Helping a beta backfired on me... (self.asktrp)

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OK so there's this friend of mine at work, borderline on becoming a beta, including severe oneitis and helping every single girl at work recently (he was always kinda half beta half alpha but now he's seriously going full retard). I invited him to a bar for some drinks (we do this quite often) and basically gradually started to redpill him (don't worry, I was very "gentle"). For a minute or two at the end his eyes were shinning like he has seen Jesus himself and "everything makes sense now bro" to him. After like 5 hours hanging around (I swear that time felt like it was just 1 or 2 hours) we parted our ways. Next thing in the morning, all his "female friends" at work know about this "alpha male power maddington12 is crazy about". He spilled everything I told him, including shit tests, hamstering, AWALT stuff, CCs and other things and how I "like to keep women under my foot and treat them like objects", even thought I didn't even said such a thing. This could seriously hurt my reputation and some girls have started giving me the weird looks but thank god the boss said that "social problems" are none if his concern and that all he cares is I work great. Now, the question: is there anything I can do to get out of this mess? At work I reacted like it's nothing and like it has always been like this, tho I really wanted to punch my "friend" right in the goddamn face and break his nose. Also, note to self: never try to help your blue-pilled "friends".

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For a minute or two at the end his eyes were shinning like he has seen Jesus himself and "everything makes sense now bro" to him.

(OMFG! I can so use this to score points with the chicks at work. I'll show them what douches other guys are and I'll finally be the HEEEEEERO.)

"Wow, I've never thought about it like that Maddington12.

Tell me more."

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Good Lord. To consider this was likely an accurate account of what was going through his head is fuckin scary.

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"everything makes sense now bro"

Hamster: Now I know why he acts this way and why the girls around me are always talking about him to me, he has been manipulating them!

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Agree and amplify like crazy. Make it all a big joke, setup your bp friend and troll him. Check out John Tucker must die.

There is no saving them, they can only save themselves.

'Hey "OP" could you hand us those tps reports?'.

'Oh I sure can, it comes with a big side of alpha '.

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I wonder why nice movies like John Tucker Must Die don't get more airtime. It's a chick flick with a message concerning all males.

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So much this. amplify into full retard mode yourself. Make it seem like he's nuts

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Bad idea in my opinion.

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very bad lol, dont draw attention to this shit because you will be THAT guy in the office.

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I don't know what his profession is, but I assume it will have counter-productive effects if he evolves into a jokester.

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Never, ever try to evangelize the red pill. BPers will do this to you to get "points" with their female friends. He doesn't give a shit about you, and if he can use that to drag you down he absolutely will try to ruin you socially - in fact, it seems that's what he is already trying to do. Cut the fucker off and don't share the red pill!

edit: Didn't even notice the bit about your boss. This guy just tried to gaslight you HARD, including a shot at your career. I would never speak to him again. He sounds like a fucking asshole.

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    Because it's like hearing the juiciest piece of gossip and not being able to tell anyone.

    I know I've slipped a bit and shared red pill knowledge with some people but I've gotten away clean.

    It's so tempting to spread the word but damn...

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      Yes herpes, but there isn't much competition out there to begin with.

      Teelo, I've been the same way but I never talk about RP theory, I only drop subtle hints and advice to my friends who might need some help (Machiavellian style).

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      That's a not that uncommon mistake, but you can't force others to take the Red Pill, you have to wait until they're ready for it.

      For damage control, just start acting like you are still blue pill (this doesn't necessarily mean beta though). Throw out some lines like "The most important thing is still communication", and "None of this matters if you find the right woman". Consider reading the 48 Laws of Power, or specifically "Think as you like, but act like others".

      What you did was kind, but slightly stupid. You rushed into talking to someone about it instead of gently easing into it, checking whether he's trustworthy, and using different (and more PC) language to introduce people to it IRL where tone is more important. For example, instead of AWALT, you could call it 'Women Are People Too', as in 'All the shitty stuff men do, women can do too', which is close enough to AWALT to serve as an introduction.

      Since your boss doesn't seem bothered, your focus should be on getting your co-workers to forget this. The easiest way to get rid of a negative impression is to replace it with a different thing you are known for. If you start baking at home and bring in food to share, for example, you will start to be known as 'Guy who brings food' rather than 'Guy who likes oppressing women'.

