Can someone explain how to use snapchat effectively? (self.asktrp)

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I'm getting old apparently.

Not sure how to use snapchat effectively

How to use it when gaming girls?

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I lived and breathed Snapchat for the better part of a year, a few hundred people watching my stories and such. I only dabble in it anymore, but still have a fair audience. There are my prerequisites for this advice.


Stories should be used solely for social proof, just like any other social media. You want to build value without making yourself look like a try-hard — build value naturally and make it seem effortless. If you take nothing else away from this, use your stories to make you look good.

What separates Snapchat from other social media is the format and lack of requirement for quality. Your posts should be fast-paced, but interesting enough to grab the attention of viewers. So don't post boring selfies in your broom closet or snap boring everyday chores that no one cares to see. You will see the unfortunate majority of guys and girls snap boring moments of their life. Don't be part of that majority.

I attempt to only snap interesting events, such as parties, alcohol (my age group, ~19 still thinks it's fascinating), festivals, nights out with friends, or funny moments with bros. This sets me apart from other guys, who rarely snap in comparison to girls, but when they do it's iffy, and girls, who are the most boring snappers you can imagine.

Pictures should only be ~3 seconds long, unless you think viewers need more time to read or absorb the detail of the picture. EDIT: VIDEOS should be the majority of your snaps. Videos should be fast-paced with abrupt endings (try to avoid letting the video continue for many seconds awkwardly after the peak moment has ended or punch line has been given). Make use of all of the tools Snapchat provides you (filters, multiple filters at once, text styles, pen colors for emphasis) to provide personal touches. This is another aspect that Snapchat prevails in compared to other social media. I suggest going on Google to look up the most recent Snapchat secrets to up your aesthetic game.

I also suggest following some famous snapchatters to get inspiration for how they snap and tell stories. @caseyneistat (cinemetography & story telling), @JoesDaily (masculine), @chanteltaleen (interesting chick), @garyvee (if you're marketing), @jaredleto, @justinflom (alpha traits), @RIPNDIP (funny, marketing), @YesJulz (marketing, parties)

Finally, letting/getting chicks snap on your phone will provide firm social proof, spark competition, but leave you with plausible deniability. Let them have fun on your camera doing their boring chick shit.

Personal Snaps:

  1. Bros: do whatever the fuck you want

  2. Chicks: keep in the back of your mind that this is basically texting. We here at TRP always preach that texting should only be used for logistics and to leave the fun shit for when you meet up — 'cause you'll never get a girl wet and sloppy over pixels in a message. However, you can deviate from the general rule of thumbs as much as you feel comfortable with. Pictures to pictures conversations can be used to build a bit of tension — however, treat the text feature on snapchat as you would normal texts. Logistics, logistics, logistics. Also remember the general rule that you should be texting/snapping her ~2 times for every ~3 she sends you. Your value > her value.

In the end, P2P snaps aren't that important. Treat them as texts when in doubt.

Growing Snapchat:

Tough one. You should try to do it, cause it will only give you more social proof. I have a bunch of randoms following me I don't know, and that's fine — girls will see my view count when they're peeking over my shoulder & it's pleasurable to see people interested in your stuff. Add your contacts, add instagram/facebook people, etc.

Now to contradict myself, SnapChat is difficult to grow, and not worth the effort in my opinion. Just let your friends and chicks you pull see your stuff, and let it be.

TL;DR: fuck you read my shit

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Great post. To add to the discussion, how do you navigate the fine line between demonstrating social proof and appearing to crave attention? As /u/red_pill_account1 points out,

a true badass wouldn't give a fuck about making a snapchat story because he'd be so busy being absorbed with whatever he was actually doing.

I often find myself thinking about whether or not to post a story due to appearing as too much of a tryhard. Although admittedly, simply thinking about that makes me kind of beta.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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The reason I've stopped snapping as much throughout the past year is that it was getting in the way of me experiencing events to the max. If you have to stop and make sure your story's good in the middle of a party or interrupt your bros when chilling out drinking, it can get annoying. And it's not just me, my two best friends wanted to be "good" at snapchat as well, so it was the three of us taking away from what we were actually supposed to be doing: having fun.

As long as you understand that issue, you can find ways around it.

how do you navigate the fine line between demonstrating social proof and appearing to crave attention?

It's pretty difficult to look like you're craving attention, unless you're just a total pussy that's faking shit altogether. Craving attention = boring snapchats, everything I told you not to do above. Since snaps should be so fast-paced and you're constantly changing locations and such, no one's going to think "Man this guy's being a fucking attention whore" — they'll simply be thinking "Wow that's pretty cool" — they rarely have time to think about what's really going on.

I do agree that Chad Thundercock wouldn't care about perfecting a story, but everyone here is a reformed beta buck, so we're attempting to fix parts of our game (or there lack of) that will help us in the long haul. It's also important to note that my mind doesn't run through the rules of my above post every time I take a snap — it becomes natural. Just like when you first started gaming girls, it was rough and unnatural, but it becomes second nature over time.

In the end, I can't give you the answer you want. I can't (won't) think of a way to give you a more objective answer that really guides you on when to snap. What I can tell you is that as you become more experienced in snapchat, it's just something you start to feel out. You recognize an interesting moment, and decide to briefly share a part of that with your social circle. The only checklist you need is: "Does this show that I have a life & would girls want to be here with me?"

