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I just wanted to say thank you, Red Pill. Abundance mentality did wonders to my mental state. I was so depressed when my oneitis ghosted me (I didn't even have sex with her). I was depressed for half a year. Then I said enough is enough. Started to see girls from online dating apps. It was so easy. Now I am able to meet new girl every day. Started to make out with them. Baby steps but my confidence is through the roof now. Big thank you to all of you. You save lives. Now I need to be sure to not get oneitis ever again.

My life gains are through the roof as well: good salary, travelling, lifting. Feels good to finally beat depression.

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Hopefully soon you will realize that the accomplishments you mentioned last (travelling and lifting), are so much more important to you than the accomplishment you mentioned first (sheilas).
THEN you will understand that abundance mentality extends to more than having women available. It is about working hard to have such a great lifestyle that having a sheila share in it (for a night, afternoon, week, month, whatever) is just another small joy in a long list of joys your life brings.

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Great to see another man take personal responsibility for his own happiness.

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Yep I like seeing stuff like this. Much better than whiny posts.

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That's awesome. Now focus on escalating and logistics.

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Your story is identical to mine but I am still working on having much success (but success is now an actionable plan opposed to when it was just random luck).

It's very likely you had abundance mentality in many areas of your life already. You just didn't realise it also applied to women. Good luck.

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Abundance mentality is gold.

I constantly meet new people, then I truncate out men and women who don't deserve my shit. And I don't even give them a second thought.

It becomes a little difficult for me to keep people around, though. Because I'm very picky now. And I don't have enough tricks to keep people attracted.

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Cheers mate.