After I caught her about to cheat, the flood gates opened. Need some advice. (self.asktrp)

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Well guys, some of you have read my previous post on her meeting with a dude and I stopped her before she went home with him. That was last Saturday.

The flood gates have officially opened. I get whatever I want. Last night was a $100 dinner paid for by her. Any sexual things that she said no to in the past , their open. Threesome with her friend? Yes she'll do that. She feels that post wall coming and right now I get king treatment.

Right after she almost went home with him, I called an old plate and had about a 7 hour hate sex session where I took all my anger out on her. She's into pain.

We have a camping trip coming up where all her friends are coming and I'm thinking Im going to nail a few. She knows this and has said as long as it's not her good friends and I just laugh in my head.

She's thinks everything is peachy , but I'm planning an exit strategy. I technically haven't signed the new lease so I could move out as early as next month. She has signed a six month lease and she can't afford the place by herself. Should I be that much of a dick? I've also been contemplating getting back on those old dating sites, but the drama that would cause living together would shitty.

I'm not in my dating form and my game definitely needs work. What do you guys recommend? Should I go monk mode or start gaming immediately?

I'm not in a good place right now as my life has been tipsy turvy and it's frustrating. She seriously makes me hate the way women are. She sees my value and so now is offering any fucking thing she can so that I become the beta provider. Fuck.

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If this is all in reaction to her, you are living life wrong. Set your goals, and go. Don't spend you life reacting to her.

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My low salary is really what is bugging me. I'm i n a job that has a year learning curve and the training is so poor that the majority of my day is spent doing absolutely nothing because the people that train me are too busy to show me how to do anything. I have to wait one year until I can transfer, I'm currently at 5 months.

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Honestly dude, I would get out as soon as possible. It sounds like a pretty fucked up relationship that you are in. Any girl that tells you its ok to sleep with her friends will use it as justification to sleep with other guys.

I would break up with her and tell her you a moving out in a month. Yes you could just leave but take the high road. Life isn't always about fucking someone over.

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Focus on being as absolutely good and on-task as you can, making yourself available to them every minute and doing whatever work you can as well as you can. Show up early for work. Stay past your scheduled time to make sure you finish up anything needing to be done. Never gripe. Never shirk. People will notice.

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This. Whatever goes wrong - "Here', I'll help sort that out"

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Really, you're telling him to be a fucking slave?

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Developing your ability to provide a service to others is how you develop the ability to make a living.

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If you didn't have this woman hanging around your neck, you could use your free time shadowing these other people at work learning what they do. No better training.

Run from this woman. No pussy is that golden man.

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Leave right after the new lease starts (the one that she signed). But just do it casually. When she's out, pack your bags and everything, when she comes home be like "yeahh... this isn't working out, the lease is yours, good luck!"

And then just drive off to your new place and don't contact her ever again. Don't even say a word after that.

If your low salary is bugging you, work on being more successful and stop dating because you'll be investing money in women that might not be a valuable investment (like your gf)/

Fuck when you want, the right girl will come. Just focus on being successful. Get that money.

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She has signed a six month lease and she can't afford the place by herself. Should I be that much of a dick?

yes. she would. if you're in a position of power, give her 30 days notice. if she can jeopardize your life, move out with no warning. do not jeopardize your life for a proven traitor.

She seriously makes me hate the way women are. She sees my value and so now is offering any fucking thing she can so that I become the beta provider. Fuck.

knowledge is power. you are incredibly powerful right now. enjoy your power.

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he hasn't signed the lease, so 30 days notice isn't even necessary.

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i'm talking about human courtesy

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I do agree. I have just enough to pay for a new place , but I'm going to build a bit of a nest egg.

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This. Being a gentleman doesn't reduce your alphaness. In fact, it does quite the opposite when not caused by neediness/obligation and is done without too much commitment from the man.

Hold a door sometime for a woman you have no attraction to. They will genuinely smile and thank you (If they're a quality human. You can do this with women you find attractive, but the other way forces you to not be needy for the purposes of this demonstration). Personally, this in turn inflates my confidence/dominant side more. I enjoy taking care of those under my power, and this is a quick way to get a very very small hit of that. If its a girl you are dating/sleeping with, that only intensifies it, and her view that you will protect her, and makes her more attracted to you.

But yeah, basic human courtesy is a good thing too.

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You hit a big point here: you can be chivalrous to women you're not attracted to. But if you do stuff like that for a hottie you're trying to bang, you quickly become an orbiter.

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I just do it for everyone (again if it doesn't cost me effort). That way its automatic, so when I do it for someone I'm attracted to, its just a part of who I am, not me trying to impress her, which usually has the effect of impressing her.

Also I was raised to hold doors for people, so it's partially ingrained habit

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She has signed a six month lease and she can't afford the place by herself. Should I be that much of a dick?

Your choice. I would.

