[FR] To Indian, Asian and minorities in general. (self.asktrp)

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Writing this on mobile, also non native English speaker, so excuse my grammar and general mistakes. Also been a lurker for little more than 3 months, throw away for obvious reasons.

So a little background about me, I'm from a South American country, Asian, 28 y.o. and technically a virgin until three weeks ago.

The whole lift thing that TRP preaches, fucking do it, I've been lifting for three years now (part of a personal choice way before TRP) and am 6'2 200lb @ 15~18BF% so clear muscle definition and mass but still have some abdominal fat and barely visible abs. Why does it matter you may ask? Well two hours ago I was in bed with a hard 8, and let me tell you, I couldn't get my dick fully hard and on top of that my size is below average, on top of that I'm a grower not a shower so when flaccid it really is depressing, but that did not stop this girl, and two more last week, from giving me head twice, while a little soft all the time, did I mention she kept saying that she loves my wide back and arms while touching them for an hour? Yes AWALT, apparently swole beats small limp dick (sometimes).

So there you go, this is for all you Asian, Indian, minorities bitches that keep posting here looking for validation, looking for a tap on the back while you keep masturbating to videos of blondes on the internet, fuck you all you deserve to die with unfulfilled lives, because while you have wet dreams about Caucasian girls and cry about how brown your skin is, they're sucking on my small limp dick.

Bro tip for all guys looking for improve their lives out there, drop the porn, do healthy masturbation (no more Mr nice guy), 478 method for anxiety, eat clean, lift hard, heavy and often, and for the love of Chad, do not treat TRP as your own personal therapist, this is an incredible source of information and guidance that will help you turn your life around, for free with zero bullshit content and no filter, respect that and be thankful.

Lastly, to all members here that provide content, support and guidance, I sincerely thank you all for helping me help myself.

I'm off to work bitches, peace.

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Perfect attitude to have, well done.

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I second this. Asian 23 and was a virgin until about a month ago. Got laid by a hard 8-9 brunette. My housemate whose Indian also has success with white women, in fact he's only dated whites. Lifting does wonders and even though you may not be the swolest looking guy, you would stand out of most guys by being fit with a tight body. Don't let race be a limiting factor in going for what you want. Factor in self confidence and focusing your strengths will make you go a long way.

We may not be noticed by women of other races at first, but when we are on top of our shit, we will stand out and be the exotic/mysterious ones they'll be curious about.

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Your chances are honestly higher with more attractive women of non-Asian ethnicities than with attractive Asian women. Something I've seen living in California is that Asian girls have this urge about them to have sex with or get into a relationship with White guys.

Likely stems from a deep-seated desire to fit in with American culture. Sad state of affairs but it's the reality of things. I'd identify those women and avoid them, because they are the ones to generally come back to Asian guys when the wall hits them and they have no other options.

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It's a bit iffy there. I believe that it is definitely easier to date attractive women within your race than out of. They are already attuned to be attracted to guys within the race (unless they grew up in a predominately white area). As for dating out, it's all about calibration.

I find a lot of unattractive Asian girls go for non-Asian men and a good amount of very attractive Asians stick within their race. This is also true vice versa with AMWFs. It's hard to say since it's subjective and there's only our references to go off of.

I prefer non-Asians because I find most Asians not attractive and pretty plain (Due to my high standards and exposure to them). There are those men/women that hate their own race and would only date outside and I feel sad for them for shunning their own identity to try to be "cool" and "fit in".

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I agree, I've definitely seen a lot of unattractive women shack up with non-Asian guys, and I'm usually the one to say, "Thanks for taking one for the rest of us." But in general, the in-between females are the majority of what I see dating Asian guys.

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Exactly. Back in my more introverted days, I use to be envious that Asian girls were dating out and I felt that it made it harder for me to date. It was as if they were stealing all the high quality women of our race. In reality, I was just a low self-esteem guy that couldn't get his shit straight. I put in the work and I realized that I was limiting myself from getting these attractive women. Now I could care less who dates who, all that matters is that I won't settle for low quality women.

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I used to hold a grudge against Asian girls going after White guys, but I get it. It's perfectly reasonable for people to date whomever they want, but I've learned over time and from TRP to screen girls out for red flags.

Asian girls with a history of only interacting with White guys is a huge red flag though. By the time they do consider an Asian guy, it's usually for locking a guy down. That's a huge no-no, but there will always be a safety net available for those women.

