I want to create a brother Redpill subreddit. Would appreciate some mod response. (self.asktrp)

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Hey hey there, I'm currently translating all the sidebar material into my mother language, Spanish, for my personal use. I want to know if it would ocassionate any problem if I create a subreddit "Redpill Spanish" and a forum or something alike to share this knowledge among my people.

See, my country is in the "transitioning phase", and it's really really painfull to witness. Our women are on the streets marching completely nude and destroying public property claiming rights they already have, and our men are constantly going to therapy to fix their cognitive dissonance, but guess what; Almost all psychologists are women!; and any attempt of mens to defend themselves on our local media is completely decimated by the feminist propaganda, and considered "Social Suicide"; we're fucking doomed for sure.

So, I get the feel that I can lend a hand, to my Latin brothers and Give them the chance to save their souls by doing so, I'm not trying to make any profit out of this nor take any type of credit(mostly because I'm a public persona and it would fuck my life if I get socially burned). the thing is, only lucky people have access to real education here and almost no one understand English, they can't access to this knowledge by themselves.

I'm only asking some kind of permission/approval for this to the RP community, because I have mad respect for the knowledge that saved my life.

Thanks for reading, Now, What do you think?.

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I’m only a user, but I would recommend getting a cohort of truly bilingual individuals to contribute and revise each other’s translations to capture the nuance.

Some sort of wiki platform would probably be the best way to accomplish it.

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Yes, I have some peers who are real translators, and they'll help for sure if I pay the beers jajaja, it'll take time, but it can be done.

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They should make ones for Indian men tbh.

Then again most Indian men concerned with dating know English

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    I'm talking about men in the major cities of India where everyone speak English and is generally a bit less Conservative.

    Not from the fuckinf villages of India lmao, they have bigger problems like surviving until the next day

    But true I do understand a lot of them can't date as freely, I have a lot of Indian friends

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      Fair enough I haven't lived in India for long enough to have a good opinion and my hindi is shit.

      But I will be going back for a few years next year to finish off a degree, any tips on how to game girls over there, I'm Indian and look 100% Indian but I have this really strong North American accent

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        I always felt the girls in India are prettier than quite a few other places in Asia but that could just be bias.

        Have you been successful with women over there?

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        lack of pretty girls

        Not sure what you are taking about. Look at all the right places and you will find them. Which state do you reside in?

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        shuru karte hain.. TRPIndia.

        hallo frands

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        It'll attract a pretty shitty crowd imo

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        you too are someone else's 'shitty crowd'

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        That's okay with me

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          its asian masculinity and its not about indians in particular

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          Asian masculinity, pretty shitty sub

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          But with such amazing openers as "open bob and vagene" and "bitch lasagne", I'm not sure if they need this place.

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            You Indian? Because if you are dating for Indian guys is way different than you see on subreddits like trp or incels

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              For them maybe

              Not for me

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              Mola la idea, yo y un par de amigos estamos en proceso de crear un blog con los mejores articulos de aqui, material de sidebar y cosas varias que vamos encontrando. La verdad que hace falta material redpill en castellano, asi que bienvenida sea tu iniciativa!

              Yo no tengo tiempo de moderar y traducir, pero si lo creas, seguro que contribuire con posts y comentarios.

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              Apoyo la idea! Yo también he pensado en el sub en español.

              Por curiosidad, por lo que describes, eres de Argentina cierto? Jaja

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              Jajajaja claramente, soy de córdoba Argentina.

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              It was not that difficult to realize. Argentina must be the worst country in Latin America to game/deal with women. The girls are hot (although not as hot as they think they are), thats it. They have huge bitch shields, entitled and a feminist-like always-on confrontational attitude. On top of that competition is fierce, many many handsome motherfuckers with game. I used to work with many Argentineans and it was not strange to see a tall good looking guy with a frumpy, domineering 5 as a wife.

              Mi consejo che, si vale de algo es, olvidate, no vas a cambiar la sociedad, adaptate a lo que hay. O, se mas astuto y pesca en un pais mejor (Brasil, Colombia o incluso Paraguay!!) o busca minitas de esos lados.

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              Saludos desde chile, tengo un par de artículos a medio traducir. Cuenta conmigo

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              uff que muchos gatos hay por ahí

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              Jaja qué mal pedo cómo está el feminismo allá, y se lo está contagiando ya a otros países cercanos.

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              México también

              Brasil , Argentina y México son los peores en el momento

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              if you do, make a discord. they banned me from r/spanish's discord and i want practice

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              Go for it!

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              what country are you from?

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              No creo que necesites permiso. solo hazlo. Si tiene éxito, entonces es exitoso

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              A noble cause - all the best

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              I’m from Argentina too, would love to help and see this project take off

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              GOOD LUCK from Germany! Report back how things work out!!!

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              Está bien, chance y sale otra perspectiva del foro.

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              Yo te puedo apoyar si gustas.

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              Don't make it on reddit. Or any mainstream social medium for that matter. I doubt there are many spanish-only speaking redditors.

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              I only saw PUA stuffs translated into Chinese for Chinese guys to pick up girls to hook up, some mindset sounds are the same as TRP but it’s mostly using tricks and lies. I wish red pill theory is introduced too.

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              I saw the news about China.... It appears that metoo hysteria is gaining stream there, right?

              It's only a matter of time before trp gains awareness there too

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              The Chinese SNS is mainly controlled by women who are not willing to give birth to any future children, but want a wealthy, tall and good looking, but submissive husband.

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              I dunno if you know the answer to this or not..... But this hilarious word "numales" ..... Does that come from Mandarin!?

              If you know what I mean

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              Do you need ayuda trnslating stuff?

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              I'm sure if you asked the mods of the main sub they would support you and offer help if you needed it.

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              No puedo moderar, pero por supuesto haré mis contribuciones


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              Cuenta conmigo si necesitas ayuda

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              Maybe you can make it Redpill - International for more users/visibility and then use flair so users can narrow down the language. The vegan sub does this for their various interests.


              Just look at the colorful shit on the right like "Food" or "News" and click and only those posts show up. Just do the same with specific language.

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              what country?