Wife got my name tattooed on her back... (self.asktrp)

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I find it exceptionally creepy. She did it as a surprise we had sex today and I'm just staring at my name. Ruined the vibe and the mood. She's upset I'm not super proud of it. She creepily proclaimed everyone will know who's girl she is. Is it wrong to suggest she get it removed?

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...She pretty much just told you she's YOUR woman, whatever you're doing in the relationship (marriage) is giving her the tingles so bad she wants to physically mark herself as yours.

I don't see the problem here

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You don't put a bumper sticker on a Ferrari.

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But they're okay on a Civic...the question goes back to OP. Is bae a Rari or a Renault

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hyundai elantra

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She's a moped.

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Fun to ride til someone sees you on one.

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I've always felt this way. I seriously cannot stand tattoos, I don't understand why so many women are obsessed with getting them.

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I've got four sleeves, my neck hands and chest done.

I used to tour in a metal band and it just came with it.

I'm pre med now though and it's an obstacle. Not a job killer but an obstacle.

Bitches absolutely go crazy for tattoos and it's an easy ice breaker.

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Four sleeves? I thought you could only get two...

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Oh you don't have 4 arms too? Oh boy...

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Hence why he's going into med school. Best surgeon EVER!

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Leg sleeves aren't called pants.

There's also a dick sleeve, neck sleeve, although I don't have those last two.

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    I have one tattoo down there.

    Cool party trick but nah I wouldn't do it again

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    On guys it's a little different, although I wouldn't get any myself and I still judge a little bit when I see them. Mostly just the really gaudy or visible crap though.

    On girls it's just trashy.

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    deleted What is this?

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    But I thought +5 tq

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    No woman is a Ferrari.

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    I don't see the problem either, maybe an endorsed could clear it up.

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    All I can think of is that he hates tatts and she got it without his permission. Fair enough. Otherwise, drawing a blank on the exact complaint.

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    It could be that she's displaying the tendency to be so invested in her in-the-moment feelz that she's driven to do arguably unreasonable acts like this. The tattoo screams of "feelz before realz"

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    You seem to be forgetting that marriage is the end all be all goal for women, as far as she's concerned this is the "realz" if OP continues being the man he is now, he could lead a happy married life without being cucked... providing he stays on his game.

    If this was just a bf/gf relationship and she did some shit like this then I would have a problem with it. He should take this as a compliment, like a child trying to appease their parent. It's adorable

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    Its not accurate to say "if OP continues being the man he is now." If he stays the same chances are she'll get bored and lose the feelz. I think you mean to say if OP continues on his path of improvement and steadily increasing his value, which would be more likely to maintain her feelz for OP.

    Maybe OP and his wife shoot amateur porn and now he's hesitant to film risking identification...

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    We're already on pornhub

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    Do you upload regularly?

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    Depends on how busy my business is

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    link or gtfo

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    Yeah that is what I meant, thanks haha

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    this makes sense.

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    He's her husband, not her pimp. He doesn't need his brand on her.

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    I can agree with this. She does some loopy stuff but it isn't malicous. She feels the need to show she cares. She's never been with a dude on my level before so s he literally saved the best for last. I love my wife for who she is as gay as that sounds. That being said I'm not into "marking my territory" I feel its creepy and needy I feel she is doing that for me involuntarily by doing this. I don't think there is a right answer as all men are different. Just trying to be tactful in voicing my disapproval.

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    She wants to be more submissive and for you to be more dominant. Lean into it bro.

    As men we have to do all kinds of things we may not be that fond of. I still don't understand why a spank on the bum turns the ladies on. But you better believe I do it. Marking this as "creepy" is a bit of a BP move (IMHO).

    Does she have other ink? Is it tasteful? Will others see it? All these factor into where you eventually go. But recognize that she is unequivocally accepting your lead. Take the reigns bro.

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    Nope no tattoos other then this.

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    Then she has pulled a bit of a "bumper sticker on a Ferrari" unfortunately. However my original comments still hold.

    My suggestion? Bring up the ink next time you are getting hot and heavy, how she is all yours, no one else's, let her get into it. I suspect she will squeal with delight. It will feel a lot less creepy then, and will start turning you on.

    My other suggestion is that you start telling her what sexy underwear to put on, etc. I think she will get into that. Then when the time is right you can make clear that you can give her what she wants by ordering her around but no more ink please.

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    This is a great comment. Make it kinky - she will love it. I totally understand your reservations though. Any kind of rash - badly thought out decision is enough to give anyone pause. Plus it is a bit controlling a bit of a 'you can never leave me now' play.

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    She's never been with a dude on my level before so s he literally saved the best for last.

    For now.

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    at 36 I dont think she'll be running off with another 25 year old remotely close to me lmao. Living in a rural area the guys around here are all obese. I am numero fucking uno.

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    It's not wrong. But prepare yourself to not win this battle.

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    I read this twice looking for the punch line until I realized this is not /r/jokes.

    Either she's ridiculously needy or she's a psycho. Better start taking pictures, videos, and recording audio so you can defend yourself in court when she goes batshit crazy on you.

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      This was my thought.

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      Yea i'm not into tattoos at all. I've never seen one that would maintain its appeal. They are always trendy or poorly thought out. I'll never get a tattoo and I wouldn't want my girlfriend to get one either. It's trashy and self deprecating. I don't care if my mom dies tragically, I'll never put that shit into my skin. Same idea with body mods, just plain gross.

      Oh and good luck mate. She just guilt tripped you into life long commitment. It'll be a shit storm if you ever decide to leave her.

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      You need to understand why you find this creepy before you decide how to handle it.

      What is it that bothers you about it, specifically?

