Muscular guys, notice women covering their chests around you? (self.asktrp)

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Thanks to lifting, I'm getting more muscular. And because if this I get more IOIs. But I'm also noticing that women more often now cover their chests when I'm walking or facing in thier direction, even though I'm not leering at their boobs or anything like that. In fact, I make an effort to never give that kind of attention. Here's what I think might be happening.....

Muscularity = High Testosterone, therefore...

High Testosterone = He's an above average horny guy, therefore....

Above average horny guy = better cover up my chest so he won't leer at me.

In other words, the muscularity and testosterone are signaling certain clues to others. Make any sense?

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Basic body language. Girls cover their breasts from men that aren’t attractive to them

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Yeah, you're either ugly or threatening, OP

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ugly or threatening

those are not related. threatening can be very positive.

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They are. In the sense that the reaction to them would be exactly the same. She covers her chest for guys that she finds unattractive because she doesn't want them peeking at the goods. She covers her chest when feeling threatened so as to "shrink" within herself, some atavistic urge to present a smaller target. Same outward reaction but different motivations.

I agree that slightly threatening is much better than completely harmless but OP can't tell the difference. We'd need more context to say for certain which it is. Any analysis of body language has to judge in "clusters" because isolated behaviours like the example OP gave can mean anything

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FWIW, maybe I might come across as threatening, I dont know. I'm also tall in addition to muscular, also dark hair with a beard, and I don't smile too much.

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Try smiling to off-set perhaps. Then see if they show more open body language.

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This. I noticed that I have a very mean resting face. I didn't realize this made me seem mad or mean or angry.

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Same. I call it angry-black-man-face. My equivalent of resting-bitch-face. In the last year I've been told on several occasions that I'm straight up scary.

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Or grow your hair out long or wear brightly colored clothing.

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Maybe you look like a buff terrorist.

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Another possibility is that OP's big chest reminds the women about their own chest and, for whatever insecure reasons, they subconsciously cover theirs or maybe place a hand near it to sort of ensure it's still there, covered, in place, or whatever. Sort of like seeing someone else's hair looking either awesome or terrible and then immediately patting your own hair to make sure everything is in the right place.

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Interesting theory. FWIW I tend to work my pects and delts a lot, so my chest is somewhat larger. I wonder if that's part of it.

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It would mean you need to look for chicks with bigger tits

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Stop saying FWIW. Some beta shit. It isn’t a whole lot let me tell you that right now. “Oh, for whatever YOU think this is worth....”. Fuck that. What you say is either valued by yourself or not. FWIW is a term for women who need other people to tell them it’s worth something. It’s defeatism and insecurity in a phrase.

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imagine being this autistic

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lol, savage but true

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No, it can be reverse psychology. They feel horny and act like they don't. They see a muscular guy > horny > instinct to show bobs > conscious effort to hide that instinct > close bobs. A small talk can show you how open she can be ;)

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So much this

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Women wear revealing clothing to show off their tits. Women like muscular guys. Women want to impress muscular guys. Women want to be dominated by masculine men.

Assuming all of these red pill facts are true, logically this would make no sense. Maybe youre just either ugly, weird looking, or creepy, and stand out too much in a crowd. Or maybe this is all in your head.

It could just be shark week in your town too lol

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Girls show off their assets to men they want to 'fornicate' with, this is usually high testosterone men.

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Covering boobs is definitely "not attracted to you". But you can't expect all women to find you attractive. That just does not happen. And there are women out there that specifically do NOT like the "muscle" look.

My guess is this is because you are more noticeable now, to both women that find you attractive, and women that don't find you attractive. It's both your new physique, and your attitude due to your physique, that catches their attention. The worst place to be is to be invisible. You certainly improved in that aspect, kudos.

With that said, you have to decide if it's still worth chasing being "more attractive" in this type of "eyeballing a stranger" scenario. The Internet rules are true, 1) be attractive, 2) don't be unattractive. But it does give you diminishing returns.

I wouldn't worry about it. Like I said, I attribute this to you getting more attention from everyone in general. And that is a good thing.

That's my take on this.

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I agree with your assessment of the situation. Maybe OP gained confidence and expected more positive attention from women, and not getting it is messing with his head. I wouldn’t worry about it because like you said, not everyone is attracted to everyone.

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I definitely feel more confident overall, and I generally am getting positive attention from women. I actually kinda find it a little funny that this quirky little thing is going on. Since I made my post a few hours ago, it's happened again -- I was talking to a neighbor (married middle aged woman who gives me a lot of IOI) and she spoke the whole time in a freindly tone, but with her arms crossed over her chest.

