Why isnt the book of pook in the sidebar? (self.asktrp)

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Amazing knowlege. Explain a lot of question that are asked here. So I wonder why it isnt in the sidebar(in the main sub)

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if youre interested here it is: https://bookofpook.neocities.org/

I recommend reading the 15 lesson if youre really new to this. And ¨what every skinny guy should know¨, ¨The secret of the jerk¨, ¨Looks or personality¨, ¨Embrace your sexuality¨ are my favorites, but everything is worth reading(even though some posts are really long).

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thanks man. going to reread it.

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Also antidump. I think pook antidump and rational male are the three core texts

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You got a link for Anti-dump or could you upload it? Searched through posts about it but all links to the e-book are broken.

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Link's broken for me. Anyone else have the problem?

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Link pls

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    Antidump overlaps but focuses more on filtering out girls who aren't really interested

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    Who wrote antidump and what is it about in general?

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    I can approve of the book of pook. It enhanced my game a lot!

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    I thought it was

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    Good question. I was struggling with accepting TRP and pook cured that in a few hours of listening to the audiobook.

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    wheres the audiobook?

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    I just used the youtube video. It proved to be a huge pain in the ass as it was during a long drive and kept causing my gps to crash. Still, it was a magical drive. Let me know if you find an actual audiobook, I'd be interested too!

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    Fuckin awesome. Got a 6 hr drive tomorrow and can knock out half of it