Rejected 3 times in one night, bird shat on my leg and cracked my phone. (self.asktrp)

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Yep lol. Big L's for me. I don't feel that bad but I was too drunk for my own good. Got rejected by a girl I've had a crush on for a year (I'm only 17), and I don't even feel that bad. I'm kind of happy I got rejected, much better than living a life of regret. But 3 girls in one night ?! Feelsbadman. What should I do? I really don't know.

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You're still alive dude.

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Stop drinking and you'll stop whining as well.

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Problem: I tried not drinking at a party and just didn't talk to anyone, 0 energy, 0 confidence. Any help?

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Yeah. Get out of your comfort zone.

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How does one do that?

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Taken from u/SirKolbath:

In a frame of x hours (2 is acceptable), approach as many girls as you can. The goal is to have them reject you. This has many effects, the most evident is Outcome Independence.

This is probably the best way to get out of your comfort zone and the easiest besides taking a cold shower daily.

Best of luck

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Approaching at High School parties is probably the easiest thing.

I'm in High School so I'm speaking from experience.

It's the exact same thing as approaching dudes.

Firstly, introduce yourself to anyone besides your friends you already have.

Those mexican dudes that don't seem like they speak an ounce of English? Who gives a fuck, go walk up to them with charisma and they'll be happy as fuck to meet you.

Literally talk to everybody; you'll realize that walking up to a girl and simply saying "Hey i'm ...." "Cool name" "Who are you here with?" any of those are simple introductory sentences.

Girls are there to get fucked up and to meet people. So are you. Don't waste it.

1 thing is parties is isolating after introductions though, or at least get a number.

Isolating is easy at house parties cause of the backyard and all that.

Be creative, don't be the dude at parties that sits with his friends the entire time (unless you just wanna chill and have a kickback type of thing).

Get out of your comfort zone or you'll die in it.

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Wait, so I should go into the situation like I am going to be rejected? that should be what I am aiming for?

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Yeah. The reason behind that is so you can realize being rejected is not a big deal.

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Have a little bit to drink. Fuck me man try to work some stuff out yourself.

Drink to much = too drunk to behave properly Drunk nothing = can't get loose.

So drink inbetweem. You're young you need to learn your limit

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Well he's on asktrp. It's not weird for him to ask questions...

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Never said it was weird.

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stop jerking off

thank me later

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Hard...... I don't watch porn anymore... wank only once or twice a week. Really hard considering I'm at peak puberty

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Drink more.

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Find that bird and beat its ass

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Utter disregard for this man's phone. Fuck that bird.

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Dread game the bird. Grill some chicken within smell range.

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Birds find me more attractive than women rn

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Just wait till you get a girl to shit on your leg.

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Some people are into that.

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Lmao, who the fuck cares.

Keep maxing out your SMV, kill it in the gym and read the sidebar. You're 17 your life haven't even started.

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Yeah agreed. How does one max out my SMV? I really need to read the sidebar tbh

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Read and internalise the sidebar like a bible.

Hit the gym and lift.

Be social.

Get your shit together and own it.

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read the sidebar before anything else. you’re trying to chop a tree without an axe.

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That's a solid point. He's just throwing darts without knowing where the target is.

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right. if you’re new just reading front page posts and filling in the blanks won’t cut it. there are tons of people giving out bad information here and on trp.

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I really need to read the sidebar tbh

No, do not read the sidebar. It's not there to help you. There is no reason for it to be there. You cannot benefit from reading it. After all, if it was of any value, it would be put in a place that was readily accessible. Maybe even required reading.

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Keep it up, remember it's oft just numbers game. The more you approach, the more you learn and success. Rejection is better than regret.

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Rejected 3 times in one night? Set your goal to be rejected 50 times in one night.

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In one hour*

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Next time push it to 6

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I tried To get more rejections tbh; I asked a girl now to meetup and she said yes... so I guess I'll have to keep trying for 6 rejections lol

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Must have been a powershit from that bird if it could crack your phone

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So trp is like Facebook for men now?

