[Discussion] Should TRP be about the "red pill" of life rather than exclusively sexual strategy? (self.asktrp)

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After being apart of the red pill community for 1 and a half years I noticed a theme, that of a by-product of learning the sexual strategy we have inevitably added the truths (or red pill truths) we are told about work life, home life and just life in general into the The Red Pill. These are added because of the nature of women wanting a polished, guy that knows what he wants in life.

What I am proposing is that instead of The Red Pill being aimed at sexual strategy and life skills being an offshoot of that, rather that The Red Pill should be about life and subsequently sexual strategy should be an offshoot of The Red Pill (a major offshoot on that note) which would about the truths of life that you were lied to about as a child by the media, your parents etc. As we know the world ain't sunshine and rainbows out there after all.

As a result of all this, certain topics such as sexual strategy, becoming a better man would have their own respective flairs.

I understand this would be a hard transition knowing that the roots TRP came as an offshoot of the pick-up community and how far we have come in understanding the nature of women, but I would have to say that we should move on to further things that we can understand and the workings behind them.

Do you agree/disagree? why?

Edit: Removed redundant section.

Edit 2: After reviewing the comments on this post, I think you have changed my views a bit on the subject, A few concerns here and there and different perspectives helped with that. Good Talk.

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Red pill should be about life rather than just women, problem is social behavior is the most applicable area of red pill and with that you can only really discuss how to get more girls, or how to rise up to power in your career.

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The short answer; It already is. You're free to create worthwhile threads about anything related to TRP.

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People can focus on career and are free to make post on it, but one look at the front page and you realize the community is WAY more interested in this being a pseudo PUA and pseudo MRA movement.

I take out of TRP what I need from it as does anybody else, I just feel like not enough people on here look at the bigger picture.

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It would be nice to see field reports from people that have made major leaps in terms of self improvement or career advancement.

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The Red Pill for me has never only been about sexual strategy. TRP shouldn't be internalised as a way to pick up women but as a tool to help you become the best man you can be.

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I Agree with you, This is good idea because Sex is just small part of life and we need guidance in other part of life as well.

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Everything in life is about Sex, except Sex itself.

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...Sex, is about power.

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Everything in life is about Sex, except Sex itself

lmao exactly, I just couldn't find the right words to say this

Nicely done Mr Eiffel!

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Beat me to it. Was going to say the exact same thing.

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I would say a qualified yes. The reason I am hesitant to whole-heartedly support opening the floodgates is because I occasionally see some crackpot comments that would probably get worse if the topic of the subreddit were expanded. Imagine new posts like, "the red pill about the moon landing being fake" or "the red pill about how Bush blew up the WTC on 9/11" drowning out the actually useful information. Preventing that sort of trash from popping up would be my biggest concern.

(Note that I picked some rather extreme examples as to avoid arguments over the actual topics popping up here.)

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Are you implying that Bush didn't do WTC? Blue pill sheep.

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Imagine new posts like, "the red pill about the moon landing being fake" or "the red pill about how Bush blew up the WTC on 9/11" drowning out the actually useful information. Preventing that sort of trash from popping up would be my biggest concern.

I can see this happening, I share your concern.

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I believe you're looking for r/darkenlightenment

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I had never heard of this sub before, thanks for sharing.

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The Red Pill for everything essentially pulls back the veil to show you the man behind the curtain so to speak. Pulling back that veil is the easy part, what to do with that knowledge is the hard part. The TRP sub is successful because it limits the domain of its strategic focus. Focusing on sexual strategy makes the "what to do about it" portion a lot less contentious, because there is a clear goal and many clear ways to get there. When you get into other topics, it is easy to see what is wrong with the world through a Red Pill lens, but what do we do about the fact that democracy is a failed experiment for example? That is a much harder question to ask, and for any given solution, only a small portion of the people who see the problem will agree with the solution.

Look at the DarkEnlightenment sub for people who enjoy tackling the bigger questions brought up by viewing the world through a Red Pill lens. But there is a reason it will never have more than a fraction of the readership of TRP. If TRP tried to branch out to tackle the less answerable questions, it would lose a lot of its strength and appeal.

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I'm pretty high too.

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I think the issue is that once you read the sidebar, there's not much left to discuss.

Sex with women is merely a symptom of being a Red Pill Man. As a result, most posts are going to be anecdotes of Red Pill in-practice, the most common stories being of sexual conquests.

Get off the internet and go put the side bar into practice.

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The emphasis on sexual relations is because it is in our interactions with the opposite sex that the glitches in the matrix become apparent.

The non-negotiable nature of sexual desire forces us to confront the realities of intersexual dynamics, and from there the wise can then extrapolate that perhaps more things operate contrary to the way we have thought.

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TRP should be about redpill life rather than PUA, but like all large repositories, there will always be some people who cherry pick data and take things out of context. These same people are lazy and don't want to do the work of building a proper lifestyle over memorizing a few pickup lines and wondering why they keep failing.

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One thing that bothers me is that a lot of guys seem to think that being "redpilled" in all aspects of life includes thinking all races are inferior to whites. It's weird.

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theredpill is the new r/seduction, which is pretty sad.

Also some mods are insane , banning you for anything.

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Nothing is as bad as that subreddit... it's gone from a semi-useful place to a place where you find tips to actively repel women. Bubble Boy would probably post there.

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I confirm. I got banned and I have no idea for what. No one answered why.

Trp is a sexual strategy. That is it. I've read countless answers here about work, education, health and so on that are just plain stupid. Still they get upvoted.

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nah we already have /pol/ for that

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After being apart of the red pill community for 1 and a half years

your usernym says 9mths .... either TRP is "about life skills" you numpty!

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If you look at the posts there's a fair amount of general life improvement as well. The thing is that you can learn a lot from TRP about women, social situations etc but when it comes to life improvement you will need to do the heavy lifting yourself.

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I actually thought that's what TRP was all about when I sub'd. Never thought it was a PUA thing. I do apply some things from here but I never really went full on misogyny.

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I agree that The Red Pill should be about life in general. Let's be honest here, while getting girls and having them eye-fuck you is a good feeling, so many guys, including Chads, prioritize getting their dick wet over more important shit in life (such as having healthy food in the refrigerator, getting their financial situation under control or growing the fuck up in general). Is this really what our sons want to view as "fathers"?

Not only that, but the world is a harsh place full of hypocrisy, competition and casualties.

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TRP should only be about sexual strategy. It's way too personal, too much pointless morality and judgement. I dont want to hear about people's personal lives outside sexual strategy.

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Sexual strategy is all I care about. Turning this place into some kind of debate society is a waste of everyone's time. People would just argue politics when they could be improving themselves. A lot of the discussoons seem like a way to avoid improving.

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Nah, that's just to make TRP more palatable for neckbeards