Enough with the damned Oneitis posts! (self.asktrp)

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If you make a post asking anyone here for advice about "this one girl" then you have failed to understand what TRP is about.

There is no girl who is The One. There is no single magical female whose transformative vagina is going to bring the light of True Love into your life.

TRP is not a tool for convincing your one magical princess to love you. Even if that is your goal, TRP requires that you lay down the groundwork for doing otherwise. That means building a lifestyle that leaves your one magical princess acutely aware that she can be replaced in a heartbeat.

The easiest way to sell that idea to a woman is to just up and do it. "Next her" is pretty much always the right answer to every version of the "I'm new to TRP and I need to use TRP methods to nail down this one girl who I fucking worship and whose asshole I would totally lick clean if she asked me to" question.

It is painful to see these posts. If you feel the need to make these posts, then frankly you need to keep reading rather than start writing.

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I've never seen a post over here on AskTRP that deserves to be stickied more than this one!

NEXT her is always the right choice unless she's already conned you into 'putting a ring on it' (IE. You're married) in which case you have to take into account that getting rid of her means losing basically half of all your shit. It may still be the right answer but it's going to cost you.

I am also a strong advocate of the whole 'never go back to your past' angle. If you are trying to attract some woman who you were with when you were a blue pill beta pussy then it is only going to end badly because she will always in the back of her mind view you as that blue pill beta pussy. As well the only way to learn more about women is to interact with NEW Women... It's like reading a story in a book. You are not going to go back and reread the chapter you just finished... because you aren't going to learn anything new about the story that way.

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NEXT her is always the right choice unless she's already conned you into 'putting a ring on it'

I've seen some married guys who do a pretty good job of managing the issue in a TRP way.

I know a guy whose wife fuckin drives him to and picks him up from the house of his mistress!!

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I know a guy whose wife fuckin drives him to and picks him up from the house of his mistress!!

Kudos to that man. He either is operating with TRP at a high level or he's just got a huge pair naturally. Either way that man is lucky because his woman is probably not complaining too much.

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He's a complete asshole. Local police officer in a fairly small town (which means everyone knows he does it).

Truth be told, I don't like the guy in the slightest. But you have to give him the points. Any man who lives in a traditionally conservative society and has his wife and his mistress OK with his behavior to level that normally only occurs in France deserves some credit for making it happen.

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And I would just add this.

If you really want to get that one girl back into your life...

Stop chasing her. That is what is driving her away. Improve your life, lift weights, eat right, get hobbies, become and interesting and diverse man.

If she really was into you, SHE WILL COME BACK.

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This exactly. If you chase/text/call/email trying to get her back it reeks of desperation. And that only makes you look weak and pushes her away. I can see everyone at their keyboard - including myself - thinking 'Yep, I've been there.' Hell, I've been there in the past few months which has brought me [back] to Red Pill thinking.

But if you pull yourself back it gives her time to miss you and think about you. Let her reach out to you. If she doesn't then her interest for you wasn't high enough in the first place.

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And when she comes back — tell her she is a swing back. Remind her that she had her chance and she thought she was too good for you to give you any time so now you don't have any time for her.

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and then when she does, tell her to piss off. She's obviously into you for the wrong reasons. IF your looking for that "princess or w.e" you don't want some fickle shallow bitch as a LTR

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There's just this special tingling I feel in my balls. She HAS to be special.

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She's clearly the most special unicorn cause she gave me a boner!

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If you make a post asking anyone here for advice about "this one girl" then you have failed to understand what TRP is about.

Plain and mother fucking simple.

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This is beautiful.

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The best part of getting rid of Oneitis, is that you realize whatever RP advice you can apply for "this one girl", also works on "this other girl", and applies to "this girl after the last two" and so forth... no "one" girl is so special that you absolutely have to do/run something different.

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This post has encouraged me to stick around, rather than just face palm and unsubscribe.

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The following exchange is making me consider not to post here

OP: "I really love TRP and practice it well, but there is this one girl that put me in the friend-zone, can I get out of it?"

TRP Community "look you need to forget about this one girl and go out and work on yourself"

OP "But i am already perfect, why wont she fuck me... I really, really want to fuxk her, pretty please."

TRP Comminity "Dude she knows your desperate, we know your desperate, go out and get something done for yourself, this girl is not special, go find someone else to fuck and quit wasting your time."

OP "Dude, she totally doesn't know how desperate I am or that I'm so into her. I got this shit, so just tell me how to get her to like me and only me."

TRP community " "

OP: "Guys.... anyone...".

FUck I want the 5 minutes I spent on that dude back.

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FUck I want the 5 minutes I spent on that dude back

There are no refunds on the time you piss away in this life.

Hmmm . . . maybe I should start adding that to my comments.