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    What is sounds like is they’re intimidated / confused by the new sexual attraction they feel towards you and their first reaction is to get defensive because they’re caught off guard. Honestly man this might be a good sign! Before they didn’t care if you looked because in their mind, they didn’t see you as being a sexual interest. Now that they see you that way, they’re more self conscious. It appears to be a good sign of you making progress. I recently dropped 50 pounds in the last 4 months so I’m noticing subtle ways women I’ve known for a while act different. So it’s learning curve for me too. Keep up the progress, you’re headed in the right direction.

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    I get that too when I have resting asshole face. (Not so much covering their breasts, but the sense that women feel intimidated). I'm not HUGELY muscular, but I'd say more that average. The thing is, women generally like muscular/fit guys, but they don't want some socially uncalibrated muscle head who has this as his only "shtick". You know what I mean. He walks around, expecting to be admired by women and intimidating guys. It just doesn't work because it intimidates women too. So if you have a scowl face, are reactive, and do not appear as friendly and social, then yes, a lot of women will feel threatened, intimidated or at the very least, not want to engage with you socially.

    Just get out of your head and stop trying to look for positive reactions from women. This is bad even if you aren't intimidating/muscular. Just go about your day and worry about being centered and on your path.

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    No, I'm a slim muslim guy and they still do that shit to me >D

    They are do that cuz they feel intimidated. Like u/Zanford said below

    Intimidation reflex acts more quickly than arousal reflex (although the latter can be damn fast.) Maybe you have a scowly face too.

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    unless you're carrying a Q'uran, how do they know you're muslim?

    no disrespect, but you could easily be mistaken for a light-skinned black dude, a latino man, native american, etc.

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    it depends i guess. some girls could tell I'm "from middle east" and some couldn't tell where I might be from at all.

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    Intimidation reflex acts more quickly than arousal reflex (although the latter can be damn fast.) Maybe you have a scowly face too.

    I wouldn't sweat it as long as you get IOI body language with the girls you actually approach / talk to / know

    I bet if you dress nicer (especially a biz-casual style of nicer) that will dial back the intimidation reflex

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    Source for ur first statement?

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    Well I don't have a scientific source, sorry, but feel free to go around trying to alternately scare people or arouse them, and see which one you can accomplish faster. Do you have a prediction?

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    The fact that you notice may be an indicator that you’re not noticing by as subtly as you may think. In my apartment building I noticed that if I’m looking down at my phone in my hallway and an attractive girl is walking towards me their past year is completely natural as long as I’m not looking up. As soon as I look up no matter how far away they are they immediately look down or start fidgeting for things to keep their hands occupied. Maybe they are looking at you because you are attractive or you are masculine but it’s the fact that you are looking at them that maybe makes them a little uneasy.

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    Dress nice and smile

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    If you are in good shape and are good looking I would say they are intimidated and feel insecure. Unless OP is just sticks and is actually ugly or disgusting in some way.

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    Yeah I’ve wondered about that. I remember a girl in one of my classes where we had to have a group discussion and we were sitting across from each other facing one another, would pull on her clothes to cover up her chest a little while I was talking to her. But I also would see her look at me from across the room too so I don’t know.

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    This is a good thing. On the surface. You are being rejected. But underneath all of this points a broader story.

    You are on the "sexual" radar of every woman basically. These women may be rejecting you. But no matter what they do notice you, and youd much rather be noticed then not. What does patrice o' neal say, piss a woman off, make her mad, just dont bore her.

    You should try and game them, if you find one attractive, because it can only help you case.

    Let me explain, these woman see you as male in the sense that, your a fuckboi or cad, they have now put up a guard. They created the sexual tension, your attempt to escalate and tear down their guard, is playing into their fantasy.

    Most women wont go for it. Who cares better to play the role and develop the frame by practicing on women who see you as youre trying to be seen.

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    Is it really a good thing tho? I'm in college and Ive been noticing this when girls are around me we'll get to talking about whatever in a happy go lucky mood then boom they start zipping everything up and sitting in ways that don't show as much of anything. Basically every girl around here wears straight booty shorts

    [–]Gettingaware 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    What im saying is, if a woman you never met before, at first glance, overtly covers herself up, or outright rejects you instantly, its a shit test. Truely uninterested women look right through you like you dont exist.

    But to what your asking... It sounds like these girls are initially receptive to you, but when you start talking they close off. Thats actually the opposite, women who give IoIs and then leave you scratching your head once they got your attention, which is all they really wanted anyways.

    Either that or you are really turning them off, i cant say for certain. but know almost always when i think i did well and got a phone number, they dont even answer, ever.

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    I found the opposite to happen, when I'm looking good and I've had a good workout, they damn near flash me their tits.

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    You are probably just more aware and observant of women so you're noticing even women who aren't into you. Stick to the ones who give iois. The ones that are covering are NOT in to you.

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    The right answer here is "who gives a fuck".

