Top 10 Red Pill Commandements: checklist! (self.asktrp)

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Hi guys! I've read the glossary and collected advice for beginners, and I am still looking for practical steps regarding these 10 crucial issues. While TRP approach is complex and require a systemic change in life, I think we all can benefit from listing useful protips and lifehacks that will help us in automatization of good habits. I encourage you to be as specific as possible when listing examples.

1. Developing non-neediness. Should we demonstrate a non-needy attitude by exposing our vulnerabilities (as mentioned by Mark Manson) in the age of mass surveillance, privacy concerns and a smart exploitation of weak points? Are there any alternative strategies?

2. Full enjoyment and deep engagement in relationships without attachment. As a fan of deep connections, how can I fully enjoy the relationship while being aware that "it's just my turn" and it can end at any time? Is there a clear trade-off between closeness and a pain of breaking up or can we circumvent this problem?

3. Polyhacking. Polyamorous settings are increasingly prevalent, having a rising influence on the gender dynamics. While I think that the concept of sharing love with more than one person can be very liberating and enriching, poly communities are largely poisoned by SJWs, amplifying the effects of hypergamy and leaving bottom 90% men in a bad position. What are the possible steps, apart from increasing one's SMV, to acquire more power in polyamorous settings? One idea that comes to my mind is to have a one penis policy (OPP) with the primary partner(s).

4. Outcome independence while learning from feedback. What is the optimal way to reconcile learning from mistakes (which largely relies on the emotional feedback) and remaining confident/feeling good no matter what the result is?

5. Compersion instead of jealousy. In the age of constant comparisons, artificial needs and a disrupted gender equilibra favoring young attractive women, it's easy to become jealous about everything. At the same time, suspected and actual acts of sexual cheating make us anxious or hurt because we care about them. What if we could apply a counterintuitive approach and become invincible by deriving pleasure from the well-being of others?

6. Alternative sources of true love. There is a widely discussed possibility that women are generally incapable of loving men as much/in the way the men expect them to do, and my personal observations seem to confirm this assumption. As a sensitive romantic by nature (ouch), I can't really eliminate a strong need for a "one soul in two bodies" metaphysical connection. Love is also particularly beneficial for the overall health and life satisfaction (see: https://www.ted.com/talks/robert_waldinger_what_makes_a_good_life_lessons_from_the_longest_study_on_happiness). Can we solve this contradiction in other ways than by having pets and taking empathogens?

7. Social proof and preselection. Women are primarily attracted to male status and influenced by other's perception of our attractiveness. Are there any useful tricks to non-directly communicate our high social position, such as through a friendly wingwoman?

8. Convenient tips for a) increasing her investment, b) evoking strong emotions. We may achieve these goals by staying less invested and simply doing exciting things. While both are great long-term lifestyle choices, we all sometimes experience ego depletion, fatigue, low mood or just laziness. Let's name some simple, low-effort tricks to increase her engagement or boost the attraction when it's hard to maintain a strong frame or make more effort.

9. Using powertalk, vulnerabilities, game theory strategies and variable reinforcement schedules. These are probably the most effective methods in managing the relationship from the very start. Did anybody try incorporating them in a relatively ethical manner? If so, could you share some practical examples?

10. Reversible, healthy male contraception. We need to take care of our reproductive rights - and condoms, while largely protecting from unwanted pregnancy and STDs, are sometimes not enough due to obvious reasons. Vasectomy, on the other hand, can result in a long-term pain, become an irreversible procedure or evoke an auto-immune response (produce sperm antibodies) with largely unknown health consequences. Are there any better possibilities available in Europe? What if we could use the heat-based contraception as a temporary solution till the better ones are developed?

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1. Developing non-neediness.


2. Full enjoyment and deep engagement in relationships without attachment.

Feel every emotion to its fullest. Let yourself love, make yourself vulnerable, build strength through your failures. Live every moment like it's your last. Fuck well. All attachment is is thinking "I can't lose it/her". All non-attachment is is knowing if you lose it/her you will learn, move on, and that you put forth 100% during yalls time together.

3. Polyhacking.

Lift. Pass shit tests.

4. Outcome independence while learning from feedback.

Celebrate your journey often. Reward yourself when you hit gym goals or get a certain number of approaches in.

5. Compersion instead of jealousy.

You just need to kill the jealousy - bottom line. Amused mastery - avoid mate guarding, insecurity, checking her phone, calling/texting constantly.

6. Alternative sources of true love.?

I smoke a lot of weed.

7. Social proof and preselection.

Know the bartender and the bouncer.

8. Convenient tips for a) increasing her investment, b) evoking strong emotions.

Canned lines are gonna work best here. Find some good pua material and use what works for you. One of my favorites is to touch her cheek, maintain eye contact, and tell her she brings value to my life and that I respect her hustle.

9. Using powertalk, vulnerabilities, game theory strategies and variable reinforcement schedules.

Body language is pretty important, and a solid poker face. Speak slow and clear. If your heart is racing slow down/stop and take some deep breaths.

10. Reversible, healthy male contraception.

USA, I don't have an answer for you.

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I respect her hustle.

I couldn't say that with a str8 face. so much cheese

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Girls eat that shit up man. They want to be nikki, not taytay

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I'd prefer:

1) thou shalt not place any woman, any other in higher value than what they've ALREADY provided

2) thou shalt not marry in the states or Western world, unless involved in politics.

3) thou shalt view the world only within your personal sphere, recognizing that the glass nature of the external is always broken.

4) thou shalt act as is efficient, and think as is effective.

5) thou shalt approach enough to lay to your content. Do. Don't whinge.

6) thou shalt pray in serving the path of iron.

7) thou shalt be objective in your self criticism.(check your feels at the door)

8) thou shalt allow no single one to eat at your banquet freely, unless in selfish charity through benevolent marketing.

9) thou shalt recognize that words are feely noises, and actions real. 

10)  thou shalt disregard any commandment that goes against your ultimate satisfaction.

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Uhh, Naughty By Nature has already defined for you what OPP means.

Except if you live in Ontario.

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Dear Diary, today OPP was a pretty cool guide.