just got told I am bed at sex? help me (self.asktrp)

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(edit- yes I have made a terrible type)

So I pulled on a night out, half way through fucking her she goes 'you are really bad at this'.

I ask her to elaborate, she says ' you have no rhythm or beat, your like a dog humping away, don't you watch porn'

I genuinely do not know what I am doing wrong. No other girl has said anything like this.

If i know what the actual mistake i was making, then I would be able to improve.

In my defence the bed was pretty soft, and my hamstrings started to ache becuase of this.

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Should have rolled over on your back (with your dick still in her) and let her bounce away in cowgirl. Chances are, she sucks at it, too, btw.

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This. Follow up half way through with a "You're bed at this."

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Still fucked tho.

Practice makes perfect broski

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Best damn reply.

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Lol she said don't you watch porn. Would've legit laughed my ass off once I heard that.

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"You're really bad at this." Roll over, pull her on top of you. "Make me care."

I'm leaning towards this being a shit test rather than an actual complaint. If you think there's more to it than just her trying to get under your skin, then check the Sex God Method.

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Shit test. Next time either go doggy style or make her ride you.

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Haha. That wasn't a shit test.

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Porn is not what you want to base your sex moves on. Porn is made for the sake of the viewer, so camera angles with visible parts, etc are necessary.

Don't think in-out in-out fucking. Think making love. Slower. Steady. You can vary things, but vary every few minutes, not less than a minute. Ramp up the sex from start to finish. Enjoy her entire body instead of just trying to get to the end like a dog would.

Whether or not it was a shit test, you can always be better in bed. Improve. Just remember to keep your efforts to yourself or guy friends only.

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eehhhh.... there is a time and a place for slow & steady. There is also a time and place to hold her against a wall and rage-fuck her 'til she's too sore to keep going

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If OP is indeed humping away like a dog, he doesn't need to hear about total domination. You've gotta write the right prescription for the right patient, doc.

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I can attest to this. Most of my plates like a thorough good and hard fuck. Making tender love is more of a boyfriend BB thing.

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Some girls prefer either one. Mix it up

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It's not the only thing you're bed at.

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Should've said I don't like ur beaf curtains so im not turned on.

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Spat my tea out holy fuck

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Do you know why dogs hump like that?

A: Cuz that's how you fuck a bitch.

Pull out, cum on her face, and exit stage left.

Alternative: Oh, you have experience fucking dogs? Do you have a favorite breed?

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I dated a stripper that was a single mom. Chick fucked like crazy. She never once told me I sucked.

She just fucked my brains out.

This chick was self conscious and projecting.

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Pay a gay prostitute, then proceed to have him show you the ropes.

Proceed to establish dominance, by then you should know what to do.

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Let me preface this by saying that it's the combination of a man and woman that influences how good the sex is perceived. I've been called bad at sex as well, but it was with a woman I had no good click with. That said, you say you don't understand her critique, which means you need to get more insights in yourself.

Take dancing classes. Chances are your awareness of the different types op hip movement etc is low. There are a lot of parameters you can alter while thrusting.

For example, one that works well and is fun is one deep thrust alternated with a shallow thrust, done in such a way that it's sort of one fluent motion.

And yes, first step is to hump in a consistent rhythm. Don't change everything up constantly, either consciously or though lack of awareness.

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The alternating thrusts is a popular move in my roster. I keep a list of what they say they like, too, so it's pretty decent data. I generally wait until at least a few minutes into penetration to break this out. It mixes it up and she should be well stretched and wet for that level of pounding.

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Sex God Method - Side Bar

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If she says something like that then Just slap her one the ass really hard. Put her on doggy style put one hand on or around her neck and with another hand pull her hair and just go .. Fuck away as hard as u can.

Bottom line is never ask her to elaborate. Take her as you see fit or as u like it.

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can't believe no one has recommended Daniel Rose's

the-sex -god method.pdf

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lmfaooo at,

don't you watch porn'

in my experience, the girls who ever uses porn as a reference for real sex are either new to it or as horrible as you might be.

" you cum wierd, you don't yell when you cum "

me: 0_o?

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She’s a bum for still continuing even though she didn’t like it. Don’t mind it.

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Play some music next time and smoke some weed

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Definitely get a perfect rhythm going when I’m high. High sex is great

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Some advice, don't pool stick. What I mean by that is, don't just go in and out. Use more of your hips and think of your tool as a pendulum. When you turn your hips one way, your dick will go the opposite. As far as rhythm goes, keep a steady pace and watch how she responds. If she pulls your hips in, she may want you to go deeper. Lastly don't give her everything too soon. If you already know this stuff, then in this case just look at it a reminder. Don't watch porn because it teaches nothing in my opinion.

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Don’t use porn as a reference for how you should be performing. They just pound away for the destructive effect. Women love getting pounded, but if she’s saying you’re no good and don’t have rhythm, work first on slowly figuring out what she really likes. Grinding your pelvic bone on her clit in missionary works really well for example. Find the angles they like; you’ll be able to tell. Then start thrusting to a beat in your head and stick to it. Start off slow and making sure the angle you’re at is working well. Rhythm really is great because a big part of getting off for women is the mental part of it, so if you’re working a rhythm she can mentally follow it as you go. Then start to change it up as you go, go faster then slow down, thrust shallow for a bit then go deep as you can, that type of thing. Find what works best and slowly intensify it. Catch a groove and enjoy your time in pound town. I like to make my girlfriend cum since for me it’s an accomplishment. If you don’t care, then by all means ignore her and do whatever the fuck you want.

Also read Sex God Method

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"'Bitch I still fucked lol"

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Read sex God method and watch a little more porn. You may want to learn about the clit as well... She won't be calling you or texting you

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Go on top and show me your rhythm

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your like a dog humping away

If you emptied your balls, you're winning.