No question, Just a rant. Fuck you TRP (self.asktrp)

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You despicable turds have committed a grave sin. I am truly disgusted and distraught.

You fuckers ruined Scorsese's "Casino".

Throughout the entire movie, i'm watching every BP fuck up that Sam Rothstein keeps making and i sigh. Laughing about how RP Nicky is, even if he's a orange smurf.

Just fuck you all, at least i have Goodfella's

(Naturally, i'm joking)

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This is me watching everything now, but it's actually enhanced viewing for me. Tons of lessons to learn, even if it's just analysis of a character's actions through a RP lens

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Oh it definitely enhances movies, for both genders tbh.

I can spot all the females shit tests and when the man fails them is tragically comical...

I guess i should thank RP for enhancing my classic movies :P

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It's not like all directors and movie writers are aware of this. There's always the story of the girl ending up with the beta over Chad

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sometimes they swap the genders of the roles so a female audience will identify with the male lead. "500 days of summer" is a example- the main guy isn't a beta, he's an alpha widow being played by a male actor. women aren't thinking "ohhh what a sweet beta male" they're identifying with his experience because they've gone through the same things getting their hearts broken by Chads

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Best example?

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She's Out Of My League

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Dude same! Movies, songs, there is tons of RP truths and BP myths thrown into Shit and it's very fun to dissect.

One of my favorite lyrics from a random pop song right now is something like "men don't treat me they should, don't lead me like they should...."

Specifically the word LEAD. A big deal in TRP, plus the complaining about men not being men. I love it.

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My favorite is from a movie my kids love: Mulan - A Girl Worth Fighting For

I want her paler than the moon with eyes that shine like stars. My girl will marvel at my strength, adore my battle scars ... bet the local girls thought you were quite the charmer, and I'll bet the ladies love a man in armor ...

Then Mulan, pretending to be a man, chimes in:

How 'bout a girl who's got a brain, who always speaks her mind?

Everyone else:


And finally ...

When we come home in victory they'll line up at the door. What do we want? A girl worth fighting for.

Of course, in true Disney fashion, despite one decent-themed song the moral of the movie is still one of feminine empowerment ... <sigh>

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Ha, same here! I remember the song Please Bring Honor to Us All from Mulan:

"Men want girls with good taste. Calm, obedient Who work fast-paced. With good breeding and a tiny waist, You'll bring honor to us all."

Of course that was the older women getting Mulan ready to see the matchmaker. Girls don't care what older, established, married women have to say these days...sigh.

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Same. Don Draper just isn't the same anymore.

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To get ahead, all you have to do is ask what would DeNiro in Casino do, and then do that, unless it's a girl problem and then do the opposite.

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That is so true

He did everything flawlessly until "there's this one girl..."

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I remember watching Vacation (2015 film, the remake). The wife was a CC riding whore in college and they stopped by her old college and it came out. Crazy when you see that after learning about TRP.

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Jesus, i actually don't want to go back through my favourites and view them with an RP lens

Although, The Godfather passed the RP test with ease so at least i know 1 of my favourites is safe... Mind you, there's a lack of women :L

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Hahaha I had the same reaction watching that movie last week! In reality, it would have ended with the wife running off with her machete-cock six packed brother-in-law.

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That's true. Since RP moment, I don't see the same in the movies. I also discovered how useful is to watch chick flicks to get into the minds of girls and their fantasies. For example, Brigit Jone's diary is great: a below average women, chubby and with nothing going on in his life that suddenly has two guys fighting for her. Two succesful guys. Fighting for the boring chubby girl.

Also the bitchy gay friend giving shitty advice on how normal men think... XD it's hillarious.

I didn't have the strength to watch any "Sex on the City" crap, though. Not pussy enough I think.

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Hahaha good rp summary of the BJ Diaries :L

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Sex and the city is probably girl's fantasy equivalent of Rambo

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Man love Scorsese for his portrayal of not give a fuck men and TRP truths.

Goodfellas is my fav, the writing of Karen Hill is so on the money.


Such a perfect scene;

You don't feel like you're in construction - as she grabs his hand affectionately.

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Instant kino Be aloof Social Dominance Be mysterious

Henry Hill had it all

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Man i happened to watch this movie called your sister's sister or something like that a long time back after TRP. I was so angry at the tv the whole time.i had to shut it off and calm myself. Friends is quite cringy. Still funny though. Recently this thing called "friends from college" came on Netflix. Its bad. Its a bad show about bad people. They aren't actually bad ..they just don't know what we know

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Dude, there isn't a single piece of media produced by the mainstream which doesn't pepper the "alpha" protagonist with beta traits.

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Watch the 50 shades Darker movie. Plot is a guy gets mad money smarts and muscles, then gets unplugged by a fucking unicorn, then woman converts him back to BP and kicks the unicorn and harem out. All while there are two other BPs in the background. They literally dedicate a full 5 mins to this one shot black guy getting friendzoned, then a sub plot of a the outward manifestation of the "the blue pill rage", where she nearly gets raped.

Also butt sex and bondage.

Good movie for "study", I could not stop laughing through this movie.

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"Daddy's home" is the most red pill movie. #2 is coming out soon and it will include Alpha and beta grandfathers

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You should watch Vicky Christina Barcelona if we're getting into movies with dynamics.

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Justify why i should watch this film first?

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One it's a Woody Allen which are generally entertaining, but the guy is pretty honest with relationship dynamics in his movies, so he's not shy when it comes to a beta in a relationship and an alpha coming between them, which happens in this movie. Like the girl had a fiancée and cheats on him just because Javier Bardem gets her hot.

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I shall give it a watch