attraction towards me, as though they are giving me "what every guy wants".

I'm not gullible enough to believe that I'm the exception. If they're happy for me to go in bareback, then it was the same case for the guys that had their turn before me. Sure, my primal instinct is to not wrap latex around my cock - reducing the sensations I feel - but this compromise certainly beats getting a girl I barely now pregnant ("so, just pull out?") or catching a bunch of STI's.

In all honestly, I feel fucking low and frustrated about it. I want to have fun, without risking my future, or my health. I don't think I'm asking for much. Yet, the only girl who shared the same views as me was my first, over a decade ago. Walk of life doesn't even seem to factor in. Now I'm made to feel as though I'm abnormal, obsessive, and paranoid.

What can be done about this? Is there a good approach to changing habits? Thanks.

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Always use condom.

Pre-cum can get her pregnant. And you can get STDs.

You wanna play with fire, get ready to get burned.

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And a burning feeling when you pee

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And don't go down on some skank that you just met at the club/bar.


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Yes, use a condom anyways. If you think about it, it's actually a good thing because when it happens you know how much the girl care about herself. If you don't feel like fucking her again, then go find another one. It's simple.

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It's also a further reason for not going down on her.

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Your dick, your option to wrap it in plastic. It's really simple. Who gives a fuck what she thinks? If she'll let you sink it without a wrapper, she'll let you sink it with one. I don't see a problem here.

BTW, the reason why the wrapper has lost it's allure is simple. Very few people are now dying of AIDS. It is no longer a matter of life and death. Most people are willing to gamble. Don't be most people. Wrap your shit and stay healthy.

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Great advise. Don't be mist people. Most people are losers.

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Fuck most people.

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Most girls i meet dont even mention it. Always wrap it up. If they then seem «offended» by the fact that you wish to protect yourself, you should be concerned.

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Especially with older women I'm shocked at the amount that don't expect protection after a few times together. And then you realize that they have likely done that with multiple other guys and it makes my skin crawl. Always wrap it up.

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I have a28 year old daughter I don't keep in touch with because ONS said not to use condom and that she wouldn't get pregnant. If you don't think it can happen to you, you're foolish.

Also, people can be infected with out knowing it themselves. You can't take thier word for it. That sucks because I really like oral.0

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I keep saying it. I've never had a woman besides prostitutes insist on a condom.

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I never trust a woman who asks me to NOT wear a condom, if she says so, i will rethink my future with this woman.

I always wear condoms, and get HIV test done yearly, i don't take test for other STDs because other STDs have visible symptoms like secretions, blisters, spots, bumps, painful urination or ejaculation, and i have never had those in my life.

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I'd say 95 percent of the girls I've fucked have not demonstrated any resistance in the form of a request that I slip on a rubber. That doesn't mean I haven't gone on to put one on anyway (of course), but they demonstrated not a concern in the world for any sort of protection.

Girls truly live in the moment. If she's turned on enough, her top concern is likely to become her only concern (that you shove it inside of her ...now!) Guard yourself accordingly..

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You gotta wrap that shit up dude

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I've only had one girl mention wrapping up and that's cos I was about to hit her in the ass.

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I've had 20 plus partners and zero asked for condoms. Actually only one girl in my life said she will not fuck me without a condom. We never fucked because I moved.

So I hear ya. But I also only caught an STD once. It was after me and my boy ran a train on some girl (who keep in mind had a bf AWALT). Nitrogen is not fun.

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Yea i think about this from time to time and it does make me shutter. In the moment i don't really overthink about it. But i've had sex with a decent amount of chicks and i went in on EVERY single one bareback(I'm clean and i stopped gambling after a a pretty bad pregnancy scare a couple months ago).

But yea only one asked me for a rubber, i didn't have one. And i still got to hit. Whenever i think about it. It makes me feel weirded out and makes me feel strange for some reason. Whatever i had a good run. Rubbers can be good too. It's worth it.

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Think of the pros of a rubber.

Protect against an STD. Prevent pregnancy. You'll last longer (more focus on being dominant), easy to clean up. I'm in an LTR and she's on birth control so i can cum inside her, and as great as it is, it's frustratingly messy. If i cum in her, all the cum drips out when i pull out and it's gotten on my bed sheets. Or i pull out and cum all over her but then i have to clean it up with socks. I cum a lot too, half the socks in my bin are from cleaning cum.

You don't need lube or spit when penetrating cause condom already has some. My dick gets sore if i fuck my ltr 3x in one night raw.

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In past monogamous relationships I used to be naive in thinking that I could get away with it if she was on the pill, or in one case unable to have kids... hahah burning pee loled on me.

It's still fucking difficult for me to use condoms though I got spoiled. I try to find safe pussy but the more realistic I am the more bullshit I realize that is.

I have two younger sisters in college. So I know all about the bullshit that girls feed guys about being only with them and I have laughed at enough of there doctors appointments, although only after and luckily it was never any too serious too trust any woman.

I count myself lucky I only got a UTI (probably from anal with an ex without a condom - I think..) but when considering the hundreds of times I have had unprotected sex and haven't gotten anyone pregnant yet.. man do I count my lucky stars..

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No one wants to put a plastic bag over their dick, but it's either that or an unwanted pregnancy or an STI. Sometimes both.

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I know right? I couldn't get my head around the fact that the bitch was willing to gamble with pregnancy. It's weird how I was more concerned.

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Where are you guys finding all these skanks that encourage you to hit it raw? Last time I had the chance to hit anything raw outside of an LTR was years ago. Lower class chicks tend to be more care free as far as condom usage.

So to answer your question, OP, yes, it's just you.

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lower class? in college right now, a lot ask for condom use, but if you are even remotely a friend of theirs they actually prefer to not use condoms. its gross but girls dont give a shit about std's i find. if they are on the pill that is

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Unless you are banging gutter trash you don't need to wrap it for fear of STD. There is also spermicide and pulling out. If you don't go raw you're not Alpha brah.

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Yeah paying child support is super rad Brah.