Older guys (30+) that didn't get married, what is your life actually like now? (self.asktrp)

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I mean in regards to social life and friends, women in your life, and those types of things. What the fuck are you actually doing now? How are your days like?

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How long did it take you to get to that magic point where you were succeeding with women?

And when you say you're lifting everyday... You mean you're doing ppl?

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Not him but ppl is the way to go if you ask me. I don't like rest days much so it's perfect

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Keep in mind that you should be doing back to chest ratio 2:1 because of that whole laptop warrior thing. At least thats what my physio recommended me and so I am doing a variation of PPL: Pull Push Pull/Legs Pull Push Pull/Legs rest, repeat. And please don't get all wet because its Pull/Legs and next day Pull. Your back has more muscles to train than lat.

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Full-body is the best for raw, drug free lifters. Your MPS only stays elevated for 12-24 hours when you're well trained so it makes no sense to have such a low frequency. Typically novices should start 3x full-body and then add a full body day as they become more advanced in their lifting career. I'm currently doing 6x week full body but I'm also a nationally competitive powerlifter.

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It's the opposite for me. I made good strength gains on full body 3x a week but I make much better hypertrophy gains on PPL (but I go like 6x week)

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PPL? If I had read that in a different context I would have thought it was an abbreviation for people.

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If you're asking what PPL is, it's a routine where you do Pull Pull and Legs. I structure it PPLrestPPLrest so I can go fresh into deadlifts but lots of people do PPLPPLrest to keep it a 7 day cycle

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Push Pull Legs?!

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Pull Pull pulL

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First time seeing this abbreviation.

Must be: Penis Program LARGE!

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Good for you ! At what age you started improving yourself ?

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Awesome man

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You're a serious inspiration bro

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How to go about starting a startup?Any book that can guide me on that and what are your views on starting blog for making money? Which IT skills are high in demand right now?Like if i want to work as a freelancer.Which skills will give me most returns?Any website or something that can guide me on that?

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I live on a tropical island in Latin America. I made some decent money from silicon valley/software (not an entrepreneur/founder, just a programmer/grunt). I've kind of checked out of the working world for a while, but you'd be surprised how far you can stretch money in some parts of the world.

I traveled a lot in my 20's, and picked it back up again in my 40's...

As far as women, I have been a very slow learner. Will always have some beta traits, learned to accept that... But not hitching up my life with someone else for the long haul has enabled me to find my stride... Last year my hook-ups/lovers/girlfriends ranged from 18 to my own age, some really beautiful women. Careful with birth control and putting-dick-in-crazy.

But also the flexibility has allowed me to pursue some dreams/hobbies, learn a new language, see some incredible places, have more than my fair share of beach/palm-tree life.

Recently LTR-ing for the first time since 2011. Sweet girl, but I have no idea if it's going to be for life, for years, or just for now.

Anyway, I'm sure many answers in here will be "Now I'm CEO, plus I'm slaying"... So I offer up my version as an alternative. More like "I value little more than my freedom and I have succeeded in having a lot of it".

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Which IT skills are high in demand right now?Like if i want to work as a freelancer.Which skills will give me most returns?Any website or something that can guide me on that?

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!remindme 4 hours

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I can't speak for all dev, but for web, the big shots right now are Ruby on Rails, React/Redux, Angular, and Node.js.

If you want to just build websites for shitty small time businesses, Wordpress.

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Can I ask what country? I've been doing the corporate thing and traveling a lot the past couple years but I quit and now am just doing a deal here and there for the next 6 months or so across the country for my half brothers dad in laws company.

However I made enough in the past few years that I really wouldn't mind doing a half assed work year abroad.

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I'm not sure what a "half-assed work year abroad" would look like in a country where your kind of work isn't available as a foreigner...

Or did you mean, like, backpacker jobs (bar/hostel, not technically legal but do-able).

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No it means I have to travel worldwide every month or two to sign a contract for an international liquor export company.

But it wouldn't be that much money. Like 80k tops.

