Girl says her period is late. Then she said something that for me is a HUGE RED FLAG. I need an advice on how to proceed with her. (self.asktrp)

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Girl I've been dating for a month just told me that her period is 2 days late and that she never has her period late. I told her I always used a condom and that I never finished inside her so no need to worry. We then kept talking similar topics when she said this over the phone: "To be honest I would love to be pregnant.... EVEN MORE IF IT'S YOURS!".

And I was like WTF?!?!?! She starded saying "don't get me wrong, I know that sounded weird but I've been only with you".

I told her that in case she is... I would need a DNA test. She was like "are you serious? Omg you dont trust me"...

Not sure what to do. Maybe she explained herself wrong, maybe she accidentally told the truth. I'm going crazy over this. Please help me, I need an advice or something. I dont trust her no more after she said that.

EDIT: I told her that today she was going to have a pregnancy blood test, magically, her period showed up today. Thanks everyone for helping me out.

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100% don’t trust her after she said that

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Don't trust her before either. No offense to her (she probably deserves it though) but this is a big enough deal that you need good evidence and no normal person is going to think less of you for requiring that evidence.

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it's a test - if you are like ok.. she will get pregnant very soon!

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And next. And run like hell.

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I would head for the hills. Fucking her is playing with fire, and for her to be saying shit like that after a month, Jesus.

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I know her since 2015, we started talking more this year and a month ago we started to fuck and seeing each other more often. Do you think she accidentally told the truth or she just explained herself incorrectly?

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Of course she told the truth, don't be naive.

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When people tell you who they are, believe them.

It's an old saying and it is always the right path to go. When someone says something shitty about themselves jokingly they are testing the waters by laughing it off afterward. Take it as a truth either way.

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I would need a DNA test. She was like "are you serious? Omg you dont trust me"...

She's fucked someone else. Play along, be nice, don't believe a fucking word she says without a DNA test.

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She even "cried" after I said that.

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Emotional blackmail to distract you from the truth. Trying to make you feel guilty and therefore become the father.

Not sure but it may be called gaslighting?

Ghost. And if a baby does come, DNA test. You have the human right.

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Sidenote. A DNA test requires permission from both parties. (As far as I know)

It can get dangerous if she really wants it and unless it's a different race you won't know.

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Typically, if you are married, bam you are automatically the father.

This is the UK, right? Fucking cucks what a ridiculous law.

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No.the US has this too.

If your wife cheats on you, and gets preganantz the child is your responsibility.

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I literally don't believe it

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In some states you don't even have to be married.

Common law marriage bullshit.

There are cases where a couple split up, she moved out, and years later the dude gets hit with child support.

He had 3 months to contest that he was the father. Didn't matter at all that he never knew about the kid, never got the paperwork, and hand't had contact with her for years.

Believe it.

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Do your research. TRP isn't just about staying on top of your game.

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I have and it tells me that is grounds for a divorce and proof of adultery.

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There's like two states left that give a shit about adultery. In most states it doesn't matter at all in a divorce.

In r/relationships people are always telling those that got cheated on to get evidence of the affair. It doesn't matter. The courts no longer care.

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I re-read the old comment i was referencing and I was partly correct.

Normally it's required for both parties to consent when it comes to things like a paternity test.

But it is possible through the legal system to force a test anyway.

The US legal system is not a very male friendly environment though. Especially when it comes to paternity issues.

I don't know how US states handle this individually but I wouldn't be surprised if this guy was right.

And you're forced to be the provider to a kid that's not yours.

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I think he means if your wife is cheating on you AND gets pregnant by you, then yes the child is your responsibility because your sperm fertilized the egg.

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Men have also been forced to pay child support on children that aren’t theirs IF he learns of cheating and doesn’t leave her immediately. The court will look upon it as condoning/accepting of the behavior.

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No. If your married, your wife's child is your responsibility, regardless of who the father is.

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Hey man, I totally support that if you're cool with it, then that's great and I totally support guys who think that way. If a man wants to take responsibility of his wife's child, that guy deserves a beer or two!

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I'm not cool with being a literal cuckold. I'd never do it and it's one of the great lessons I teach my son's to never ever do. Never be a sucker raising a free man's kids for him.