I'm not in my dating form and my game definitely needs work. What do you guys recommend? Should I go monk mode or start gaming immediately?

Go monk mode. You've got plenty of time to start gaming, right now focus on getting to your peak SMV. That'll make gaming that much easier for you.

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I'm leaning on that as well. I'll go monk mode for the duration of the lease 4-5 months. After that I'll be ready to go and game.

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nah, fuck her over as punishment and go monk mode in your own place.

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Take a step back, for a second.

In what ways did you fail to be a leader which lead her to want to cheat?

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This. A woman that respects the man she is dating, and is heavily attracted to him will not make this big of a mistake so quickly and out of the blue.

If the OP set proper boundaries and enforced them fairly, then she would not have been talking to a random stranger in a bar while she waits for him to show up. Something in the dynamic was off-balance, and he either didn't address something properly, ignored it all together, or wasn't maintaining her attention as well as he should have.

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This isn't the first time something like this has happened. She broke up once and came crawling back begging me to take her. She had talked to an ex while we were broken up. Obviously my Smv was higher. She's not wife material and I have come to realize this especially after this episode.

I had been ignoring her hamstering for about two weeks. She got frustrated and after drinking heavily made a stupid choice.

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You tolerated cheating, you condoned her bad behavior and absolved her of all responsibility the minute you took her back. When you don't address bad behavior, and you tolerate nonsense - you're only making things worse for yourself down the road.

That said, if she was willing to cheat on you previously, that's a clear indication that she didn't value, respect, or have enough attraction for you. She made a horrible decision, but you also need to take a good hard look at what you could have been doing to keep her in check and maintain her attention. You're SMV can't be as high as you seem to think it is if this woman has continually betrayed and dismissed you when she was presented with other opportunities.

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She was mad because my brother and I were out partying.

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There's more to it than that. I've personally been in relationships to where I'd spend weekend after weekend at the club getting with girls and my girlfriend stayed perfectly loyal.

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Your response makes it evident that you need to go monk mode, since you were asked what you did wrong and shifted blame to her.

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What I did wrong was not dump her the first chance I had. I upgraded her from a plate way too early. I will go monk mode to raise my Smv back up.

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it's time to leave the casino while you are ahead.

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I would enjoy my king privileges while lifting hard, eating right and absorbing as much game theory and red pill theory as possible for the next 5 months. Then I'd give her a 30 day notice of my departure. Best of both worlds.

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Enjoy the honey moon.

Can you afford to move?

When clouds start forming, leave, or downgrade her to a plate or just roomies and game on.

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Money wise l'd have just enough , but I want to be comfortable so I'm going to save save save. I might have to get a second job to help build faster.

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staying in a toxic relationship that you want to get out of isn't going to make your life better.

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Neither is jump out with minimal resources. I agree with you and I'm going to bide my time and get ready.

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That's not what I'm saying at all. I'm saying out of respect for yourself you should be out if that relationship or forgive her for her indiscretion and if you don't do that you are as bad as her.

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MOVE OUT. She needs your help to pay for the lease? Sorry, she cheated. She betrayed you, ergo you have no obligation to her at all. You reap what you sew.

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Another vote for moving out. You know where her loyalty lies, and it's with herself.

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All those things are opened up to you because she is desperate to keep you. But only probably because she has realized that she can't pay the lease on her own.

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You clearly have issues that need addressing in the immediate term. You are not looking at this from the perspective of a TRP guy but from a guy out for revenge. That is a mindset that will work against you bettering yourself and nothing good will come of it. If you have a guy friend you trust I'd suggest talking to them and seeing if they can help you through this. The most important thing for you now shouldn't be planning an exit strategy or fucking her friends but regaining control of your inner calm. Once you've got that back then is the time to think about all this other stuff. Good luck.

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Her behavior isn't because of anything you did. You seem to think you have the advantage here but you don't. All these favors are because you caught her and she's trying to puppy dog her way out of it. In the same way a guy buys flowers for the girlfriend he just beat. Do what you will, but reexamine your interpretation of TRP because there was a lead up to this, and your reaction obviously was not strong enough.

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GTFO and go no contact immediately.

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"Should I be that much of a dick?"

If you just wanted out maybe not. You caught her going for a new dick - the dick line has been crossed.

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Should I be that much of a dick?


If you stay with her she'll never respect you. If you leave her at least you can respect yourself and that's where your RP journey needs to actually begin.

EDIT: in your last thread you said this..

I know that I am not average and I do not deserve an average wage;I am willing to do anything to prove it.

I would respond with that we all deserve whatever we settle for. Stop settling for less.

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Hey man, chill out. Consider that in the long run this will all be dust in the wind. You made a lot of correct decisions and that's a good red pill start. She wouldn't have offered so much lately if she didn't feel guilty and in the wrong.

You did cheat on her and broke your promise though. Pre emptive strikes still mean your integrity suffers, remember.