Just had an epiphany that my LTR gf has slutty qualities (self.asktrp)

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So i was browsing top posts of all time in trp and i stumbled across one post titled: "How to know you are dating a slut. Source: I married one."

It's a list of qualities that most sluts share. Here's the list: "1. She approached you. Because you are such a pussy, momma's boy faggot, its most likely that she picked you and not the other way around. She gave you strong signals of interest and pretty much took the lead.

  1. She is more social than you. Because sluts and whores crave attention above all, they tend to be heavily involved in social events, parties, get togethers and just overall more outgoing than you.

  2. She is not feminine. Well you are not masculine yourself, buddy, so you get your equal SMV match. A lot of sluts are tomboys, active and vocal. They can dress slutty, but often don't have the classic feminine characteristics like long hair, feminine hobbies and interests or knows how to cook.

  3. She has mostly guy friends. Not many girlfriends, cuz ya know, "Girls are so weird and mean". But plenty of male orbiters that are just long time friends. If she has more male friends than you, that's a problem. 9 out of 10 times some of those guy friends already fucked her/made out with her and will jump on any physical opportunity when she is alone, single or not.

  4. She has daddy/mommy issues and/or divorced parents. Well, in our day and age, being a child of divorced parents is becoming the rule and not the exception. But still, most sluts come from ugly divorces and she has some major relationship problems with her parents. Especially with the Father.

  5. She was molested in her youth. This is no joking matter, and nothing to goad about. But still, experience and various statistics show that a negative and inappropriate sexual history in her teens is a solid precursor for a problematic sexuality in the present. After learning about this point, I totally went "white knight" and tried to hamster her behavior and make it fine. Fellow men, remember this: You can feel sorry for a woman and sympathize with her but you DON'T have to be with her. It doesn't make you a bad person. Everybody have issues and a fucked up history, the real test is how we scratch our way out of the hole and become adults. Most hardcore criminals in prison have a messed up upbringing. Do they get a pussy pass? No.

  6. She is bad with money/supported by her family/shit job. It is very likely that she is financially irresponsible, has some debt over stupid shit (clothing and various vocations vs school debt). It is also likely that her parents help her out financially for years, and there is this dark shit cloud of money=emotional control bond between her and her parents. More often than not, they have a dead end, shitty job with very low prospects into turning it into a full blown career.

  7. People hit on her in front of you. Plenty of harmless and innocent "misunderstandings". I cringe when I type this, but it was not uncommon for guys to hit on her while we were hanging out together or sharing a space. Bars, work, and definitely when she was by herself. She will laugh it off and say she is just so social, and guys always pick up on the wrong signals. She will not mention being in a relationship and she will radiate sexuality and approachability via her body language, eye contact, intense and intimate conversation, smiling or clothing to other men. "Didn't you tell him you were not single?" "Oh, it just never came up". Yeah right.

  8. She likes to drink. Sluts at their core know that their behavior is wrong and they fear being judged by their peers. They will cultivate a holy than you approach in her social circle. Drinking will make all those responsible pesky feelings and thoughts go away and she will embrace alcohol with a vengeance. If she can drink as much/more than you; Bad News Bear.

  9. She smokes. Smoking is a great and wonderful outlet for women to be in a very intimate one on one situation with a man with a perfect deniability of intent. If you do not smoke, don't date somebody who does. You will always wonder what is going on in the smoking corner, or be that clueless beta that stands near their smoking spouse and other smoking persons being the only straight edge one. Most escalations with taken women that happen at parties follow a similar pattern: Drinks with a guy, Smokes with a guy that will turn to intimate conversation and then to an inappropriate behavior. IF YOU DON'T SMOKE AND SHE DOES DANGER WILL ROBINSON.

  10. She likes to go without you and drink. It could be ladies night out, it could be a guy friends house party. If she goes without you and gets drunk once a week or more that is a bad sign.

  11. She is jealous at you more than you are jealous of her. This is a strange one. I had complete trust in her and always complimented her, with very seldom expressions of jealousy and insecurity on my part. If a girl even smiled at me wrong or lightly flirted with me when she was around she would get extremely jealous turning it into a four hour insecurity accusation fest. It is ironic that the person most being afraid of being cheated on (My slut wife) ends up doing the repeated cheating herself.

  12. She cheated previously on somebody else. Well, no shit Sherlock. But when you are "In Love" and she is sharing a beautiful pearl of truth like that with you, don't assume: "She was young and inexperienced, the guy she dated was abusive/shit/low quality. We on the other hand have True Love and this will never happen". Think instead, "How many months in is she going cheat and with how many people?"