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Screw you asshole. (I'm guessing this is an indirect post about me, seeming as your past comment history was on my post yesterday which is an almost identical story to this, If not, ignore this the abuse but the point still stands...)

If you actually read my post, I said I'm totally new to TRP, not that 'I love it and practice it well'. I know that it's going to take time to learn the ropes, I explicitly mentioned it in my OP, which it is clear now you didn't bother to read properly.

I didn't say 'I'm already perfect', you told me to get in shape and get some hobbies, and I said I already was and I already do.

I didn't even mention that I was desperate at any point. Just the opposite in fact. I was just interested to know if de-friendzoning was even possible. I haven't got any feelings for the girl now, and mentioned that I'd only want to fuck her to satisfy my ego.

I didn't at all mention that I'm 'so into her' or that 'I got this shit'. And I didn't say anything like "guys...anyone".

I don't know why you're being such an asshat after I asked a simple question, but this sub-reddits number 1 rule is:

"We've made this new place to help beginners and those with specific questions about game or handling specific parts of your life in a red pill context."

followed by, "Please be constructive, it's ok to make mistakes."

If you're gonna be an asshole about it, then this is clearly the wrong sub-reddit for you. This is for beginners to TRP asking questions to helpful, experienced TRP'ers. Not for 'experts' to complain that there's "so many noobs on here".

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In case your question wasn't answered, you can get out of the friend zone by being successful with other women and in other areas of your life.

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Thanks, that was the answer I mainly got from the original question :)

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Screw you asshole

This is quite possibly the highest compliment you can pay anyone around here!!

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yea, I chuckled.

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Haha sorry, meant err.. you beta fag?

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That was much better played.

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Nice. Ready to slay poon.

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I think poon slaying tends to be more PUA than TRP.

TRP is more about not allowing yourself to become a slave to 1) the traditional conservative view of male providership and 2) the mess that feminists make of modern sexual relations.

There really isn't anything in TRP that requires an ongoing jihad of endless poon slaying. The big thing is don't get trapped chasing any one girl, without regard to your specific reasons for wanting to do so.

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Constructive is the advice he gave. It sounds like you are looking for instant results, but TRP is about development. That-takes-time.

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I'm not denying he didn't have useful advice yesterday - I was trying to give him the bigger picture though. What use is the advice "go get fit" to someone who goes to the gym all the time? I wasn't abusing him for it, I was just letting him know I do have hobbies/work out, so he can hopefully offer me the next stage of advice.

Regardless, my main gripe here is he comes onto a different post the next day bad mouthing me for asking questions on an "ask..." subreddit.

As I mentioned in my OP on my original question, I know this isn't a quick fix, and I'm prepared to study and learn until I can master the TRP mindset.

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Dude, you're not the only one to ask that damned question. askTRP is for people that have/are studying the material and asking questions in that regard, over a "Give me a step-by-step template on banging this one girl". Most of the oneitis posts are CLEARLY by fuckohs that haven't finished reading the material, and are hoping to get a checklists of do's and don'ts. The reason this is hitting home for you is because it's the same as all the others. You sound like "that guy". If you've read the material, you'd know this chick is unimportant, and that notch you're so desperately wanting to make is you just dressing it up.

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I was pissed cause this guy is literally talking about me. Look at his comment history, he posted on my question yesterday, and he says today (as well as lying in the post and making me look like a desperate tosspot) "Fuck I want the 5 minutes I spent on that dude back.".

That's not a generic statement, he aimed that at me, that's why I'm pissed.

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I was pissed cause this guy is literally talking about me

Butt hurt?

Ain't red pill. Start studying at the beginning.

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Wouldn't be if he hadn't lied...

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Learning to be outcome independent is important for your happiness. It applies not only to gaming women. Start recognizing what is and what isn't in your control. This situation is outside your control and you're letting it affect your happiness. Accept it, learn from it if you can and move on.

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"If you actually read my post, I said I'm totally new to TRP, not that 'I love it and practice it well'."

Stop posting and read.

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When you say you'd fuck her to satisfy your ego, you're not fooling anybody.

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Well I'm not. The only reason I would (and want to) is so I can tick her off the checklist, this is all.

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Having a woman on a checklist is still putting her on a pedestal.

There's no reason she deserves to have her name maintained on a curated list of women you'd like to conquer.

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You have a long way to go on this journey before you can tick someone off a checklist, fucking a woman isn't that easy once she's decided you're a beta.

Once you're a high value man she'll be breaking down your door to take your seed.

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Haha, yeah I'm seeing it as a 'side-quest' almost. Maybe too difficult right now, but no time limits, so I'm in no rush, I'm going to focus more important TRP stuff first.

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Yeah, then bang about 20 broads, before you even think about attempting it.