(And yes I realize that's decent dough for young people but not really if you've been working in corporate sales and are pushing 30)

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Well, I'll always recommend seeing new places/things. But a job like that could end up just being annoying-- seeing more airports and office buildings and downtowns than culture or the chance to "dive in" a bit.

Can you get a week of your own time in each new loc?

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Yes. I was just thinking that a few months to chill out in a low key country would be nice.

I've recently come into a few rental properties but fortunately my best friend manages his 5 or 6 properties and I would pay him a low rate to keep up on mine since he's basically a pro.

That's more of my concern than the job and income situation.

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Missed the part where brazil, the 5th largest country in the world and largest part of continental south America was an island.

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i get where you are coming from but brazil does not lack islands.

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I've read you can retire in some of those countries with like 300k.

What's life like over there? I am super interested. Do you have reliable high speed internet and cell service? Is it dangerous do you feel? What is better there? what do you miss?

Thanks for your reply... The other day I spent the whole day researching cheap countries to retire.

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Brazil is as dangerous as fuck! Not exactly cheap, 300k is not gonna last as long as you might imagine. Bureaucracy, corruption and a mild form of perpetual chaos rules. No decent peanut butter, cheese or beer among many others. No shortage of women looking to get knocked up by johnny foreigner and GTFO of a third world country. Portuguese is a potential nightmare!

Hot weather, amazing nature/beaches, hot chicks. Ummm struggling already... but there are a few more positive points..I think...I hope.

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thanks for your honest reply.

the article... IIRC it was on investopedia... painted a pretty rosy picture of these countries, but I was skeptical of the realities.

thanks to an ever connected world, I can get real feedback!

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Don't let me put you off coming here for a holiday though :)

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any suggestions? cities to see, or avoid? places to hike? places to stay on a budget? food to eat?


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You probably want to check out Rio de Janeiro. Foz de iguacu (brazilian niagra falls). Nature wise the Pantanal or the Amazon . Fernando de Noronha.

If you like hiking etc I really enjoyed Chapada Diamantina, Bahia. There are some other Chapadas I havent been too as well.

Beaches I have personally been too, Jericoacora. Lencois Maranhenses. Pipa. Among literally hundreds of others.

Airbnb is catching on in Brazil.

Cheap wholesome food is rice and beans but be careful about salad giving you tummy problems. Every region has its own culinary delights.

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Brazil is so big I could go on all day really.

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I remember hearing a lot of good things about Costa Rica.

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I'm actually checking out from the working world this summer to backpack for a year. Don't think I'll be working much while I travel, but I may start to pick up some freelance work near end of my trip.

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37, never married, no kids, still don't want either. Life is good. Spinning plates, enjoying life to the fullest. Doing all the things I want to do without having to negotiate or explain myself.

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It's incredible how easy it is when you are so much more mature and have better lives than the girls. You can't even help but keep frame and treat them like children. Kudos brother.

I'm only 28 so compared to you I'm the punk ass child!

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nice ig.

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You're a deep sea fisherman/explorer???

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    That sounds amazing. Your Insta looks like you're living the dream 👍

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    Bro, you are the man, just when I was losing hope that RP was nothing but 20 year olds these days. Thanks for sharing.

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    Looks like you're fucking killing it in life man, you have a sick IG.

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      You can have the lifestyle but it's more about the mindset than anything

      Holy shit man, that really hits home for a lot of the self improvement I've experienced over the last few years and the feeling that I'm still missing the point somehow. Your IG is fucking awesome BTW.

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      Do you want kids? Not now, I mean generally!

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        Are you looking for anything more than symmetry?

        I have a kid with a very symmetrical (beautiful) woman. Though she is crazy and she was probably a mistake, at least I can say, that I made a genetically good choice and am free now to do what I want, without having to worry, that my genes are not going to continue.

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        Yea relationships always start good, end ugly.

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        Which IT skills are high in demand right now?Like if i want to work as a freelancer.Which skills will give me most returns?Any website or something that can guide me on that?

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        Y 36. Life just started.

