I don't understand the daily grind, it seems like mundane bullshit. (self.asktrp)

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I'll start with that I'm a millenial, so I imagine this has a lot to do with where I'm coming from. I lift, go to school, work a retail job because college. I put in work yes, but only just enough in all areas. I'm capable of 100% in all subjects, but I just don't because I'm always strung out on the fact that I can't just smoke pot and waste away on video games for a solid day.

I feel as though if I'm really just a lazy whiney bitch. All I do is work. Life is a chore and I'm finding no enjoyment in it.

I love lifting weights, but consistent diet and discipline? Fuck off. I enjoy learning from my lectures, homework and exams? Piss off. Work? Whatever.

I've always had this idea that I'm gonna fix the world's problems or at least help. I want to. I want at least be a functioning part in the world's survival.

But then I'm caught with "fuck the world's problems I'm just gonna make money and enjoy my life until death" That doesn't really seem fulfilling either.

I wake up, hit the gym, do my classes and go to work. All for what? Get a pat on the back because I dusted the shelves so good or I sucked a customer's dick long enough to get a happy letter?

All for what? "This is the way life is you just have to accept it." - That seems like a total bluepill mentality and a load of fucking bullshit.

I never feel like I'm in the right place when I'm at school or work. I don't know where I'm supposed to be but it's not there.

I am 24 with good health and all 4 limbs. I could be useful in the world, I could help plant crops in a torn country, anything besides this selfish cosumption. I understand TRP is about investing in yourself I get that.

The plan apparently is slave away until I'm a mech engineer. Make good money have nice house, cars, clothes live live live die. It's never seemed quite right.

How do I enjoy this? It always seems all this what seems like hard work but is secretly half assed by me is all for nothing.

There's a world for my taking and I'm just sitting her idle sucking the systems dick not enjoying my existence. Putting in half ass work because I don't see the point.

Where is my thinking flawed? Am I missing something?

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I never feel like I'm in the right place when I'm at school or work.

Make good money have nice house, cars, clothes live live live die. It's never seemed quite right.

Where is my thinking flawed? Am I missing something?

You're going to college so you can make someone else rich, just like the job you currently work at for chump change - the only difference is that once you graduate, you'll get 80k annual, while your owner pockets 180k from your work.

You feel that your life is shit because it is. College is the new high school, everyone is doing it which means almost nobody is at an actual advantage from having done so. It meant a lot a few generations back, because only 1 in 5 people - or even less than that - graduated from college. It was a real achievement & there was real demand for it.

Now? You rack up student loans only to be hit with Catch-22 once you graduate. "No experience = no work for you".

Also, your life sounds like shit. It sounds like a life you live because other people think you should, is that even your fucking life? Are you going out and doing cool shit that makes your heart jump out of your chest on the weekends?

If you're making posts like this, the answer is probably no. If you were, your shitty career life would be ok, it would have a reason - to bankroll your bad-ass weekend hobbies. But since you're not, you might as well go into business for yourself or do something else that other people won't, so you stand an actual chance of having things they won't.

You're already ahead of the curve, though, asking these questions now - so don't feel too bad about the whole thing.

Most people ask them after they've reached the top of a career that doesn't make them happy 30 years later.

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I don't understand this hate for college and university thats spread throughout here. They lead to great careers if you pick a proper path. It doesn't even have to be difficult or a long program you just have to not pick a stupid course. Most people will not be entrepreneurs so I don't see how going to college to make money is bad. This idea that you'll work for someone who will make more money doesn't make sense. What matters is how much you make. Someone will always make more money would you rather work at McDonalds making 10 bucks an hour or work as an engineer somewhere making 100. Turning that down because your higher up will make more is silly. Maybe I'm misunderstanding but pushing to tell people not to go to school is a horrendous idea.

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I don't understand this hate for college and university thats spread throughout here.

They lead to great careers if you pick a proper path.

You're already talking about < 1/4th of college majors.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding but pushing to tell people not to go to school is a horrendous idea.

Johnny the millenial lazy fuck wants to be a software engineer? Hustle, get in as a QA and work your way up.

Four years and +120K later (30k/yr assuming no raises), he's an engineer with 4 years on the resume instead of a graduate with no experience and 100K debt - for almost every occupation, this is a better approach than college.

That's a quarter million dollar difference by the time you're 22/23 - think about that for a second.

Not to mention he'll also have a professional network, stability from savings & skills to deal with workplace politics.

Unless you want to do something legally requiring a degree (MD, law, etc), college should be the backup plan.