  13. You started an LTR shortly after a crazy sex on the first date situation. You started to date after a first meeting one night stand, thought it was a magical connection. "Yeah, it was sleazy all right, but she is not a slut or gives sex easily. We had this once in a lifetime connection and the fast and easy sex just meant how in love she was with me.) No it wasn't you fool. When you bang a chick you don't know, with no rubber, in an open space, with people not far away, it's no Disney Love Story, you dumbass. You just banged a Hoe. Most men bang them and call it a night, they certainly don't date them.

  14. She had multiple abortions. I don't have anything against abortions but it does show poor planning, poor impulse control and just stupid immature character. Use pills, make the guys wear a condom, get on permanent birth control (IUD's). If you have 2+ abortions before you are 24 years of age, that is a major red flag.

To summarize. Don't be stupid like I was. Sluts; Fuck em, don't marry them.

User submitted additional signs:

  1. She has major emotional stability issues (i.e. Bipolar, BPD, etc). When going through either manic phase (or sometimes even depression), some girls will want to fuck, and if you are not around, anybody will do. User kranos33

  2. She has gay friends. Because they are non judgmental "you just sucked a guy in the toilets? You go girl!!" User Movonnow

  3. She gaslights, e.g. creates a problem and then blames you for it.

  4. Is insecure about her image and seeks validation by the act of sleeping around. User Year3030"

My gf has at least 10 of those qualities and so after realizing this I'm not sure how I should react to this. I want to protect myself from a cheater but I don't know how. Do I just start quietly observe her actions to make sure she is a slut and slowly disconnect emotionally from her? We've been in a relationship 6 months btw. Thanks.

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Continue to have sex with her but, for goodness sake, do not marry her and do not impregnate her.

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If you want family, start going in other direction

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Keep her "on the side", and keep looking. For some weird reason it seems to be easier to find and replace a girlfriend - i.e., to "upgrade" - when you currently already have one. He should consider himself fortunate that he found out her girlfriend was a slut before he marries her.

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Yeah. Preselection is a wonderful thing i wish i used back when i realized i had the same thing as OP going on.

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"Pre-selection"... is that what you guys call using an existing girlfriend to facilitate picking up new girls?

I think it is because a guy feels less pressure when picking up girls when he already has a girlfriend, which actually gives him more confidence when talking to and picking up new girls. Or maybe girls just want to take what other girls have. I don't know why that is, but it is what it is.

The point is, depending on how one looks at it, the OP is either in a shitty situation... or an advantageous one in which he can leverage: have sex with the slutty girlfriend while looking for a replacement.

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Well not like in using the existing one, more like women attaching higher value to men already in a relationship.

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The only problem I see here is: he may find it emotionally difficult to let go of his current LTR girlfriend and move on, even though he has found out she is a slut.

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"I'm in LTR with slut, should I be in LTR with slut?" No. Get some plates and get spinning.

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I will LTR anybody hot, slut or not because I'm never getting married. Who cares as long as she gets naked when you want her to.

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light bulb lights up

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Downgrade her to a plate or soft next her immediately.

Reminder that she is not a plate if she is the only one.

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A friend of mine has 12 of these and she just started dating some guy (outside our group).

He has no idea her partner count is well above 30. He has no idea she's fucked 2 of my friends and made out with 4 of us.

He's a nice guy but god he has no clue.

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He's a nice guy but god he has no clue.

They never do.

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well.... fuck....... I dated a slut

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My ex had two abortions while she was with me, neither were mine and I knew it. God, I was incredibly blinded. Thanks redpill!

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Had the same realization, though after reading that post. Was a totally chill girl, but when I thought about it she had no qualities besides sexual ones so I broke up. Still sleep with her from time to time though

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This is my first girlfriend and yes I was a beta when she first approached me. She has absolutely no girl friends (she cries to me about this and exclaims that she's picky with her girlfriends). She has a group of frat guys as friends. Sounds pretty bad doesn't it?

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    [–]Waltstu[S] 1 point2 points  (10 children)

    Appreciate the help. She hasn't done anything unfaithful yet so I have no reason to break up with her other than tons of red flags and a handful of questionable decisions (i.e. Sleeping over at frat house cause no ride home). I think I know deep down this relationship isn't going to work out but I've just invested a lot emotionally into this so I want it to last forever. I'm probably just gonna ride this one to the ground, I just hope I don't get too hurt in the process. But if I do get hurt then whatever it's a good learning experience.

