What the fuck has happened in the span of 5 years? (self.asktrp)

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To preface, I know feminism has been around for a long time...more than half a century, but in very recent times (at least to me) it's been insane.

Today, on facebook I see a few photos posted by girl A, girl B, and girl C.

One is of girl A's boyfriend waxing her car, and her captioning it "Omg he's so sweet to me! Love him!"

One is of girl B's boyfriend holding 5 shopping bags, hating everything, and her saying, "he takes me shopping and offered to carry the bags, love him blah blah!"

Girl C on my facebook shares a photo that said, "Feminists shouldn't be called feminists. They're just normal people. If they're not, they're SEXIST."

At work yesterday, someone brought up the Little Mermaid movie in our slack channel, which is, previously to this point, filled with fun and light-hearted banter. Someone asked what it was about, to which a feminist replied, it's "about a girl who gives up anything and everything for some rich guy." And all the women on our team reacted to it ("liked" it). Okay.....pulls collar away from neck

That same girl also sent out a company-wide email a couple of weeks ago, pointing out the amount of women in engineering (not as many, ...shocker). I didn't understand the point, though. We have to purposely hire women because not as many go into engineering? Do you really think we wouldn't hire a woman who applied, that had the chops?

In the course of just a couple days in 2016, I've seen feminism rearing it's head, directly and indirectly. 5 years ago I never even heard of the word. I would've guessed it's about womens rights and that's it.

What the fuck has happened in the span of 5 years?

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Social media gives retards an anonymous voice

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also the white knight trend is still growing

guys everywhere are waiting for excuses to throw themselves on hot coals for self-righteous women. all whilst liking each other's statuses along the way

it's not going to stop growing until the trend of boys being raised by men begins. with laws the way they are, we're a long way from that

even little 10-year-old boys are going on cooking shows to win it for their mothers who "have it so hard" (his own (mother's) words). it's fucking disgusting to watch

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They think it'll get them laid.

Pretty much men do what they think it takes to get laid.

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The sad point is that a beta gets laid from time to time and thinks its because of his good behaviour. And because of this most of them still think it's a good way.

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Yup that's just operand conditioning.

If I behave in a way then get rewarded for it I'll continue to exhibit the same behaviour.

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The sad point is that a beta gets laid from time to time and thinks its because of his good behaviour.

That was the biggest frustration of my late teens - early 20s. By dumb luck, I would have these moments where I was clearly doing something right, but then I could never duplicate it...I could never put my finger on what, exactly, I had done that made a girl tick.

Until I found TRP. I could write a book of all the experiences that suddenly made sense, after I came here.

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Same here. I am in my early 20s and i found trp a year ago. And i changed many things since then, it's not enough at the moment but i keep changing and improving myself!

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I may frame this

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No joke. Back when I was in HS1 all the old guys who would go off on how the world was going to hell in gasoline underpants sounded crazy.

Now, they sound like prophets.

1 Which was a long-ass time ago.

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it's a shit test, one big massive shit test that majority of men fail

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Milo Yiannopoulos Hates Feminism [13:51]

The Rubin Report in News & Politics

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this guy is the man.

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He certainly is.

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You grew up and started paying attention?

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I was trying to see if this was the case. Has it not been worse in the past 5 years?

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I'd say the increasing success of the manosphere (in all its forms) has driven feminists into a frenzy.

Also, you may simply be more attuned to instances of feminist drivel and attention whoring than you were five years ago. ie. confirmation bias.

Or maybe we are just more polarized as a society than ever before and more people want to sound off about their special beliefs with any regard to how well thought out or sound they are.

Pick one.

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As /u/Apexk9 says the anonyomous voice's in social media became stronger. 10 years before $social_networks wasn't so present.

It's very funny that feminist often complain there are too less female engineers out there. So why they didn't become engineers if it bugs them ;). I'm studying computer science right now and we are 50 people. From this 50 we have 10 womens. 1-2 will do it till the end. The rest 8-9 are just studying this cause it sounds fancy.

They will break it up.

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From what I recall 5 years back, that's about the time when I started to browse the internets a lot more due to my homesickness.

Back in 2010 mainstream feminism wasn't a thing. At least on the internet. But that's when feminism reared its ugly head into tumblr and spewed out crazy amounts of propaganda to impressionable young girls.

Feminism was a product. A trend. A philosophy being sold. And it was targeted in the perfect place at the perfect demographic: damaged trendy tumblr girls. Ever since then, its been a downward spiral, as it caught more and more popularity.

This is when a shift began to occur on youtube, as ranters who once complained about dumb christians now shifted focus to dumb feminists/sjws.

Feminists are able to hold their ground as the new religion, due to a propaganda machine that would bring envy to even the most followed religions. They'll just complain sexism, racism, etc, and shut down any conversation. And no amount of youtube wack-a-mole seems to bring them down.

If I could, i'd bring the christians back. They at least had good values and kept western civilization safe. With them, there'd be no migrant crisis. There's only a crisis now because western values have degraded to the point they're replaced with SJW/Feminist thought and muh feels. Maybe you need a way to keep the dumb people in check, and if that's the case, we got rid of the best one.

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You're wrong, that's precisely what feminism is.

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Feminism in the current social climate. 3rd wave feminism. After women have all the rights as men.

2nd wave feminism and 1st wave feminism got them the right to vote, the right to own land, yada yada yada. Now that they have everything, 3rd wave feminism wants women to be in control and take rights away from men

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The good 'ol No True Scotsman fallacy

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in the wise words of Justin Turdeu

"It's 2015"

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In the course of just a couple days in 2016, I've seen feminism rearing it's head, directly and indirectly. 5 years ago I never even heard of the word. I would've guessed it's about womens rights and that's it.

What the fuck has happened in the span of 5 years?

You became more attentive to feminist shenanigans; before you just ignored it - your confession that you thought feminism was only about women's rights (which is exactly what feminists want people to believe) shows that.

The societal part is the rise of SJWism (which is hopefully a prelude to their decline because normal people see how utterly inane they are) - 5 years ago, this wouldn't have happened. I am not from the US, but since last year that stuff got so bad that even our newspapers started reporting on these issues. And given the fact that feminism is basically just a part of the greater SJW-movement... I sincerely hope Milo turns out to be right.

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Do believe this post belongs on /r/MensRights

Zero redpill anything there. Let's not get distracted from the subject.