When a woman asks how many girls you have slept with, what do you tell them? (self.asktrp)

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The truth? Lie and say a little bit? A lot? Is there a magic number that says youre not a huge player but can get pussy at the same time?

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+1 for the examples

There are so many ways to handle this.. depends on you.. depends on the girl..

Interestingly, my general persona now is to not answer any question properly with a response that would reasonably answer their question.

Even to the point of "Where are we going?", I answer "just come with me, it'll be fun" or something.

Helped me with these types of encounters as the OP brings up

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The classic beat around the bush huh.. never fails haha. Unless they are persistent and corner you into answering - by then the balls in your court since theyre so insecure about it.

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I love the persistence. It becomes a battle of stubbornness and I can be very stubborn. Let her imagine all sorts of scenarios in her head from "is/was he a virgin" to "how many other females has he feasted on this day"?

The location is important if they really are cornering and pestering you. If it's your place, you can say "enough, please leave". If it's their place, you can just leave.

Or you can flip it and ask why they care so much.

To me, their persistence makes the game that much more entertaining. But perhaps I have a warped mind.

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Even to the point of "Where are we going?", I answer "just come with me, it'll be fun" or something.

That just made me subscribe.

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to the sub or to my way of handling questions?

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Interesting. So assuming they ask me straight up in a serious manner, just be aloof and deny to tell them? Yes, it will come across as a red flag but just treat it as a major shit test at that point?

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    Not aloof. Teasing.

    Mysterious. While they do ask a lot of ?s and want to know a lot about you, they are happier if they have to guess and figure stuff out. Chicks that figure you out are more bored than ones that do not. Bored chicks is bad. Don't bore them.

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    In fact, if I could only give ONE piece of advice about women, it would be "never bore them."

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    It should be noted, however, that by never boring them, it means "keep them in the dark about most things" as they will entertain themselves with that unknown region.

    Never tell a woman everything. Ever.

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    If they're persistent say "don't ask questions you don't want to know the answer to" with a sly grin. It implies you've been with a decent amount and still adds a bit of intrigue to it.

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    This question comes up so much both here and with girls. I think a better question is. Why the hell do they ask it? Seriously, I'm asking.

    I swear next time a girl asks me this I'm going to just tell her I'm not telling you and if you tell me your number I'm kicking you out. If its a number greater than 0 what makes them think we want to know?

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    nice. i think the biggest take away is just bc someone asks you something doesn't mean you need to answer.

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    "You shouldn't worry about the ones I slept with. You should worry about the ones I stayed awake with."

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    Then give them a minute to comprehend what you just said

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    • All of them
    • Today?
    • Besides you?
    • probably more than you
    • one more will be enough
    • a million
    • 22 and a half
    • I'm a virgin
    • I lost count
    • none, I want you to be the first
    • I'm saving myself for marriage
    • enough to know I don't need to answer that question
    • I plead the fifth
    • Is this a competition?

    and for really persistent ones:

    • That you're STD free and that's all the matters (assuming that you are)
    • "If you want to know how you measure up, the fact that you're my girl right now should enough of a sign. So keep being a good girl and we'll be just fine"

    If she persists beyond that she's being immature, and should know she's on the verge of being nexted.

    I can't take credit for all of these, some were from /u/fnordsnord awhile back

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    Does sheeps count to?

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    I like the last one, its more my style. I can follow that "Nah, it really doesnt matter. All that matters is that we're STD free." with a chuckle, then just change the topic.

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    Last one is awful rest are golden

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    I've confused myself, which last one don't you like?

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    Self-deprecating while giving yourself a silent self-five for your cunning.

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    A good friend of mine has the reverse go-to of "Not enough" and then has a longing, yet-playful look in his eye.

    How many girls have you slept with?

    Not enough. longing look. I always want just one more. eye contact, smile

    I guess the trick is to look playful and fun, as ever.

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    Just my 2 cents for people reading. It's really so easy to deflect these questions. It's always situation and context dependent.

    Girl: How old are you?

    Guy: "I like this question, that means your going to tell me how old you are right?"

    Right there the guy can escalate.

    The guy could switch it around to how old she is.

    Guy: "I think I know how old you are"

    He can use kino and touch her arm/hand to test how old she is. He could comment on her skin or her face.

    "Your skin feels so soft, do you rub baby lotion on it?"

    The conversation can go anywhere.

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    "I don't kiss and tell" and smile at her

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    You're the first one today.

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    "Was I supposed to count?"

    "I lost track after I ran out of fingers"

    "None, I'm saving myself for marriage"

    anything goes

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    "Me? I'm a virgin!"

    "No seriously I've never even kissed a girl!"

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    "Enough to be sensitive to that question..."

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    "Doesn't matter"

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    Answer jokingly or playfully. Let her take a guess or answer with "millions."

    After that they have never actually asked me again... For some reason it always works for me.

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    It's a double digit number, I believe.

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    These responses to the shit test all sound good to me. My answer was always a simple "yes i have" and leave it at that. My ltr never asked that question.

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    Depending on who asks (personality) it's either a playful "wouldn't you like to know?" That usually ends with "try and figure it out by how good I am", or it's "5 or 6" I find 4 makes you sound undesirable but 8 starts making women think you hit and quit for a living.

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    I don't talk about my other sexual experiences (This includes N count, who I'm seeing, etc.) with the girl I'm with. When questions arise I agree and amplify and deflect. "Am I being interrogated?". Further questions are deflected with "Detective [insert girl's name]". I switch topic or deflect to something else immediately. It's not a bad experience at all, it's just added into the flirting. It's very simple, I respect the privacy of my other sexual partners. I make sure the girl understands that I take STDs very seriously and am clean. There really is no other reason for her to need to know that information. And that's the end of it.

    Subtle inferences into your sex life can act as dread game. These are just regular times where a girl learns something about your sex life. I find that outright talking about it doesn't provide any benefit. I don't want to talk about it either. There are many more things I'd rather be doing with a girl.

    If you keep your sex life private to a girl, it demonstrates that you will/would keep her sex life with you private. She can slut it up and no one would know any better.

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    bp me always asked. they've only asked how many girls I'm fucking now.

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    Is there a magic number that says youre not a huge player but can get pussy at the same time?

    Yes, there's the answer I give, which is "Would you tell me right now, accurately, if your breasts are real? Same answer"

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    I never kiss and tell

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    Just 3 ....today