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Damn right, as brothers we must watch out for those girls. Promote Asian Masculinity

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I agree it's easier in your race than out of as well.

I'm a 6'4 blonde-haired blue-eyed 220 lb Aryan-race man. I literally look like Hitler's dream. I love white girls, and they tend to love me.

However, I'm very attracted to some mixed girls, and latina girls. I haven't had nearly as much success with them as I have with HB8 and HB9 white models, even when the non-white girls were HB7's or soft 8's.

Mind you, I've pursued a lot less and probably less aggressively, but this isn't exclusively a non-white problem. If you like girls outside of your race, be prepared to experience some cultural differences that may hinder your game.

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I only get matched with asian chicks on tinder and the occasional white girl. It's also way easier picking up asian chicks at bars and clubs than other races. This is in nyc.

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That pretty much sums up my online game here as well. As Asians it's hard for us to find matches that are not Asian. The filter system pretty much takes us all out of the game unless the white chicks specifically are looking for us (there are only so many hotties that got the yellow fever). If you want white chicks, it's all about irl game.

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are any of those white women the blonde bombshell types or hot blondes?

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He gets a bit of both. Funny thing is I get the brunettes and he gets the blondes.

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if what you say is true then you just gave me hope, if you're in the USA just PM me what region or state so I can try my luck there because Virginia is not treating me so well

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California, San Francisco area. It's pretty much an Asian hub in SF and it's surrounding cities. Girls seem more open to Asians here and it seems that way on the East coast too.

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It is not that way on the east coast, funny that I hear San Fran being good because from what I have read, most of the Indian men that struggle come from that area. I always thought San Fran was full of racist white girls that due to bad experiences with Indian and Asian immigrants, avoid even the high SMV men of those races. I might be wrong though as I have never really been there but it is nice to know that the west coast might actually be better.

All I ever wanted was to meet an Indian guy who has had success in the game so I know who to model myself after....

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Actually I should have been more specific for East Coast as in New York/DC. I've met chicks that were from there were super down.

I grew up in the Bay Area and I have not witnessed blatant racism of white girls against Asians (of course there are girl's who will never date Asians, but you can't change personal perferences). It is true about the fobby/stereotypical Asian/Indian guys creeping out white women and giving us a bad rep. It doesn't stop me from approaching them since I know that I am a totally different person despite being of the same race. In a twisted way, it makes it easier for us, self-improving, men to stand out from our awkward brothers. They may get envious (the stares of death/disbelief) but it's a signal for them to get their shit together.

It's mostly about how you present yourself to women. I feel that most white women were never given the oppertunity to receive tingles from an Asian/Indian man and thus we do not show up on their radars. When we do show our confident side (I'm the cocky asshole hot Asian guy), they find us very unique and eat it up. Own up to what you have and play it as a strength. "I'm 5'9 and Asian, so what? We're still fucking tonight."

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But but but but... you're 6'2... :'(

Yeah stop whining and work with what you have.

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Oh yeah, another TRP truth, height does matter, but it all boils down to adding up all the factors that make your SMV increase or decrease.

And I think we can all agree that penis size does hit your SMV pretty hard 99% of the time, so adjust and evolve, learn to use your fingers, to eat pussy, get swole, balance things out.

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Just curious which country are you in?

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So the stereotype of lusting after white girls is true or what?

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It's not that they're venting, it's the ridiculous shit they're venting about that needs to be squashed.

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Can't kill shit until it's out in the open.

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I completely understand anger phase, but complains from Indian dudes in here are not anger phase, those are cries for validation, and that's just not acceptable for me.

"I'm Indian please somebody tell me I will make it pleeeeeaseeee"

Is different from


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Yeah, no. No whining here. Questions that haven't been answered, yes - 'help white girls don't like me WHAT DO' can fuck right off.

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Go check your t levels and look into viagra. You shouldn't have limp dick issues this young.

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I have troubles getting aroused by physical stimulation alone, I blame porn, because the moment the girl is acting all slutty and moaning I get hard fast.

Also yesterday I fucked a girl four times after heavy leg day and slept less than 6 hours in a 48hs period, so if this happens to me again under "normal" circumstances I'm definitely going to get checked and get a prescription for viagra.

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You need more sleep.

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Yeah pretty much, lol.

To be honest I wasn't expecting anything from that date, was planning on seeding a day 2 but she was DTF, took my chances and my body didn't agree, but that's why I decided to write this, I was really surprised that it wasn't a turn off / deal breaker for her.

Already set up a day two next week.