      If anyone asks you about it, say it sounds like [person you talked to] got the wrong impression, and what you actually meant is completely different, then bullshit your way to an acceptable Blue Pill answer.

      Since you shouldn't shit where you eat, it's not that important whether people at your work think you are alpha or not, and if you improve yourself, it will come naturally with time anyway. Just get rid of what could become a reputation as a creep, and you should be fine.

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      The irony being that you making them fatter with your delicious baking is keeping them down. Dat hamster

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      I don't understand why he helped him in the first place. Its a coworker, not a friend. A potential rival for promotion.

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      The problem with talking about TRP isn't really doxxing. It's that you don't have it internalized enough to talk about it in a way that no one really even sees it as anything drastic. There's 2 halves to TRP, it's the "shit your grandma, and grandpa would say" and then there's the "Dark side of humanity" shit that you figure out for yourself(usually). Unless you're confirmed that this person is a ride-or-die you DO NOT talk about the dark side.

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      nice one OP.

      Now get ready to live TRP at work on "hard mode"

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      I was very "gentle"

      He spilled everything I told him, including shit tests, hamstering, AWALT stuff, CCs

      lol dude. you dumped a bunch of lingo on a dude in one sitting? That's not very gentle!

      I have to say, I never use any of the TRP-internal lingo when talking to buddies. These words are shortcuts for concepts that we agree on. But to outsiders, you can only suggest the concept, and see if they agree. They may not. If they don't agree, then labeling it gives them a marker for their disagreement and anchors them there.

      For example, if your buddy tells you a story about something his girl did, you don't say, "oh yeah dude, she's hamstering, that's when they make shit up!" He hears you saying, "all women are liars" and now that you've given him a word for it, he'll always think that's what you think.

      Instead, your buddy tells you a story about something his girl did, you should say, "yeah man, it sounds like she's trying to rationalize some bad behavior, right? It's like, everyone believes that they're good - and that they're rational and they make good decisions - so when they're faced with evidence to the contrary, it's like they have this machine in their head twists it all up so that it's someone else's fault."

      That's more like what I would call being gentle.

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      Oh yea, that girl dumped you for a better guy? It shouldn't surprise you all women... Er.... Are like... Ummm... That. DAMN!

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      1. If you're not trying to bang any of the girls at work (and you shouldn't be - don't shit where you eat) and your boss isn't bothered then shrug it off and chalk it up to experience. There's very little you can do to salvage your reputation at this point, just wait it out until there's something/someone else for them to gossip about.

      2. Stop the drinks with your co-worker. The cunt was eager to throw you under the bus for the sake of some brownie points with the girls at work. Discard him. You don't need shitrags like him in your life so, from this moment on, he isn't.

      3. Keep your fucking mouth shut in future.

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      No. 2 is a no-brainer. If OP needs to be told that explicitly, he has bigger problems than dating women.

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      Yes, there are TWO things you can do.

      1: ROLL WITH IT. When a dude BETA SNAPS, it's usually over a specific girl. He will call this girl up and reveal to her EVERYTHING you just said and what an asshole you are.

      She will laugh, friendzone him and then call you up with wet panties. A bitch LOVES that feeling of mindraping a supplicating mangina like that. In your situation this is the case, only it's multiplied.

      Be cool, be on the downlow, but enjoy your newfound rep as the BAD BOY.

      2: Learn from this situation. Happens the SAME WAY, every time. Plan accordingly. ;)

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      My advice is to ignore it and to lie if it is necessary. Just act like it never happened. If somebody asks you or wants to talk about the issue you just tell them "That's not what I said."

      Soon it will be forgotten and if you stick to your version and hold frame it will fire back on him. Who do you think women prefer to believe, you or some wimp who bends over backwards for their vailidation?

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      Agree, that's the way to handle it. Just ignore and keep rolling.

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      So you never heeded years or warnings?

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      Don't worry man, you are the one that knows all the gimmicks.

      You have the power, all you have to do is DGAF.

      You know Joker? From Batman? Be like him.

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      OP just try to move on and ignore your "friend". If your co workers think your a misogynistic asshole just let them think that do not let them get to you show them indifference and it will eventually just be some "work gossip".