He may reserve beer, for his life of charity, but it ain't coming. I don't even think the mother will respect him, unless, maybe, the bio dad died.

My point, that I didn't articulate clearly, sorry, is that LEGALLY, a husband is presumed to be the father of his wife's children, and is on the hook to pay for them.

I didn't mean to say that I think those unfortunate kids are his personal responsibility.

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I couldn't imagine most states not allowing a paternity test.

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Congrats, evidently you have a higher salary than the other guys she's fucking.

"are you serious? Omg you dont trust me"...

Fuckin' A RIGHT you don't. "Oh, it came out weird" Yah, DNA test is now mandatory - although really, they should ALWAYS be mandatory.

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I do have a nice job at the moment... Shit. Thanks, I was thinking that I was exaggerating. Clearly I'm not.

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Funny how that works....

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There’s a saying that states : If a woman wants to get pregnant, she WILL get pregnant. You need to get out of there, and fast.

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1 ounce mineral oil enema in the pussy before sex = guaranteed microscopic holes in the condom

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The fact that the first confirmation I found of this fact was on the website for Planned Parenthood is a joke that pretty much tells itself.

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God damn. Cheers for the tip

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It's probably not smart to share this info on the internet where anyone can read it but fuck it, I'm on a throwaway so here it goes...

If women want to invalidate the structural integrity of latex, all they have to do is enema up their pussy about a tablespoon of mineral oil and she'll get as pregnant as a bank robbery. Source:


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I had this happen before. There’s a fine line between lust and deception in this case. Do what’s best for you, don’t give her a baby because she wanted it at the time, not to mention you’ve only been with her for a little bit, not enough to know her fully.

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True. I just can't trust this girl anymore after she said "I would love to be pregnant, EVEN MORE IF ITS YOURS".. I mean.. Did she explained herself incorrectly or was she telling me the truth in plain sight that she has been fucked by other guy or guys?

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She straight up told you 100% truth.

How can you possibly misunderstand that?

It was a facutal staement. She wants a baby, preferably yours.

If someone else's, you'll still be victim #1, hense the alligator tears about DNA test and "not trusting" her.

She's untrustworthy.

No need to discuss this with her, just keep your sperm the hell away from her.

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I really couldn’t tell you, but odds are she has experience under her belt. Your story played out similar to my own, DNA Test required etc. Only difference was when I was gonna go take her to get a pregnancy test she magically had her period so no need to get one, how convenient. You have to watch out for women that lovebomb the shit out of you at first. Enjoy it, but be safe about it.

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I think many people on this subreddit are misinterpreting her comment. I don't think it was a Freudian slip or anything like that. What i think she meant was she wouldn't mind being preggers AND since it is obviously (to her) yours that makes it even better. Still get a DNA test tho. You need to be 100% about this stuff.

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You're lucky for spotting the crazy this early. It's up to you what you gonna do with that.

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Can I know why you think shes crazy? I suspect that shes a liar tbh. That "mistake" she made with what she said is whats really distrubing my mind. "Ecen more if its yours". Those were her exact words.

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Bro, one month into LTR and you're facing this shit. How much time you spend vetting her?

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Women are masters of deceit. When she is telling you she made a mistake, she honestly believes it. But the “mistake” was telling you. She underestimated you, and thought she’d be able to pass off another man’s child as yours. That’s what she is sad about. Her plan backfired.

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You've been dating for a month, she can fuck who she wants. Jesus christ. Discuss the pros of abortion, and avoid this one like the plague. She's a fucking huge red flag, my god.

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According to her. Shes not fucking anyone else and she has been only with me during this time that we started seeing each other more often.

Shes sending me txt messages, like "Im sorry I know I explained myself incorrectly, please forgive me I havent been with anyone else, I know I said something dumb but its not what you think"

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Whether you are going to continue to date her should be out of the question. You should be concerned about getting out of this with your balls still intact.

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Don't beat this to death until she has a pregnancy test. I bet you $10 she isn't preggers...relax.

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Impossible for her to get pregnant from you doing this.

I'm curious what he did with the condom afterwards.

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I have created pregnancies wearing condoms and using the pill. Nothing is 100% foolproof except not having sex with her at all.