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Drinking that day too?

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No, I rarely drink these days as being sober makes my game better every single approach. Smoked weed on tuesday though.

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The smoking shouldn't affect it, unless you do it a lot.

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I smoke casually, maybe once every two weeks or even less. Getting a blowjob while high was awesome though. Anyways plate is coming back next week, I should be well rested and with a full tank by then, if the same happens then it's TRT/viagra time.

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Sounds like you got it figured out. To speak to your post though I used to hate blow jobs because I liked to actively dominate the girl. Aeveral previous plates hated it because they could never get me off and I would always challenge them by saying no one has gotten me off. It was a massive ding to their confidence. So funny to watch them get mad.

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reframing to your own advantage like a bawss.

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get yourself some proviron.

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Semen doesn't come out of thin air. Heavy leg day, lack of sleep, and sex four times (did you ejaculate each time) sounds fucking exhausting. Male essence is for recovering the body and growth. When you have sex four times, physically exert a lot of energy lifting, and don't allow your body to recover through rest is probably why you have "limp dick" issues. Gotta give yourself a chance to recover. You cannot exhaust your body's semen and then expect to have strong erections.

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Yeah I know, that's why I'm not too worried about it, that particular day I was really tired, mentally and physically, but not being used to fucking two women on the same month week, you bet I'm going to try if I have the chance lol.

Also even if I do have low T issues or erection issues, I can always hop on gear and kill two birds with one stone, or get a viagra prescription...To be honest I'd rather go with T, taking viagra in my late 20's seems kinda depressing.

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Girls and guys are different. Guys get sexually aroused by physical, girls by mental.

Not to toot my own horn but I'm a fucking god, I never knew to take advantage of it because of low self-esteem/other issues so I didn't lose my virginity until 24.

Solid post, newbies busy making excuses need to shut the fuck up. Bitches love masculinity, other men respect it. There are so many different ways for men to increase their SMV even if nature fucked them over.

The red pill saved me.

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There are so many different ways for men to increase their SMV even if nature fucked them over.

You said it brother, it's actually simple, either you play whatever hand you got, or you fold, but don't cry about it, that's part of being a man.

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What's 478 method for anxiety? Please enlighten me.

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The 4-7-8 breathing method or Relaxing Breath consists of the following steps:

  • Exhale completely through your mouth making a whoosh sound.

  • Inhale through your nose to a mental count of four.

  • Hold your breath for a count of seven.

  • Exhale completely through your mouth to a count of eight making a whoosh sound.

Don't know if works for everybody, it sure helps me calm down a lot, I was thinking about meditating for 10~20 mins breathing continuously using this method.

edit: Credit to another user that posted this on the parent sub, too lazy to look it up right now, sorry.

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Thanks. This helps!

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Best FR I've read on asktrp in a long time.

This is the attitude you need in order to succeed, and should cultivate before posting. If you're still crying about the color of your skin, your height, eye color, or birth nationality in your post, you have not got the pill down and truly developed a IDGAF attitude.

Stop blaming institutionalized racism. Stop blaming your skin color. You can not do shit about them, so stop complaining.

Do like OP did. Then post.

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My sides, is this a real post?

am 6'2 200lb

there you go, this is for all you Asian, Indian, minorities

Bro tip for all guys looking for improve their lives out there

All someone 6ft+ needs to do to have Top 20% looks is lift, take care of their skin & dress up. As long as you're not socially retarded & don't mention a high paying job, Top 20% looks & a hint of game is all you need to smash 24/7.

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do healthy masturbation

What does this entail?

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Don't let it get out of hand

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Kinda figured masturbation was always in hand.

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I'd assume that's what you would want

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Basically you jack off without visual stimulation and/or mental, and concentrate on physical pleasure.

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Fuck eh. I've been such a whacko for jacking off to my imagination on girls I like. (new to TRP but making great progress). Anyways this post helped me a lot and I'll definitely try to shut out my idealistic thoughts and work on this. I think masterbating in such a way leads to oneitis, etc.

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I think right now the two biggest factors that I have problems with regarding sex, is my insecurity regarding size and the fact that years of porn have distorted my perception of reality regarding women and sex.

