How do i gently tell her to get the fuck out of my house (self.asktrp)

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Yesterday,i had a plate come over at about 8 PM.We watched a movie,ate something and then fucked.I looked over at the clock and i saw that it said 10:30 PM.I had to go to work so i told her to go home.She then got into an argument with me about some stupid shit and i was barely able to convince her to go home.How do i tell plates really REALLY gently to get their stinky ass out of my apartment?

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No need to be gentle. Be direct. Women prefer their man to be decisive. Tell her your rule: no sleep overs. She wants boundaries, and she wants you to set them. You have many many important things to do anyway. If that's not the truth, you're doing it wrong. Your priority is to accomplish those things, not laze all day in bed.

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Yeah this is the answer. Be direct and upfront that you don''t want a sleepover. I planned to do something (work/study/whatever) later tonight. I am not really sleepy - or maybe I am sleepy and prefer to sleep alone (true).

If she gets upset about this just tell her you didn't plan on a sleepover tonight, and that if she wants to sleep over then you should plan it together beforehand next time. That is the end of that conversation.

Be the commander of your time, girls will always try to erode it but letting them get away with it only undermines your own value in their eyes.

Anyway, after the first time then usually they will start asking whether they can stay or offering to leave.

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I usually offer them something before: "Let's finish our drinks, then unfortunately I have to kick you out because tomorrow is a school night..." They get it.

I like how in Japan if the host wants you to leave they serve tea...that is code for please leave.

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I like how in Japan if the host wants you to leave they serve tea...that is code for please leave.

So etiquette question: Are you supposed to politely refuse the tea and scram or do you have to drink the tea first, because you're not supposed to reject hospitality and then scram?

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Obviously you counter their tea with an offer to clean their living room afterwards as to not leave their place dirtier than before. Then a secondary tea is mandatory as a final farewell.

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Drink the tea, leave, go to the hospital to treat your burnt esophagus.

But seriously, drink the tea.

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Fuck them at their place if you can. Always aim for that, but if you absolutely can't, then you need to just be straight down the line with the girl and say honestly, "I'm sorry, but I've got work in the morning. Do you mind leaving?".

You shouldn't even have to ask. It's common curteousy - sounds like a crazy bitch.

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Slight adjustment I'd offer - don't use the word "leave" or any of its variants. Girls feel real cheap and used if they are blatantly getting tossed after sex. When I want a girl gone, I say "I need to get to bed soon." That's never failed to work for me.

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Offer her an uber. Its a sexy status symbol that will roll of the tongue at brunch w the girlfrands. Take advantage of corporate marketing

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What if she IS your Uber driver?!

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Offer her a Lyft

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Yeah, fair point but in regards to this particular girl - she obviously cannot take a hint.

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It's been a long time since I fucked a girl at her place.

I live by myself near the two most popular bar areas so usually it's because logistics are in my favor.

But in my experience just say hey I've got to go do stuff today. No one gets angry.

Except the one chick a month or so ago who kept trying to hang out so I got up and literally drove out if the complex to avoid her. Weird.

But that's few and far between.

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just say hey I've got to go do stuff today.

Wait, are you talking the following morning?

This thread started off being about not letting her stay the night.

I always like to stay over or have her over, even if it's the first time. If there's someone I wouldn't want to share a night with, I wouldn't want to fuck them either.

I guess the main reasons are that I actually like women (shock horror I guess I don't belong on this sub), I also enjoy cuddling someone I'm attracted to, and thirdly I like morning sex.

But the default is definitely wake-up-and-leave (with non-obligatory options for breakfast, brunch, or more, if discussed).

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Oh I mean I usually am tired after sex and don't mind the chick sleeping over.

I thought he was talking about the morning.

I too enjoy the morning sex. Mainly because I can't get off when I've been drinking so morning sex it's always fun to finish up nicely.

Yeah and if they are cool mimosas and such are an option. But they generally expect to leave.

And most guys that understand awalt like women.

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Tell them it's getting late and you'd like to get ready for the next day. They will get the hint. If they make stupid attempts to waste more time at your place it's a reflection of how well you set and stick to boundaries, as well as the quality of girls you pull (I've had some tease and whine about cutting time short, but never ones that throw a fit or get hysterical over it because I can't help my time is limited).

Why did you entertain her by participating in the argument? Was this something that could not be avoided by diplomacy and reinforcing boundaries?

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I can't believe this is the only response not steeped in some posturing bs. Just tell the truth and be polite normal.

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"I have to kick you out at 10. Sorry." Said this to a plate. She didn't want to leave but acted like she did. Overstayed her welcome by like half an hour "b/c uber prices are really expensive rn", so eventually I took her phone and pulled up the Uber app for her.

Being direct works.

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I had to order a female out of my house last weekend. As in "Michelle, get the fuck out of my house right now."

When I got loud and demanding her demeanor totally changed and she started being super compliant and agreeable.

But it was too late by then, so she still ended up leaving right then. My advice, just kick em out bro.

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Why are you arguing with plates in your own home to begin with ? This bitch thinks she runs you to have that kind of audacity to even conceive the thought of arguing with you in your own home shit is crazy . She's pushing power plays and you better shut that shit down or finding a way to get her to leave gonna end up being the least of your worries .

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Tell her in advance, like "you can't stay after 10pm". Maybe it will cut down on the drama

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Tell her you have an early day tomorrow and that you're going to bed in 15 minutes. If she had started the argument after, you could've ignored it and told her you'll talk about it some other time.

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She pays rent, she gets a say.

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A water fire extinguisher usually does the trick.

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Be direct my friend. Also it's good to form a habit of setting limits up front. "Yeah we can chill until x", or "oh I don't do sleep overs, not my thing."

You can still be spontaneous about your adventures and have specific boundaries.

In your case to kick her out, be firm, if she creates problems she's just pushing for more, withdraw attention for a while afterwards. You don't need that crap.

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Is dat bitch payin rent? If not, then tough titties for her.

What's this gently horseshit, son? ZFG means ZFG, and in this case it means GTFO.

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How do i tell plates really REALLY gently to get their stinky ass out of my apartment?

Start before they get there. "Come round but I've got an early start in the morning, no sleepover".... then stick to it.

Occasionally let them stay over if you like, but only when you want to and never because they whine about it.

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wtf is a plate

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Yesterday,i had a plate come over at about 8 PM.We watched a movie,ate something and then fucked.I looked over at the clock and i saw that it said 10:30 PM

I am questioning how long did that movie last, and how long did your sex session last... a movie can easy take 90 out of those 150 minutes.

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    It is not important but it doesn't mean it isn't funny. ¯_(ツ)_/¯