What are good shit tests to throw at girls? (self.asktrp)

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Title says it all.

Edit: "Shit test" is not the correct word. 😊

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Say caterpillar inspection and then check to see of she shaved her legs.

If she didn't say: who's my fuzzy caterpillar?

If she gets angry say: sounds like we got an angry caterpillars.

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Jesus. Hahahahahaha

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With a name like that I would expect nothing less. BBBBRRILLIANT!!

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pure poetry. Youre like the plato of TRP.

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My hero

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i don't get joke, im not english native im from italy

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Holy fuck! This one is priceless! Gna use this!!

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The ultimate shit test for women is not providing the attention they seek. That shit is catnip.

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    I'd argue it's the closest thing to a shit test that women receive, especially since the expected response -- watching the other party stumble over themselves to get validation from you -- is the same.

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      I'm always looking for the chick's response. It's definitely a test for me. The girls who get a little sad and shy are definitely worth further consideration. The ones that get right in your face trying to start shit and provoke reactions, not so much.

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        I like a little attitude, but there's a difference between having a little fire and just being a self-absorbed ass who doesn't believe any man could ignore you.

        Also, sometimes it's just funny to see how far a chick will push it. Some don't have an off switch once they get pissed about not getting the attention they expect.

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        Then how do you know? I recently had an HB9 try to get all up on me.

        Literally after 1.5 years of taking classes with her I barely even noticed her and she came as a huge surprise. I cared so little I blew my chance because it only registered to me the day after.

        That's what not giving a fuck is obviously you care enough to watch her squirm for your attention.

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          Funny how you’re breaking frame telling me how solid your frame is.

          Do you believe any ec on trp is going to explain how solid his frame is and that he definitely isn’t into that girl that he’s ignoring and stroking his own ego with how much she wants him but definitely she can’t get you because you’re such a idgaf badass?

          NO! They’ll go over ask wanna fuck? And she’ll say no and he’ll realise all that bullshit of her liking you was just in your head.

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          I can confirm, i used to date a girl and after hard-nexting her on her social media, it drove her crazy trying to make me jealous/attention seeking. It's hilarious to the point she deactivated her account.

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          Scientifically speaking there is no other reason she could have deactivated her account than the fact that you didn't get jealous. We're men of science here. Case closed.

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          Shit-testing isn't really for guys. Girls do this because they're hypergamous and they want to test the guy's character. That he's man enough for her. Even better than her. What guys do something akin to shit-testing is called "negging," which are low-grade insults wrapped up with positivity to catch the girl off-balance and make her doubt herself in order for her being open to guy's advances. "You're incredibly cute... for a short girl." Incredibly risky PUA tactic. The point of it is to stimulate her, not bully her. So if she runs off crying or flips out on you, the mission has been failed. But that's the extent of guys shit-testing girls. The actual shit-testing never happens with men because guys date down and girls date up.

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          Shit test do happen for men, but only when looking for a long term partner.

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          Interesting, assuming that it's true.

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          Tell her you have to cancel a planned meet because you're going out with your friends instead.

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          TBH this is a good shit test.. BUT fresh meat will always pass this test and old meat will always fail Lolol

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          I don't think this is a good one. She'll equate hangouts with disappointment and feel less inclined to go on one. Hell this even applies with other kinds of teasing. For instance when a girl is on her phone it's so much better to say something neutral like "Go ahead take your picture I have nothing to hide." than to be negative and say "Woah don't be taking pictures of me."

          I can see it working in nuanced situations but not a general one

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          Why the fuck would you shit test girls, you tease them.

          I see where you came from, the OP meant teasing not shit testing girls.

          It's a bad wording that triggers spergs right away.

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          I'd say 'shit testing' women is just looking for red flags. People used to do the 'door lock test', but that's not really applicable these days.

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          Yea it's called vetting, but you do that according to her actions for a long period or time.

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          Girls shit test. Men do not.

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          Heinz dilemma that hoe... if she says she would steal the meds, that's a red flag.

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          I don't have a great understanding of the Heinz dilemma but just read about it briefly. Why would that be a red flag? Because she would expect you to do something against your own self interest for her?

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          It's a test to see if she is part of the 61% of people who subscribe to the idea of objective morality.

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          Interesting. So what would the proper response be for you? Let the loved one die because stealing is always wrong?

          Another thing I would like to mention is that although they may answer one way that does not necessarily mean that is in line with their true beliefs. If we can agree that women feed off of external validation then it would imply that the answer she gives is what she thinks you want to hear, not necessarily her true belief. Look at what they do, not what they say.

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          Let the loved one die because stealing is always wrong

          Yes, or admit that they'd steal it knowing that they did the wrong thing.

          And yes, people are defined by their actions.