I've noticed that I feel sort of uncomfortable being fully naked with a girl, while they are spread eagle not giving a shit, even chubby girls (like not while having sex, but after). And about porn, I have unrealistic expectations and I basically programmed myself to get hard by porn-like attitudes and bodies instead of enjoying the fucking sex like a normal person.

edit: forgot my point, point is, masturbating to unrealistic visual stimulus is basically self programming, it's like giving your dog a treat when he sits and rolls, eventually you will overwrite your own instinct and fail miserably in real sexual situations, cutting porn and focusing on physical pleasure while masturbating instead of creating this mental movie of X girl sucking my dick has helped me a lot in a short period of time.

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    No I'm not, I can only imagine what a disaster would be for me to have less sensitivity on top of my already existing "conditions".

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    Be thankful for every pellet that's given to you - my linear algebra prof.

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    Of course, there's a fine line between being thankful and settling for what you've got but it is necessary sometimes to remember that there's people that have way bigger issues, at least my dick is fully functional and I can fuck with it, some guys can't even jerk off.

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    I think we all need a release once a week if we're not getting any.

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    don't cum in a box.

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    I am proud of you OP and I hope more of you exist, 6'1 or so here and brown. My issue is that I want to have success with white girls but no one has given me any advice on how a man of my ethnic background can have a lot of success with good looking white girls in the USA. I have never seen a good looking blonde with an Indian guy in my entire life here in the USA so that kinda hurts me too.

    Asian guys are doing better these days, Indian men are the ones struggling as I hardly know any in my area that are having success.

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    Take them off the fucking pedestal, they can smell the inferiority complex you have, it's like a really really pitiful version of pheromones. You get around the "hot blonde bombshell" and subconsciously think she's a white goddess who shits Aztec gold and she can tell. She can't quite put her finger on what's wrong with you, but she knows there's something that's a little off.

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      Hay man, I've seen Indian guys pull hot girls too, they just weren't the kind of hot girls I am into (hot blondes). So that is what my post was about, being that alpha Indian guy but still not being able to get with the kind of girls you are attracted to.

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        I find it hard to believe that you have had a hard time with redheads, they have been just as receptive to me as a lot of non-white girls have. For some reason I find that redheads have a very high sex drive and are aggressive when going after guys. They seem to love the swarthy look in men too.

        Blondes have given me a shit ton of trouble, I cannot seem to get it going with them at all! It is frustrating mainly because when I hit the bars and clubs, those are the main types of women I see.

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          I am in Virginia and we have some redheads here, haven't had a rough time with them at all and some even approach me. Have been with a couple of natural gingers (red bush and all), I did not find them hard to get with at all. I also tend to attract some pale skinned brunettes with freckles and colored eyes, in some situations at least. Guess that is the whole opposites attract thing as I am darker skinned and look pretty good for my race, being over 6 ft tall helps too. All of the white girls I have been with fit those two images along with the Italian/Mediterranean looks but we don't have too many of those in my area and a lot of people don't consider those groups to be white here.

          As for blondes, they just fucking ignore me when I approach them at bars. I try to talk to them, they have a blank face and look away, at times they whip out their cellphones and turn their backs to me pretending like I am not even there. It doesn't even get to the point where they are shit-testing me, if it did then I would see it as progress and not be on here. Even when I meet them through social circles, the rare times I do, they are paying way more attention to other guys and just ignoring me.

          Good that you asked for my location because I have been thinking of that is the main reason I am doing so poorly.

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            well, I can't even get any fucking help on this sub, the thread I posted asking for help got flooded with imbeciles calling me a troll. Sucks, I really wanted help on how to get those kinds of women but so called experts on this sub are completely against that sort of shit. Fucking imbeciles.

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            If you can pull hot girls, you can also pull the Legendary Super Saiyan goddess.

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              I would like to think that we are but from what I have experienced, seems like it depends on the types of women you're going after.

              I've heard it a few times about Indian guys getting the blonde 9s on this sub but the day I actually see something like that in real life, I'll believe it for sure because as far as I know, I haven't even seen such a couple on social media.

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              no one has given me any advice on how a man of my ethnic background can have a lot of success with good looking white girls in the USA

              I have no idea how things are in the US regarding white girls and Indian guys, but from what I can tell by reading TRP, it is not favorable. That being said and judging by the way you express yourself, I can only assume you're afraid that you will never be able to achieve your sexual goal, well, to be brutally honest I highly doubt that you will be able to have lot of success, but I do think you will be able to win some battles.

              Also TRP gives you plenty of advise, get swole, get rich, do the best you can to minimize your "defects" and get rejected a lot, eventually if you have enough determination and discipline you will improve yourself physically, reduce your "defects" and learn how to game certain type of girls.

