How do you deal with dominant girls? (self.asktrp)

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Currently flirting with a girl and have been dominantly sexting her for a while, yet she's now trying to reverse the roles and literally said "i want to rape you". She's also now calling me 'good boy' (whilst sexting) etc.

Should I let this happen? Is it a shit test? How do I respond, I'd much rather be the dominant person.

EDIT: Just seemed to be a cry for attention, I haven't contacted her much this week and I guess her bait worked.

She stopped all the Dom bullshit after I started speaking to her properly again.

Nevertheless I took your advice and simply reasserted dominance ("not if I rape you first etc.") and she got the message. We're meeting up very soon, maybe it was just an elaborate shit test. Thanks.

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Tell them I'm going to tie them up, and then I break their wills, until they follow me around like little puppies.

She sounds like she's "bratting", i.e. negative-attention getting.

Also, sometime girls asking you if you ever want to play the submissive role is a trap. Ex. a girl recently asked if I would ever like to be tied up, etc., and I gave her a firm "No" because "it wouldn't be natural for me. It would be like trying to get a lion to try tofu."

She was delighted by the comparison, and the answer, because she was testing me for weakness, and I passed.

ETA: Of Human Bondage – Uncle Vasya’s Guide for Men Who Like To Tie Up Young Ladies.

-The Field Guide to playing knotty games with naughty girls.

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Also don’t fall for their dominance roleplay. They are just faking it because they are insecure.

After you crack the nut they will break down and cry on your shoulder like all the others. It’s kinda disgusting if they reveal their inner truth because they break their frame very hard. I had one girl which wasn’t able to see me anymore, she had a breakdown in my doorstep and admitted „You are too strong for me. I’ve never experienced this.“ I had a professional Domina beg me to meet up with her and I had „dominant“ girl validating every RP truth existing. To come to this point it was massive shit testing, delaying and to take care with their attitude.

Tldr: Dominant women crave a strong, masculine and naturally confident male like the submissive girls. But the ones who are submissive in the first place are far more relaxed because it’s natural for them and they can let go.

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This. Definitely a brat. It's like an amplified form of shit testing. It's literally begging to be put in their place by a truly dominant man.

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Treat a girl who's trying to role-play dominance with you the same way you'd treat any other girl. What makes this one so special? Just agree/amplify, ignore, push/pull, escalate toward sex, meet, fuck. Same as any other girl.

"I want to rape you!" -- "Not if I rape you first!", "Too bad. I'm totally going to consent all over you."

"Good boy." -- "Woof. If you're angling for some tongue, that's reserved for women who ask nicely."

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Good advice, I was so taken aback at first I didn't even think to do that. Thanks

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Make her ask nicely for real. Get her all worked up making out/groping, throw her down and pull her legs apart, act like you're about to tongue the shit out of her, then stop, maybe gently blow on her downstairs, look up at her, and tell her to ask you nicely. Women go crazy for shit like that.

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Thanks bruh!

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Tell her you are most vulnerable while pooping, maybe she will give u a blumpkin (idk how to spell it)

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This is great advice.

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Cain I was wondering something. In regards to this casual sex culture you speak of.

How do you escalate quickly to sex? An example is - a hot bartender.

How do you go from customer to fucking her?

EDIT: 21-24 year old prime meat bartender

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Don't bother with bartenders. They're kind of like strippers. Everybody hits on them, they're paid to pretend they like you, and they all have boyfriends.

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You don't hit on bartenders.

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Agree and amplify.

I used to date a girl who was a few months older than me. She would always bring it up saying shit like I’m older I know better. I went like yea you might as well do your job and be a good mother and pamper me. It completely threw her off balance.

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lol that's excellent

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Why bother even deal with this type of shit? Reverse the roles and imagine you texting a girl "I want to rap you", mid texting. What would happen? You know what, nevermind. Youre already committed to this.

Girls are always puffing their chests up during texting. Yet when u meet them in person they cant maintain eye contact and they're very quiet. Shes telling you what she wishes she heard from you. In what galaxy could a frail woman rape a dude? I mean, real forceful rape? Exactly.

I suggest this:

  • Give her a safeword. The purpose of the safeword is to give her a tool to signal to you that she is very not comfortable with whatever it is you two are doing at the moment, and you need to STOP and take a step back and communicate about it. All this rapey fantasy stuff is funny until you actually rape someone, and your only defense in court is "Your honor, we had been play-raping over text a few days prior. So when she started kickig and screaming and saying stop, I thought it was part of the act. So I smashed her real good until she started crying".

  • Stop all this texting nonsense, and make something happen already. You cant fuck her throuh text. Invite her over to your hkuse right now to watch a movie.

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could be that she's just a domme and is hinting towards it.

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She may be retarded and is self projecting - she likes your dominant play, and thinks you will like dominant play too. women are sometimes retarded like that.

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Same retarded reason why woman get huge ass tattoos and shave half their head sometimes...

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Tell her you want to put this make believe shit into reality.

Stop sexting and meet up.

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It seems like most of those girls are dominant because they are emulating the traits they want in a man. I think they think that any man who can swat her "dominant" shit down without blinking an eye has to be dominant and this worthy in their eyes. It's pretty true too. Most men are too timid with women to begin with so if you can make that chick submit you must be doing things right. Tell me if I'm speaking Chinese here or not.