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        Im 30...i have cp from previous relationship. 562.00 a month. I moved half way cross the states to get away from crazy bm. Just broke up with crazy gf. Just got new job. Taking time to myself. Don't want ne relationships at all. I want to enjoy being single for at least 3 -5 years. Don't want to get married. Don't want ne more kids. Head held high though. This will pass. I am trying to stack as much as possible. And its all my fault i messed with the crazy. Thats why i will stay single and hopefully grow up. I have no friends 4 real. Maybe 1 but we not close at all.

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        Sorry, but what's CP? I looked online. Cyberpunk? Corporal Punishment? Child Pornography?

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        Child (support) payments, I believe

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        Child payments. The way he's talking is annoying and makes me think he's a troll.

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        Child support lol

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        I'd guess Childcare Payments.

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        Too many acronyms.

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        Social life, building on it. Spent many years isolating my self. But I have great friends now who I trust and most importantly, love me for who I am. I think this core has really helped build me back up this past year and given me confidence to do things I would have faltered with in my 20s.

        Women, no girlfriend, but I enjoy dating when I can. I'm not where I want to be status/money wise for 31, but there are some younger girls who tell me I look younger and are cool with me being a WIP. I just love feeling confident talking with women and not being an awkward putz. Also, as someone who spent their entire 20s failing with women and with deep insecurities, it feels good to not feel like my life revolves around having female validation or a girlfriend. Whether it's a makeout session or rejection or a girl who is boring as shit, it does not faze me all that much, and that is so important to have a healthy mindset towards dating and relationships.

        Career, working on it. What fuels me is seeing my peers succeed (even though I only have a fraction of the resources they did) and the disappointment in myself for not having made more of myself sooner.

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        I too enjoy having my friends succeed. I was lucky in that I was referred into a job out of college and got to refer a bunch of younger friends and it's a huge network of people now as they've done the same and gone on to other stuff.

        As I travel a lot for work I have friends in almost every city that I usually haven't seen for a couple years so it's super fun to meet and catch up.

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        Sitting in my recliner, drinking Lagavulin 16, watching South Park, debating how long I grow my beard, debating when I quit my job and travel the world. Wondering about the air raid sirens in Dallas last night.

        My days? Work. Work out. Dinner with friends or family.


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        49M checking in. Life is awesome. I have a good living, live in the house that I want to live in, drive the Porsche I want to drive, and fuck the girls I want to fuck.

        There's no magic, and I'm not here to sell my book or whatever (NTTAWWT). Here's how I do it:

        Life After 30: How to Be an Old Guy

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        I imagine awesome.

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        it's AWESOME!

        I can do ANYTHING. I can do lines of coke all day and NOT EVEN worry about money because I'm not spending it on anyone else. I can work tons of over-time if I want and make tons of money. I can take tons of time off and just CHILL.

        It's like having a world to my own where rules don't even exist, most of the time.

        Women are decorations & play things - they don't belong in my life in any other capacity. They aren't mature enough and are expensive.

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        It's like when you cut off the societal expectations of marriage/kids, you literally realize there's so many years of freedom and doing whatever the hell you want ahead of you.

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        31/m, spent 7 months in Seoul, South Korea, banging local girls and learning the language, now going back home to make some money again (I'm a Software Developer), running wild my own way

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        I'll tell you when I have finished up on my Xbox, if I have time to type before I have to get to the airport.

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        34 here, financially secure and making 6 figure salary, have 80k in investments that are doing well. The last several years I mostly dated 21-22 year olds casually and had some fun. When I was 26 I was paycheck to paycheck with no savings and busted credit, so I feel good with my progress thus far when I decided to turn my life around. Still have a full head of hair currently in an LTR with a 25 year old for a year that is going well. No complaints here

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        30 y/o, living in a prime location in a big city, making 100k+ for a few years now, lifting, mma, great circle of close male friends, and for some reason young 20s girls are easier to pick up than they ever have been. When you truly prioritize yourself and become 'healthily selfish', life satisfaction will skyrocket