Women don't like it when men "talk to their chest" but they did it to me at the beach? (self.asktrp)

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There's a thing that women say ... especially busty ones... that they don't like it when men make little eye contact and essentially "talk to their chest" during conversation. In other words, men who are mostly staring at their tits.

But last summer I would go to the beach and every time I'd go swim and hang out in the water (about waist deep) I would occasionally strike up "small talk" with any given woman that happened to be nearby. Often it would morph into a longer conversation (women tend to be more outgoing when on vacation)

I'm tall and I lift. A lot. I say with modesty that I'm definitely one of the more muscular guys on the beach. I noticed that everytime I'm talking with a woman out in the water she's barely making eye contact with me.... she's totally staring at my chest/torso the whole time.

Ironic, ain't it?

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They don't want betas talking to their chests.

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ding ding ding

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Humble brag!

Honestly though, OP, good for you brother. Keep on keeping on.

Double standards or no standards. whatever. let them enjoy the view.

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Yea, I'll admit it came across as a humble brag, but hopefully it'll provide some motivation for some other guys here. (I was skinny for many years, so I know what it's like to be on that side of the fence)

The beach is a unique place where it's socially acceptable for everyone to have their body on display, and it's extremely amusing to have women staring at your torso (it's very subtle at first but becomes obvious after a while) especially considering how politically correct we men are expected to behave.

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Life goals for me then.

Need to lose a few lbs.

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I know with you being a former skinny dude that's gotta be such a gratifying feeling when they lust over your body like that . God damnit I gotta start lifting.

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Yes, it's very gratifying once you hit that tipping point. Lotta work though.

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Also a former skinny dude here (6’ 140) to now about two years later (6’ 180lbs less than 10% body fat) you literally hit a point in which the whole world seems to respond better to ur presence, everyone becomes more friendly, especially the women but men also. Hit the gym boys

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6’ 160. Close to 20% body fat tho. Damnit. I blame it on being a late bloomer ;)

But I agree. The reaction from both women and men is noticeable. It still catches me off guard occasionally.

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Definitely catches me off guard still as well, people who before I would set next to in a class or wherever it may be that would totally ignore my existence now smile and strike up conversation wanting to be my friend, its enlightening and still almost odd to me, a great feeling tho.

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Well you can't provide motivation for short guys. Just the opposite.

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From what I've read here, it's easier for shorter guys to bulk than taller guys. Most of the shorter guys I've known tend to be muscular.

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Muscles are almost useless if you are shorter than 5’9 (i’m 5’9 and I’m pretty built, however you start looking stocky if you get too big and trust me it’s not that attractive)

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yeah you have it harder. same i have it harder because i was born in 3rd world and not in usa (while 90% of this subreddit did) but i dont complain like some lowbobs

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your prob are ectomorphic like me so we get shredded easily. girls love that

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Why the fuck do you care what women say?

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Dat's my boy! +1

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Yea, I know, I know. It's not what they say... it's what they do. And it's always funny when the "say/do" doesn't match up.

They say they don't like guys who stare at their chests.... but what do they do when they're talking to a guy wearing just a bathing suit who does a ton of bench presses and overhead presses (pects and delts)? They stare.

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I guess they just don't like it when unattractive guys do it?

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Bingo! the difference between sexual harrassment and flirting is the atractiveness level of the guy.

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I've been seeing and hearing a lot of people lately saying that.

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Women will never admit to shit, with them you just roll on the correct assumptions. E.g. a woman will never admit dressing up in her lululemons, sports tiny micro cleavage top, hair done, lipstick/makeup then going to the gym is 90% about attractive what they consider high value men. Pointing these facts out will be met with a response of "OMG you think I dress up for men? You have absolutely no idea yadadayadaydadada". Women are strange creatures in that they use deceit on a daily basis, even against themselves. They must know at some level what they're doing. Some girls are more honest about it than others. The more "I'm a pure goddess" types will deny it until they day they die, but they're just the same as the extremely forward stacy.