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Calm down it's not that deep; if anything it's pretty funny

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Man the fuck up

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Thank you Obama

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How did you go into the night feeling? Also the “juice” comes and goes...trust me,you’ll have days where it all going weird good too,just like the bad days.

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Have fun getting rejected, it's not so bad then

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Shit happens. Be thankful you found this now instead of post 30 years old. Keep getting out there & don't let shit phase you.

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Get over yourself. You sound like a whiny entitled girl. Men earn things. You haven't put in any effort to earn anything yet.

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Last year on my birthday I cracked my phone's screen, lost my credit card, felt down and got a scar on my face that's permanent. This year I only lost my wallet. It's not the end of the world but you gotta learn from it.

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3 rejections in one night is nothing dude lol. "Make 100 approaches" is standard newb training advice (not in one night, granted), and do you really think those guys are getting 98-100 bangs out of those 100 approaches?

You could approach dozens a night.

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Lmao I got rejected by two groups of women within twenty seconds of each other.

I just shrugged my shoulders and went back to dancing/ chatting with my group. Still pulled.

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At least you didn't got rejected by the bird

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For real lol

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I think that being 'too drunk' is a good path to follow, so, I can't imagine what your problem could have been.

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Pretty much.

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3 girls have rejected you but 3 billion have not. Keep your head up and like others said, taper off the drinking

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Keep trying. Not with them, but keep trying. And cut down your drinking.

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I need to learn to not use drink to pull; very difficult.

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I'm not an anti-substance guy, there's a reason alcohol is part of the culture, you just have to slow down after 2 or 3. It's not a race.

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17 (yo), You got alot of time my friend dont worry.

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It can only get better from here.

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Beautiful, champ. You are on the right track for sure.

Now go get rejected by 100 more chicks.

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That's the aim :)

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Get out there again, but sobered up. Take the rejection head on, and it can work wonders. There's this tedx talk that the guy gets/ask to get rejected 100 times and went full u turn in his life. Now he's a successful man, due to immunity of rejection.

I need around 30+ more rejections though

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Your story made me laugh, if that is any consolation.

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Made me laugh too, looking back :)

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In sales you always want to 'go for no', embrace rejection, because it's how you get what you want.

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Lift, improve your smv, join social clubs, martial arts and group activities, you will meet new and cool friends.. chicks will come flocking without the bird shit

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keep lifting.

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About 20 years ago I decided I wanted to learn to play golf, I got a set of clubs, went to a driving range and hit NOTHING and broke a club. So I decided to play a local public course... lost every ball I brought and left my putter on one of the greens but was too embarrassed to go back for it later. I tried out for the high school golf team, and was laughed at and made fun of.

Now I'm pretty damned good and I fuckin' love to golf.

But if you had asked me 20 years ago, I probably would've told you I was ready to give up and would never bother playing again.

I don't know what the moral of that story is, but now I want to go golfing. Man up, OP.

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You're shooting out of your smv range dude, either improve up to them or shoot lower

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Tf do you mean whatre you gonna do?

Just do what you were gonna do already

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Carry on... persistence is key. I've learnt a lot and feel really good surprisingly

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Stoicism will be your saviour in times like these.

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Man, I was hoping by 'bird', you meant woman. Subsequent story was not satisfying.

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Try 15, while I don't recommend the numbers game, I was a big fan of it when I first started out, the anxiety becomes easier to deal with, you aren't losing.

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Lol move on hahahhhaha. Laugh about it, improve your smv, life happens bro 😂

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Stop drinking. Get yourself in order.

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Very hard. Especially with my situation. Need to read sidebar a lot more tbh

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There's nothing hard about it.

Are you a fucking man or aren't you?

If you're a slave to the bottle, you're no better than a woman.

Check between your legs. Do you feel a hole down there? No?

Get a fucking grip. You don't need the sidebar for such a simple issue.

Remember why you came here: to be better.

You have to give something up to achieve anything in this world.

You'll never be a man if you cannot maintain your sobriety. Indulging is for women.

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