              Not getting advise is just another excuse, also why not contribute? go out and figure out how to do it. If at least one of the Indian bitches in here that constantly whine would've gone out 5 days a week to game blondes and nothing but blondes, I assure you by now there would be lots of FR posts about brown fucking men plowing blond bitches.

              [–]Denvard -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

              I used to sleep around with this one brunette from Argentina and she told me a lot about how bad race is an issue there, still think that the USA might be worse in that regard when it comes to dating but I hope I am wrong. Virginia isn't the most tolerant state in the country and people here tend to dislike foreign looking men in general.

              I'll just ask this sub how to get those types of women in general regardless of whatever race you might be.

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              Stop being such a pussy and work on your SMV.

              That, or lose the obsession with white women.

              [–]bassmouthgibbs -4 points-3 points  (9 children)

              Asian men are not the ones whining on here as of late, it has been Indian men. The issue for this sub is pretty clear, it is mostly white males who do not want minorities going after their precious blondes. I am serious, you would think that someone would have given advice on how a minority can get with the beautiful blonde types that he runs into but no one is giving that advice. No one has told that guy what lifestyle to pursue or what to do to land the bimbo at the bar. All anyone does is attack the OP of those threads and never ever gives any advice to him on how he can get the kinds of girls he wants. It is sad to see the situation happen the way it has but even on the red pill, no one wants to give poor old Apu advice on how he can fuck Kayden Kross.

              [–]RP_success_throwie[S] 2 points3 points  (0 children)

              it is mostly white males who do not want minorities going after their precious blondes

              First of all I am not completely familiar with the situation in the US, as I don't live there, but I have a general idea after reading about it here a billion times.

              Now, you also have to think that no matter if both of them are in the same physical/economical and social level, a white guy cannot possibly know how to game a blonde from a Indian guy's perspective.

              No one is giving advise because apparently there's not a single Indian guy in the community that has the balls to go out every single day with the mission of fucking blondes until he cracks the code, either that or to confirm that it is impossible.

              For example, In my country most guys are from european/latin roots, and if I were to ask them how to win a caucasian girl it wouldn't work for shit, because most girls have been socially conditioned to picture themselves marrying a white dude, so it's not so much that they don't like Asians, but most of them never even though about it, so I have to overcome that.

              I don't know man, if I were to be Indian in the US that would sort of suck more than it sucks to be Asian here, but it would be quite an interesting challenge to be the first one to develop that highly specific type of game and guide others don't you think?

              [–]Audunis 0 points1 point  (3 children)

              Tempted to start whitesplaining as to why that is the case. Frankly white guys are defensive because media is full of pro-interracial messages for white girls.

              White guys are just responding to the dynamic that has been created which does seek to do harm to them.

              [–]bassmouthgibbs 1 point2 points  (2 children)

              Frankly white guys are defensive because media is full of pro-interracial messages for white girls.


              Most of the lead roles in Hollywood go to white men!

              Most of the romantic films have white males as lead!

              Most interracial romance is between white men and women that aren't white themselves!

              Media does everything to make sure white girls don't race mix.

              [–]1RedPillJax 0 points1 point  (0 children)

              You. Are. Fucking. Delusional.

              Stop blaming your complete failure as a man on race and society keeping white women away from you.

              You have a low SMV. Period. And your defeatist pussy attitude is the number 1 thing you need to remedy.

              [–]1RedPillJax 0 points1 point  (0 children)

              You are the biggest fucking whiner on this entire sub. I keep seeing you, and you keep disguisting me.

              I'm white, and you can have a blonde. Stop saying white women are brainwashed against you because you're not white - white women don't like you because you have a low fucking SMV and a self-defeating delusional attitude about life.

              Seriously, just shut the fuck up and read the sidebar until you get it through your head that you are responsible for how white women treat you, not anyone else.

              [–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (1 child)

              I'm nowhere near white and I still think you fucks should stop whining about the "blonde bimbos". We don't give you advice because you won't take it. You'll switch accounts and post it again in an hour, looking for a different answer. If Apu would quit being a faggot and take "hot blonde bombshells" off of that Sears Tower pedestal he's built for them, maybe we could give him advice. But until then, he'll never achieve his dream of putting his dick in the Ultimate Whiteness.

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              ♂ Thank fucking god someone realizes this.

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              What's healthy masturbation?

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              Masturbation without visual or mental stimulus, just focusing on the physical pleasure.

              But at first jacking off without porn should be enough to slowly get rid of any sort of damage porn has done to you.