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          My knee-jerk answer to the dilemma would be to steal the drug because I gave more of a fuck about my dying wife than the doctor's well being, but after more consideration, I came around to not stealing the drug because I value my own freedom and prospects in new wives more than my current dying wife, as I would possibly go to jail. Basically taking the pussy off the pedestal, as I haven't fully internalized the concept yet.

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          Saving a dying woman is putting pussy on a pedestal? Wouldn't you do it for a guy friend?

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          What if it benefited you more to save your dying wife? If she is your wife you would have invested countless hours and resources into her, that may not be something you would want to relinquish due to societal morality. It's not that she had any wrong doing and you value yourself more than her obviously, then it's to be expected. TRP preaches amorality and risk taking. This is quite the dilemma, I think the Heinz test is worthy of discussion on the main sub.

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          TRP preaches amorality

          Shit like this is why I can barely spend any time in these subs, despite it being an interesting topic. The red pill is about succeeding in ways that both the pop culture and the pickup culture failed. This comes down to having a more science-based and rational approach. This does not mean morals have no place.

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          Morals have no place is the discussion here. If they did you would not have a true facts-based discussion about sexual strategy. Nature is amoral, therefore so is the TRP.

          I am on your side though, you should use these tools morally. I didn't always feel that way but now I do. I do not however believe they have any place is the discussion here at TRP, in spite of my own personal beliefs.

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          You should be amoral in studying and accepting scientific type facts, but that's different from acting amorally, which what was meant in context of the post saying "preaching amorality".

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          Amoral, not immoral.

          There was a stickied post on the main sub and RPW a couple years ago that explained the difference.

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          I came around to not stealing the drug because I value my own freedom and prospects in new wives more than my current dying wife, as I would possibly go to jail. Basically taking the pussy off the pedestal, as I haven't fully internalized the concept yet.

          I was thinking the exact same thing as you.

          However, if I was the dying person ? Fuck yeah I would steal the medication...

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          Well, yes. You always put yourself first, as you should. I'd do the same thing, because jail time is way better than death.

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          Ask her her thoughts on open relationships, devil's three-ways, whether she's been in an LTR but not "in love", if she's ever blown a guy she found repulsive

          Ie try n find out if she's a piece of shit ho or not

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          Make sure she's in the right mindset when you ask these questions, same for n-count. It needs to come from a completely non-judgmental state. She cannot think you're vetting her.

          Works even better if she's stupid or easily manipulated. (Did I just say that out loud?)

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          Or drunk

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          Yeah, but that's cheating...

          In all seriousness as long as she's in the right mindset it's fine, I'm sure alcohol would help.

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          Tell her " do you know what I like about you? Nothing, yet "

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          Love this. Going to steal it, thanks.

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          Teasing is the best method.

          I like Julien Blanc's tactic of saying playfully "Don't embarrass me"

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          You don't shit test, you tease.

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          Why would you want to shit test someone?

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          Soooo....you want to throw girl-game back at girls? You are aware that one of the founding principles of RPT is that men and women are different, right?

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          A woman's shit test are not for fun, they have a purpose. So your title does not say it all, because there's no hint on what you wish to accomplish.

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          Go out together and purposely forget your wallet. See if she gets angry about paying for things.

          Obviously always ask her about her relationship with her dad.

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          Beginner here, this is theory (based on my reading):

          You want to challenge women, but make it easy enough for them to pass. (It's not like a woman shittesting a man, where they're really trying to see if you're tough) I mean I guess if you have standards you can genuinely test then and throw them hard challenges to see if they meet your standards. But this will be too high sometimes.

          Instead try challenging them by teasing them with challenges you KNOW they can beat. It'll give them a sense of satisfaction.

          I just teased a French major (an international student) about her awful French, she doesn't need my validation - she studied it and literally lives in France!! Meanwhile as she's an international student and my native language is English I wouldn't tease her about her English. For all I know she's self-conscious about it, I don't want to give her genuine shit. Because I'm not an asshole chick, they're the ones who do this.

          So give them this: challenges you know they'll beat.

          (This is totally different from women's shit tests.)

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          "I forgot my wallet."

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          The terms you're looking for are disqualifications, negs, teases, or push-pulls

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          Have you heard of dread? Soyboys are playing games. Men doesn't have time for this shit.

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          1. Hold out my hand for her keys and offer to drive (thanks Rollo!)

          2. Pause for a second when the bill comes and see if she offers to pay. I've had chicks offer to split the bill or even pay the whole thing, which I decline (I always pay on the first date). But it's a great way to see if she is an entitled princess or a more easy-going chick.

          3. Its not really a shit test, but I have a rule about not going on more than 3 dates without sex. Date 4 is drinks at my place or her place, no more time/ validation/ attention if she isn't giving up her pussy by then.

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          Do you often end up sleeping with women you go on dates with?

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          Can you explain the key thing? Thanks

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          Title says it all.

          Yes, it does. More than you realize. lol

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          You: "I'm busy"

          Her: "what are you doing?"

          You: "Man stuff, I'll call you when I'm done."