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      As I stated in another comment I find marking territory cringe worthy and she did that for me.

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      Yes, but what specifically is "cringe-worthy" about it? For you.

      Is it the implication of responsibility for her? Or is the fact that she took such a step without consulting you? Does it make you feel trapped or committed? (You did marry her, you know.)

      Yes, it makes your skin crawl. I get that. But you need to understand why.

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      I think maybe because ive always been indifferent to the people im with so when someone does something like this I feel it brings a level of commitment and connection im not used to?

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      I see.

      Her being submissive to you bothers you, because if you own her, you are responsible for her.

      You were not ready for marriage.

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      Who is? My dad used to say you could wait til your 50 save all the money in the world and still fall flat, its whether you learn and continue to learn and lead and continue to lead that matters. I know I dont know jack shit. But im learning and leading the best I can. Ive never really cared for women emotionally until we met im getting used to it.

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      Anything other than a hell yes is a no

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      She is your wife but you are not comfortable? I would understand being creeped out by a gf u don't plan on sticking with doing this, but your wife?

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      Damn. That is some black belt level "cut through the rationalizing bullshit" right there. Have my upvote, sir.

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      I feel it brings a level of commitment and connection im not used to?




      (Not a tattoo fan either btw)

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      everyone will know who the cuck is too

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      I don't think that makes me a cuck. She might like to watch tho haha.

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      You're not a cuck. But I always find it funny when a girl I fuck has a dudes name tattood on her.

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      top kek

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      Im from the ghetto originally moved on up jefferson style. Funny thing is shes from a well off prim and proper family that disapproves of her being married to colored folk especially one from the cesspool of north philly. We live in the boondocks currently deep in the woods. Think im gonna order me a banjo on amazon take advantage of these deals gotta fit those stereotypes.

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        Lmao I make alot of money from owning my own business but I drive a 97 s10 I dont want yokels to think my penis isnt big waiting for it to break but at 373k miles it just wont die

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        Youre her BBC fantasy! At lesst you're her type. Now you know which buttons to push.

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        As a tramp stamp? Or higher up? Is this her first tattoo? I'd suggest not sticking your dick in crazy, but that ship has clearly sailed. Do you have kids?

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        No kids. It's in an arch on her middle traps

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        She creepily proclaimed everyone will know who's girl she is.

        Yeah, this is some weird shit. If she's your wife, why would anyone else see her back?

        Ever see the film Misery? Watch your six and plan some escape routes ... just sayin.

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        That does demonstrate a certain level of commitment on her part.

        I'd be more worried if her name was "Kelly" and she got this tattoo.

        More seriously, it's a bit nutty, but it's not going away. Since this didn't have the desired effect, she might feel like she has to up the ante. So tomorrow, tell her you were a bit shocked, but you recognize her loyalty1, then pat her head, and say "good kitty", otherwise you're in for at least a month of sulking.

        1 Even though we know, "These hoes ain't loyal."

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        Sucks for the next guy haha. I will reward her for this good idea any suggestions on how big of a reward?

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        yep, women are as fickle as luck, today she may tattoo my name on her wrist or neck even, tomorrow she may open her legs for chad thunderfuck.

        And she will not once think there's something wrong with this.

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        damn, that sucks. you could suggest some other stuff she could get to cover it up.. coverups can look great if the first one isnt too big or elaborate

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        Maybe just go full out retarded and get my face and a thumbs up too? She won't give this up I know she won't it'll be a you don't want me to show my love for you game lol.

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        she might be a little crazy but I wouldn't be too scared assuming you are in fact playing it right (seems reasonable). This may be a parade in front of others and fuck her with a lady friend at the same time situation because she wants to show off and be shown off as yours.

        I'd take a tattoo over an unannounced baby for a possession prize any day.

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        "we had sex today and I'm just staring at my name" hahahahaha had me cracking up at this mate.

        Dunno, try and see it as some kind of extreme dominance or something :)

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        Divorce her for the lols.

        No, but in all seriousness I think that's hilarious. Staring at your own name while fucking? Lol classic. I don't know where exactly it is on her back but if she says "so that everyone knows she belongs to u" it makes u wonder who everyone is and is everyone bending her over like that. Its also hilarious becaus it's on her back and not her arm. Everyone knows who's girl she is, except her when she cheats because the reminder was on her back and not her arm where she can read it.

        Good luck out there m(32 -1).

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        I can hear it now... "He even forced me to get a tattoo of his name on me"

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        Like Archer style or what?


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        girls dont know how to show affection, all we want is more blowjobs and hot dinners not a fucking tattoo

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        Don't do anything about it.

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        Hahaha this has to be a troll. No woman could be that stupid, oh wait. If this is real then it's one big fucking red flag mayte. She's impulsive loves extremely. This pendulum will swing back hard one day.

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        Who cares? Just don't get her name tattooed.

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        Eh. My favorite just presented me with plans to get "epic mount" tramp stamped/bumpered (lower back scene). Then again she's a ki valedictorian, so it's fucking rad design ways and completely unique. She's apparently been saving around 3g to get it done by the best.

        She obviously is pushing for exclusivity yeah, but still, it came off a bit creepy. Dunno how id react to a wife doing that, then again I wouldn't get married, and especially nothing with my name if I did.

        (If I get married it's either me throwing in the towel or signing away 18yrs for a nuclear kid, then leaving). So doubtful. Nothing feels permanent enough to merit that IMO.

        It seems in your case, she wanted approval that she's permanently (as far as women can manage to think that way) your property. Doesn't sound so bad. Still makes my hackles raise.

        If you are planning on staying with her, think how it'll look in a decade.