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bro forgetting nudes on this shit. may not be able to get a chick wet with some texts (kinda disagree), but my shlong in a snapchat certainly will. plus generally makes it easier to exchange kinky shit with almost no risk, idk i used it more for that back in highschool not so much now i guess

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Yeah, back in high school is when I used it the most. And yeah, the nudes were great — but at a certain point you stop caring about nudes and move into real life (or maybe that's just me).

may not be able to get a chick wet with some texts (kinda disagree)

haha trust me, I know what you're saying. But it wasn't leading to actual sex for me.

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This should be a post, good stuff.

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Now to contradict myself, SnapChat is difficult to grow, and not worth the effort in my opinion. Just let your friends and chicks you pull see your stuff, and let it be.

Exactly what i got from this.

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Yeah, I just allow it to grow organically, allowing individual girls I've been gaming to follow me. I don't actively seek out randoms anymore.

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Show you have a life with your story.

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Upvote for "show social proof"

If you do exciting things, snapchat that shit.

However on the opposing side, a true badass wouldn't give a fuck about making a snapchat story because he'd be so busy being absorbed with whatever he was actually doing.

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Snapchat is a great tool. Use it just as you would use instagram, but in a much less try-hard way. Pictures/videos can be blurry/shaky as long as they convey the general atmosphere of what you're going through (party, kickass outdoor activity, hobby, music festival, travelling, etc.) I find that the main advantage of posting to snapchat stories is that, unlike Instagram, girls won't know how much attention others may or may not pay to you. On instagram/facebook, people can track the number of likes you receive, which influences their perception heavily.

When I add a tinder match on snapchat and she sees my stories, she can't help but wonder how many people find me cool or whatever, since there is no objective number attached to it. She could be my only snapchat friend, or one of hundreds. She doesn't know.

That being said, if you are "Instagram famous" and can manage to get 100s of likes on your pictures, by all means use it.

Also, nudes.

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The best way to effectively use snapchat is to uninstall that shit.

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No - it's more complicated than minesweeper

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Snapchat is great for getting nudes because for some reason chicks feel safer sending them via that app. Not sure why...but they do. For anything other than sexting (maybe good for establishing comfort) and providing social proof to the already flooded female brain, it's mediocre at best. Snapchat bypasses the "only for logistics" rule for texting and it's easy to fall into a validation trap.

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Why would that be? All I can think of is that they will "know" who saved their nudes and the fact that Snap has no chatlog like Whatsapp.

I always wondered how many girls actually do this. They used to interest me but eventually I grew tired and horny so just went for the real thing. But it does make me think about how many guys have seen the tits, ass and wet hole of my past girlfriends.

Nowadays everything is shared.

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I have found that most women don't actually want to meet up in person. They prefer to be told how sexy their tits and ass are rather than actually fuck. This is especially true with younger women (18-22). They are more comfortable sending pictures of their asshole than they are making out or having their tit grabbed through their clothing. It's easier and MUCH faster to build confidence and trust in person than by sending a dick pic.

At least that was my experience before I only used texting for logistics and keeping plates/GFs off my social media. I'm 25 and only use social media (facebook) for bros and motorsports events.

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So they do this for validation so they can feel more confident for a short while, as expected.

Their N-count doesn't go up if they mass send their tits to strangers after all.

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I did this for about a year and it seriously hampered my enjoyment of life. I was more concerned with having a fun snap story than actually thing fun shit. Granted I had some funny stories but I think it came across more like a try hard.

Even when I dialed it down to more casual levels my mind was still on the lookout to make a good snap. Either that or I was actually having fun and then got reminded I should probably take a picture.

It just ruined the whole deal of life so I quit. Honestly if I miss out on banging some slut or LTR'ing some hoe because I lack Snapgame. I can't do nothing but laugh.

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Take really hot pictures.

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I don't get it (or tinder) myself.

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You dont.

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Best way to use Snapchat:

Step One: Turn off electronics.

Step Two: Go outside and meet actual women.

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Agreed to a certain extent. It looks like a lot of guys who are coming to this post are simply seeking nudes. What they fail to realize when they see my above comment is that Snapchat isn't a replacement for approaching chicks. And more importantly, nudes aren't a replacement for sex.

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Snapchat is just a validation pit.

It's most effective with women by simply not using it.

People with actual value don't use snapchat. People with real objectives and success don't have time to take stupid selfies or snap a pic of their whipped up in 10 minutes lunch.

Social proof via social media is the poor man's way of seeking value. So while you're busy taking a stupid picture for your stupid story people are using their time for more effective means.

Am I wrong? 2c

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Snapchat is a great way of getting nudes.

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I think you can leverage your SMV by using Social Media effectively to demonstrate social proof where ever available. We as men may not give a fuck about social media, however women value social media likes/follows/validation more then money itself, so learn to use it

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Like I said; it's fake SMV.

You're only cheating yourself. Not having snapchat has not affected to gain and spin plates once.

Here's the best part - my Facebook is full of girls liking my shit.

Why? I focus energy on shit that matters. Instead of investing time into building some complex facade I actually go out and better myself. The social proof comes naturally.

No need to "look" or "act" high value, mother fuckers need to get off their ass and actually work towards high value.