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    She probably doesn’t remember that YOU always wore a condom because SHE hasn’t always used one when she’s been having memorable(to her) sex.

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    "but its not what you think"

    That's my favorite line ever, lol.

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    Dude, chicks will say whatever they need to to get themselves where they want to be. The hamster will spin it into some twisted femmetruth so she doesn't feel like a liar.

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    The only problem here is your frame. You told her you'd need a DNA test. She says, "omg, you don't trust me?"

    You should have said, "no, I don't", and nothing more.

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    Flee. Ghost her ass. Block her on social. Cut her off from everything.

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    Damn how cool would it be if you just kept fucking her and she had a kid that wasn't biologically yours and then you raised it as your own and paid all their bills and got stuck in that situation for the rest of your life.

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    Carl buddy that sounds the dream! 👏 I'm glad women are more empowered these days, it's overdue! Let's go get a beer later, my wife's bull is coming over tonight and I need to get out of the house.

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    All of my upvotes. You have them.

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    She's obviously been with others stop rationalizing for her or be prepared to be daddy for the next 18 years.

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    Don't put your dick anywhere near this chick now... NEXT!

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    Well now you know she’s lying because you ARE NOT, I repeat

    ARE NOT the only guy she’s fucking. Ghost this bitch. If you want to have some fun tell her that, no, you don’t trust her ass and it’s nothing personal. Be prepared for a backlash either way. She won’t take any of it well.

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    Women don't take ANY wrinkle in their plans well.

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    She's playing little games, "I would actually love to be pregnant... specially from you tee hee" and you're losing your shit over it. If you going to get a DNA test, get a DNA test, don't tell her what you would "need".

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    Never, ever leave a condom unattended with her. Not before, not after, EVER.

    Take them with you. Do not leave at her place, nor give her even a second with them alone.

    Probably better to just search a less desperate chick. This one is bad news.

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    Never, ever leave a condom unattended with her. Not before, not after, EVER.

    Take them with you. Do not leave at her place, nor give her even a second with them alone.

    How about you stop being a clingy shit and just ghost her. Not worth the trouble and the risk.

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    that's why you exclusively date women with retarded menstrual cycles

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    Threaten to kill yourself or flee the country, despite how selfish and dumb this clambake is I doubt she will proceed with the baby if you make her feel immediate unease. Remember women are dumb and incapable of long term thinking, they flippantly do what "feels" right with no logic. The worse she feels the better chance you have to get out.

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    It's not offensive for you to say" no I don't trust you" why would she thinks she deserves your trust? You barkey know her, she didn't earn it. She didn't wait till marriage to fuck you, so why would you assume she wouldn't fuck another guy.

    Demand a DNA test. She's no virgin why treat her with such regard?

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    It’s not so much the fact she’s obviously fucking other guys, but that she lied to you. And the fact she WANTS to be pregnant with your kid. Dump this lying hoe.

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    Just calm down, bro. She's likely testing you. But I would stop fucking with her either way.

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    Comfort test. She was seeing if you were looking to make things more serious relationship wise.

    Comfort tests are just another form of shit test. You can pass them the same way. If you don’t want to promote her to wife, she gave you a good out of the relationship. Ghost her.

    She wasn’t joking. She did test your frame though.

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    If you need to come to askTRP the answer is always the same:

    Dump her and mov eon.

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    She will do what 10,000 years of evolution has programmed her to do...get pregnant. That is her biological imperative. If you don't want her to birth your baby, you better stop fucking her,, period.

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    You need to know if she's willing to follow your lead or do her own thing. If you want to keep the tiny human, you can. If you don't want to keep the tiny human you don't have to. Talk shit out with your gf. Mean while you should get your personal shit squared away and settle in for the long haul, if she wants to keep it. Stay a while and lurk, you've got a lot of research to do my friend.

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    Always chill the fuck down first.
    Get a proper pregnancy test, get it confirmed by a doctor.
    THEN you start thinking about the rest.

    Might just have been a test, and you failed miserably.
    Women break down easily, it's up to a strong man to keep calm.
    You broke down like a little bitch and started panicking.

    Now go get a pregnancy test and let's proceed from there.

    Oh, and the obvious question, is the girl ltr worthy? Do you want childeren? Now? Ever?
    Condoms aren't very reliable...