Cucks everywhere, isolation leads to mental problems. (self.asktrp)

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So what exactly should one do?
Last night I went to one of my friends to do some coding and I can't tell you the disgust I had on my face when he told me: "You should thank her (pointing at his girlfriend) for letting us do that". Man he is 21 years old and that happened at his own fucking house.
This is the same guy who worked with me like hell to get an internship at one of the big tech companies. With luck being on our side, we managed to but guess what, his girlfriend told him he'll cheat on her there and that if he decides to go it's over. I boarded the train alone.

I'm not even starting on the sports subject. Gym? Nah. Their girlfriends don't like their boys to be meatheads. (I have two gym buddies and they are twice my age.) The regular weekend football with the boys? Nah, their girlfriends don't want them to waste time on "useless" things and then come sweaty home.
But somehow they can always drink beer because it's manly.

You got the idea.
Now, there are maybe three or four men I see as red-pilled and are within a reasonable distance from me. The problem is I can rarely see them as all of us are in different fields of work and all of us strive to get that money.

I want your opinion. Surrounded by cucks or isolation?

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Keep the cucks around. They will serve as a reminder of what not to do with women. Unless you are in monk mode, never do isolation... Even if that involves you dealing with people you find utterly pathetic, you have no right to judge them BUT you can lead them by example

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    They are only as cocky as reality facilitates their narcissistic delusions, letting them believe that they are great. When their house of cards like ego collapses and you're stood there, resolute like a rock, they will come to you seeking mentorship...then my son, you have become the Alpha that most TRP newbies desire

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    What is the purpose of "monk mode," exactly? What is it all about?

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    When you realise you "ain't shit", you make a conscious decision to knuckle down and raise your SMV by no longer participating in pointless tasks.

    Thats a quick break down, i'm now inclined to tell you "SIDEBAR". Seriously, stop commenting and start reading

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    This is so important. I recently got super drunk at a friends place & did some max level cringey shit. I opened up on my emotions and after the fact realize I am completely beta. The next day I realized I aint shit x50. Who would want to be with a nobody? I even questioned why my friend even talks to me, that's how aint shit I realized I am.

    Ever since I've made the decision to quit drinking and smoking weed for an indefinite period of time. I've made the decision to literally never be drunk again in my entire life.

    I dedicate every day now to self improvement mainly. I cardio. I hit the weights extra hard. I get up earlier every day. I apply for jobs every hour. I have lost nearly all urge to waste time playing video games or pursuing pointless tasks. I wake up every day with one absolute mission: self improvement in all directions at once.

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    every single one of your posts/comments are questions. can you do shit for yourself for once?

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    More info on the sidebar, but in the basic sense it is improving yourself to your maximum potential for however much time is needed to be in your "prime."

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    Law #18 : "Do not build fortresses to protect yourself - isolation is dangerous"

    These people have some different/unhealthy mindsets but I believe you can still learn from them.

    Don't isolate yourself but don't accept the unacceptable either, find ways to transition to a more acceptable and fulfilling situation.

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    I think you're misusing the quote (isolation being dangerous is more true in power games like business, politics, real estate etc not so much relationships) but isolation definitely causes some pretty bad loneliness and that brings about its own set of problems.

    Id just keep your existing "friends" as sources of human contact to prevent loneliness while you continue looking to meet other cooler people and eventually replace them. Just don't expect them to be excellent friends and trustworthy/loyal/helpful etc and don't ever listen to the bad advice they give you

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    I have always had a loner mentality so this is just my perspective. As I get older and more self sufficient I tend to put most men in 2 categories Pons Competition

    I'm much happier having very few friends

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    Pons? You mean pawns? Like chess? Lol

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    You choose to either A) maintain social network thus

    • Put yourself in a bucket of crabs that will attempt to pull you down or;
    • Use the prickling of crab claws on your ass as a way to forge forward (or put another way, your rage against the world may act as fuel for betterment) or;
    • Become more resentful overtime (given your moral compass) as you see in him the shard of the collective common man which continue to castrate themselves or;
    • Be able to leverage it for your own good (social network, career, other women, etc.) with or without to your friend's benefit or;
    • Ultimately ends up being a waste of time because you can't leverage the social engagements, or;
    • Some combination of the above - because humans are not rational beings, they are rationalising thus are temporally variable - or something else that I missed;

    Or B) isolation, leading to

    • Depressive symptoms because you didn't know a priori that you were using it as rage fuel, or;
    • Ultimately ends up being a waste of time because you failed to be orderly or conscientious enough, or;
    • Loss of social sharpness (literally autism, kek) given this is your only social network or;
    • The likelihood of the scenario where your friend questions you over your dwindling social commitment, leading to:
      • Telling the truth of your nature at your or his peril - thus potentially breaking Fight Club rules - or;
      • Tell lies and put off the social engagement - taking on the responsibility that you may or may not have played a role in this man's (likely) downfall.

    Yeah you get the drill. The list goes on.

    My point?

    You can't win, but do whatever it takes to minimise loss, of which pertains to your strengths or weaknesses (social acuity, conscientiousness, etc).

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    You can't win, but do whatever it takes to minimise loss, of which pertains to your strengths or weaknesses (social acuity, conscientiousness, etc).

    This part is great advice OP

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    Replace cucks

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    Both. Don't fall into the trap of this or that. Lowered investment in yours less aware compatriots will allow room for the few people you meet that will fulfil your morel masculine friendship needs. Loneliness is just part of being a man. How do you live with that will be your measure.