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I'd much rather be the dominant person

Let me just call bullshit right there, sunshine.

Dominant people don't have a "I'd rather be in charge" outlook. They have a nasty, "fuck these losers," "I'm going to put myself in charge even if I have to stage a coup" mentality. Some extremely dominant people will try to put themselves in charge even if it means upsetting a good arrangement.

My advice, given you are not a dominant person, is to buy lots of lube. Unless she commands that you don't.

she's now trying to reverse the roles and literally said "i want to rape you"

She's not trying. She's succeeding, especially if you actually let that one fly.

What you are doing is a violation of abundance mentality. You're not acting like you have other options, and therefore you're taking shit in order to try -- emphasis on the TRY -- to get with her.

The heavy sexting is what got you in trouble, and now she has figured out that it would be more fun to just fuck with your ego.

I advise guys to just flat-out not do sexting. Sexual attention is the drug women are buying when they talk to guys. You have to keep them desperate for their fix, especially before they've fucked you.

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I don't. Not my kink, plenty of fish in the ocean.

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Personally i would ignore, her speaking about rape jokingly or not is something i would distance myself from. Especially in this "MEETOO" day and age.

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They're such a turn-off for me that I don't even bother. One girl I "dated" starting talking like that during sex, so I smacked her. I really don't like it.

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I just don't deal with those kinda women at all... I might attempt a pump n dump just to prove a point but I find they can be real crazy, slashin tires style so I steer away from em. Also, they're usually not fun for me in bed.. don't do this.. you're hurting me... stop doing that, it's weird and then they obviously fake orgasm...
Why would you wanna have to deal with this shit seriously? I love women too much and those aren't feminine women.

Don't you dare come at me with the bs argument I can't stand to "strong" women lol... this is all fake and forced, c'mon now.

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I like my women feminine. If a bitch is really saying that dumb shit to me and trying to dominate me, she's way more trouble than she's worth. I can deal with shit tests, but no bitch will ever try and "dominate" me.

I just next them.

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Show them the door

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"i want to rape you"

Frame test.

"It looks like you need good spanking". Also, don't fuck yourself up with texting and time hoeing.

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It could be a shit test.

Remember, any girl will deep throat and fuck raw on the first date for the right Chad. Proceed as a shit test.

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Why the fuck are you sexting?

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she lives far

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Then find someone closer to you. Avoid the long distance crap

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I like dominant girls, they're much more of a challenge and interesting to deal with. That said, mostly any girl whose either acting dominant or actually is an alpha female is still going to want a man to be the "dominant one" in the relationship or at the very least be someone who doesn't put up with all of her shit.

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Co-Alpha relationships exist. Its rare but it doesnt have to impede on your frame. My lady and I have this.

There are doms, subs, and what's called a switch. They go back and forth. This is what we have. Definitely have to discuss this openly with your girl but its possible. The position depends on the kind of day or week your having.

If I'm feeling overwhelmed with work and school and feel like I'm responsible for too many things i allow her to dom it up. If I feel like I have no control over the crazy shit that goes down everyday in life then I take control in the bedroom. Thoughts?

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Whatever works for you man. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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A&A away!!!

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I had a similar situation with an older female. She was like 9 years older than me and was married to an extreme beta male.

When we started fucking I was very dominant with her, she was pretty submissive but as time went on she started getting dominant too, she would shit test the fuck out of me. She sometimes would come up with things like “are u sure you’re not gay”, “I want to fuck you with a dildo”. She sent me pictures once with a strap-on on saying “This is for u” and I answered like “Yeah u can use that with (Name of another girl we both knew) while I facefuck u” and she’d get horny and change the topic. I would always ignore or agree & amplify. At the end of the day man, judge her by her actions, her words may mean shit. Bitches can be crazy.

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don't deal

that's when girls think attractive men's traits are supposed to be attractive on them as wel

but that shit is fucking annoying

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Yeah she's been obsessed and has been starving for my attention for the past week, maybe she's just trying a different tactic

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just close the deal and you'll see a change of tone

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in general also important to remember that the stronger a woman is, the more likely the men in her life up to that point were/are weak/beta. vice versa

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Same way you deal with any other girl, it's just a tad bit harder

I had this real alpha woman working with me not too long ago. She came off just as confident as me which made me notice myself displaying subtle insecurities when around her. I'd never met a girl this dominant. However my attitude changed after I realized that she was just as willing to fall into my frame as any other girl. One day I learned she was demoting herself from her manager position because the hours sucked. Genuinely curious I asked...

Me- "So I hear you're not going to be a manager anymore, what made you quit?"

Her- "Why do you care?"

Me- "I just wanted to know if I had to keep respecting you."

I left for the day and the next day the other women I work with told me that as soon as I left she started bitching about what I had said with stuff like "What the fuck is wrong with him, he should respect everyone." despite the other women knowing I was clearly joking.

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She's also now calling me 'good boy' etc

Aww man, She's not a dominant girl -- she thinks you're beta and in the friendzone, she will not sleep with you.

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That's during sexting, not anywhere else

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Reverse the roles during actual sex. You are the man

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Wait what?

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Strap on. Everyone's doing it.