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      I made the same mistake to a small degree. I had an acquaintance, and on facebook he was being 11th degree retarded about breaking up with a woman he had seen for a month or so. Very public announcements and feels galore. Made himself look like an idiot and kind of creepy.

      In private, I messaged him and in a nut shell encouraged him to stop his public display, and how a woman will lose what respect she had for him for it. With the stage he was in, the best route would be to stop pinning over one woman, forget this drama queen he's entangled himself with, and in a little while start casually dating multiple women so he can get past this repeated behavior of oneitis (I didn't use the word) for a psycho girl he keeps going through.

      Wow, he was way more of a whiny bitch than I realized. He completely twisted what I said to make it sound like I was an asshole "MightyTaint, I can't just use people, I'm not an asshole... etc. etc." Killed the conversation pretty quick. It became apparent he thought of himself as a "nice guy" and anyone who doesn't get walked all over by women must clearly be an asshole.

      Point being, I stopped talking to him, and he's gossiped with some mutual friends about what an evil woman using bad man I am (which actually helps if I want to pursue any mutual female friends ha, but I digress). When all I wanted to do was offer a bit of guidance to a guy seriously getting steam-rolled by women repeatedly. My advice was very mild.

      He's gone on to repeat similar behavior. Like I said, he was an acquaintance, and now that I've gotten to know what a tool he is, I don't care to know him at all. But in the process, just the slightest hint of not being a little bitch for women caused this person to run around and talk shit about me (like a little bitch).

      Lesson learned: Only offer advice to close friends you trust and who you know won't gossip about you, even if they disagree with what you say. I have a couple friends like that. They are great.

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      You should probably break his nose, yeah.

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      Say nothing.

      Proceed to bang every single girl in the place.

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      I just have one question: Why? What possessed you?

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      I'm assuming hours booze and a misguided sense of trust with the guy.

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      Empathy, a sense of cameraderie, perhaps? Noble qualities.

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      Yeah I find most people agree with what you have to say if you use politically correct sugar coated language. OP went about that conversation horribly.

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      I think the real retard here is OP.

      DO NOT talk about TRP. Men need to stumble upon it themselves

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      Keep your mouth shut next time. Never offer help if it wasn't asked for.

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      He thought that telling the women what you said would fuck up your reputation, but he doesn't realize that the women probably respect him less now. No one likes a Chatty Patty.

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      tho I really wanted to punch my "friend" right in the goddamn face and break his nose.

      He doesn't sound like a friend. Did you meet and become "friends" at work? Cause there's a huge difference between friends and work friends. Don't trust anyone when it comes to your job. SJWs and White Knights are notorious for "stealing your bread" so to say. What I'm trying to say is that if they disagree with you they will do everything in their power to screw you over with your employer.

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      Never ever talk directly about rp stuff with anybody. It doesn't help you, and it certainly won't help them.

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      Its Just your word against his.

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      Nothing to do.. you just took their friend.

      I'd just pat him on the back. Ask him to go out again. It'll blow over, your reputation isn't damaged.

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      This makes me wonder what would happen if TRP really blew up..not that it would ever happen but was seriously on the fucking radar of every girl who knows the internet. What would happen?

      Because I gotta say I know some Hb10's that are so fucked up because they can't been tingled anymore because any guy who gives off those alpha vibes is "probably just faking it". And as we know the faking it thing is what women genetically do not want to bond with.. such deception.

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      This is what beta's do, and a common theme I've seen on TRP recently.

      Red Pill man attempts to educate Blue Pill man on TRP.

      Blue Pill man absorbs information and feigns enlightenment.

      Blue Pill man confesses information to women using "divide and conquer" techniques to separate you from those women, thereby showing his worth to said women and desperately hoping one of them sees how hes, "different, not one of THOSE guys".

      Red Pill man ignores backlash, continues on with his life, as Blue Pill man continues to implode with nothing but the slightest chance at pity-sex to sustain him.

      This is why we don't tell our friends about TRP; they have to discover it for themselves. As long as this guy and those women don't interfere with your work, then they may as well not exist.

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      Look for other jobs and new friends.

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      Lol. Dumbass.

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      wait for him, break his god damn nose. Dont let the idiot get away no consequence