    Youre building muscle? Dope. Have an actual purpose in this life? Even better. Women are fickle, and no, not every single woman who covers up is necessarily doing this out of finding a guy unattractive. Maybe she is, or maybe it's cause she's an insecure little bitch about her own body and this expresses itself through her fidgeting and covering up her tits sometimes, etc. Who knows, and again, who cares.

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    I get more front hugs instead of side hugs

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    Maybe smile more to appear more approachable and less threatening.

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    Many woman when seen by a man they find attractive become self conscious and think "Why is he looking at me? Is my cleavage to low? So some times they either cover or just touch near the cleavage area to feel how low it is.

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    Women cover up around you because you're creeping them out.

    This may not be connected to the fact that you're building muscle.

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    OP, take to heart what all these other experienced guys are saying ...

    Give yourself a hard assessment, ask q friend for an honest assessment...

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    You are right mate. Trust your instincts first. Everybody in the comment section didn't perceived your exact situation. You may feel they are horny towards you because you experienced their behavior and body language personally. Their breathing patterns change when they feel horny. Their face look different. Everything must be taken into account. Also hiding chests can be reverse psychology. You are right.

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    I've never once see a girl cover up or cower when a buff guy walks past, if he is attractive and aesthetic.

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    Shave the beard?

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    I have never seen this, you must be pretty ugly dude.

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    Yeah I bet they tell you to be yourself too

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      You ask a woman how to attract women. You get lied to and brushed off nicely with "just be yourself". They're not telling you the truth regardless. So the whole intimidation thing is BS. An old friend of mine is an ugly son of a bitch that cycles regularly but he has made himself so approachable that even he does well in the market. Chances are OP is giving off a certain vibe that is not welcoming. Or he is staring at their tits and sticks out so much that they cover their tits.

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      iow, you don't ask a deer how to hunt deer.

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      Read the sidebar. You have no idea what youre talking about.

      Women want to be overpowered. Most of them have some kinky fantasies just like us guys do. Yes they dont want to get raped by some dirty bum off the street, but they would love to be plowed by an attractive muscular/masculine man.

      [–]omega_dawg93 1 point2 points  (9 children)

      this is bullshit.

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        don't quit your day job.

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          Even if you do, you obviously have no life if you're going around trolling on the internet. Maybe quitting your job would help with that

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          Lolol. The guy majored in “international relations” and is 40k in debt struggling to look for a job. He’s a bad troll, he’s a shitty person who reads and purports to understand trp yet at the same time is mad because his life is shit so he funnels the anger here and calls it mysogonistic one second then professes alpha the next. He not a troll, he’s just too stupid to know that he’s an idiot.

          He won’t argue or offer counterpoints and evidence to you; he’s just going to scream that Hes right because feelings and he knows things. Don’t bother.

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          That I can believe far quicker than him being on 6 figures a month.

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            Haha. You’ve already been outed as a liar and the only person who thinks your brand of dumb humor is funny is you.

            Goodluck finding that job though. With your personality it’s gonna be rough. You’re more disrespectful to women than anyone here with your “jokes”.

            I understand that you have a lot of free time being unemployed but hopefully you at least get a little better at trolling. I think there’s a sub that can show you how to maximize your downvotes; when you’re lying try to make the lies a little more outrageous.

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            Nah, it's so ludicrous I find it funny too

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            Did you know that 85% of female rape victims report climaxing during the rape?

            I think this is because their lizard brain (subconscious) is turned on by the thought of being overpowered and taken by strong ruthless men. That was reality for women for thousands of years, and still is reality in much of the non-white world today in 2018.

            Have you considered this ties in to covering the chest/feeling vulnerable/getting wet around intimidating men?

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            Just a heads up, don’t bother with this one.

            I responded to another guy here; This guy majored in “international relations” and is 40k in debt struggling to look for a job. He’s a bad troll, he’s a shitty person who reads and purports to understand trp yet at the same time is mad because his life is shit so he funnels the anger here and calls it mysogonistic one second then professes alpha the next. He not a troll, he’s just too stupid to know that he’s an idiot. He lies about how much he makes as a “joke”

            He won’t argue or offer counterpoints and evidence to you; he’s just going to scream that Hes right because feelings and he knows things. Don’t bother.

            Case in point: awhile back he posted a cringey post to /r/niceguys then spent a ton of time role playing as a nice guy, complete with the fedora and m’lady talk. But don’t worry, it was just a joke for fun... he’s got a lot of free time on his hands.

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            So I'm finally starting to get visibly bigger (Guys, if you haven't been working on your Lats... stop doing everything else, and start doing pull ups). I don't really give a fuck about finding a LTR anymore so I talk to every chick like they're just another bro. I'm not saying I'm body builder status, but I'm 6'6", 204 with 11.4% body fat. I'm pretty decently built and it's starting to show under my clothes. I've noticed women will flaunt their goods in front of me more. Whether its puffing their chests up, sticking their ass out, or just smiling or staring at me, it's happening more.