What the hell do I do while grinding? (self.asktrp)

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Alright, I was up visiting my buddies at a different university and we were out drinking and dancing at the club. This girl was grinding on me for a while (Like 10 mins), I got a boner and she seemed to grind a little harder, so I started to reach for her inner thigh/hip-ish area. I guess she liked it because she didn't stop me. I broke off shortly after because I was autisming too much and didn't know what to do after that. She was hot as fuck so I'm kicking myself for being so fucking retarded. Do I escalate? Does grinding mean possible sex? I rarely get the chance to go downtown so I'm not well versed in this shit. Many thanks boys

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Basically this. Just escalate your way to rubbing on her pussy. Spin her around and make out or lead her outside and make out if it's not a dark club/bar

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Make out with her next time and then lead the interaction to somewhere more private. Then lead it back to your place.

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read the title. thought id subbed to an RPG sub

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I thought he was talking about grinding away at a job/gym. Not that I'd call it grinding, but anyway.

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55 orc warrior checking in. LFG tank/peel

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This made me burst out laughing

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You escalate until you're balls deep on the dance floor.

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You rub her puss then make out with her. Get her home that night or forget it. If she gives you her number as a consolation prize crumble it up and throw it at your friend. Club hoes.

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You were between her thighs. Why nit finger her?

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I didn’t know if this was acceptable or not at the time, but makes sense now. I’ll give it a shot next time, thanks!

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Don't do what he says, if you're already here asking that kind of question then you'll probably miscalibrate out the park. Escalate, but take steps. If you're already awkwardly trying to go along with getting grinded on to up her skirt then get ready for war.

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They'll stop you if they don't want it.

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And then you get flagged for sexual harassment.

Seriously, don't do this if you have an ounce of sense. Any well-groomed lady in the club will see your shit as maximally predatory. Any escalation, do it on the sidelines or on the way back to your place.

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I don’t like fingering in the club for my own sake. It just feels way too trashy. I might tease and pretend I’m going down there and then pull my hand away to build some excitement.

Either way, try to go home with her as quickly as possible. If it’s later in the night, this will be much easier

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You’re retarded and have no clue.

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Very constructive of you, lad

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You're clearly not aware. Chicks get fingered in the club all the time. It's a natural progression. The room is dark, the music is loud, and people aren't worrying about you. Shes grinding on you, you're rubbing her inner thighs, you climb up her legs and makr your way to her panties while kissing her neck, and then u finger her.

You don't know what you're talking about

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I just prefer not to finger girls in public. I can finger her and do more exciting stuff when she’s back at my place.

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Grind back. Escalate to as much touching as is acceptable in a club. Find somewhere more private. Smoking area / seating area if possible. Make out. Kino escalation. Get a cab home with her. It’s not rocket science mate.

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Yes op you were being fucking retarded. She wanted to fuck and you took the beta buck white knight path. Hell no doesnt always mean no either. For instance girls have tried the I’m not in the mood thing. I just keep undressing them. Girl, I said no. Me, I don’t care. Girl, no means no. Me, until it doesn’t anymore with shit eating grin. Proceed to take the rest of her clothes off and fuck.

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Kiss neck, hold hips, turn her around, look into eyes for half second, make out

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Or they just want ego boost by getting you hard and laugh about with her gfs later.