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I would say not going to college is the lazy way. College is a fantastic experience and in Canada anyway it's not even close to that expensive. It must just be the States that bends you over ending up in that much debt. There's not a lot of places that will hire you on without some form of schooling unless you're hopping into a trade as an apprentice or maybe computer science if you know your way around. I just have no idea how people expect to make money without school under their belt. Again maybe it's different in the states but unless you want to be a cashier or into trades you pretty much need some school. I'm just looking to be enlightened about what kind of jobs these guys are expected to do.

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There's not a lot of places that will hire you on without some form of schooling unless you're hopping into a trade

Trade school is different from college here in the U.S. - so things like learning to be an electrician on the job, paid internships which could lead to full time positions, anything blue collar (plumbing, rope access, welding) that doesn't require college and is fairly easy to self-start in also happens to pay really fucking well. A plumber or welder with 1-2 years under his belt can easily make $40/hr, which is a lot more than most college graduates will start out making.

I'm just looking to be enlightened about what kind of jobs these guys are expected to do.

You can get an entry-level position at big name companies that normally require degrees if you show up to job fairs, go out of your way to reach out to people, write good cover letters and / or ardently pursue internship opportunities.

The point I'm making is that most people can land a job that normally claims to require a college degree without having one with persistence, creativity, a little bit of luck and out-of-the-box thinking as well as the balls to do it.

Once you land the first job & stay in it for over a year, you have experience & can get hired regardless.

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In Computer Science I'll tell you though, having worked with a lot of people with and without degrees, I will pick somebody who has a degree that they appreciate any day. I don't care what the degree is honestly. Because 1) you worked hard and learned something or 2) you had time to study and access to professors and didn't squander it. I hate this idea that you can go your whole career with time in a university being seen as counter productive. I posit that you can go 5 solid self-motivated years into your career on IC track without a degree. Going to senior IC is where I think the BS degree gate belongs. Beyond that point you need to be forced into bullshit exercises that you wouldn't do on your own, and have seen enough specific examples to make sense of abstract algorithms and data structures. Required in the AWALT sense, maybe <1% can do it themselves (and obviously anyone talking is in that group /s).

My own background is as a high school drop out (who quit to code, had not touched drugs or booze), who then completed a bachelor's degree years later. Now in 30s. I should be credible in talking about this, but instead people write me off because I'm just a tool with a degree, don't have that drop out cred. Old see that I'm short and baby faced and assume I'm a new grad millennial making shit up. Le sigh.

Edit: And fuck companies who cultivate that ignorant attitude, even if they get huge exits.

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That's some plugged in BS, IMO. You are really recommending people give up potentially the most important growing and social experience of their lives to make an extra $100k? Like that's supposed to make a person happy?

I stayed in college 6 1/2 years, and it changed the entire course of my life. I studied philosophy, I learned how to meet and talk to people, how to be on my own, expanded my goals to include worldwide travel / living.

Could I have taken a couple community college classes and learned my trade and got a quick jump on a job in my hometown? Maybe. But that's a much sadder story than learning how to handle myself socially, learning how to make money, getting experience with women, and moving thousands of miles away to strike out on my own (after college), and succeeding. That's incomparable, and sometimes I fall asleep with a wide grin on my face because of how well things work out sometimes.

Caveat: I left with $24k debt to a job making $60k+ a year. I wouldn't recommend leaving with more debt than that.

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    It's like nobody even wants to deal with us.

    That's because we don't. Gotta figure your own shit out and pull yourself into the real world.

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    Hey man... It's a good thing to ask yourself those questions.

    By the way, each generation is given some bullshit label by the media, and nearly the same thing is said about each generation.

    I'm a Generation Xer. The media / society basically told us we don't really have anything to stand for, we're entitled, and we have little drive. Now the Xers are saying similarly demeaning things about millennials... am I right? Shit rolls downhill, and the older generation always shits on the younger. I continue to ignore it all bc it doesn't define me in the least.

    I challenge you to quit using pot for some time. I guarantee you will feel differently after a few weeks. This is coming from someone who is totally pro pot and pro legalization. I smoked every evening for over 10 years until I quit about 3 months ago. I see the world much differently now, I can think better, and I like it.

    You can always go back to smoking if I'm wrong... Peace.

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    I got stoned for the first time yesterday. Honest question, why would you do that on a daily basis?

    Personally I didn't really feel a whole lot different other than being super ready to go to bed. I think that's strange, as it was indica which was supposed to give me an "uppity" high.

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    Maybe it's uppity compared to other highs? Who knows, I don't do pot or anything.

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    "do pot"

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    Hi there. I'm pretty sure that indicas are supposed to chill you out, and sativa's are supposed to give energy. In any case, I never experienced that huge of a difference between the two. Either one can amp me up or make me tired, depending on the circumstances. Also, I've heard many times that people don't really get "high" the first time, so your next experience may be very different.

