Failed the "I'm seeing someone" shit test absolutely miserably today. (self.asktrp)

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To my surprise, one of my ex girlfriends actually drove quite a ways to visit me today. I'll admit I got my hopes up. Except when she gets here, she's "seeing someone", a fact that she specifically left out when we were talking this week.

Of course, I was polite and I got lunch with her and hung out for a while. It's like she tricked me into giving her attention. I hang out with her for a few hours as "just friends", and I feel like my fucking life force is depleted. It's a horrible feeling.

That's pretty much it

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  1. She made the effort to drive out to see you. Until she saw what a little beta bitch you still are, she was probably actually willing to fuck you. But not anymore. That ship has sailed away, along with your balls. Understand: this wasn't just because you failed a shit test. You failed the real test. The fact that you were willing to take this chick out on a date and give her all this nonsexual time and validation demonstrates that you have not changed the core of yourself. You're still thirsty for this goofy bitch. You're still a spineless beta who lets himself get time-fucked by chicks.

  2. "I was polite and I got lunch with her and hung out for a while." You were a neutered boy who let himself be used. You are her time whore. You know the girl I invite over to fuck, but I won't take her out on a date? That's you. But the dude version. You are a time slut. Her validation toy.

  3. "It's like she tricked me into giving her attention" Stop blaming her. Of course she tricked you into giving her attention. You offered it up to her on a silver platter like a chick offering her up her ass to get fucked. This is what chicks do. They want to extract as much time and validation from men as they can without having to give up their pussy. And as men, we want to extract as much sex from them without having to give them our time and validation. Don't be mad just because she's better at being a chick than you are at being a dude. Stop giving women any non-sexual attention.

  4. "I feel like my fucking life force is depleted. It's a horrible feeling." Good. Gather up all those feelings and go put them under the squat rack you thirsty bitch.

Stop letting yourself get used by chicks. You are the prize. And if you're not the prize (which, let's face it, you're not), then you need to become the prize. Gym. Library. Go.

Good luck dude.

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“This is what chicks do. They want to extract as much time and validation from men as they can without having to give up their pussy. And as men, we want to extract as much sex from them without having to give them our time and validation.” - A great summary of The Red Pill.

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You ain't kidding. That line is some next level shit. That was like a punch to the face of truth.

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This is it

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This is the best TRP comment I’ve ever seen. So on point.

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I dig it

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You sound like a fellow Patrice O'Neal fan

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I sure am. RIP to the big guy.

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This is reality bitch slapping you.

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Goofy bitch

Are you Patrice?

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One question for you though: are you still a fat ass that pays for hookers? If yes you shouldn’t be giving this kind of advice to anyone.

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  1. Yes, I am still a fat ass. Down 40 lbs, about 100 more to go.

  2. Yes, if I was ever down in TJ or Amsterdam I would absolutely pay for hookers again. In a heartbeat.

  3. No, I don't need to pay for sex anymore. It took me a couple years (and a lot of rejections), but I figured it out. The chicks I can score aren't "top-tier," but I'll get there. 6's and 7's for now. As it is, I'm already batting way out of my league thanks to TRP.

  4. Yes, I am still the prize. Even though I'm fat. I'm smarter, funnier, more charming, and more successful than most 22 year old chicks (my target demographic). And I act accordingly. And so must OP.

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Good shit on holding your ground.

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The point is that - from what you've communicated here - is that you have the mindset of someone who (if not already) has internalized that they are the prize.

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I wonder how one can “be the prize” with a fat gut and man boobs.

Boggles my mind this kind of bullshit

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Boggles my mind too sometimes.

How the hell does a fatass like me end up fucking chicks who are ten years younger and less than half my weight?

It makes no sense at all.

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Why the hell are you wasting your time with an ex to begin with. You lack abundance and need to go and read the sidebar. If you’ve already done that, go and read it again.


It is always time and effort better spent developing new, fresh, prospective women than it will ever be in attempting to reconstruct a failed relationship. Never root through the trash once the garbage has been dragged to the curb. You get messy, your neighbors see you do it, and what you thought was worth digging for is never as valuable as you thought it was.

It doesn’t matter what she means to you and what your plans with your ex are. They are absolutely good for nothing when you’re trying to move forward and develop yourself. Forget about her. Delete her and block her on everything and move on.

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I gotta read more of that guy, he always knows how to deliver it.

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Rollo is a legend. And his massive posts that you can tell he put so much effort into, get maybe 100 upvotes on this sub. It's sad and I feel bad for the guy. Majority of the sub-base here just read to feel good for 24 hours then go back to being a beta cuck.

Look at This

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He did a talk a few months back describing what game/flirting means to a woman, changed my whole perspective and I've been "redpilled" for about 7 years. He's the man

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    That's a rationalisation. There is so many women. I see many objectively unattractive men with babes. They might be scratch and dent but it's still better than chasing your ex.

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    I barely even hear “ I’m seeing someone “ or “ I have a boyfriend” it just passes by as if I go deaf for a second... and regardless everyone one of those chicks still hooked up with me. Shut test or not, that’s why I LTR’s are tough for me, because I was that other guy and now I know I’m no exception to the rules of hypergamy.

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    I guess you agreed to see her just for the sole reason of getting laid?

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    You fucking wierdo - wtf are you doing talking to corpses?! Fucking gross dude.