Tinder chick shit tests me with "How tall are you?" - I respond accordingly. Her response is...interesting. What do you guys make of this? (self.asktrp)

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Link to the conversation: http://imgur.com/u9QOpqB

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Good pressure flip.

Her response isn't all that interesting - she complied with your request, which means qualification to you. Carry on man.

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You passed. You can turn her weight into an advantage or switch subjects if done well. She doesn't want a short guy with height issues, but likes you.

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tell her your ex was 120, and you felt she was too thin, and it'll be interesting to date someone more huggable.

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'interesting' - you knocked that shit out the park, dog!

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That is an awesome response. Bravo.

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i was picturing some of haes "hug some meat instead of bones" crap posters while reading this, i don't think its a good idea, just avoid this completely.

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Haha that's awesome.

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I'll give you props on holding frame by not answering/talking to her until she answered your question/complied!

I can see how somebody without RedPill knowledge could have easily fucked it up!

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Never believe the number a girl tells you, she's at least 150.

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That's true and he is probably actually 5'5. Oh the lies we weave.

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I don't agree.

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Very nice. You have her hamster working overtime as she considers whether or not she is a fatty.

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If I was in the same situation and I replied with my actual height (6'1), would I need to ask her about her weight then?

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Should've said something like I'm 4'11" in heels. Then flipped the weight question.

Women suck at guessing your height anyway (or your penis size for that matter).

BTW 135 is gonna pretty chubby if the girl is anything less than 5'7"

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Haha great response. I would just carry on and try to fuck her. If she was no longer interested based on your answer she wouldn't have responded

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U do good

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To be honest I don't make anything of it. She's "random" and "quirky" and honed in on your question that was forward but very unique, so her whole response was just based on that. I would just continue as if she responded positively, keeping in mind you don't want to get too much into chatting her up..

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Interesting. Based on the title, I clicked your shit imagining i'd have to scold you. In context: fair enough. grand scheme of things, that's how I get tinder chicks attention too. Give them something to think about, then fuck off for a few days and get a cell# after they eventually hit me back. Weeds out the majority of the attention whores who just want to get tinder texts all day

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Rofl. Well played, man.

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She either didn't get the message, or escalated it one level higher by mentioning the gym.

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"Oh good, perfect for throwing around."

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Huh... coincidentally I'm also 5'7"... I'll try this response next time, usually I quote A$AP Ferg and say "short nigga but my dick tall" but I like this answer more.

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Its not a shit test man, i just replay im5'9, what about you?

Edit : notice that you're 5'7, good presure flip man.

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I don't know man it seem to me like every question a woman asks is a shit test!