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    slept over at a frat house cause no ride home

    Hasn't done anything unfaithful

    You're blind, man.

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    Oh god. I feel you, bro. I was THAT truly naive before TRP...

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    slept over at a frat house cause no ride home

    Hasn't done anything unfaithful

    You're blind, man.

    She was faithful to the frat, she only banged members of the one frat that night....

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    this relationship isn't going to work out but I've just invested a lot emotionally into this

    20 years into your future, you'll look back at this statement and say 6 months ain't shit.

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    Sleeping over at frat house cause no ride home

    Wait what?

    I was totally not in the 'dump that hoe' camp until this statement. Get out ASAP. If you need absolute proof you could pay for a monitoring service on her phone for a few months or something.. But fuck, these hoes don't even need to text to cheat. I just say find a way out ASAP.

    Yeah, you don't know for sure if anything happened and there's a possibility that nothing did, but why would you want to take that chance? There are plenty of easy ways to find a ride home. There are plenty of willing, attractive, alpha guys at a frat house to fuck. She was drinking with them...! Worse comes to worse that's the ultimate get out of jail card.. "I don't remember anything!"

    If an old man starts leading your kid away from the park would you believe his story that he's taking her over to the ice cream stand? Fuck no, even if it's true you're going to grab her and gtfo. You have to be proactive in protecting yourself, not reactive. Don't wait till you hear about her getting DPed at the frat house when you're 5 years married with a two year old. Protect yourself!

    Edit: Seriously now, if anything, tell her that this is disrespectful behavior and you can't date someone who does that sort of thing. Watch her reaction and willingness to oblige. Don't ever say you want this to last forever until she's proven herself for years.

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    Sleeping over at frat house cause no ride home


    Choke the pill down all the way while you're having this learning experience BUT protect yourself. STDs, emotionally, reputation, financially (don't invest in this one), and against false allegations. People saying downgrade her to plate are right on here - you might as well look for a better option than someone with these qualities who "sleeps over" at a frat house while she has a boyfriend.

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    Sleeping over at frat house cause no ride home

    Bruh.... I got some bad news for you...

    I've just invested a lot emotionally into this so I want it to last forever

    Stop this shit. You have to realize going into any relationship that you are most likely going to break up. And no matter how emotionally invested you are you can't let you mind be held down because this is what you are doing. First gf, probably lost your virginity to her, I get it. But you have to ween yourself because red flags are RED. Hurricane warning flags are red for a reason, my friend.

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    OP you've got some serious internalizing to do about this girl. No one knows your situation entirely, but you've brought up a pretty serious offense.

    Two weeks ago I broke off my LTR for a lot of similar reasons that you posted about. Its not easy, but its a critical growing point.

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    Whats wrong with a girl that approaches you?

    [–][deleted] 2 points3 points  (0 children)

    I agree that most of these could be red flags in combination, however I don't agree with #1 and 2 --- these could just be describing an extrovert who just isn't all the feminine, red pill stuff aside.

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    Downgrade her to a plate and simply do not take the relationship seriously. And by plate that has to be one of several women you're not only "seeing" but also fucking.

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    Pull the plug on Fairytale land, be safe, and put her on plate mode.

    That is where all sluts belong.

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    She has major emotional stability issues (i.e. Bipolar, BPD)

    Dude, run. I'm not joking, this woman will ruin your life. Ask any number of guys here who have had dealings with BPD women. They're all fucking psycho, and no amount of frame and alpha qualities will rein them in because they're broken.

    Seriously, end it now for your own sake.

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    If you want to keep fucking her, then plate. But I'd say you'd be feeling pretty violated right about now. Best thing for you is to abort.

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    If you end a relationship with one of these sluts on your terms, do they return?

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    This post hit way too close to home, 14 out of 18 thank god it's ended now, dodged a bullet.

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    No you're wrong , that whole list is wrong and you should feel ashamed for encouraging that list. This is what I would say if I hadn't of fucking experienced a woman who ticked every fucking box on that list! It never ends well. But knowledge is power and learn from your own mistakes, just do it early .

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    I think you need better reading material.

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    We've been in a relationship 6 months btw.

    Dude. There is no way she hasn't cucked you by now the person you described is a human toilet. What the hell man. Some of those points you listed are INSTANT DISMISSAL and there were MANY of them.

    This is too insane to be real I hope you made this up.

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      Even one of those things is too bad.