    I find that getting high can be really fun. It can make me just laugh about silly things, be goofy, and bond with people. It can also make me paranoid, stuck to my couch, and ravenously hungry.

    So, why would I get high daily? There are a few reasons. When I first got high, during my freshman year of college, it was the first time I felt "ok" in my entire life. I normally was depressive, anxious, and felt like shit. Pot made me high, but in some ways also made me feel normal. Now that I'm in my 40's, I realize that I should have been on medication back then. I now take three psychotropic medications and I feel normal. (Hope that's not too much information). In any case, I was using pot in place of medication. All I knew is that I felt better when high. (So it's probably good that you didn't feel awesome the first time you used it).

    More recently, I used pot to help me go to sleep. One of the medications I take is a Central Nervous System stimulant, so I'd be amped up at night. I'd have a couple hits in the evening, and then later I'd sleep like a rock. But I've been able to quit pot, and I realize the idea that I really need pot to sleep was just an excuse to keep using it.

    If I use pot again in the future, it will be just to have fun once in awhile on a weekend night, when I don't have to work the next day.

    So, the bottom line is it can be really fun, but it can also become something people depend on, or use to cover up an underlying psychological issue or negative thoughts and feelings.

    Hope I answered your question.

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    Wow thanks you for the write up.

    I've had a few more tries so far, I think I actually experienced the slight dizziness described last night and ended up just pretty much staring off into space and pondering inconceivables. So far the only real downside is the smoking it part which has really been bothering my throat to the point I thought my strep throat was coming back.

    I'm pretty anxious as a default, always super strung up, but I've so far not found that pot cures that. Dunno. I'll give it a couple more tries before I leave amsterdam, then make a verdict.

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    I'm only 17 yet your goal resonates with me, how do you intend to realise said goal?

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    Then change it until you enjoy it, you answered your own question.

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    Yes, but how? I've got nothing.

    No degree, no savings, no property of own.

    Sure I do work and do all these great things society says is great. In reality I've got nothing. I'm a little fish in an ocean.

    The only thing I have is a couple material objects (ffs my car can't even drive the country). Life expierence and a couple jokes. My skill set is that I can fix virtually anything.

    So just drop college, work, my life already and start fresh with nothing?

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    You just answered your own question. No degree, no house, no savings, no property = no obligations to anyone, or anything.

    You might not have family. That doesn't mean you can't move to Idaho and help out on a potato farm, learning about the earth.

    You also need to understand that there is a buy in for clean water and a place to sleep, unless you move to northern Alaska or someplace nobody wants to live. You must accept this and either comply with it (day job, college, consumerism) or defy it (wild Alaskan winters here you come.)

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    You could try living out of a hotel room for a week. Things could be a lot worse.

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    Just because things could be a lot worse does not mean things are great. I can totally relate to OP as I see it the same way. Most of humanity do stupid shit all day, shit so fucking stupid it could be automated. There's so much potential wasted in keeping slavery alive. But things are what they are and educational system as a whole would need huge changes to make anybody able to do a meaningful job. Imho never going to happen

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    Tons of people do meaningful jobs. Just because some people choose to put a thumb up their ass and think they don't need school and don't need to work hard they end up blaming everyone but themselves for their failures. People fuck around get a liberal arts degree than say university was useless. Yeah no doubt. Ask a doctor or an engineer or a teacher they generally love their jobs and fins fulfillment doing it. Whining is the shittiest trait a person can have.

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    Except his options are limitless and he's basically bitching because he doesn't have the balls to take the leap into something else. Just like you.

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    If you have no money, no connections and stuff, your options are more than limited. The only option is to slave away the rest of your life or try to cheat e.g. save your taxes from government or rob a bank.

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    You're macro to yourself, micro to the world.

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    You need to meet some people who are unplugged from the system. For me, that came in the form of starting to spend time with world-traveling, hard working musicians, artists, and hippies.

    Just like most groups of people, there is a staggering variety of people. But these people are living lives that matter in some cases, traveling the world, or the country, or maybe just living off the land somewhere with some other people they care about. People living in Thailand, Bali, Costa Rica. People that have learned the lesson that the system is a grind, it's full of shit, you don't need expensive houses and cars as much as you need to cook dinner with the community of people you love each night.

    I'm a millennial too, close enough. And I do feel the system has screwed me up a bit since even though I logically know it's bullshit I can't help but like to sit around and watch tv like a regular jerkoff sometimes. It's an uphill battle for some of us.

    But my point is, there are people out there living the life you want to live. You need to find them and learn from them and make them your people. No man is an island. You need a community to learn from and contribute to. It might take years, but what the fuck else are you gonna do?