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Attractive staring at your chest = daring

Unattractive staring at your chest = creepy

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= creepy

Funny you should mention that. Years ago I made a deliberate intention to never stare at a girl's chest because "that's what creepy guys do". Now, to add to that, I deliberately don't wear sunglasses at the beach (despite all the sunglare) because it's known that's what creepy guys do in order to "girl watch" at the beach. It's just one subtle thing I do to avoid ever being placed in that category.

Edit: not staring at a woman's chest AND being able to prove it by not wearing sunglasses at the beach probably helps give me an IDGAF attitude = more attraction.

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you care too much what they think

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Objectification is only bad if you're a not-hot guy.

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Use it. Call them out jokingly, especially if you've overheard them saying something complaining about that kinda stuff.

"Hey, I'm up here."

"Do you... Do you want a picture? I feel like a piece of meat."

"Is there something on me?" flex as you stretch and look around yourself, especially if you have to twist at all

Just call attention to it in a way that says, "I am fully aware of what's on your mind. Here's some deniability."

The big thing that concerns me is, you have functional evidence of "watch what they do not what they say" and you still seem to care what they say.


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"Is there something on me?" flex as you stretch and look around yourself, especially if you have to twist at all

Good one. Occasionally there tends to be some seaweed floating around, so I could twist around and show her my lats and say "Is there a piece of seaweed stuck to me where I can't see it?"

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I hate when this happens to me. #metoo

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Quality shitpost.

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Reminds me of the countless times I've seen them staring at the dick when I'm out on my morning run.

I used compression leggings (mainly because apart from performance improvements, they are easy to wash and dry) so my bottom half is outlined....

There is this one woman who doesn't even bid me the time of day...she just stares right at the Johnson like I'm not even there.

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compression leggings

Aha - so that's what they're called. There's a very fit woman in my neighborhood who jogs a lot in those. Her legs look great. Do they do the same for guys (appearance-wise) or what?

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They are basically yoga pants for guys. More breathing room in the crotch area. I normally wear shorts over them.

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I'm guessing she isn't attractive, otherwise you'd already be hitting that.

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What point is this post even making?

Women are irrational and hypocritical?

Wow stop the presses.

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It goes the other way also

I had a plate bitch me out that I never looked at her tits when talking to her.

They’re just bitches if you don’t do what they want when they want it

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If they didn't like people looking at them they wouldn't show them off. Pay attention to actions, not words.

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I usually say "eyes up here perv"

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not really. its only hypocritical if you think men and women are the same and sexuality in both is the same and you are both the gatekeepers of sex. but we arent so hence it doesnt have the same effect. women get stared at all day. guys dont. hence different. I do think nobody should be grouped regardless of gender though and personally I dont think there is anything wrong with looking

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Where some polo trunks and walk out the water wet and it will look like their talking to your feet

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Sue them for sexual harassment lol

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women are massive hypocrites

yeah. I get 'sexually harassed' at work on a daily basis, women seem to think that they have free reign to touch any semi attractive man as much as they want.

It's just the way things are.

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Who cares? Women are hypocrites. Let them stare also. You earned your chest they didnt. Be proud of it lol.

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Nice humble brag shitpost

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I have a tattoo across my chest that peaks out a bit over the collar on my lower neck... I have had women literally rip my button downs open to see it... can you imagine if I went around ripping open women's blouses to take a look at their chests? eh

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I've have experienced the same thing in the nightclub when I leave my button up unbutton a bit at the top.

They will always try to see it. I just tell them it's a birthmark.

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WTF, I don't get it, so when women wear bikinis with less than a CM length and running around beach with the whole purpose of showing off their boobs , and then men are in trouble for looking at them.

Its like a ice cream truck sells ice cream but forbid them from ever being eaten

They called breast, every one possesses them.

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Should've been a regular TRP post, stickied and OP get endorsed.