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    Sounds like you don't know what you want. You are simply doing what others expect of you.

    You cannot achieve your goals until you have some sense of what they are.

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    1. Work within the law

    2. Enjoy your job

    3. Make lots of money

    Choose any two

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    Draw and plan out your future. What do you want to do? Draw it out, and plan it. You want to change the world? Find out what you need to have to do that, set that as your goal and save money for it every paycheck because whatever your goal is nowadays it's all gotta do with money. Plan it out and save money for that goal, then you will have that.

    If you're reading this and thinking "fuck that, I don't have a motivation for this" and don't know what your goal is, then you need to find motivation. Save money for a trip to a mountainous country or just any one of your favorite nature regions, part of the reason we are depressed as millennials in the us is because we are mostly away from our true nature spots. Take some mushrooms or smoke a lot of weed at that nature spot and meditate, look into the sky or the river and ask yourself what you want. A nature trip is gonna help you go into yourself and ask you what you need because we are from the forests and the rivers and the mountains and not the cities where the outdoors smell like car exhaust. You have the answers you're just not letting it get to you because of your environment. You hate work and school and even the gym because it's become repetitive and something you just do on autopilot. We are not meant to run on autopilot. Get a philosophy book by Plato and read some of his philosophical studies and questions out on a mountain high on natural drugs and you will find peace and give yourself the answers. Now I'm not a pot head but I used to be and that is bad, once in a while when you are stressed and depressed and hate the world (the city and the shitty robotic humans) you need to relieve that stress with weed, you will feel like you were being a baby and all is good and that feeling won't go away I promise unless you smoke a bowl a day and again that is fucking bad. I have done this and if you have any questions as to what happened and how it helped feel free to DM me.

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    Something TRP doesn't address often is finding a higher meaning, and finding mentors.

    Personally as well as my day to day life, through my sensei and dojo I am on a spiritual journey to seeing the world in a different way.

    Getn pussy, money and muscles is in a way a very shallow endeavour. I am working towards all 3 however they are only a fraction of my overall life goals.

    Honestly my largest life goal is to love myself - I have high standards though so it will require a lot of work.

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    Where is my thinking flawed? Am I missing something?

    The world doesn't give a shit about you and you're lucky if even your family does.

    Be broke, of average to below average intelligence without a college degree, connections or anyone's back and see how well you fare.

    Most of the world is genetic garbage that can't form peaceful high trust societies even though the system tries to tell you otherwise.

    Trying to help those people is like trying to fill a black hole as you can see from the untold billions that have been sunk into Africa while China pulled itself out of poverty relatively quickly.

    Yes, you got to grind very hard these days to make it anywhere and if you aren't in a major world city life can seem like a pointless drag these days with little rewards. It is how it is...

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    What are you going to school for/how many years do you have left?

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    Fun jobs don't typically pay well for the average person because there's so many people willing to do them. But since you have a steady income, there's no reason you can't do one of them. Become a musician or an athlete or a comedian or whatever floats your fancy. "I live off the dole" isn't a particularly attractive statement.

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    Get educated, get a high-paying job, budget and save, buy property, rent/flip property. Do this 1-3x and you now have enough passive income to move anywhere in the world, quit your job and do whatever-the-fuck you want. That's the daily grind in my opinion. Freedom comes after dedication and hard work.

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    The daily grind is only 8 hours of your day, 5 of the 7 days. Welcome to reality. The other 70% of your time can be spent doing fun things like hobbies.

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    I understand what you wanted to say. I think this question is one of those "deep". But answer on it, well fuck have no idea

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    It is all mundane bullshit but there are peaks and troughs. You can't enjoy the meaningful highlights without a good portion of suck.

    You can go to the gym, spend time and have a half-assed diet and look OK. Put in a little more effort and you'll look amazing. It's those little differences that add up and make the BIG differences down the line.

    While developing your dieting discipline you'll be building pathways in your brain that will help with other things that require discipline and you'll find it much easier to then study or work on a side hustle.

    Your work ethic and discipline will allow you to make goals and achieve them. Day in day out it will be mundane, but you have to fall in love with the process. It'll come.

    You'll begin to understand delayed gratification. That if you hold-off goofing off and put in some work you'll see results/reward down the line.

    When you're 30 you'll look around and see your peers and you'll realise that it was that ability to go that extra distance and push yourself further that makes all the difference in the quality of life.

    It took me a while to understand and come to terms with it. There's a difference between being told the truth and discovering it for yourself. But it will save you the hassle of figuring it out for yourself if you just accept this as truth.

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    Fuck off for suggesting suicide for someone who just asked for help